Undefeated God of War - Chapter 892 – Dumbstruck

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Chapter 892 – Dumbstruck

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


In the distant scenery from the harbor, there was a huge slope that was formed due to the terrain, making the scenery extremely beautiful. The vast number of warships in the distance formed a unique bearing, thus there were many established tea houses around the area. Multi colored umbrellas blocked the sun, with the snow white slope, it formed a beautiful contrast, becoming the unique scenic location of Snow City. Many of the local influentials loved to take a breather here when they had nothing to do, to drink tea and enjoy snacks, to spend their afternoon in leisure and joy.

Under the shade of a specific umbrella, a group of people were leisurely drinking tea and snacking. They were all dressed in embroidered robes, one could immediately tell that they were no ordinary people.

“Still, Brother Qiu is brilliant.” Claudia gave off a trace of coquettish glares, her voice was sweet, intimately flowing into other people’s hearts. She was dressed in a white dress, with her outstanding beauty, she donned on a dazzling diamond necklace around her slender white neck, increasing her nobility and gracefulness.

The necklace fit perfectly on her neck.

The young man called Brother Qiu was extremely good looking and had a unique bearing. He smiled: “We only gave him some minor problems for them to have a taste, it will not do any substantial effect.”

Although he liked Claudia, he was not a hedonistic man who only knew how to drink and play, in such a crucial period, he did not want to cause too many problems. Naturally, he did not place Mace Field Tradings in his eyes, Claudia had requested him to help her, thus he could not say no, but he was not stupid enough to clash head on with the other party.

From a prestigious school, he knew that he could not flaunt or have free rein over his methods, for it was considered a low class move to the upper society.

For example, he had used a trading boat to block off the harbor’s entrance, which was extremely ingenious. ~So what if you have a gold grade warship? Just by using an ordinary trading ship, Mace Field Tradings has to suck it up.~ In a world where reputation precedes everything, a gold grade warship was truly too insignificant. One trading ship from the Qiu Family was enough to block a gold grade warship, that was the power of the Qiu Family.

Qiu Yun Qi also used the opportunity to beat on others who had any intentions, the war had just begun, and was the military campaign that would decide the hierarchy of Honorable Martial Continent for the next thousand years. How could the other allies of the Qiu Family not have their own thoughts? Even the Elizabeth Family was not as obedient.

~This is good, I want everyone to see how powerful the name ‘Qiu Family’ is!~

~Even if my Qiu Family used a small sampan and block the path, who will dare to say anything?~

“Come come come, try out our newest tea for the year, from the Han Family’s newest plant, the Dragon Blood Cassia, everyone, come and test it out.” Qiu Yun Qi called out passionately to everyone, he did not even place the conflict at the harbor in mind. To him, enjoying the late afternoon was more important than anything else. Good tea and beauties were his favorite.

The gaze he had towards Claudia was filled with admiration, Claudia might not be the most beautiful lady he had ever met, but in terms of being a “gaud”, no one could compare to her, she was extremely charming. He was unable to understand why would there be men in the world who would actually harm her.

“Such fragrant tea!” Claudia was surprised, the tea inside the cup that was as red as blood had an extremely alluring scent.

She was from a prestigious family and had tried various luxurious products, and naturally was a person who was knowledgeable on goods. The Dragon Blood Cassia in front of her was definitely worth a lot.

“It wasn’t easy to obtain: “Qiu Yun Qi laughed, he was extremely pleased hearing the exclamation from the beauty. He raised his cup and toasted to everyone: “Everyone, please!”

Everyone raised their cups: “Please!”

Claudia looked towards Qiu Yun Qi with a coquettish glare, then drank the tea. Out of all her suitors, Qiu Yun Qi was one of the men that she had her eyes on, he was extremely good looking and came from a good family, he was also talented and was someone that none of the hedonistic young nobles could compare to. Furthermore, in such a crucial period, to be able to marry into the Qiu Family was simply the biggest thigh the Elizabeth Family could hug onto.

But Claudia was clear that it was more of hearsay that Qiu YUn Qi was interested in her. Qiu Yun Qi did admire her, but it did not extend that far out to become a suitor. Furthermore, as a graceful and outstanding man himself, how could Qiu Yun Qi be lacking in suitors?

~I must definitely leave a good impression on Qiu Yun Qi~, Claudia reminded herself inwardly, and her actions became even more graceful. Suddenly, her eyes landed on the harbor in the distance, her seductive and beautiful eyes dilated, and she completely forgot that she was drinking tea.


She spat out the red tea, as though she had spewed out blood onto Qiu Yun Qi, who was seated in front of her, and was unable to dodge in time, instantly becoming drenched in the red hot tea.

Dead silence.

Everyone was shocked by Claudia’s loss of manners, the shade under the umbrella fell into an awkward silence as everyone looked at each other at a loss.

A sinister look flashed past Qiu Yun Qi’s eyes as the smile on his face disappeared. He had a mild case of mysophobia, and his current situation made him extremely unhappy. He firmly resisted the anger in his heart, and turned to look at Claudia, wanting to listen to her explanation.

But Claudia did not even look at him, her eyes were fixated to the harbor as she remained unmoved like a statue.

The sinister look in Qiu Yun Qi’s eyes deepened even further, he spoke up: “Young Miss Claudia?”

Claudia suddenly raised her arm and pointed at the harbor as she stammered: “T–there….”

Everyone was startled and turned to look towards the direction that Claudia had pointed to. Suddenly, everybody’s expression froze and became dumbstruck, some even had their eyes wide opened to the point that they could swallow duck eggs.

Qiu Yun Qi was extremely unhappy, yet he still turned to look at the direction where Claudia had pointed to. In the next moment, his eyes suddenly dilated, he stood up abruptly, and due to his sudden huge movements, the chair was flipped. This sort of behavior had never appeared from him before.

At the entrance of the harbor, the Qiu Family’s trading ship was already flipped over like a dead fish with its belly facing the sky, and as for the Matchless Ship, which was previously stuck outside, it was passing through while crushing the capsized trading ship. Even from the far distance, everyone could hear the teeth aching squeaking sound caused by the strong base of the trading ship being rubbed by the even stronger passing Matchless Ship, it was helpless in that situation, like a weak and crumbling biscuit.

Countless of timber was scattered everywhere, the trading ship’s crew members were escaping in panic, the situation had become extremely chaotic.

The pitiful trading ship was giving off a wailing sound under the Matchless Ship.

The Matchless Ship did not even give mercy, it brought the planks and timber that covered the area in as it rushed through the harbor.

Qiu Yun Qi had completely forgotten about the tea being spat all over him, the red tea that flowed down along his cheeks looked like blood oozing out from blade wounds, causing the handsome and heroic face to become extremely sinister.

His fists were clenched extremely tightly as his entire body started trembling involuntarily and his eyes spewed with rage.

~Since when, have the Qiu Family ever been challenged like that before? Since when, have any warship dare to crush our Qiu Family’s trading ship?~

~Mace Fields!~

Under the umbrella, it was completely silent, everyone were completely overwhelmed with shock by the sudden change of events, they saw Qiu Yun Qi’s ashen complexion, and thus no one dared to speak up. Claudia’s eyes never left the harbor, the impact that she had received was the strongest, and she had not even regained herself. She only had one thought in her mind.

~How dare he?~

~How dare Mace Field Tradings?~

The masked man flashed past her mind, she had another intense premonition that it must be the mysterious Iron Masked man’s command. Although they had only met once, but the cold and merciless man had left a deep impression on her, the determination and decisiveness he had that could not waver even in the face of threat.

Witnessing the scene, she suddenly rejoiced.

~That lunatic! He is a real luantic! Only a real lunatic can do such a preposterous act that looks down on everyone. Luckily I am still alive, I am glad for my life, even if there is still lingering fear in me, but if I had hesitated at that moment, I would simply be a corpse now.~ She did not doubt this point, that the brazen man that dared to smash the Qiu Family’s trading ship, definitely did not place the Elizabeth Family in his eyes.

When Wylie arrived at the harbor, he instantly found the Matchless Ship. Mace Field Tradings and Elizabeth Tradings were arch–enemies, and were naturally familiar with the other party’s gold grade warship. Furthermore, the Matchless Ship was simply too striking, head on crushing a trading ship beneath it while passing, no other warships dared to block the Matchless Ship.

Wylie was a brilliant man, upon seeing the scene, he knew that someone was deliberately doing it, just that the trading ship was already shattered into pieces, and he could not see the other party’s insignia.

But although Wylie wass cautious, he did not worry too much, and only thought that it was Elizabeth Tradings that was not happy.

He snorted in his mind, ~Clumsy mischief maker! You think by doing such an underhand trick, you can get your face back?~ Seeing the scattered pieces remnants of the trading ship and all the sinister looking crew members, he rejoiced in his mind, but he maintained the calm and collected look on his face, revealing a calm expression.

The Matchless Ship was right in the middle of anchoring when Wylie immediately ordered his workers to prepare to welcome the ship.

Right at that moment, a fat man dressed in purple robes walked over. Wylie recognized this man, he was President White of Extraordinary Machilus Tradings, which was a relatively famed figure in Snow City. The Extraordinary Machilus Tradings was not extremely strong in terms of its comprehensive strength, but it was a local tyrant due to it being a local organisation of the Saint Continent, as it was rather capable.

Wylie and White were not on close terms, but had met a few times, seeing President White walk over, he called out: “I never thought that I would meet President White here, what a coincidence.”

White stared at Wylie for a long time but did not speak a word, his expression even rather queer.

Wylie did not understand, he lowered his head to look at his clothes, but did not find anything amiss.

White walked over and patted Wylie on his shoulder: “Mace Field tradings, you have guts!”

With that, White turned and left with a strange expression, without even waiting for Wylie to say anything.

The moment White left, another President of another organisation came over and patted Wylie on his shoulder, and said the same words “Mace Field Tradings, you have guts!” And turned and left in the same fashion.

A series of familiar people did the exact same actions, all of them with strange expressions.

Wylie was covered in perspiration, he did not understand the situation, when he suddenly caught sight of an expressionless middle aged man walking over in a fast pace, but was brimming with awe. ~Snow City’s City lord!~ Wylie trembled, he immediately walked up to greet the City Lord, but before he could even speak up, the City Lord initiated: “Mace Field Tradings, you have a lot of courage oh!”

With that, he turned and left as well, without waiting for Wylie to speak up.

Wylie felt his head turning numb, ~Exactly what is going on here.~

Coincidentally, a shattered piece from the broken trading ship floated in front of Wylie, on it was an extremely clear word “Qiu”, causing Wylie to become dumbstruck, as though he was struck by lightning.

The blood from his face was completely swept clean and turned as white as paper.