Undefeated God of War - Chapter 883 – Claudia

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Chapter 883 – Claudia

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR



Melissa, who was always ladylike, broke out in vulgarities, her face was green and her eyes spewing fire. Her fists were clenched so tightly that her knuckles were white, it was practically Elizabeth Tradings bullying them!

The Matchless Ship did not have any intention to slow down, and was aiming to bump into them. If that were to happen, the trading ship would definitely shatter.

Johnson reacted quickly, and rushed to the control room. He shouted: “Dodge! Dodge them quickly!”

The captain of the trading ship was experienced, he had already saw the Matchless Ship from afar, and with a bad premonition, he was already on standby. Upon knowing that the other party had the intention of colliding into them, he immediately made the prompt decision to turn the rudder all the way. The ship released a tooth aching sound, and the moving trading ship did a complete turn.

The trading ship moved just in time for the Matchless Ship to scrape past, but in that movement, the trading ship was like a tree leaf being blown by the wind, and was pushed 30m away by the wave formed from the high speed Matchless Ship.

“Hahahaha, isn’t that Young Miss Melissa?”

A high pitched voice filled with ridicule and brashness came out from above everyone. A beautiful young lady stood at the side of Matchless Ship, her bright red long skirt swaying with the wind.

Melissa gritted her teeth: “Claudia!”

Claudia looked down from her high position, her black hair being blown by the wind, yet she was not affected by it. She continued speaking with her mocking tone: “Since when did our Young Miss Melissa actually fall to the point of being a stray dog? It’s truly surprising. What a dilapidated boat, how can it match our noble Young Miss Melissa? What about it? Have you thought about the Mace Field Tradings’ terrible predicament, our Matchless Ship can bring Young Miss Melissa on a round for free. This is a gold grade warship, our adorable Melissa, you should have long forgotten the feeling of being on one, right, hahhahah!”

Claudia had a pair of red and sparkling pupils, her charming bearing was like a spring lake, her exquisite and refined features did not have any flaws, her moist and red lips were extremely alluring, the smile that it gave off contained an unspeakable evil and ridicule.

Regardless of how one looked at her, Claudia was a beauty.

Ji Ze could not help but whistle, it was hard to find such a beauty in Sin Domain.

“Oh woah, what a beautiful chick!”

“Truly a hussy worthy of being flirtatious!”

“Oh my god, is she enticing me with those eyes of hers? I can’t take it anymore!”


The God Armor Army’s members started to discuss fervently, in truth, Melissa was also a great beauty, but she was too pure. Claudia, who was blazing, made these wild men even more excited.

Listening to them discussing amongst themselves wilfully and praising Claudia, Melissa’s face became as black as a pot. But she did not say anything, as they were a group of beasts, murderers, killing machines, arrogant and proud creatures that were extremely dangerous. Anyone who dared to do anything to them or provoke them would have to engage in a battle of life and death. There were no rules in their eyes, no taboo, no fear. They only had Tang Tian in their eyes. Only Tang Tian could order them, even when they were chided or scolded, they did not care.

Melissa was almost killed by them the last time she was not respectful towards Tang Tian. It was a frightening experience, and had left a deep impression in her. Even when these despicable people were wilfully praising Claudia without any fear, Melissa could only suppress the anger in her heart.

Claudia knew Melissa extremely well, and immediately noticed Melissa’s reluctance in tolerating. But in her eyes, she read it differently.

She suddenly revealed a smile and spoke to Ji Ze: “Are you guys the Iron Mask Army?”

Compared to her previous ridiculing tone, her current voice was soft and sweet, with an indescribable lure, like a little claw clawing at everybody’s hearts.

Ji Ze looked at Tang Tian, who was unmoved, as though he was not aware of the commotion. Ji Ze had some understanding towards Tang Tian, and was long used to Tang Tian completely entranced and disregarding the situation around him. But his heart was filled with reverence, ~As expected of Master, a man focused in his own goals, only such a person will not be affected by things around him, and only then can someone accomplish big things.~

~Only Master can take on the task of saving the world!~

~Then, leave the task of taking liberties of a lady to us vulgar and mediocre men!~

Ji Ze stood forward bashfully, and coughed: “That’s right, we are the outstanding and strong Iron Mask Army!”

He had not forgotten their disguise, all of the members around him started to raise their heads and puff up their chests, assuming proud stances.

Melissa’s face became darker and darker, she was close to the point of exploding, she had never expected that they were unable to resist beauties! Seeing how they were so easily hoodwinked by Claudia, and knowing that Claudia was intentionally doing it made her extremely upset.

~Truly a group of idiots!~

Melissa was so furious that her entire body was trembling, but she did not say anything. She did not dare to, because she knew how terrifying they were, with their extreme temperaments, their cold bloodedness and how they saw human life as mere grass.

Noticing that Melissa was angry but was controlling herself, Claudia’s eyes lit up. As an old competitor of Mace Field Tradings, she knew that Mace Field Tradings would have a mysterious Iron Mask Army, and it was said that they were the last trump card that Mace Field Tradings had.

~No wonder Melissa is clearly angry but has to control herself, seems like the rumors are true, the Iron Mask Army is Mace Field Tradings’ last card to play. Furthermore, it seems like Melissa doesn’t have a good relationship with the Iron Mask Army. Otherwise, why would they disregard her and treat her like nothing?~

~What if…..~

Her eyes became blurred, her voice increasingly sweet, she spoke with glee: “I have long heard of everybody’s fame, I wonder if this young miss can request a favor from everyone?”

Ji Ze smacked his own chest loudly: “We will never say no to helping a beauty!”

Melissa was no longer furious, she watched on coldly by the side, ~Truly, the behaviour of a group mimics that of their leader, Ji Ze’s actions are identical to Tang Tian’s.~ If it was in the past, she would be extremely pissed off, but to the current her who had her eyes opened, she was no longer the Melissa with the spoilt girl temper. She was extremely familiar with Claudia as to how Claudia was familiar with her, and she had guessed Claudia’s intent.

She sneered in her heart, for she knew that there was a show to watch.

Claudia then spoke out with a pitiful tone: “Recently, the roads have been unsafe, with the few fights that have already broken out. Although I have a warship, but in truth, I do not have many bodyguards, and am unable to rest well at night. I wonder if I am able to travel with all of you? For the request of feeling at ease!”

~Travel together?~

Hearing that, Ji Ze felt that it was not much of a trouble, and immediately replied: “No problem!”

Claudia was elated: “That’s great! With everybody around, I can finally have a good rest. The Matchless Ship is spacious and steady, why not everyone come up to chat, that way, I can be closer to everyone.”

Her last sentence was spoken extremely seductively, Claudia fluttered her eyelashes, her features mixed with an indescribable charm.

She was inwardly elated, as long as the Iron Mask Army boarded the Matchless Ship, they would completely break off their relation with Melissa, and she would have the chance to recruit the elite force.

“Go up to the Matchless Ship?” Ji Ze was startled, he shook his head: “Not going.”

Claudia’s expression froze, followed with a change in expression, a mix of fear and grief: “If all of you are not on board, what if someone sneaks into my room?”

Ji Ze spoke as a matter of factly: “You can come on our boat.”

Claudia’s expression completely froze.

Witnessing the entire scene, Melissa could no longer hold back and choked in laughter.

Seeing Ji Ze looking in her direction, she resisted the urge to laugh: “I definitely welcome Young Miss Claudia on board! Our boat is still much safer, with them around, Claudia, you can definitely rest easy. If required, I can even give my room to you, Young Miss Claudia.”

Melissa was twitching with laughter in her heart.

“I am complaining of an injustice for everybody.” Claudia reacted quickly, and changed to a confused look: “With everybody’s status and strength, this trading boat is extremely unpresentable. Even if it isn’t a gold grade warship, it should at the very least be a peak silver grade warship. Or is this how Mace Field Tradings treat all of you? I am unable to tolerate the cold shoulder treatment they have given to you, let us use the day to persuade Young Miss Melissa. If everyone is willing to join my organisation, I am willing to double the treatment that Mace Field Tradings is giving you! I believe that everyone’s strength deserves such a treatment. This way, I can consult all of you daily, consider it the selfish thoughts of a young lady.”

“You wish to recruit us?”

With a mask covering his face, no one could make out if Ji Ze’s voice was happy or angry.

“It is not about recruiting, it is just uncovering pearls from the earth.” Claudia smiled charmingly.

“I never would have thought.” Ji Ze’s voice was monotonous.

Claudia was startled, then continued with her charms: “I just want to provide a treatment worthy of your strengths. My organisation seeks for worth and just, and on this aspect, there is a clear distinction between us and other declining organisations.”

She was inwardly pleased, even if she could not instigate the Iron Mask Army, she could at the very least cause even more friction between them and Mace Field Tradings. She enjoyed the thrill of stirring troubles with just words.

“No.” Ji Ze shook his head, his tone still indifferent: “I was just surprised.”

“Surprised about what?” Claudia asked with caution.

“Surprise that someone dares to try and recruit us!”

His indifferent tone was suddenly filled with killing intent, as though the sunny day was suddenly covered with dark clouds and strong winds, causing lightning and thunder to boom.

Claudia watched on in shock as the masked men all stood up one after another, staring at her with unkind expressions, killing intent soaring. She was suddenly perspiring for reasons she did not know why.

Ji Ze’s hand was already touching the blade hilt at his waist, he suddenly remembered that Melissa had said that his Bewitching Blade was too striking, and thus released his hold. Coincidentally, he saw Claudia’s look of surprise, and laughed: “You shouldn’t have violated this taboo.”

His eyes was filled with sympathy, disdain and loathe while his tone of speech was indifferent. He was clearly standing below, but it felt as if he was looking down on her.

“In this world, there is only one person that has the qualifications of recruiting us.”