Undefeated God of War - Chapter 877 – Fear and Weakness

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Chapter 877 – Fear and Weakness

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


Inside the Honorable Martial’s Roar.

Everyone held their breath with their eyes wide open, as though they were looking at a powerful enemy. They had all experienced countless of battles, but at that moment, there was a rarely seen nervousness. In the past, the battles were all done in their most familiar manner, where even in Sin Domain, the many unfamiliar tactics were still within their comprehension. But to fight with a warship was completely different from how they used to fight, it was a brand new way of battle.

Everyone had trained extremely bitterly and meticulously, but it could not remove the traces of worry inside everybody’s heart.

One had to know, this astonishingly huge warship was pieced together from discarded materials gathered from the garbage dump. Although it had gone through refurbishing, but as to how powerful it would be, even Sai Lei did not dare confirm anything.

Nie Qiu knew that every army of theirs, every victory of theirs was able to greatly affect the entire situation. They were in enemy’s territory, and if they were slightly careless, it could mean a wipe out. But if they were able to win the battle, the enemy’s manpower would drop further, and the originally stretched tight forces would become even tighter.

He did not know Tang Tian’s full plan, but he could see that the Master’s plan was extremely important. He did not hope for the Master’s plan to fail because of the Null Division’s failure, that was something he would could never accept.

Because he did not have any opportunity, Nie Qiu left the Leo Constellation to join under Tang Tian’s banner. Tang Tian did not discriminate against him, but trusted him greatly, which he knew was not easy to do. Soldiers would die for those who appreciated them, that was not just empty words.

He knew that he was not the only one thinking about that, but the entire Null Division thought the same.

The main bulk of the Null Division were from the Lupus Race that were completely devoted and loyal to Tang Tian, along with Ah Mo Li, Han Bing Ning etc, all of them were companions of Tang Tian when he was younger. All of them were extremely clear of how powerful their enemy was.

Aside from winning, they had no other path to take.

It was an invisible pressure.

Under Zhong Li Bai’s lead, the Monster Army had fought out a series of beautiful battles, causing the Null Division to be pressured as well. Initially when the Null Division was already dazzling in the battlefield, the Monster Army was still a group of bandits!

Regardless of anything, they could not be overtaken by the Monster Army.

This was the power of competition.

At the moment, the Null Division members inside the warship were filled with anxiousness, excitement, worry, all sorts of different emotions, but the harsh training allowed them to maintain their steadiness. They watched as the enemy’s warships drew closer, while inside the Honorable Martial’s Roar, not a single noise could be heard, it was extremely quiet.

Like the calm before the storm!

Inside the stifling silence, Nie Qiu’s eyes flashed with a bright aura as he spoke out: “Prepare for battle!”

Whooosh, all of the Null Division Members who were long ready straightened their backs at the same time, their eyes revealing a glimmer of light, like ferocious tigers coming out from their dens, the killing intent soaring out from within the warship instantly.


Nie Qiu’s command drew the curtains for battle.

All of the battle positions lit up with light auras, like a giant whale deep underwater, the Honorable Martial’s Roar’s body suddenly lit up with many light dots. This ancient warship that had slumbered for a few centuries, seemed to have awoken, and once again revealed its fangs to the world.

Without any warning, a rain of light blossomed in front of the soldiers of Oliver’s Army.

The dazzling rain of light covered every angle of their vision, the bright splendor causing everyone to turn momentarily blind.

A stifling killing intent surged out.

The captain of Cloud Swallowing Ship roared out upon coming to his senses: “Ene….”

Before he could even call out for “Ambush”, his voice was drowned out by the endless light aura, as though the Cloud Swallowing Ship had struck a mountain peak, the entire hull trembled. The immense power caused him to feel as though he was struck by a horde of wild beasts, instantly losing balance and flying out.


An intense pain came out from his back, he could not move his waist, he did not know what had smashed onto his forehead, but something seemed to be flowing down.

~It should be blood.~

But at that moment, he could no be bothered with his own injuries, a boundless amount of fear was buzzing in his mind.

~Ultimate Army Warship!~

That name exploded in his mind like thunder, causing his entire body to tremble. ~That’s right, An Ultimate Army Warship, definitely an Ultimate Army Warship.~ In his 16 years of being ship captain, he could never get it wrong, the terrifying destructive power was only able to be produced from an Ultimate Army Warship.

~This is a real Ultimate Army Warship!~

He knew that his judgement was right, but it made no difference to his situation. In the face of an Ultimate Army Warship, the Cloud Swallowing Ship, a mid scale warship, did not have any ability to resist. Both parties were completely of different grades, regardless of defense or offense. He felt that he was like a docile sheep in front of a tiger, he did not know how he should react, and did not know how he should run. It was as though he could see the sharp teeth that were drooling with blood. Fear had overwhelmed him, causing his body to tremble even more.

All of the ridicule and teasing previously, in the face of such horrifying firepower, was the mock of the Death God.

The intense explosions were deafening, adding that it was concentrated, it felt like heavy punches from a shower of gales, the hull being the sandbag, trembling like a sieve. Regiments of flame blossomed out like flowers of death.

Even so, the explosions could not be compared to the attack from the enemy, as the captain of the Cloud Swallowing Ship started to regain his vision.

When he saw the scene in front of him that looked as though he had fallen to hell, he was instantly stunned.

The Cloud Swallowing Ship’s bow had completely disappeared, and a gale had caused the current to reverse, causing the flames on his back to become more intense, crackling louder and louder as it took in more oxygen. Inside the flames, incessant screaming could be heard, as more and more soldiers on fire jumped down from the warship. The charred wooden planks were covered with blood, the sturdy hull started to reveal looks of cracks, making the entire warship look ghastly. Ahead of him was completely empty, the broken hull and him were bare naked in mid air.

It was just an attack, but the Cloud Swallowing Ship was instantly cut into two, and completely lost its fighting capabilities.

~Is this the power of an Ultimate Army Warship?~

He walked a few steps ahead, to the side of the wooden planks, and gazed out towards the entire battlefield from the hole.

What he saw was a thick pillar of light shooting straight into the North Light Ship’s hull, instantly destroying it. Two seconds later, dazzling flames blossomed from within the warship, the blue flames burst out from the windows on both side, and spewed out from the opening of where the light had shot into.

The captain of Cloud Swallowing Warship froze at his position.

He knew that the blue flames were terrifying, as it was formed from the explosion of star rocks accumulated inside the warship, its temperature was extremely high, and no one could withstand the high heat. When such blue flames appeared, it meant that the warship was completely gone, and even more terrifyingly, no one could escape.

~Alright, the Cloud Swallowing Warship is no different from the North Light Warship.~

~Can I escape?~ The captain laughed bitterly, his face that was covered with soot revealed despair.

Behind the warships, Kai Si and Gu Te had pale expressions, they were stunned by what had happened.

“Ultimate Army Warship…..” Kai Si muttered, his voice trembling slightly.

The extremely ugly warship was actually a real Ultimate Army Warship!

By his side, Gu Te had his hands hugging his head, almost as if he could not believe his own eyes. But the two huge fireballs in the sky reminded him of what had just happened.

Previously, the intensity of attack launched by the garbage warship was definitely that of an Ultimate Army Warship!

Gu Te inhaled in cold breath, his entire body shivered as he suppressed the fear in him, he calmed himself and spoke out: “Seems like we have encountered big trouble.”

There was a strange and temporary silence inside the warship.

All of the ridicule towards the garbage ship had made Kai Si feel extremely stupid and ashamed, he had never thought that there would be a day where he would turn out to be the dumb one, the intense sense of fear made him acknowledge it even clearer.

Suddenly, Gu Te patted his shoulder, causing him to raise his head while at a loss.

Gu Te spoke out loudly: “Do not falter! No matter how powerful the Ultimate Army Warship is, they only have one ship! We still have a chance!”

Gu Te’s voice was extremely loud, causing the entire fleet of warships to hear him.

Kai Si jolted, he immediately came back to his senses, and chided himself. ~What was I doing? How could I have lost my willpower?~ He looked towards Gu Te with gratitude, and spoke out loudly as well: “That’s right, no matter how powerful they are, they only have one warship. We have so many warships, as long as everybody gives it their all, we will definitely win!”

This caused the eyes of many soldiers to turn bright.

They were shocked by the terrifying attack from the Ultimate Army Warship, but the two generals had incited their thirst to win. ~That’s right, although the enemy is strong, but we have the numbers.~

Upon removing the state of despair, Kai Si’s mind started to work extremely quickly: “The enemy’s attack is very powerful, we should separate our forces, and disperse the enemy’s firepower. The enemy warship doesn’t have a energy barrier, its defense shouldn’t be strong, that will be our opportunity.”

Many others all nodded their heads, energy barriers were not like warship weapons that could be installed as and when anyone wanted. To a warship, defense technology was even higher than offense. The energy barrier of a warship was not activated by the crew, but by the hull.

Before their eyes, the Honorable Martial’s Roar was beyond recognition, it was transformed into complete shambles, the hull was wrecked severely, and its energy barrier was unusable. This was why even after being placed in the Warship Cemetery for so many years, no one had the intent to take the Honorable Martial’s Roar.

Once it was refurbished, the original energy barrier would have to be broken, and for the Honorable Martial’s Roar, where the hull was one body and could not be changed, thus it held no meaning for it to be refurbished.

They had a warship that had no energy barrier, even if they had a hundred ways to construct around the hull, they were unable to form a perfect energy barrier.

To any warship, the energy barrier was far more important than the warship weapon. A warship without an energy barrier had a zero chance of surviving, and did not have any practical use.

The trash bags hung on the hull of the warship swayed in the air, although no one knew what was inside, but no one felt that the gently swaying items had any defensive capabilities.

“Once we separate, we will all advance forward at full speed towards the enemy from our respective positions. As long as one warship is able to enter its firing range, they are finished!”

When he said the last sentence, Kai Si smashed the table with his fist, his face extremely sinister.

It was not only him, everyone’s faces were covered with killing intent, Gu Te felt his blood boiling, the fighting intent in him roaring, he suddenly raised his arm and shouted: “Kill them all!”

Everyone roared out: “Kill them all!”

Kai Si’s eyes flashed with a cold light, ~the fight, has just begun!~