Undefeated God of War - Chapter 874 – The Battle in The Desolate Continent

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Chapter 874 – The Battle in The Desolate Continent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Collin had prepared amply. The barracks had piles of star rocks, and soldiers would continuously place chest afterchest of star rocks into a forge, where energy would spew out. This forge was a core component of one of the midscale warships, its use was to release the energy sealed inside the star rocks for the warship to use.

Collin knew that the biggest obstacle in the battle was the terrain, the thin energy would increase the difficulty ofthe battle, at the same time increasing the strength of the enemy.

Although he did not know what method did the enemy used to cause the Desolate Continent to be so thin withenergy, but since the energy was thin, then he had to increase the energy. Collin thought about star rocks, wherehigh grade star rocks were not precious materials for the Sacred Saint Galaxy, as most of the warships would use it.Collin then thought about the warship’s forge, and upon testing it, the result was spectacular, but the only drawbackwas wasting too many star rocks.

To the wealthy Temple, wasting had never been a problem.

Collin mustered an astronomical sum of star rocks from the back, and if the battle were to start, the star rockswould be thrown into the forge as though it cost nothing.

The dense energy caused the soldiers to rejoice. It was a familiar sensation, a rhythm that they were used to. They started to display fervent performances as all sorts of attacks poured towards the stronghold like rain.

As long as they had sufficient energy, Collin’s army’s training and fighting strength became visible.

Bombings occurred indiscriminately!

Collin did not have the intention to push forward to the stronghold to tangle with the Sin Domain, he had his subordinates form different groups, and took turns attacking the stronghold from afar. He had also specially tore down a few warship weapons from the warships, which gave Du Ke and the rest an immense pressure, as the warship weapons were extremely powerful.

Outside of the barracks, aside from the soldiers standing guard, the dense energy barrier prevented the enemyscouts from coming in. Collin had close to half of his forces to form a defensive line, and formed an impenetrableturtle shell.

The Sin Domain scouts who were by the side eyeing them covetously, were helpless

against the turtle shell.

The stronghold it self was being bombarded by Collin’s army continuously, the fiery lights of explosions were extremely condensed.

The Sin Door Stronghold also counterattacked.

One after another, figures that resembled fiengods soared into the air, with all sorts of light auras produced by lawssurging into the sky above the Desolate Continent.

Both parties were shocked by each other’s attacks.

Collin looked at the Sin Domain Martial artists floating in the air in surprise, all of the Sin Domain martial artists were releasing terrifying ripples. Although he knew that the martial artists of Sin Domain were all powerful individuals, but to personally witness their power still shocked Collin.

There were lightning, fire, rain, wind, spatial slashes…..

All of their attacks were extremely strange without any energy, but they wielded astonishing might.

Fortunately, these Sin Domain martial artists fought alone, if they were somehow proficient in being part of anarmy, that would truly be a trouble.

At the start, Collin’s Army lost quite a bit due to the unfamiliar and strange fighting tactics. The lightning, rain andfire attacks were blockable by the energy barrier, but the spatial laws were extremely unfathomable.

At the start, both parties suffered.

But as time passed and both parties started to get familiar with one another, Collin’s Army started to slowly gain theupper hand. Comparing long range attacks, Collin’s Army had a bigger advantage. Collin’s Army was better at longrange attacks, while the Sin Domain had a larger disadvantage, as the number of laws that could initiate long rangeattacks were limited.

Collin heaved a sigh of relief, the situation did not differ from what he had expected.

Collin’s mindset was simple, as long as there were sufficient star rocks, he could completely attrite the Sin DoorStronghold, and force the enemy to initiate a siege on him, while he would wait for them to exhaust themselves, thenfirmly capture the power to take any initiatives.

As for star rocks, he had prepared an abundance of it, all of the warehouses, barracks and organisations en routewere all taken by him, thus he had plenty of star rocks, which could allow them to engage in a one month long battle.

He was not impetuous or rash, his army acted as if they were not tired at all as they took turns attacking.

But very quickly, he knew that his enemies had their own methods as well.

All of the Sin Domain scouts outside of the barracks suddenly started to launch attacks on the formation.

Initially, Collin did not care much about them, as he had specially laid defences meant to counter the scouts. But theSin Domain Scouts’ attacks surpassed his expectations. They did not have a strict grouping, like a pack of wolves,they would form different groups of three to fives and launch attacks.

Every small group of scouts would have a powerful expert. In such a close distance brawl, Collin finally experiencedhow destructive the Sin Domain martial artists were.

They were as quick as lightning, moving in and out like ghosts. They would come and go extremely quickly, somesuddenly appearing right outside the energy barrier, or some directly attacking the barrier. Both parties wereextremely close to each other, and they could see the sinister faces of the Sin Domain martial artists, affecting manyof the soldiers, who immediately panicked and became chaotic, the energy synchronization dropped, and the energybarrier became slightly unstable.

Collin’s face turned gloomy, as he berated his soldiers. He believed that as long as they did not panic, the enemies were definitely not able to break through the energy barrier. The energy barrier formed by the army was able to withstand the attacks from warship weapons. No matter how strong the enemies were, Collin did not believe that they were able to break through the energy barrier.

But very quickly, Collin knew that his understanding on Sin Domain was still too shallow.

The experts of the Sin Domain grew up in an extremely harsh environment, and all of these famous martial artistshad experienced countless of battles. And the experts on the List of Powerhouses were people who managed tocrawl out from the mountains of corpses that they had killed. Maybe they might not have any attainments on warformations, but their understanding of battles, and their acute senses towards opportunities were something thatCollin, a military general, could ever understand.

There will always be an indescribable understanding between the experts.

The eyes of one of the Sin Domain martial artists suddenly flashed with a fierce glare, the power that his LawSurface had projected surged out, over a hundred watermelon sized lightning balls suddenly appeared around him.The dazzling blue lightning balls emitted extremely dangerous auras, the terrifying power of the laws caused the airaround to distort.

The soldiers behind the energy barrier had never seen such a terrifying enemy, their eyes instantly filled with fear.

This Sin Domain Martial artist revealed a sinister smile, the hatred they had towards the Honorable MartialContinent had long been ingrained into their bloodstream.

The over one hundred lightning balls struck onto one point, the dazzling light aura instantly blossomed and causedthe soldiers to become temporarily blind.

Even Collin jumped in shock from the sudden outburst of light, but it was the intense trembling of the energy barrierthat made his heart jump to his throat.

The martial artist who had already released his lightning balls was quickly received by his companion behind him,because his attack had exhausted all of his Law Surface! But his actions were like a match that ignited the entirebattlefield. A continuous flow of martial artists advanced dauntlessly wave after wave, unleashing their fullstrength.

The martial artists who had gained enlightenment on Law Surfaces disregarded everything and unleashed their fullforce attack, which was extremely powerful and terrifying.

Collin’s head turned numb, he was dumbstruck by the scene in front of him, he had never seen such a fanaticalattack before!

The enemies were like moths flying into the flame, they disregarded everything and attacked the energy barriers,some even using their own bodies to attack. Everyone of them only unleashed one attack, they would instantly beemptied out with severe injuries, and would be dragged away by their companions. All of their bloodied facesrevealed fanatical smiles, their eyes held a hatred ingrained into their bones, causing a cold chill to rush downCollin’s spine.

~Desperate Criminals!~


The onslaught of fanatical attacks caused a small crack to appear on the energy barrier, when one of the Sin DomainMartial artist proficient in Spatial Laws suddenly flashed, and disappeared.

In the next moment, he had appeared within the enemy’s formation like a ghost. In that instant, blood was drawn, asbloodied lines appeared on a few soldiers’ throats.

Collin was the first to react, he bellowed: “Kill him!”

The dense energy inside the formation had greatly affected the Sin Domain martial artist’s strength, but heremained dauntless, like a ferocious wild beast, and only after killing more than ten soldiers was he pierced andkilled by a sword and spear light aura.

Collin did not even have time to heave a sigh of relief as he suddenly realized that not only did the situation becomelax, but had become even more intense.

The crazy Sin Domain scouts had gone completely mad!

They saw the hope of victory, and nothing could make them more excited, thus they went crazy! They suddenlyrealized that facing the Honorable Martial Continent’s large army, they actually held a chance to win. The countlesscorpses in front of the Sin Door had made the Honorable Martial Continent a legend of being undefeatable, whichhad been ingrained in the hearts of all of Sin Domain citizens.

When this legend cracked, the hatred and adrenaline hidden deep in the Sin Domain citizens, spewed out like avolcano.

They surged in like torrents from all directions, pouncing onto the Honorable Martial Continent’s formation, all ofthem were in a frenzied state!

Collin believed that he had overlooked something, resulting in the robust energy barrier becoming in peril. But atthat moment, he no longer had the time to consider, he had to assemble a portion of his forces to increase thenumber of people supporting the energy barrier.

It was at that moment that he suddenly realize that there were too many scouts!

He was shocked, ~Could it be that the scouts were the true attacking force of the enemy?~

Collin became vexed, but he knew that he should not be, as he had to stabilize the situation first. The enemy’sfanatical attacks, their dauntless onslaught while disregarding their lives, had greatly affected his soldiers.

Collin’s Army were experienced and trained, and were able to perform well, but inside the Honorable MartialContinent, when had they ever experienced such a desperate battle, when had they ever met such terrifyingenemies! If even Collin himself was shocked, one could only imagine how the soldiers felt.

Collin sensed danger, his own morale was unstable, if the situation becomes disadvantageous, they would mostprobably crumble.

Collin quickly made a decision, Defend first! Stabilize the situation!

He prepared to increase the strength of defence and even gave up attacking the stronghold, he had to first defeat the enemies that were coming in. They only needed to send in a few volley of fire to increase the death toll of the enemy.

~What the enemy is depending on is sacrifice!~

Collin calmed down, he was prepared to deal a fatal blow to the enemy.

Right at that moment, his eyes glanced onto the human tide outside of the energy barrier, from a scattered mess,they had revealed a pathway.

Collin’s pupils suddenly constricted.

~That is……~