Undefeated God of War - Chapter 871 – Confusion of War In All Directions

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Chapter 871 – Confusion of War In All Directions

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Gou Cheng WenDao read the report emotionlessly.

Although he had guessed the Southern Alliance’s next attack pattern, when it truly happened, his mood was stilldampened.

The supply routes were continuously being attacked, and from how he saw it, he reckoned it was two small armies.One of them was the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, which many people knew of. The Southern Alliancehad an extremely powerful unit of Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts. This unit of Underworld Continent’sDemonic Mounts had attracted countless of attention as they were a declined armed forces that found its gloryonce more in the Southern Alliance’s hands.

Compared to the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts and its rich history, the other unit, the Silver FrostMounts was actually a nobody. It was said that this was a newly built army where even their general was anamateur. But with this amateur army led by this amateur General, it actually made their supply route unsafe.

Gou Cheng WenDao did not have any more ideas.

His fleet was heavily injured, and he was left with a pitiful number of small scale warships, which if he them sent out,would simply be a feast for the enemy. The Southern Alliance was extremely proficient in travelling in the Sea ofEnergy and fighting in it, indicating that they had gone through specialized training before. Before this, Gou ChengWenDao would had never believed that there would actually be people persistent in doing such training. The Sea ofEnergy was still the world for warships, that was the most basic common knowledge.

The Southern Alliance had completely toppled this common knowledge, ever since the ferocious attacks in thewreckage region, it seemed as though the Southern Alliance was constantly trying to display to them, how armiescould fight against warships in the Sea of Energy. These tactics that completely went against common knowledgewere displayed extraordinarily under the Southern Alliance’s hands, where Gou Cheng WenDao had evenpersonally experienced it profoundly. The ability to control energy vortices, the ability&n

bsp;to hide inside theUndercurrent Region for a full five days, all of these tactics sounded even more inconceivable one after another,because they were all unprecedented.

Now, even the Silver Frost Mounts and the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts made Gou Cheng WenDaoexperience what was truly called being unable to eat or rest in peace.

What made Gou Cheng WenDao even more worried was not just the entire battle situation. He suddenly realizedthat their estimation of the Southern Alliance’s strength deviated greatly.

Gou Cheng WenDao knew why there was such a huge deviation.

Looking at the cards the Southern Alliance had compared to the Honorable Martial Continent, there was only a badhand. In the entire Southern Alliance armies, the only one that could be considered to be famous was actually BaiYue!

But with this bad hand, the Southern Alliance actually did the impossible, and transformed it into a good hand.

Xie Yu An, who used to be just an ordinary military general whose highest and most dazzling achievement was beingresponsible of maintaining public law and order. What was even worse was that the Swift Army and him werebought by Tang Tian! And the price was extremely cheap, cheap to the point that it made others mad.

Another unit that was bought were the Skull Unit, a mercenary army that would never be in the eyes of theHonorable Martial Continent. But it was this unconventional mercenary army that exhibited an extremely cruel andbitter path in the Stone Forest Sand Continent, their tenacity and fighting spirit aweing the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

There was no need to explain about the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, they had long declined to the point of being forgotten, in everybody’s eyes, they had become cheap trash. But under Tang Tian’s command, they transformed into a horrifying army that sent shivers down their enemies spines. The current Underworld Continent, that had long forgotten about their Demonic Mounts tests, blazed with excitement again. Endless new blood caused the Demonic Mounts to become even stronger.

And there was the Five Southern Island Families that escaped death, and the unknown Crane, and the newly builtSilver Frost Mounts, or Jing Hao who was hidden in the energy vortex, all of them unleashed their dazzling lightauras, shocking the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Gou Cheng WenDao was a fanatical and self confident man, but he was not stupid.

With just this group of people, he had to go through great difficulties just to make progress, but still ended up beingin such a predicament. Watching their growth rate, Gou Cheng WenDao felt a bone chilling cold. He did not knowhow Tang Tian had recruited such a group of people, but behind all of them was yet another mysterious figure.

Bing, Southern Alliance Commander–in–chief, history’s first spirit General Commander. It was because Bing wasseated in this position, deploying his armies and sending them on missions, that brought Gou Cheng WenDao somuch trouble.

Even the arrogant Gou Cheng WenDao had to admit that Bing was an outstanding General. It could be said that Binghad used his own strength to bring the Southern Alliance to where they were.

He suddenly heard footsteps outside the door, ~Ken!~ Gou Cheng WenDao trembled slightly, an anticipationbirthed in his heart, ~Could they have found the entrance to Heaven’s Road?~

Ken walked in, and when Gou Cheng WenDao saw Ken’s terrible look, his heart plunged.

“We encountered an attack from the Blue Dwarves!”

Ken’s voice sounded tired.

“Blue Dwarves?” Gou Cheng WenDao was startled, but unknowingly he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He quickly sensed his strange emotions, and could not help but smile bitterly, ~Seems like the fear I have of Southern Alliance is stronger than I thought.~

“Yes.” Ken’s voice was hoarse: “There were many Blue Dwarves, it should be a Blue Dwarf Army. Their attacks wereextremely regulated, and we suffered a huge loss.”

“Blue Dwarf Army!” Gou Cheng WenDao squinted his eyes, he was in shock.

It was not strange for them to encounter Blue Dwarves in the Blue Sea, as it was their world, and not encounteringthem would be weird. It was also not weird for them to suffer a huge loss from the Blue Dwarves, as it was notsuitable for the Honorable Martial Continent armies to fight inside the Blue Sea, while the Blue Dwarves were ableto unleash their full powers inside. Gou Cheng WenDao had already anticipated for such a loss.

But the name Blue Dwarf Army made Gou Cheng WenDao surprised.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy had experienced many years of Blue Tides, and had gradually gained experience and knowledge regarding the Blue Dwarves. The Blue Dwarves inside the Blue Sea of light seemed to be endless, appearing like tides, the majority of them without any intellect or individualistic awareness. They relied on numbers to battle and would charge at their enemies.

Awakened Blue Dwarves were rare, and a Blue Dwarf Army even rarer. Blue Dwarf Armies basically operated andmoved in the core regions of the Blue Sea of Light, and in all of history, there had never been a Blue Dwarf Armypresent.

It was an abnormal situation for them to actually encounter a Blue Dwarf Army.

“Yes, it was definitely an army, and we could tell that they had training. If we had fought on land or in the Sea ofEnergy, we would had definitely won, but inside the Blue Sea of Light, we are at the disadvantage.” Ken said, he didnot exaggerate anything or hide anything.

Gou Cheng WenDao lifted his head up and revealed his lifeless expression: “Can we continue?”

Ken knew what the master meant, he took a deep breath and replied: “Yes!”

Ken knew how dangerous it would be, they would not have a retreat path, but it was not the time for them to careabout loss and death. Aside from advancing, they had no other choice.

He looked profoundly at his right hand general, and nodded his head: “Ignore the deaths, I will hand all the soldiersthat I can mobilize to you guys, even my direct subordinated army. Our plea for reinforcements have already beensent to Temple, quickly, the reinforcements should arrive.”

Gou Cheng WenDao was not wrong, Temple had already received his message, but he would definitely never guessthat they were equally in trouble.


The Sin Domain’s revival was an extremely huge matter, and they saw them as a large enemy, and were in a tensestate. If swallowing Heaven’s Road was the dream to the many generations of Honorable Martial Continent, thenthe Sin Domain’s return to the Honorable Martial Continent would most probably harm their foundation ofunification.

It was reasonable for Temple to be anxious.

Collin was chosen to take up the heavy responsibility under such a situation.

Out of the few Lieutenant Generals, Collin’s talent could not be compared to Lance, and could only be placed in themean out of them, but he did things extremely firmly and stably, he was diligent and never made any mistakes.

Collin knew why he was the first choice of Temple, and knew the predicament Temple was about to face. Afterreceiving his orders, he did not move out instantly. After sending out many scouts to the White Fields Continent, themajority of his troops moved in steadily and struck hard, along the way roping in local armies.

Countless eyes in the Honorable Martial Continent were fixed on Collin. Collin’s movements proved his cautiousness and experience, many of them inwardly nodding to themselves. Even though the Sin Domain had returned, no matter how they struggled, Temple’s absolute strength was still far stronger than them. In such a situation, whatever plans or strategy could not be as effective as the oppression stemming from true strength.

Everybody in Temple firmly believed that Master Collin would definitely return victorious.


Zhong Li Bai turned back and looked towards the endless mountain range and valleys, feeling extremely emotional,~We are finally out of that damned place.~ There were no sight of enemies in there, and it was extremely barren andcold.

Zhong Li Bai’s face was completely covered with stubs, and looked like a caveman. He did not care, his pupils thatresembled a ravenous wolf, flickered around with dangerous light, he had used the ravines to get rid of the enemy,which meant that he was holding onto the advantage to strike first once again.

To a man of destruction, such an opportunity was extremely rare, as though there was a cave that would lead him toanywhere he wanted, and could launch attacks from wherever he planned to.

(TN: I’ve changed a piece of fatty slab in front of him to cave that would lead him to anywhere, as having a piece offatty slab in front of him makes no sense.)

He was like a dangerous and sharp blade, ready to pierce into the enemy’s soft stomach.

Zhong Li Bai did not waste time, he quickly led the Monster Army, and launched a surprise attack on one of Temple’slocal barracks. This barracks was a holding place for a local army equipped simply to maintain law and order, andthey had never thought that they would encounter such a powerful enemy. And to prevent them from alerting theenemies, Zhong Li Bai had specially ordered for the Monsters to use their pitiful flight ability and quietly fly to theoutskirts of the barracks.

When the bronze monsters flooded the barracks, all of the sleeping soldiers did not even have time to resist, andwere all captured by Zhong Li Bai.

He did not keep any one of them alive.

Zhong Li Bai did not have any intention to hold back, in a short period of time, he continued to launch attacks, andattacked a few barracks. He did not leave anyone alive in any of these barracks. The entire Honorable MartialContinent was shocked by Zhong Li Bai’s savageness!

The Honorable Martial Continent itself had not gone through wars for a long time, and such cruel actions were evenmore unprecedented. In the history of the Honorable Martial Continent, it had always been them bringing pain ontoothers.

Zhong Li Bai was like a cunning fox, his movements were fast and hard to fathom. What was deemed even morecunning was that he only found the weak local armies and killed them. More and more local armies died under hishands, and the massacres that dripped with blood made the atmosphere in the Honorable Martial Continent evenmore anxious. The local armies all felt fear and unsafe, facing such a powerful army, they feared that the GoldContinent Army would come and kill them in their own homes.

The fear continued to ferment, until the Gold Continent Bandits fought from the Western Region to the center.

When a place in the center region called the Yong Ming Continent fell, the fear reached its peak.