Undefeated God of War - Chapter 869 – Silver Frost Mounts! Attack!

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Chapter 869 – Silver Frost Mounts! Attack!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Roger is dead.”

Sophie had an icy expression, her entire body released a terrifying killing intent, where even the nearby HonorableMartial Banner of Knights could not tolerate it, causing all of them to retreat a few steps. Just a few seconds ago, theclan elder in charge of watching the Holy Flame in Temple reported with a pale face, that Roger’s Holy Flame of Lifehad been extinguished.

Every Knight had handed their lives over to Temple, where their Holy Flame of Life blazed, and as long as they died,the Holy Flame would extinguish.

Everyone’s faces were equally ugly, the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights were not just to protect Temple’sauthority. In the Honorable Martial Continent, every single Knight of the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights heldesteemed positions, and symbolized the Temple.

In times of need, the Banner of Knights could take charge of any mission, and could assume control of any army.

No one dared to be enemies with the Banner of Knights.

When had the Banner of Knights ever suffered a loss? When the Honorable Martial Continent was unifying theWestern Region.

Charles handsome face remained calm: “Roger isn’t weak at all, and should not be killed so easily. If the enemy wasan army, Roger would have known that he couldn’t win, and must definitely have tried to escape, he will definitelyknow passing the information back is more important. Only if Roger made a wrong judgement call, or fell into a trapor did not sense the danger can he be killed. The enemy must be in a small number, but are extremely powerful, tohave killed Roger.”

“That’s right.” Sophie calmed down, she was extremely clear of Roger’s strength and standard.

“There will be news soon.” Charles expression turned solemn: “I have a report here which I suspect is linked toRoger. I hope that my guess is wrong.”

Sophie noticed Charles’ bitter smile, as she rarely saw that kind of expression on his face. In her memory, Charlesalways maintained a shallow&n

bsp;smile, his self confidence so much that it made her disgusted.

She asked: “What report?”

Charles took a deep breath: “It has to do with the Sin Domain, they came back from the dead. Seems like the armythat we have punished did not do a good job guarding the gates. The Gold Continent Bandits, Sin Domain, ourWestern Region seems to be bustling with activity now.

Sophie did not expect that the situation had become so complicated.

Charles eyes flashed with a sinister look, and said solemnly: “I have an extremely dangerous premonition. Thecontinuous failures at the frontlines, the Sin Domain’s revival, the Gold Continent Bandits’ disappearance,everything seems to fit so perfectly, don’t you think it is a bit too coincidental?”

Sophie’s body trembled: “You’re saying….”

“If this is a trick, it is too scary.” Charles muttered.

“Impossible.” Sophie shook her head: “There are too many coincidences, and too much random factors. I feel that itis more probable that the Gold Continent is trying to disrupt our Southern Expedition. The Southern Alliance comesfrom Heaven’s Road, it is impossible for them to know so much about us. The probability of it being the GoldContinent is higher, I’m afraid that the Gold Continent has long targeted the Honorable Martial Continent already.”

Charles nodded his head after hearing that: “That’s reasonable. The Gold Continent should also know that once wecomplete the Southern Expedition, unifying the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy will just be around the corner. But theirchoice of time is impeccable.”

The Gold Continent and the Honorable Martial Continent, one in the east and one in the west, both of them beingthe largest powerhouses. Both parties have always looked at each other from afar, did not have any conflict ofinterests, but both had restraining fear for each other.

A Honorable Martial Knight suddenly rushed over, bringing in a new report.

When Charles finished reading it, his face turned green.

Sophie took over the report, and when she saw it, she almost could not believe her own eyes.

Lance and Norman were killed by assassins, Carl had colluded with the enemy, the Lance Army suffered fromdisastrous damage.

“Carl!” Charles gritted his teeth, his handsome face had turned sinister at that moment, and said coldly: “TheWestern Traders colluding with the enemy with the intent of rebelling, go and investigate on it now. Get itinvestigated thoroughly! I want to see what benefits did the enemy give them, for them to dare betray Temple!”

“Yes!” The Honorable Martial Knight immediately turned and left.

“Seems like we have some cleaning up to do, to prevent other people from having the same idea.” Charles tone ofspeech did not have any warmth in it.

The Sin Domain’s revival had already made Charles cautious, and as for the Western Traders colluding with theenemy, it had completely affirmed his decision to do a large cleansing.

At such a crucial and delicate moment, the stability of the internal affairs was the most important.

Sophie did not say anything, she was still immersed in the shock. Out of the Lieutenant Generals, Lance had thebiggest potential of being the next Great General, his strength and talent far exceeded his peers. That was thereason why Charles dared to be decisive with bringing Oliver over to Temple to be punished, as it would helpstabilize Lance’s position.

With Lance killed, the Western Region was completely empty.

With the Sin Domain’s revival and the Gold Continent Bandits that appeared out of nowhere, the Western Regionhad fallen into imminent peril.

“We need to send someone over.” Carl regained his calmness: “We need to quickly find out what’s going on there,and quickly resolve the issue. The more it delays, the more disadvantageous it becomes for us.”


“No.” Carl shook his head: “We have just passed down his punishment, if we are to use him now, it will greatly affectthe Temple’s prestige. Send Collin over, give him the authority to administer everything there, whichever person orarmy that dares defies the order will be killed on the spot.”

Sophie knew of Collin, he had outstanding ability, compared to the slightly lazy Lance, he did things more firmly.

“Then what about us?”

“We will prepare to go to the Shang Continent.” Charles decided: “Regardless of what moves they want to play, aslong as we find the pathway, victory will be ours.”

Seeing Charles determination, Sophie nodded her head.


Ling Xu took a deep breath, he had prepared for a long time for the ambush.

Before the battle, he could only watch as Crane went around to massacre the enemies, establishing manycontributions and making a name for himself. Even Jing Hao, who was left behind to protect the Shang Continent,controlled the energy vortex while collaborating with Crane, and somehow destroyed the enemy’s fleet.

~What about me, I haven’t even made even the smallest of contributions!~

~Damn it!~

During this period of time, he kept training his Silver Frost Mounts. Compared to the invincible and achieved SilverFrost Mounts of history, his subordinates were lacking too greatly. Luckily, he had the Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal,where he could impart the techniques and trainings of the Silver Frost Mount inside. Ling Xu knew that he was notsome genius or big figure, he did not have Crane’s intelligence, but only had his absolute confidence to fight!

Forsaking his life to fight, and only by risking everything while training and risking everything in real battles did thecurrent Ling Xu come about.

How the army performed would be based on how the general was.

Although he felt that he did not waste any time, Ling Xu was never one to find excuses. If it was already night, it wasnight, if he did not have any achievements, he did not have achievements, there was no excuses for it.

“Whoever screws up today will be speared by me!”

Ling Xu’s killing intent soared as he stared at everybody with an unkind gaze.


Everyone replied with their own killing intents, holding back their fear. Which one of them were not arrogant?Seeing their own companions fighting out in the battlefield, while they could only crawl in the mud, which one ofthem weren’t angry?

Their targets were the Honorable Martial Continent’s supply ships headed towards Gou Cheng WenDao who waswaiting for reinforcements. The closest to him was his previously positioned supply army on the supply route. Onone side, they had to reinforce Gou Cheng WenDao, and to ensure the safety of the supply route, causing theirmanpower to be limited and tight.

As for Ling Xu, his task was to ensure that their manpower became even tighter.

The supply ships that lacked the protection of the fleet became the best prey.

“They’re coming, they’re coming!” One of the scouts said excitedly.

In the distance, a small fleet appeared in their vision.

Three supply ships, with the protection of three small scale warships. Thinking about the large and vast fleet thatcovered the skies, Ling Xu could not help but be moved, Crane and Jing Hao was truly too ferocious.

It was obvious that the fleet was worried about being ambushed, and moved extremely carefully.

Ling Xu’s killing intent was apparent, without saying anything else, he spoke out coldly: “Get ready!”

All the clamor disappeared, as everyone became serious.

They had an extremely unique formation, the two flanks resembled a ram’s horn, curving and extending outwards,while Ling Xu’s center group was deferred backwards. The Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal floated above Ling Xu’shead, releasing a faint silver light that enveloped the entire unit. Many rays of silver lines appeared beneath the feetof the soldiers, like the spiral patterns of the horns.

Ling Xu’s expression was equally serious, and for some reason, he thought of his teacher.

~If Teacher could see that I have formed my own Silver Frost Mounts, he would definitely be dumbstruck.~

An undetectable warm smile appeared on Ling Xu’s emotionless and cold face and quickly disappeared, his gazefixed back on his enemies, when a surge of heroism surged from his chest.

The heroes that disappeared and the legends of the past left Aries Constellation with no glory. The Sheep HornWind Bells moved although there was no wind, and along with the sound of the bells, an ancient and cold battle songemitted out from the Seal above his head.

“The silver spear should be as soft as snow, and be as pure as the clouds. The Sheep Horn Wind Bells, the cool breezewill never capture your sound. The Sun shines but no shadows can be overcasted, for the spear will always be toostraight….”

Everyone unknowingly straightened their backs, and held onto their silver spears tightly.

“Silver Frost Mounts!” Ling Xu bellowed, raising his silver spear high in the air.

“Silver Frost Mounts!” Everyone shouted out together, and raised their silver spears.

The battle formation was majestic with them not moving a single inch.

The silver spears hummed with the song.

The horns became white as its extremely sharp aura dazzled out.

Ling Xu’s eyes dilated, and a roar came out: “Attack!”

What replied him was roars that flooded together: “KILL!”

The silver light that had disappeared for a thousand years, bloomed once again from a distant alien land.

The warships that were in extremely cautious immediately sensed them.

“Enemy attack!”

The loud and sharp warning sounded out across the fleet, the three warships immediately made a response.Originally by the flanks of the supply ships, the warships quickly sped ahead and arranged themselves horizontally.The soldiers on the warships quickly flew into their battle formations. All of the warship weapons on the warships litup, and after their preparations, they could engage at anytime.

The soldiers of the Honorable Martial Continent were all furious against their enemies as they revealed hatred intheir eyes.

Even though they were on board a small scale warship, they firmly believed that they could defeat any enemies!

“We are the elites of the Honorable Martial Continent! We are invincible, all of these dirty people, dare to sneak anattack on us to try and take us down. They are afraid of us, they dare not fight against us in actual combat!”

“Come, let us let these dirty ants know that they are not fit to be our enemies!”

THe officers roared in anger, their voice resonating above the warships.

The enemies actually dared to assault them with such few numbers, it was bare insult and disdain towards them!

The enemies moved faster and faster, like a flash of silver lightning.

The officers were about to give the orders, when their pupils suddenly constricted.

~What….what the hell is that!~