Undefeated God of War - Chapter 868 – Assassinate

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Chapter 868 – Assassinate

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Lance had a satisfied look, as he was proud of his success. Sacred Son Charles’ favor had pushed him to be on theadvantage. This could be seen from the amount of “gifts” that the Western Traders had given him.

Lieutenant General Oliver had been punished, allowing Lance to become the man with the most authority in theWestern Region, and thus the Western Traders would naturally come barking up his tree. Lance did not only rejectthem, but instead won all of them over.

“The days now are so comfortable. Who would have thought that we would ever be rich!” Norman said emotionally.

“It is slightly too boring.” Lance said languidly: “There’s no battles to fight!”

“What fight, we will have money if there are no battles, can you see how many people are drooling just by looking atus!” Norman said disapprovingly.

“The battlefield is the home of a military general, Norman.” Lance reminded: “You should have higher achievementin mind.”

“The current us are already very achieved!” Norman refuted and advised Lance instead: “Don’t keep thinking aboutfighting, anyway, you can’t even go to the Shang Continent, so let us live our lives first. Sacred Son Charles has leftthe task of investigating to us, we can’t do badly.”

Lance’s expression became slightly excited as he sat up: “I have some guesses.”

“Guesses?” Norman was startled.

“For example, the Sin Domain.” Lance snapped his fingers.

Norman’s eyes instantly constricted: “Sin Domain!”

He knew of the Sin Domain. If one talked about the Honorable Martial Continent’s journey of unifying the WesternRegion, the dark part of the history would be the Sin Domain. In truth, the Honorable Martial Continent’s internaldepartment held different opinions towards the Sin Domain system. Many people thought that the oppositionsshould be killed to prevent them from staging a comeback in the future, and there was not a need for a place like theSin Domain.

But, regardless of the

standpoints on the Sin Domain, the higher ups of the Honorable Martial Continent knew thatthe Sin Domain would forever be their enemies.

Enemies that had to die before they could ever rest easy.

So when Lance spoke about Sin Domain, Norman became anxious.

“Their earliest appearance was the White Field Continent, and you should know that it is the closest to the SinDomain.” Lance’s expression became serious.

Compared to the Gold Continent Bandits, the danger that the Sin Domain posed was larger.

Norman’s face became ugly: “Damn it! What happened to the army stationed at the Sin Domain?”

“That is another unfortunate news.” Lance revealed a bitter smile: “At the moment, we have not received any newsfrom them. The White Field Continent was a huge uproar, but they are still quiet, don’t you think it is a bit unusual?”

Norman was startled, then after awhile, he laughed bitterly: “Seems like we have encountered huge trouble.”

Lance shrugged his shoulders: “That’s right.”

“Then what do we do now?” Norman asked.

“We should do what we were tasked to do.” Lance said indifferently: “If not, why do you think Sacred Son Charleswas being so nice to us? Maybe he already had his guesses. Norman, the world is not a place of love. We have to helphim resolve this issue, otherwise, our good days will be numbered.”

“Is that how cannon fodder struggle with their lives?” the bitterness on Norman’s face became more apparent.

“Seems like it.” Lance replied in a calm manner.

“Why does it seem that you have confidence?” Norman glanced at Lance.

“No, no, no, I am just enjoying the scenery.” Lance laughed out loud: “Norman, relax, we are in the Honorable MartialContinent, how much can those rotting Sin Domain people stir?”

“I hope that’s the case.” Norman still had a bitter look, and did not relax because of Lance. He thought that theycould have it easy, but who knew it would be a difficult situation.

Suddenly, a subordinate rushed in for a report: “Master! The Western Traders were struck by an ambush! There areflames surging to the sky in the direction of Blue Wind City!”

“Western Traders!”

“Blue Wind City!”

Lance and Norman looked at each other.

Norman immediately replied: “Get some people to investigate!”

“Yes!” The subordinate complied and immediately turned and left.

Lance clicked his tongue: “What’s the enmity between the Gold Continent Bandits and the Western Traders? Whyare they fighting to the death? Did Carl offend someone?”

But Norman was thinking about Blue Wind City, and his face was ugly: “Now Blue Wind City also has a problem, weare truly unlucky.”

The construction of Blue Wind City was instructed and carried out by Sacred Son Charles, and the accident wouldonly affect his face, which would lead to them being affected. In many people’s eyes, they were 100% under theSacred Son.

Lance also found it rather troublesome: “Why is Carl so careless? Eh, we have to wipe his butt for him now. Eh, Iknew that the Western Traders’ money is not so easily taken. Let’s go, we have taken their money, we have to do ourbest to help them, we can’t just watch him get killed, if not, who can we look to for money in the future?”

Norman replied by imitating Lance’s words with sarcasm: “The battlefield is the home of a military general.”

Lance was speechless.

After flying for a short while, scouts noticed Carl, who was in a terrible situation, where he had a few guards aroundhim, all of them had blood all over their body, as though they had gone through a bitter battle.

“Looks terrible.” Lance scratched his chin.

“That’s reasonable.” Norman felt that it was within expectations: “I wonder if the Knight is alive or dead.”

In his eyes, although the Western Traders were relatively strong, they could not be compared with a standard army. They had just not met with talented generals that would put them in place. Instead, the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights was a true elite and formidable force, every individual were experts.

Carl shouted from afar: “Master, save me!”

“Truly pitiful.” Lance muttered, but immediately changed his expression to a serious one: “Carl, what happened?”

Carl flew to him, with a stoned expression, as though he had not recovered from the attack.

“We were ambushed….”

Before he even finished his words, Lance eyes’ dazzled as a guard beside Carl suddenly pounced on him.

~Not good!~

Lance’s face changed: “Assassin….”

He knew that he had made a grave mistake, he actually let someone come in front of him! As a military general, itwas the dumbest and stupidest mistake to allow an assassin to touch his body. A military general without theprotection of soldiers was as weak as grass.

~The Western Traders have colluded with the enemy….~

~It’s a trap!~

Tang Tian had focused on Lance, and at such a close distance, he would definitely not fail!

He was like an extremely heavy wild beast, ferociously colliding into Lance’s body. Lance had the intent to react, buthis movements, in front of Tang Tian, were as slow as a turtle.


A numbing sound emerged, it was the sound of bones shattering into powder.

Norman did not have the chance to move as well, the moment Tang Tian made his move, Sima Xiao had taken action,Magatama appeared behind Norman, and with a gleam in her eyes, Norman’s head was already in Magatama’shands.

In the entire process, Lance’s guards did not even react, and their leaders had already died.

All of their eyes turned bloodshot, they were stunned by what had happened. After a momentarily silence, all of thesoldiers lost their rational, and pounced ferociously over!

“Carl, you actually betrayed Temple!”

“Kill them!”

Tang Tian was not afraid at all, as soldiers started dying one after another in front of him. They were all lambs in his eyes. He did not retreat, but continued to attack, like an arrow, he shot into the crowd, without any fanciful moves, he used his terrifying strength to become the strongest killing machine. Anyone that was touched by him were either killed or severely injured.

Bang, the sound was multiple times louder than the first, countless bodies were struck and flew in all directions.Before they even landed on the ground, they had already died.

Tang Tian did not give the soldiers any chance to reorganize themselves, as long as he noticed any soldier or officergathering the troops, he would kill them without hesitation. In such a short distance, the might of the army could notbe unleashed, they were constantly being interrupted by Tang Tian, and everything was in a mess.

Like a ghost, Magatama’s efficiency at killing was astonishing, and in the blink of the eye, the place was littered withcorpses.

The soldiers all started to become fearful, their bloodshot eyes receded as fear replaced their bravery. They hadnever seen such powerful assassins before, faster than lightning and no one could even last a hit from them. Theywere like monsters that came out from hell, emotionless and coldly taking lives one after another with never endingenergy.


~They are monsters!~

The soldiers who had lost their general were like scattered sand, the fear took over their bodies as they started toturn and run.

This was the signal of a collapse, as more and more soldiers started to run.

Tang Tian and the rest did not chase them.

The battle was over, but Tang Tian was still in disbelief, that a powerful army had been destroyed just like that.

If they were in a face-off, it would had been extremely difficult to defeat Lance’s army. With regards to any army, the general was the spirit and soul, losing the general was simply the spark to destroy the army. The Sacred Saint Galaxy was a land ruled by armies, thus the emphasis on the high standards of the military general, regardless of either soldier or general, they did not emphasize on individual strength.

Tang Tian looked at Sima Xiao, Magatama’s charming ability could be said to be an unexpected joy.

Sima Xiao looked at Carl’s corpse with some unhappiness: “What a pity.”

When the generals were killed, the soldiers went crazy, causing Tang Tian and Sima Xiao to be in a huge pressure,and it was at that time where Carl was killed by the soldiers.

SIma Xiao felt that Carl was still of some value, thus it was a pity for him to die.

But everyone was extremely satisfied to be able to kill Lance and Norman.

Oliver had been sent back to Temple, and the Lance Army was the sole complete army with a threatening fightingforce in the Western Region. With the Lance Army destroyed, it meant that the Honorable Martial Continent’sWestern Region was completely empty.

Temple would definitely not sit still and watch the Sin Domain regain their strength, and sending in more soldierswas their only choice.

Tang Tian had already received battle reports from Bing, Gou Cheng WenDao’s fleet had suffered heavy losses, MoXin was forced into the unfamiliar regions of the Sea of Energy, Qiu Xu Hua had to sacrifice his general, andTemple’s forces were being stretched. As for Tang Tian, his mission was to make Temple’s forces stretch eventhinner, so they could expose their weak belly, giving Tang Tian an opportunity to deal a crucial strike.

~This is just the beginning!~

~The Sin Domain should be moving in the shadows as well now.~

Qian Hui had reminded Tang Tian that the Sin Domain’s loss was just a few hundred years of time, and theirinfluence over the land would not disappear that easily. They were once the masters of the land, as long as theyappeared again, Temple would be in a difficult position.

Tang Tian was excited about the following battles.

Although there were no longer any easy and relaxed battles like the one he had with Lance, but fighting to hishearts’ content was his most favourite.