Undefeated God of War - Chapter 867 – Xie Yu An’s Fence

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Chapter 867 – Xie Yu An’s Fence

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Previously, although Xie Yu An did not reject being the ambassador for the recruitment, he had angry thoughtsharbored in his mind. He was an introvert, and did not like to be on stage and do public relations, but as a soldier, hehad to unconditionally accept all orders, and it made him work harder instead.

Unknowingly, he had already reached a status that he had never thought before.


He was already the Southern Alliance’s most famed military general. In the Southern Region, many people did notknow who the highest commander–in–chief of the Southern Alliance was, but everyone knew who Xie Yu An was.

He did not lose himself over the success and recognition. The shocking life and death battle at the Ocean GuardianStronghold had left behind an irremovable mark on him. Life and death was that bitter and cruel. He had survived,but many of his companions had perished, and it was the largest and most bitter loss that the Swift Army had eversuffered ever since its conscription.

He remained quiet as he digested it, as he worked even harder.

Although he did not like working as an ambassador, he gave it his all, and his footprints could be found in all therecruitment drives. He was pragmatic despite being reserved, but that did not lower his prestige, but instead earnedhim even more praise.

The Southern Region’s various continents all greatly respected and praised him.

Xie Yu An’s mission thus benefited from it.

When Xie Yu An received the mission, the question that he had in mind was how to delay Mo Xin. Although the SwiftArmy had been replenished in its ranks, and the standard of the newly recruited soldiers was extremely high, but hestill needed time to form an actual fighting strength.

~If I don’t rely on the Swift Army, how can I complete the mission?~

Then, Xie Yu An thought of a brazen idea.


Mo Xin observed the battle come to a close, as a wisp of haze flitted across her mind.

From the tim

e they started to return back on the day before, it was already the fourth battle. The intensity of thebattle was not high, and the enemy seemed to not have much determination and tenacity, and only relied ondefensive structures to resist them. The majority of the time that they spent fighting was to defeat the defensivestructures. When the defensive structures fell, the enemy’s army would disperse in confusion, showing that theywere merely just a mob of people.

But, after continuously encountering mobs of people, it made Mo Xin cautious.

His initial mission was to attract the attention of the Southern Region, to prevent their forces from converging withthe Southern Alliance. His mission could be said to be successful, as wherever he swept, he was invincible, and hedirectly entered the hinterland of the Southern Region, causing the Southern Region to be uneasy, and all of theirfocus landed on him.

When he received the cry for help from Gou Cheng WenDao, his initial advantage became an enormousdisadvantage.

After going deep into the center region of the Southern Region, the path home looked extremely long and arduous.But, he had no other choice, and he could only send down the order to quickly retreat.

He guessed that the Southern Alliance would intentionally stop them from reinforcing Gou Cheng WenDao, sowhen he encountered resistance, he was not surprised. But in the short span of time, he had encountered fourbattles, and each battle was exactly the same, making him feel uneasy.

On their only path back, there were many more defensive structures. Every single one of these defensive structuresbecame resisting points.

The defensive structures were not high grade, and looked to be made without regard for quality, it was obvious thatit was the result of a rushed work of the enemies. However, all of these defensive structures were sturdy enough,and was far more reliable than what it looked like.

Mo Xin’s large army had to spend a great amount of time to destroy them.

The armies garrisoned inside the defensive structures were roughly of the same standard, and each differentdefensive structure had different armies, causing Mo Xin to confirm that they should be the local armies of thenearby continents. All of these armies only had one mission, which was to help defend the defensive structures, andthe moment when these structures were broken through, they did not need to uphold any resistance and escape.They also realized that Mo Xin’s large army did not have time to pursue them, thus they started swaggering aroundand became touring groups.

Once would be called random, but to encounter it four times, it was definitely no accident or random chance.

Furthermore, all of these sloppy yet sturdy defensive structures made Mo Xin think of one man, Xie Yu An.

Xie Yu An had already proven to everyone how proficient he was in in constructing defensive structures in theOcean Guardian Stronghold, and in terms of designing defensive structures, he was at the peak standard.

After encountering the eighth defensive structure, Mo Xin completely understood Xie Yu An’s intent.

Xie Yu An wanted to use fencing, by placing many defensive structures and adding the local armies of the continentsnearby, to delay their movements. All of these defensive structures were incapable of stopping them, but couldgreatly increase the time needed to move.

That’s right, time.

Xie Yu An had practically used his own advantage to its maximum, if the quality of the armies were not high enough, they would use quantity, and if the strength of the army was not strong enough, they would use defensive structures.

~Truly a powerful man!~

Mo Xin had to admit that Xie Yu An was worthy of being a famed general. The plan looked simple, but it required aleader that had prestige and the power to convince everyone, and the ability to coerce large groups, as the planrequired the use of too many armies.

To obtain the trust of so many local armies was not an easy matter at all, but Xie Yu An did it. Simply on this point,Xie Yu An was already considered powerful.

Being completely convinced of Xie Yu An’s strength, Mo Xin’s headache came.

Against such a simple and crude method by using numbers, Mo Xin realized that he had no idea on how to counter it.

When he encountered the fifteenth defensive structure, Mo Xin’s large army suddenly turned their direction and advanced in a completely different direction. Although Mo Xin had decided to divert, and would take a detour, but thinking about the densely packed defensive structures that made his army despair, detouring would save much more time.

But when the familiar defensive structure appeared in Mo Xin’s vision again, he was dumbstruck like a chicken, asthough he was struck by lightning.

~Why is there one here as well…..~

When he regained his senses, Mo Xin ordered his large army to advance, not believing in the fluke. When heencountered four more identical defensive structures, he was completely in despair.

~This path is also fenced up!~

Mo Xin could had never thought that Xie Yu An would be so fanatical.

After Xie Yu An thought of his plan, he marked down on all of the possible pathways that Mo Xin could take to headtowards the Shang Continent. He personally headed to the various continents and advised them on how to build thedefensive structures.

Xie Yu An used his prestige completely to saturation. If he made all of these local armies do it alone, they wouldnever be willing, but upon building the defensive structures and helping them out, and letting them retreat on theirown will once the defensive structure was defeated, it made all of the local armies satisfied.

The Southern Region’s wealth was also displayed to its saturation, Xie Yu An’s fanatical plan had completelygarnered the support from all the various continents.

How much was it only, to build such low grade defensive structures?

The various continents in the Southern Region had hatred and fear towards honorable Martial Continent, thus theydid not have the courage to fight with them head on, but to spend a bit of money and make the Honorable MartialContinent suffer, would they even hesitate?

Some of the continents even doubled the number of defensive structures that Xie Yu An taught them. Theirabundant manpower caused the plan to rapidly stretch out.

The originally empty ship channels had become densely packed with defensive structures, becoming an extremelystrange landscape.

What Mo Xin did not know was that when his army had started to withdraw and break through a few of thedefensive structures, the entire Southern Region was churning. Originally, everyone had doubts regarding Xie YuAn’s plan, ~Will Mo Xin even withdraw? Doesn’t seem like it.~ But they still had their trust and respect towards XieYu An, and thus completed the job.

When Xie Yu An’s guess became a reality, the flame in everyone’s hearts ignited.

Some of the continents started to bet on where Mo Xin would move towards. All of the continents that had theirdefensive structures destroyed by Mo Xin were even more elated, and were extremely proud. And for thosecontinents that Mo Xin did not touch, they took the chance to build even more defensive structures, as though theywanted to choke the entire waterway.

Mo Xin immediately sensed the excitement in the various continents.

The determination and tenacity to resist in the local armies became even stronger, and even when the defensive structures were destroyed, the confused dispersion of the local armies actually ran into the distance to watch, to see if they could take position to do additional things to Mo Xin.

Mo Xin had no choice but to position a few men to stare at such people, and their route of advancement becameeven slower.

The densely packed defensive structures in the waterways made Mo Xin fall completely in despair. It was alreadyimpossible for them to use the waterway to return, and Xie Yu An’s single move had made them stuck. With theurgent pressing of time, they would not even reach Shang Continent in a year using such a speed.

The only way Mo Xin had left was to avoid the waterways.

The Sea of Energy was vast without ends, aside from a few established waterways, there were still many regionsthat no one had stepped into. But all of these foreign regions were filled with unprecedented dangers.

Every establishment of the waterways was exchanged from the blood of countless ancestors. Now, there werealready very few new waterways, because the price of establishing new ones were too high.

And the distance between Mo Xin and Shang Continent was practically half of the Southern Region, which wasextremely despairing!

But, Mo Xin knew he had no other choice.

If they travelled by the waterways, his army would be safe, but by the time he rushed over, everything would beover. If he did not use the waterways, his large army would face uncountable and unknown dangers, but they wouldhave the chance to become reinforcements.

Mo Xin laughed at himself, ~At such a time, how can I still care about myself?~

His gaze regained clarity.

Mo Xin’s large army deviated from the waterways, and disappeared into the endless darkness.

When Xie Yu An received the news, a strand of respect birthed in him. In such a situation, for Mo Xin to make such adecision, he required a huge amount of courage and responsibility. By putting himself in danger for the chance tochange the entire battle situation, such a leader was worth respecting.

Personally forcing Mo Xin to such a predicament, all of the various continents of the Southern Region rejoicedendlessly, to them, Mo Xin was as good as dead.

Xie Yu An did not know if it could be considered a success, as it was not yet finished.

But, he had already did his best, and did everything that he could. If his Swift Army was completely intact, he wouldhad taken the chance to chase after the enemies. But the current Swift Army was not complete enough to undertakesuch a difficult task.

~For the rest, I can only leave it to the Heavens.~

~I have done everything there is that I could have done, and the rest is up to the Heavens.~

Xie Yu An suppressed his mood, he was not overjoyed or sullen about it. His opponents were not ordinary, butinstead, were all the famed generals under the Heavens, and also possessed subordinates with the same courageand dignity.

But, he could the dawn of victory.