Undefeated God of War - Chapter 862 – Gou Cheng WenDao’s Situation

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Chapter 862 – Gou Cheng WenDao’s Situation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Conquering the Shang Continent took exactly five days, but Gou Cheng WenDao’s face was still as black as before.The generals under him knew why he was angry, and tacitly did nothing to provoke him.

It was normal for him to be furious.

The Shang Continent that they took over was a land of ruins. All of the citizens had long been moved, and all of thestructures had been destroyed, and not a perfect house could be found. The estuary of the Shang Continent was toonarrow, and even mid scale warships were unable to enter, much less large scale warships. In the five days of thembeing in Shang Continent, they experienced huge downpours of rain for four days, with everybody’s strengthenedbodies, they naturally did not worry about falling sick, but the dampening of the mood was real.

Seeing the mud everywhere, everyone inside the small scale warship felt their mood dampen.

Even the fragrant Sun Tea had lost its flavor.

“Is Master still worried about the Southern Alliance?” Zeke glanced at the ashen faced Gou Cheng WenDao whowas holding the teacup in hand with a serious expression.

The Three Famed Great Generals under Gou Cheng WenDao had their own specialties, Cliff was decisive anddetermined, Ken was honest and firm, while Zeke was naturally astute. The three of them had worked with eachother for many years and had a tacit understanding. They tacitly avoided their boss, if they were to speak the wrongthing at such a time, they would provoke their boss, and die a meaningless death.

But in the siege of the Shang Continent, after the consecutive bitter struggles, it made everyone’s mental statestretched taut, causing them to be mentally fatigue. Finally they had the time for a breather, the three of them sattogether around a stove while drinking tea, to laxen their minds.

Ken nodded his head and said: “The enemy gave up the Shang Continent so easily, they definitely have some plan inmind, we cannot drop our guard.”

Zeke objected: “I think that you are all ove

rthinking it, their only possible plan is to retreat, only with that can theyobtain the strategic depth, otherwise, would they sit here, waiting for us to destroy them?”

Ken did not refute him, he also did not know what to say. In truth, one single defensive line was not enough toprotect the Shang Continent. Once broken, the danger they faced would increase substantially.

Cliff spoke out indifferently: “Don’t underestimate the enemies, Zeke.”

Out of the three, he was the oldest and had the most experience. In the past, Zeke had even been under him, andCliff was the one promote him and recommend him to the boss, and that was how he obtained Gou ChengWenDao’s recognition to lead his own army.

Zeke was extremely respectful towards Cliff, who then asked curiously: “Do you think that they still have the chanceto turn the tide?”

Cliff remained quiet for a moment, then spoke out: “I too am unsure of what plans they might have, but I can’t helpbut always remember Xie Yu An. He doesn’t lack in willpower and never gave up so easily, it isn’t their character tosurrender.”

Cliff did not have any grounds to explain what he felt, but his elaboration on the enemy’s style and character wasconvincing enough.

Ken nodded his head, but Zeke’s expression became solemn. They had fought to a stalemate with the SouthernAlliance for a long time, and had experienced the enemy’s tenacity.

Yes, regardless of anything, the enemy had surrendered too easily.

“That’s right, they are enemies worthy of respect, I am truly curious of what their next move will be.” Zeke’s eyesflashed with a light as his fighting intent soared.

Cliff saw Zeke removing his arrogance, and no longer said anything, he turned and asked Ken: Did you find theentrance into Heaven’s Road?”

“No.” Ken shook his head: “We have already investigated the entire Shang Continent, but we have not found theStar Door.”

“It might not be a Star Door.” Zeke thought quickly, he thought for a moment: “It is also possible that the Star Door isnot on the ground or sky.”

“Not on the ground or sky?” Ken was startled.

“The Blue Swamps, don’t forget the Blue Swamps.” Zeke reminded.

“Possible.” Cliff nodded his head: “The Southern Alliance first came out from Shang Continent, there had been manyverification on this report, and it is definitely not wrong. If there is no Star Door on the ground or sky, the mostpossible place can only be the Blue Swamps. Don’t forget, they once sold a considerable amount of Empyrean IceBlue Spears, it was obvious that they had entered the Blue Swamps.”

“If it is in the Blue Swamps, then that’ll be troublesome.” Ken laughed bitterly.

Ken had an honest character and did things meticulously, never finding it troublesome. If he were to say it wastroublesome, it meant that it was truly troublesome, causing the other two’s face to change.

If we were to describe the Savage Continent as being isolated and had never been conquered, then the Blue Swampwas a vast mystery that made people fear. The Savage Continent did not sever the trade path to Honorable MartialContinent, and people were still able to obtain some information with regards to the Savage Continent.

The Blue Swamp was a completely different world, where the Blue Dwarves existed.

The Blue Swamp reached out to every corner of the Sacred Saint Galaxy, where many continents were in touch withthe blue, but what everyone was most worried about was the Blue Tide. The Blue Dwarves were natural enemies tothe human race. No one knew the depth and scale of the Blue Swamp, and there were once many powerful martialartists that thought of investigating, but no one made it out alive.

If the Star Door truly existed inside the Blue Swamp, it was definitely a terrible thing for them.

From the current looks of it, the probability of it being in the Blue Swamps was very high.

Cliff noticed the gloomy atmosphere, then spoke out: “Even if it is in the Blue Swamps, we will be able to find it.Everyone knows what Heaven Road means to the Honorable Martial Continent and to us. We have taken the ShangContinent, so how can we retreat at such a time? Furthermore, if we find it difficult, then how did the SouthernAlliance people do it? They came to the Sacred Saint Galaxy from Heaven’s Road, could it be that the threat of theBlue Swamps exists only against us?”

When Ken and Zeke heard that, they were roused.

“That’s right!” Zeke’s mind raced quickly: “Since they are able to appear at the Shang Continent, the Star Doorshouldn’t be too far from it.”

Ken spoke without hesitation: “I’ll send people to investigate the nearby Blue Swamps immediately.”

Cliff added in: “If we split the place into three parts and investigate together, we can increase the efficiency!”

The three of them immediately rushed under the rain and gathered their troops, and personally went into theirsections of the Blue Swamp.

At the current moment, looking for the Star Door to Heaven’s Road was their most pressing target. Even if theycould not find it immediately, they could at least lock down on the general location of the Star Door. The SouthernAlliance would definitely not wait to be captured, but as long as they found the Star Door, then any counterattacksinitiated by the Southern Alliance would be a joke.

By borrowing the spirits in Heaven’s Road, they could quickly grow stronger, and the initially already strong Honorable Martial Continent would leave the Southern Alliance far behind. The Honorable Martial Continent already had decades of spirit research, although they could not mass produce spirits, but they found a way to use them.

As long as they had the spirits, their strength would take a qualitative leap in a short span of time.


Many warships were stopped outside of the Shang Continent’s estuary, the sight of the masts was a spectacularscene. All of the large and mid scale warships and transport ships under Gou Cheng WenDao were all unable toenter the Shang Continent, and could only be parked outside the estuary.

The stronghold recently built at the Estuary had been completely destroyed, and everyone could only garrison on their warships. But word from the crew members that moved to and fro from the Shang Continent was that the situation inside the Shang Continent was even worse, there was heavy downpour and even the Master did not have a place to seek shelter from, and could only hold up in the smaller scale warships, causing the people outside to feel much better.

The large scale warships were large and spacious, making it extremely comfortable for them to live in.

Being cautious, Gou Cheng WenDao had ordered half of the warships to be in war ready states, to handle anysudden ambushes. Other than that, all the agile small scale warships were split into groups of 10, forming a tightpatrolling network to prevent enemies moving in in small numbers.

But, everyone was not that much worried, after the continuous battles, they were all familiar with how SouthernAlliance fought. They were proficient in their positioning battles, proficient in using defensive structures for defenseand proficient in complicated terrain, for example urban warfare, or using the belt of ruins to battle.

Their expertise did not include fighting with warships.

Now that the Honorable Martial Continent had occupied the estuary, the large scale warships were like heavily guarded strongholds.

It was only possible to attack strongholds with warships. Even if they managed to sneak in people, they would not pose a threat against the fleet of warships.

So as a whole, everyone was rather relaxed. With the strict orders from their superiors, no one dared to party anddespite the need to vent, everyone longed to return home with the victory.

The big battle was over.

That was what many middle level officers and soldiers thought, the enemies had been driven out of their nest, howcould they still turn the tide and take the Shang Continent from them again?

Stop joking!

Finished with patrol, Wu Kai arrived in the dining hall of a warship, and joined in a group of his comrades to chat.

“Are there any activities for tonight? It’s truly boring. Sigh, when we are in battle, we longed for rest. Now that wehave rested for so many days, It truly is boring!”

“There’s only cards to play, what other activities can there be?”

“Oh my god, I already want to puke upon seeing the cards! Can anyone bring in something new? For example findingsome girls?”

“The entire Shang Continent is empty, where do you want to get the girls from?”

“If the bosses under the rain knows you are finding girls here, wew, that scene is too glorious, I will not dare to look!”Wu Kai butted in with an exaggerated look.

Everyone else laughed out loud.

“Then do you have any entertainment?” The soldier who was being laughed at stared at Wu Kai.

“Maybe we can make it more interesting!” Wu Kai was inwardly pleased, he decided to throw out his idea, andpointed to the gigantic energy vortex outside the window: “Do you guys see that huge toy?”

Everyone looked at the energy vortex and jumped.

It was a gigantic energy vortex said to be formed in the middle of the battle, which was near the estuary. When theydocked the warships, they had intentionally maintained a distance away from it as everyone was afraid that it wouldsuddenly explode.

“Do you guys know how the energy vortex is formed?” Wu Kai scoffed: “I heard that there are a few hundred spiritobjects in there!”

“Spirit objects!”

“A few hundred!”


The soldiers exclaimed out in shock. Spirit Objects were priceless treasures in their eyes, and they had neverthought that there would be an instance where a few hundred spirit objects would be together.

“That is definitely some news!” Wu Kai acted mysteriously, then incited everyone: “Since we’re so bored, why don’twe have a large scale treasure hunt? There lies a few hundred spirit objets, if we are able to take one or two, we willbe rich!”

After a momentarily short silence, everyone became restless.