Undefeated God of War - Chapter 861 – Roger’s Death

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Chapter 861 – Roger’s Death

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian’s hand had firmly blocked Roger’s palm sword.

In truth, he did not plan to make a move so early on, as their plan to ambush Roger was not to kill him, but Tang Tianwanted to see to what standard the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights were at. Roger was not his only enemy,but the entire Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, and he needed to probe all of them.

So the first to test Roger out was Ji Ze.

Out of the group, aside from Tang Tian and Sima Xiao, Ji Ze had the strongest individual strength. But from the looks of it, Ji Ze was not adapting to the Sacred Saint Galaxy fast enough, thus without hesitation, Tang Tian blocked Roger’s attack.

When the fist and hand interacted, Roger immediately knew that he had encountered an expert.

Roger’s flaming white eyes, that had no emotions, finally changed for the first time. It was an extremely minutechange that flashed past, but his attack transformed like a torrential storm without any warning, and erupted out.

The gold armor on him seemed to have come alive, as every scale squirmed as the blazing pure white flamesexploded and rained down.

Inside the rain of flames, Roger’s right palm thrusted out again, and the sea holy flames that covered the sky, wereinstantly summoned to fly at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s face turned serious, he did not dare look down on the attack. All of the seemingly slow, warm and gentlewhite flames looked like adorable spirits, but whoever thought that they were truly adorable would end upmiserable. As long as the person touched the flames even slightly, even if the flame was a grain size, then in half asecond, they would burn to a crisp.

Roger’s attack did not influence any wind, and seemed to have no power, but it bore an intense sense of danger inTang Tian’s mind.


At different standpoints, a person’s understanding towards power would be different. The current Tang Tian, couldeasily handle attacks that could raze mountain peaks or produce over 10km of crevices in the ground. Such attacksthat looked to be vast and powerful was in truth over–dispersing

their strength.

The path of an individual and an army was completely different, the energy that even the strongest martial artist could utilize was incapable of comparing with one of an army. The pursuit was for more focus, more compression and a more efficient attack, that was the main path of a martial artist.

If one could compress the power that could raze a mountain peak to the size of a needle, it could cause spatial tears.

That was Tang Tian’s current goal.

His control over his power had reached an inconceivable level, however, he was still unable to compress such apower to a needle tip, but was able to compress it into an inch space.

It was not any profound logic, but it was a reasoning that he had come to after countless of battles.

He never thought that Roger and him would walk the same path.

That seemingly slow and harmless thrust accumulated a powerful force.

Tang Tian did not retreat, he stepped forward, his fist turned into a palm blade and welcomed the opponent’s thrust,and slashed down.

Tang Tian’s move attracted everybody’s attention. Tang Tian’s subordinates had all learned the Heavy DemonicExecution before, where even Ji Ze and Sima Xiao had participated in the training. The Heavy Demonic Execution’sfirst slash, Blade Devil Transformation was something they were all too familiar with.

But Tang Tian’s Blade Devil Transformation was completely different from the Blade Devil Transformation thatthey knew of.

The firm palm that slashed downwards was extremely simple and did not stir any movements in the air. Tang Tian’spalm felt like a bottomless black hole that had an astronomical suction force, where light, shadow, and wind were alldevoured.

Roger’s face finally changed.

He thought that his opponent was strong, but he never expected for him to be able to unleash such a degree of attack.

After the long period of being invincible and winning, the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights became arrogant and looked down on others. All of them firmly believed that they were the strongest group of people in the world. Ever since Roger became a Knight, all of his victories came easy. Very few people were able to withstand a move from him, and at that moment, he finally experienced the bitter consequence of his arrogance, he was filled with remorse, that he did not unsheathe his sword!

He had underestimated the powerful enemy in front of him, and Roger knew how fatal that was.

When the two hands collided, Roger only felt emptiness, and felt that the air around him actually did not haveenergy! Before Roger could understand it, a strange and surprising suction force came out from the opponent’spalm, causing all of the hair on Roger’s body to stand, and he almost lost control of the energy in his hand!


Roger was overwhelmed by shock.

Winning or losing was just a fine line away in a battle between experts, and if Roger had exploded out the energy accumulated in his hand, the power unleashed would naturally be stronger. But the strange suction force made the power stabilize, and because of that, not only did Roger lose his opportunity to strike, he suffered from an internal injury. The flames that remained in the air were isolated by some invisible force and was unable to move at all, and could only dance around Roger.

The initial attack that was filled with force and power was suppressed down, causing even Roger to sustain aphysical injury.

Roger felt extremely uncomfortable, but he was an elite, and did not lose his sanity. He was clear that he had already lost his rhythm, the opponent was stronger than him, and he had even made the mistake of underestimating him, thus it was natural for him to lose his rhythm.

But he did not plan to be captured just like that.


His right palm suddenly exploded out as countless white flames surged from his broken arm. Both of their palmswere still stuck onto each other, and Roger’s move came without warning, instantly enveloping Tang Tian.

Roger’s face had become very sinister, because with Temple’s capabilities, as long as he did not die, the Templecould save him. What was a broken arm? As long as he returned to The Temple, they had secret techniques thatcould create a new arm for him. In the initial start up of the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, exploding theirlimbs was their most commonly heard way of fighting.

Seeing that the enemy was devoured by the white flames, clarity and indifference came back to Roger’s white eyes,he had already judged the enemy as dead.

~The Holy Flame is invincible.~

The white flames that did not even seem to have a high temperature had a very grand name, called the Holy Flame.The Holy Flame was Temple’s highest grade Sacred Light Flames, and only the most devout, most loyal disciplescould learn it. It was a trial of light, and the most cruel punishment.

The Holy Flame was the source of energy for the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, and also their deadliestweapon.


The snow white Holy Flame was like a dandelion blown by the wind. One after another, each snow white holy flameflew in the sky, gradually dissipating. It was a beautiful scene.

Roger’s eyes constricted, his mind a blank.


A figure covered in gold light stood in place. The extremely dense gold light looked like viscous gold liquid, flowingalong abstruse and complicated lines that covered the entire body. The gold light gradually dimmed down, and fromthe bright gold color, it became a deep and dark gold.

It was like a set of armor, an inconceivable armor.


~No armor can withstand the Holy Flame, that’s never happened before!~

It was the first time Roger revealed fear in his eyes. That’s right, fear, the scene before him had completely toppledhis common knowledge. If not for him witnessing it with his own eyes, he would never believe that there would bean existence that could withstand the Holy Flame. Even the Commander Sophie, or Sacred Son Carl, if they were tobetray the Temple, in front of the Holy Flame, they would still end up burning to ashes.

He suddenly trembled, and without hesitation, he turned to run.

He suddenly realized the importance of the matter, compared to his death, the information was the trueimportance. ~Regardless of anything, I need to pass this message back to Temple. Someone can resist the HolyFlames, there actually exists a person in this world that can resist the Holy Flames!~

This information was far more important than Blue Wind City.

Roger’s decision to escape caught everyone unprepared. The Holy Flames from inside Roger’s Body combusted inrage, and a pair of white wings appeared on the back of his armor. He completely ignored his injury, and franticallypoured out the Holy Flame from his body as his speed became as fast as lightning.

In the blink of the eye, he had flown a few kilometers away, and he calmed down his heart, ~The enemy did not catchup!~

~You just wait! Temple will never let all of you go!~

Roger gritted his teeth, he knew the severity of the matter, ~I underestimated my opponent, failed and got injured,but all of it is insignificant. As long as I survive and return back to Temple, a huge achievement will be waiting forme!~

~Temple will definitely not allow such heresy to stand!~

~Temple will definitely gather all of its power and capture that demon back, and dig out all of his secrets.~

~The power of the light is something no one can escape from!~

Suddenly, a sense of danger surged in his heart, the air around him suddenly congealed.

He felt as if he had fallen into a thick liquid that made him have difficulty moving. ~What’s this?!~

Roger was in fear, the opponent’s methods were unprecedented and strage. He sensed the aura of death, andfervently used all the Holy Flame in his body, not caring for the consequences, and like a wild beast stuck in a cage,he struggled for his life.

~Demon, he is a demon!~

The will to live caused Roger to unleash his hidden potential, the Holy Flame surged out from within his body,causing his skin, blood, and flesh to burn. The bones revealed on his upper body made him look terrifying. Even thegolden armor made specially for the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights was unable to withstand the Holy Flame,as it turned into molten metal and was devoured by the flames, transforming into nourishment for it, and greatlystrengthening the Holy Flame.

Roger looked like a skeleton enveloped in the white Holy Flame, as he frantically struck the frozen space.

Crack crack crack!

The frozen space around him started to have cracks.

Roger gave it his all, and finally produced results.


The frozen space crumbled, and the stifling suppression on him dissipated, causing Roger to be joyous. The flesh andblood on his face had been completely burnt, leaving only his bones, causing his smile to look extremely hideous.

He only had one thought in mind, to leave, to leave immediately!

The surging Holy Flame had reached a level that he never dared to produce, with the unlimited power around hisbody, he did not believe that anyone could catch him!

His speed had tripled!

Suddenly, a dazzling brilliance lit up from the night sky behind him. Roger’s body froze, he was locked down! Heturned his head in horror, to see that the young man in the distance was in a stance with a pulled fist, as countlessdifferent colored light lines, like flashing colorful lightning, were surging towards the young man’s fist.

An intense sense of danger made him feel as if he was already looking at the Death God’s face.


He screamed out loud. The holy flames seemed to have sensed danger as well, its light aura exploded even further,burning Roger’s white bones, completely transforming him into Holy Flames.

The beautiful multi colored light shot forward like an arrow, streaking across the sky and struck the Holy Flames.


The Holy Flames instantly shattered as countless of snow white feathers scattered about, disappearing into the air.

Roger was gone, as though he had never been born.