Undefeated God of War - Chapter 860 – Trap

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Chapter 860 – Trap

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian told Qian Hui plenty about how he landed in the Sin Domain, how he left, about Bing’s plans, anddefinitely about the powerful godlike young lad…..

He felt as though he could continue on and on, all the bits and pieces with great patience, his voice would suddenlygo high pitched then low pitched, with all the strange expressions, he explained about his stories with vividness andcolor. On the other side, Qian Hui’s face maintained a sweet smile, she listened attentively and would chuckleoccasionally, without feeling annoyed.

As they went on and on, Qian Hui would talk about herself as well, about her own experiences, about how she leftthe ancient battlefield, about the weird oddities she saw, about Ah Xin and Xiao Man’s entertaining anecdotes…..

Qian Hui’s spoke gently, while Tang Tian would shout and speak loudly, occasionally exclaiming out loud with livelyexpressions.

~Qian Hui’s voice is so nice~, Tang Tian thought.

He was extremely happy, and did not know how to describe his emotions, he only knew that he was very happy, tothe point that he wanted to jump for joy.

Time passed without the two of them knowing.

The two of them talked for four hours before ending with reluctance. Luckily, the both of them were in theHonorable Martial Continent and could communicate much more conveniently.

Returning back to the Honorable Martial Continent, Tang Tian was filled with fighting spirit, his body filled withunlimited strength. Thinking about the conversation, he stood there in a daze and laughed to himself.

When Sima Xiao saw Tang Tian, he whistled and spoke with a mischievous tone: “Seems like, that young man hasbeen infected! Hehe, even the godlike young lad is unable to resist the power of love. I am truly curious of how MissQian Hui is, to actually cause our godlike young lad be so intoxicated to the point of falling because of her.”

Everyone else’s faces had strange expressions, they wanted to laugh but did not dare to. Sima Xiao could make funof Tang Tian,

but they did not dare to, but many people revealed extremely strange looks. The God Armor Army hadbeen following Tang Tian for a long time, and had never seen Tang Tian’s appearance with ladies, no matter howbeautiful they were. Johnson knew this clearly, as he had always been by Melissa’s side, and every normal man,regardless of what position they held or what profession they were in, all of them who say Melissa would praise herfor her beauty, admire her, or drool.

The only exception was the Master, he had never seen such a response before. He remembered it extremely clearly,the Master had even revealed killing intent towards Melissa. In his heart, the Master was extremely cold andemotionless, and no beauty could influence him at all, he was truly a killing machine.

When he saw Tang Tian laughing foolishly at himself for half a day, looking seemingly stupid, he was startled, ~Isthat still the merciless, cold, decisive and emotionless master?~

All of a sudden, Johnson was filled with curiosity towards Miss Qian Hui. ~What kind of lady can make Master belike that? Could she be even more beautiful as compared to Miss Melissa?~

After laughing for half a day, Tang Tian decided to start working proper, he thought about the idea Qian Hui hadgiven him, and the matters that she warned repeatedly.

When Tang Tian told everyone of Qian Hui’s plan, everyone were quiet, all of them had strange expressions on theirfaces.

Everyone’s reaction caused Tang Tian to be shocked: “Is there a problem?”

After a long time, Sima Xiao was the first to recover from the shock, with a complicated look: “Miss Qian Hui is trulya marvel, you lucky bastard!”

“Of course! No one is smarter than Qian Hui!” Hearing that, Tang Tian was elated, but he suddenly responded withhis eyes wide opened: “Who’re you calling lucky bastard? You want to fight?”

Everyone recovered from the shock, all of their faces revealing revere.


Little Forest Continent.

Tie Ji bade goodbye to Shangguan Qian Hui, with an extremely respectful expression: “Miss, rest easy, thissubordinate will definitely be successful! I wish for Miss to take care!”

Without delaying any further, he turned and left with Shang Bei. They started to walk through the small path thatwas filled with danger, back to the Savage Continent.

Seeing Tie Ji and Shang Bei’s departing figure, Xiao Man could not resist but to wave the door sized Zanbato in herhands with an eager expression: “I really want to have a good fight!”

Ah Xin became fully concentrated with an upright look, yet his eyes glancing at Xiao Man’s voluptuous breasts, thattrembled following the movements of the Zanbato, he swallowed saliva lustfully.

Xiao Man suddenly turned her head and smiled sweetly at Ah Xin: “Is it nice to look at?”

“Really nice….” Ah Xin subconsciously blurted out.

A shadow quickly covered his line of sight, Zanbato, oh no, the huge door sized weapon smashed onto his face,causing Ah Xin to be flung out like a ball, spinning and flying out more than 30m away.

By the side, Shangguan Qian Hui could not refrain from smiling.

Xiao Man could not be bothered with Ah Xin, and asked Qian Hui with concern: “Miss, now that Shang Bei hasreturned, are we supposed to move by ourselves?”

It was an extremely difficult task to move inside enemy territories without anyone guiding them. Furthermore, theywere too eye catching, a group mainly consisting of spirit generals, as long as they walked out in the Sacred SaintGalaxy, it was difficult not to attract attention.

Qian Hui shook her head: “No, we will wait here, someone will receive us.”

“Someone is coming to receive us? That’s great!” Xiao Man heaved a sigh of relief, then asked with curiosity: “Miss,who’s coming to receive us?”

“Mace Fields Trading.” Qian Hui smiled, then asked: “How is everyone feeling?”

Xiao Man replied excitedly: “It is completely different from the Savage Continent. The energy here is more active, and much more dense as compared to the Savage Continent. Everyone is constantly getting stronger, given enough time, I believe that everyone can congeal out a real body, but that would require a long time.”

Qian Hui laughed and said: “We will have the time.”


Looking at the construction site that was swinging in full activity, Roger was not happy at all. An Honorable MartialKnight, who held such a noble position, was actually left behind in a construction site where not even a bird wouldcome to be a foreman of the construction.

That’s right, he felt that he was a foreman.

~There’s nothing here, and most likely, my companions must be heading towards the Shang Continent with theHighness.~ He revealed a look of yearning, heading to the Shang Continent signified achievement, and mostprobably, they could leave their names in the history of Temple. ~What about me? In the history books of theglorious Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, the unlucky Roger became a foreman.~

Roger still had to protect Carl, that’s right, an Honorable Martial Knight, actually had to protect a trader, causing him to feel embarrassed. The entire Banner of Knights had been influenced by Sophie, and none of them had any good feelings towards traders like Carl. In the Honorable Martial Continent, Temple was the true ruler, and inside Temple, the Banner of Knights held esteemed positions. Every single Knight was a genius amongst the geniuses, and Roger himself was extremely talented and selected through many layers of filtering and tests. With their high and esteemed positions and overflowing talent, they were all powerful individuals, with the qualifications to show disdain towards even outstanding characters.

Roger could not go against the Sacred Son’s orders, as he was completely loyal to The Temple and the Sacred Son,and started to think whether his thoughts could be considered offending the Sacred Son.

Just then, a guard suddenly rushed over. Roger recognized the guard, he was Carl’s trusted aide.

“Master Roger, Master Carl has invited you to go over.” The guard spoke softly: “Master has a new discovery.”

When Roger heard the first half of the sentence, his expression turned cold, ~This Roger dares to be so brazen,asking me to go over?~ But when he heard the latter, he was startled.

~New Discovery?~

He became suspicious: “What discovery?”

The guard spoke softly: “Master discovered a patch of ruins, and found some unique energy remnants.”

~Unique energy remnants?~

Roger’s eyes lit up, interest growing in his mind. ~The energy remnants must be left behind by those bandits, couldthere be something different about them?~

“Lead the way.” Roger said without hesitating.

With the guard leading him, Roger quickly found the location, where the security was extremely tight with manyunfamiliar faces. Roger knew that a huge organization such as the Western Traders would have a wealth far deeperthan any ordinary organization, and held even more experts. All of the unfamiliar guards were such people.

Jerome was inwardly excited, ~For Carl to treat this place so importantly, is there truly something?~

If there was an extraordinary discovery, to Roger, it not only meant something of interest, but also an opportunity.The investigating group did not have anything concrete against the bandits, mostly because of Gou Cheng WenDaotaking the Shang Continent. If Roger could discover something valuable from the investigation, it would benefit himgreatly.

He saw Carl, who was squatted on the ground, as though he was discussing something softly with the guards aroundhim.

Roger walked towards the group without hesitation and spoke loudly: “Speak, what discovery is it?”

When the guards who were bent down heard him, they stood up.

Roger’s eyes instantly constricted.

A bewitching blood red blade aura suddenly appeared from them and instantly enveloped his vision.

It was too late for Roger to unsheathe his sword, but ultimately, he was still powerful with abundant fightingexperience. He did not panic facing the sudden attack, but growled and raised his right palm that turned into a fist,drawing out a white light aura that struck towards the blood red blade aura.

The moment the fist aura and blood red blade aura collided, the blood in Roger’s body seemed to be gripped bysome invisible rope.

It was the first time Roger encountered such a weird feeling, and his face changed.

The fist aura suddenly increased in strength, and the white light aura enveloping the fist suddenly became as sharpas a needle as it shattered the blood red blade aura.

Ji Ze groaned, but he advanced instead of retreating, the blood red blade aura blossomed into some sort of net thatwas flung at Roger.

Roger became furious, but facing the enemy’s fast attacks, he was unable to defend and lost in the key moment,falling into a passive state. But every Honorable Martial Knight had experienced the toughest and most crueltraining, even in a state of danger, they never panicked.

Roger realized that the opponent’s blade aura was weird, his eyes brimming with anger, and the gold armor aroundhis entire body expanded with light aura.

White flames seemed to have soared out from the armor’s surface inside the white light, when Roger’s entire bodybecame covered with the white flames.

Countless of tiny gold lines cracked inside the flames, making it look as though there was flashing gold lightning inthe flames.

When the blood blade web interacted with the white flames, it was like a droplet of water that had fallen into theblazing flames, with a hiss, it was extinguished.

Ji Ze faltered, blood dripping out from the corner of his mouth.

Roger who was inside the flames looked like a God of War, his pupils had turned white as he spoke indifferently:“Carl, you dare to betray Temple, I will punish you with death!”

Using his palm as a sword that was enveloped with flames, he thrusted at Carl.

It was a simple thrust, but everybody’s face changed, the energy around them exploded, causing them to be unableto resist.


The voice of a young man scoffed.

An ordinary looking fist suddenly appeared without any warnings as it stopped Roger’s hand.

The explosions in the sky stopped abruptly.