Undefeated God of War - Chapter 858 – Obtaining Shang Continent

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Chapter 858 – Obtaining Shang Continent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“This is the Honorable Martial Continent?”

Ah Xin looked around feeling rather excited. To personally witness his plan being realized, his fighting intent wassoaring at an all time high.

When he knew that Mu Zhi Xia had personally entered the Savage Continent, he knew that they were Mu Zhi Xia’starget, and thus came up with this brazen plan.

~Right now, the Perseus King Court’s army would be bragging all around. Who knows if Mu Zhi Xia found anything~,Ah Xin was rather excited thinking about it. No matter how familiar Mu Zhi Xia was with the Savage Continent, hecould never be as familiar with it as compared to the locals.

~You want to play hide and seek in Savage Continent?~

~Slowly play it by yourself, good luck.~

A broken smile flashed on Ah Xin’s face, and he immediately became serious. Entering the Honorable MartialContinent did not indicate victory, as the battle had just begun.

Shang Bei spoke respectfully: “Yes, we have entered the Honorable Martial Continent, in a place called the LittleForest Continent. Although the Little Forest Continent is very close to the Savage Continent, there are not manydefences here due to the Black Death Region.”

Ah Xin nodded his head, knowing that it was true. The Honorable Martial Continent would never think thatsomeone would have actually found a small path through the Black Death Region. But even if they knew, they wouldnot care about it. Ah Xin had personally travelled through it, this small smuggling path that Shang Bei and the restfound could not move a large scale army. A transport ship would not be able to pass through, much less a warship.

“Do you have people that you are familiar with here?” Ah Xin asked.

“A few.” Shang Bei replied carefully: “They are a few smugglers, this subordinate’s old goods were sold to them.Most of them are people that are unhappy with the Temple, but this subordinate does not dare confirm that theyare reliable.”

Shangguan Qian Hui was barely listening to t

heir conversation, but carefully experiencing the difference betweenthe Honorable Martial Continent and the Savage Continent. The energy in the Honorable Martial Continent wasmuch denser, but did not have the unique energy that had the characteristic of isolating the internal region from theoutside.

Her first thought was to send a message to Tang Tian.

The Savage Continent’s unique energy in the sky separated the bronze Star Door, preventing her from establishinga communication with Tang Tian. Previously, she was still worried that the Honorable Martial Continent would bethe same as the Savage Continent, but she could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Her face revealed the eagerness of a young lady as she eagerly activated the bronze Star Door.


Blue Wind City had become a large construction site buzzing with activity, with countless of busy workerseverywhere. An even more magnificent city was being constructed in place of the old Blue Wind City.

Carl was extremely busy, but he was not furious about it. He knew that this crisis was the Western Traders’ largestcrisis in history, where mid ranked general Oliver’s termination had shocked him. Mid–ranked General Oliver wasthe Western Traders’ largest backer in the Western Region, and for them to act so wantonly in the Western Regionwas due to the General Oliver.

General Lance was recently sent over, and compared to General Oliver who only thought about profiting, theyounger and more talented General Oliver was obviously more focused on achievements, thus he was more difficultto deal with.

Sacred Son Charles was the crucial person, as he was clearly biased towards Lance.

Carl knew that it was an opportunity for them as well. If they were able to establish a relationship with Sacred SonCharles, it would benefit the Western Traders’ expansion in the future. He knew, but never wanted to think about it,how the trading organizations were considered worse than ants in front of Temple.

It was a heaven gifted opportunity laying right in front of him.

Of course, to attract Sacred Son Charles’ attention and interest was not easy, he had to complete the taskbeautifully.

Sophie seemed to dislike him, but he did not care. He understood people like Sophie, whose dislike would neveraffect Sacred Son Charles’ judgement.

But currently, he did not appear in the construction site, but stood guard right outside Sacred Son Charles’ lodging.

Creaaaaak, the doors opened, and Sacred Son Charles, who was dressed in white robes, walked out.

Carl’s eyes lit up, it had to be said, Sacred Son Charles’ temperament and image portrayal was perfect. His spotlesswhite robes accentuated Sacred Son Charles’ lanky and tall figure, with the gold embroideries that made him lookrefined and honorable. His sufficiently handsome face was enough to cause countless of ladies fall head over heelsfor him, adding the spring smile that he maintained on his face, his self confidence and amiable personality, everyword of his was extremely convincing.

~Only such an outstanding person has the qualifications to be the successor of Temple.~

Carl immediately went forward to welcome him: “Your Highness.”

“My apologies, Carl, you will have to continue working tough for this period of time.” Sacred Son Charles spoke withsincerity: “Blue Wind City’s construction is of utmost importance, I truly cannot hand it over to anyone else, andonly you can continue taking charge.”

“To be able to work for your Highness, is Carl’s and Western Traders’ glory.” Carl immediately said.

Charles then continued: “There’s some matters that require me to return back to Temple immediately. As for theGold Continent Pirates, I have already sent Lieutenant General Lance to investigate.

“Thank you, your Highness!” Carl gave a look of gratitude.

“All the best for the work.” Charles patted Carl by the shoulder and encouraged him.

“I will do my best for your Highness!” Carl bent his back even lower.

Charles no longer spoke and boarded the warship, which was quickly started up and flew into the sky.

Carl only got back up after the warship disappeared, thinking about what might had occurred. ~Something big musthave happened, for Sacred Son Charles to rush back so hurriedly.~ But, it was not something for him to think about,he simply had to do his work well, and that was the important matter for him.

Charles rushed back to Temple was truly because something huge had happened.

Gou Cheng WenDao finally took down the Shang Continent.

“The Shang Continent is finally in our hands.” Charles spoke with a look of excitement, his ordinary calmtemperament had been thrown aside: “It is truly moving, the door is finally about to be opened. What is Heaven’sRoad like? I have thought about that countless of times when I was young, and the day has finally come. Sophie, areyou not excited at all?”

Sophie was her normal self as she replied coldly: “According to Master Gou Cheng WenDao’s report, the SouthernAlliance did not struggle to the death, but retreat strategically. If that is the case, the enemy definitely has anothermove to make.”

“Another move to make?” Charles laughed out loud: “So what? The Shang Continent is already in our hands, that’s what matters. With it, Heaven’s Road is also in our hands. We will have an endless supply of spirit generals, we will get stronger, what is there to fear? Sophie, don’t be so pessimistic.”

“I hope so.” Sophie replied coldly, she had a feeling that the matter was definitely not that simple.

As of the moment, the Southern Alliance’s performance in the expedition surpassed everybody’s expectations.Regardless of whether it was the Commander–in–chief’s commanding capability or the fighting capability of thearmies, even their fighting spirit and determination could all be rated as stunning.

Although the Southern Alliance was no longer in a good position, Gou Cheng WenDao had to sacrifice a lot of hismen to move forward, it caused the death toll on both sides to increase exponentially, but no matter how difficult itwas, it could not be compared to the start. Previously, no matter how difficult it was, the Southern Alliance neverretreated, and for them to suddenly retreat, it made people doubt their actions.

But if the Southern Alliance initiated their retreat, what would their future plans be? Sophie racked her brains and afew possible scenarios came to mind, for example attacking their supply line, or forming a trap at the ShangContinent.

But Sophie also knew that Temple would still move in even knowing that it was a bait.

As long as they took control of the Shang Continent, they would hold the authority over the passageway toHeaven’s Road, and that was worth any amount of sacrifice. The betrayal of the Honorable Martial Temple inHeaven’s Road had caused the Temple to be furious and shocked. For so many years, the Temple had alwaysregarded Heaven’s Road’s Temple as a branch of them, and spared no efforts to groom them, so that when theywanted to conquer Heaven’s Road, the Heaven’s Road Temple would actually assist them from the inside.

Who would have expected that when it was about time, Heaven’s Road Temple would actually establish themselvesas an independent group.

Thus explaining Temple’s anger. Regardless of what price they had to pay, they had to take down the ShangContinent. Compared to the Shang Continent, Blue Wind City was nothing.

Sophie was still worried, but she did not speak up.

Sacred Son Charles claimed that he would leave a few Honorable Martial Banner of Knights to ensure Carl’s safety,but in truth only gave him one. But Carl still specially went to visit this esteemed Knight. Of course, the knighttreated him like thin air, which was also within his expectations.

He was not angry about it, the knight had the qualifications to treat him as air, but he could not. If he were to offendthe knight, the knight could just hack him to death, and he would not even have the chance to appeal for justice.

He was not stupid enough to think that the knight left behind was truly to ensure his safety, but he knew it was moreto observe him.

The knight that was left behind was Roger, and Roger was not happy at all. After obtaining the news that they hadseized the Shang Continent, the Banner of Knights knew that the Sacred Son would quickly return and mostpossibly head straight to the Shang Continent, and possibly to Heaven ‘s Road. But at such an important time, Rogerhimself had to stay behind in the badlands and do nothing, thus his mood was terrible.

His gaze towards Carl was unkind, but his strict discipline made him suppress the urge to cut Carl in half.

Carl was extremely proficient in observing another party’s expression, and furthermore Roger did not even botherhiding his emotions. Carl laughed bitterly in his heart.

After the unhappy visit, he returned back to his residence per usual. Constructing a city, or correctly speaking,constructing a magnificent city required a huge amount of work. Aside from the strength of the Western Traders, healso required to strength of the other organizations, which was no easy matter.

He entered his study, and prepared everything as per usual, and started his work.

Suddenly, his neck was choked firmly by a hand, preventing him from making a sound.

An irresistible power surged into him, and he felt the world spin around him as he was flung straight into the air.

The sudden sneak attack caused Carl to be stupefied, and only regaining his senses after a long while.

An unfamiliar young man’s face entered his vision.