Undefeated God of War - Chapter 853 - Investigating Unit

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Chapter 853 - Investigating Unit

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Johnson looked at the people that covered the mountains, and for some reason, his mood was alleviated.

All of them were the Blue Wind City citizens\' that escaped.

In truth, other than the Western Traders and the Lacerators Army, Blue Wind City\'s death count was very few. The commotion of the battle had woke the entire population. The resonance of the Light Sword Wail Song became stronger, and the battle lasted for a long time. At long last, when the silver light flames formed, despite its ability to kill, it moved slowly, giving everyone time to run.

Johnson and the rest were disguised as a small caravan group, and was not striking amongst the crowd. When everyone were focused on the battle, they had already been enveloped in the silver sea of light, thus no one could see them clearly.

No one knew the reason on why the enemies came to destroy Blue Wind City, but everyone thought that even if the bandits were alive, they would have escaped, why would they continue stay?

The battle of Blue Wind City shook the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Although not many of the citizens were harmed, but in the history of the Honorable Martial Continent, there had never been a city that had been erased. Especially now that they were at a critical juncture in the Southern Expedition, to suddenly have such a nasty incident from their backs, Temple\'s anger was understandable.

When Temple obtained the news, they were furious, and quickly acted on it.

Stationed in the Western Region were Oliver and Lance, who received severe criticism, and Temple requested them to immediately look for the murderers. Not only that, Temple even specially sent out an investigating unit to continue investigating the matter.

All of this was no secret, and Johnson managed to obtain that information without spending much effort, and when he looked around, there were soldiers everywhere, it was apparent that the cities were now all on high alert. It was not only that, the surrounding zones were all on lock down, as though Honorable Martial Continent had laid a trap.

He was rejoicing inwardly for not escaping. There was only one reason why they did not escape, because after Tang Tian fainted, he had not awoken.

Who knew that it would lead to them being able to avoid the hunt.

He and Fu Zheng Zhi looked at each other, clearly seeing the worry in each other\'s eyes. Tang Tian had not awoken, the dragon was without a head, so no one knew what to do next, and were all at a loss.

A warship with the Temple emblem flew across the sky at an astonishing speed.

"For this matter, Oliver has a bigger responsibility. Lance was just transferred over, so he cannot be truly blamed." The one who spoke was a young and handsome man, he was dressed in pure white robes and had gold hair, his blue pupils contained an irresistible charm.

His identity was greatly revered, as he was the Temple\'s current generation\'s Sacred Son, Charles.

A female spirit floated beside him, she had a devilish figure with a pure and beautiful appearance, her beauty could cause people to suffocate. She was dressed in gold armor and on the back of the armor was a pair of snow white energy wings, making her look like an angel. Her golden gloves were weaved with layers upon layers of scales, holding onto a sword hilt while standing straight. Her big sword reached the height of her chest, with a broad body, its sword hilt allowed a dual hand wield, the sword sheath was covered with profound and beautiful engravings, with the Honorable Martial Sun engraving the most prominent.

"That is not

a reason." Sophie said coldly, she knew that Charles admired Lance more.

"Of course." Charles shrugged his shoulders, revealing a warm smile on his face: "That\'s why we are here. It\'s said that Oliver lost the Gold Continent Bandits, a personally groomed Lieutenant General of Temple actually lost the bandits they were tracking, that\'s truly a shame. Could it be that all of his years of experience has been used to earn money with the Western Region?"

Sophie immediately understood Charles\' determination to get rid of Oliver, she had no sympathy and just spoke honestly: "Oliver needs to be responsible for it."

"It is an extremely crucial time for the Southern Expedition, for our own land to have such a nasty event, it is unforgivable." Charles retracted his smile, his handsome face became serious: "Relieve Oliver from his duties, as for his direct subordinated army, temporarily put them under me, all of the other duties remain the same, and await for my orders. Send someone to bring Oliver back to Temple to receive interrogation from the Clan Elders."

"Yes!" A person in the shadows replied.

This order was sent with the quickest speed, and that was how Oliver\'s fate was sealed.

"What about Lance?" Sophie coldly reminded.

Charles covered his distressed face, his own subordinate was that direct wit him. ~Fine, since I\'m already used to it, If I don\'t give him a proper punishment, she will definitely push me all the way~. He replied helplessly: "We will penalize his salary for a year, what do you say?"

"Three years." Sophie said coldly.

"He will be in pain because of that." Charles laughed: "We\'ll do as you say, penalize his salary for three years!"

When they reached Blue Wind City, what welcomed them were Oliver\'s subordinates, all of them had worried looks, worried about their own future. Oliver was already brought back to the Temple for questioning, where he did not dare struggle at all.

"Let\'s go down." Charles said, then leapt down.

Sophie did not turn and said coldly to the back: "Maintain caution."


The troops standing silently behind her scattered like flowers, forming over a hundred beautiful gold arcs, and dropping into every corner of Blue Wind City.

Bang bang bang.

The gold enchanting and strong figures landed into the ground.

When the few generals saw the soldiers who were clad in full gold armor, their complexions all turned deathly white.

~Honorable Martial Banner of Knights!~

It was the legendary top elites of Temple, the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights.

The Honorable Martial Banner of Knights was not a conventional army unit, it was directly under Temple, and the core power. Honorable Martial Banner of Knights were never recruited from the outside, but were all specially and locally chosen kids that were groomed since young. These kids had to go through the harshest of training from a young age, and would face extremely cruel battles, and they were eliminated and sieved out a layer at a time.

Willpower, talent, diligence, and lastly, the winner, would have the qualifications to join the Banner of Knights.

Every single one of them were the elites among the elites and were true killing machines, they wielded terrifying power and were all emotionless, they committed their all to every order and were not afraid of death.

Before they had received the orders, everyone only heard that the Sacred Son, Charles was bringing an investigating unit over. But no one had expected for Sacred Son Charles to lead with the Banner of Knights!

Everybody was speechless, their skins were numb and their bodies trembling. The scene where Lieutenant General Oliver was being dragged away was still embedded in their minds, it was only then did they truly understand how furious Temple was.

Noticing their fear, Charles smiled and said warmly: "The matter has already happened, Lieutenant General Oliver had made a few mistakes, and Temple will handle it leniently. But the matter isn\'t over yet, all of you are the backbone that Temple trusts greatly, I hope that everyone will accept the operation and participate actively, display your usefulness and remove the humiliation. Temple will never treat all of you unfairly, if any one of you are able to provide good work, I will personally request for Temple to reward you."

The fear on many people\'s faces lessened greatly, and their lost morale was boosted. ~That\'s right, the matter isn\'t over yet, If we can achieve a huge achievement for Temple and leave a deep impression for them, our future will be bright and limitless.~

All the generals who had lost their backbone were igniting with fighting spirit once again.

Charles revealed a satisfied look: "I require capable and determined generals, I hope that you guys will not let down the hope I have in you."

"Yes!" The generals all replied in unison.

"Let\'s head to the scene." Charles did not beat about the bush.

The group of people walked towards the ruins, Sophie held her sword and walked beside Charles.

Charles revealed a look of surprise, Blue Wind City was completely turned into ruins, all of the structures were destroyed. There were no more roofs and walls, only ruined walls and broken buildings, if one looked from above Blue Wind City, they would see a completely charred ground, with endless pits. All of these pits had different depths and were densely packed with each other, making it look like a beehive.

Charles had an unprecedented stern and cold expression, he bent down and touched the ground with his hand. It was extremely hard, like touching glass, the ground had been hardened into rocks through the extremely high temperature, to a material that was almost like glass.

All of the structures were gone, and that was only achievable through annihilation inside the energy.

"Who is clear on the situation?"

Charles stopped walking and asked.

The guard captain of Blue Wind City came up to report, he had a fat stature, and when he saw so many important figures, his perspiration kept on pouring. But he also knew if he did not perform well, he would only turn out to be more miserable. Even if he was anxious and was trembling, he managed to explain out the situation and the details of everything that happened.

But he thought that the reason for Blue Wind City\'s disappearance was the Light Sword Wail Song.

Charles frowned: "Light Sword Wail Song is a gold rank army killing technique."

"Yes." The fatty nodded his head.

Sophie then spoke out: "It can\'t have such a power to do this."

Charles looked at the fatty again: "Repeat the details once more."

After talking for a long time, the fatty finally steadied himself and recovered his usual ability to speak, and explained out the entire scene with excitement.

When Charles heard that the silver light seemed to become stronger and stronger and formed a sea of silver light, he seemed to have thought about something, and was surprised.

And when he heard about the last part where the sea had lost control, and flames started to surge out from the Lacerators Army\'s soldier\'s body, Charles face became serious.

When the fatty finished, he waved his hands, and the fatty immediately retreated.

"Energy Resonance."

Sophie\'s tone was ice cold, with killing intent: "The enemy used energy resonance, and strengthened Solomon\'s Light Sword Wail Song, it broke the limit and ultimately shattered.:"

The fatty did not understand what had happened, but when Sophie and the rest listened to the fatty\'s description, they immediately understood what had happened.

Charles eyes flashed with an indescribable light aura: "Solomon should never have guessed that the opponent used his strongest domain, and under his technique, easily killed him. There is always a taller mountain, this person\'s comprehension of energy resonance is stronger than Solomon\'s."

"That\'s right." Sophie reminded him: "Pay attention to his soldiers, he only had 200 men, the energy resonance amplification that can be produced should be limited, but it was enough for Solomon to lose control of his technique.

Charles praised: "They could still escape after Solomon died. These people are unfathomable, now I am rather curious, what powerful figure did the Western Trader\'s offend? Furthermore, this powerful expert should be a famous person. This is truly exciting."

Sophie did not bother about Charles being excited, she turned and ordered: "Quickly start investigating, don\'t even leave a blade of grass behind."

"Yes!" Countless of figures started running.

Sophie turned and spoke coldly to Charles: "As the Sacred Son, you should go out there to appease the citizens."

The fervent look in Charles\' eyes disappeared, he once again revealed a warm smile: "You\'re right, let\'s go."

Right at that moment, Tang Tian who was in a coma finally recovered his consciousness and slowly opened his eyes.