Undefeated God of War - Chapter 851 – Tang Tian’s Idea

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Chapter 851 – Tang Tian’s Idea

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

[Light Sword Wail Song], the Lacerators Army’s most famed killing technique, the killing technique of a Gold RankArmy.

An Army killing technique was just a common saying, frequently referring to extremely powerful and special tactics,and the trump card of the particular army. In the Sacred Saint Galaxy, where armies ruled, army tactics’development had an extremely long and rich history. Army killing techniques were the result of its history, suchformidable tactics could easily turn the tide of the battle, but the prerequisites to them were extremely harsh. Somemight overdraft the soldier’s strength, some would produce an astonishing amount of burden on the militarygeneral, some even leading to injuries. Thus, if it was not needed, no armies would use their killing techniques, andthat was the reason why everyone were confident towards the Lacerators Army.

Every Army’s killing technique was different, with the military general being different, soldiers being different,naturally, the killing techniques were never the same.

The power of army killing techniques were of a completely different level, thus possessing strict grades, from theordinary bronze grade, to the silver grade, to the gold grade, and the highest being unique.

Gold Rank Army killing techniques would immediately become the focus of everybody in the entire Sacred SaintGalaxy.

Very few people knew that to wield a gold rank killing technique was a prerequisite to being a Lieutenant general.

In the Temple internal department where geniuses overflowed, Gold Rank Army killing techniques were the gatesto the realm of the powerful. To the citizens, military generals who wielded gold grade army killing techniques wereextremely rare, and Solomon’s talent was one of a kind.

If not for Solomon being extremely ruthless and murderous, thus being disliked by Temple, he would have long beenrecruited by them.

Solomon did not like being controlled, he had created the Lacerators by himself, and quickly pulled it to become oneof the most famous mercenary armies in the Honorable Martial Continent. Mercenary armies held lo

w positions inHonorable Martial Continent, as the army system in the Honorable Martial Continent was extremely flourished,with many armies present at different ranks. The Honorable Martial’s robust history was one filled with war, andmany of their armies were loaded with military achievements, with many silver armies having glory.

In such an environment, a mercenary army’s position could only be so much, as they were mostly made to servicethe rich businesses. The Lacerators did not do that, because of Solomon, because of the [Light Sword Wail Song].

The first time the [Light Sword Wail Song] appeared, it shook the entire Honorable Martial Continent.

A gold rank army killing technique appearing from a mercenary army, it was an unprecedented matter, causing theLacerators’ name to soar.

The dazzling silver light sword awakening in the darkness, the resonance that caused everybody’s heart to palpitate,the immense might enveloped the entire city.

As expected of a gold rank army killing technique!

Everyone opened their eyes in shock and awe, most of them were filled with curiosity, the chance to be able topersonally witness a gold rank army killing technique could only be an encounter and never sought.

Everyone was filled with confidence, the unstable period made everyone afraid, as they all hoped for Lacerators towin. The one who was the most pleased was undoubtedly Richmond. Recruiting the Lacerators was a risk he had tomake, if nothing happened, they would have spent the money for nothing, and his enemies would definitely take thechance to attack him.

He was right!

The imposing and majestic silver light in his eyes made him excited, ~Who can block against such a fearsome power?~

If they were able to wipe out the powerful bandits, the huge contribution would allow him to rise a few ranks, andallow him to step into the core circle. His face was flushed red with excitement, it was a dream that he had dreamtabout countless of times, and it was finally close to him in a reachable distance.

~When this light aura dissipates, my dreams will come true.~

His body trembled involuntarily, his breathing became rapid, eyes opened wide, it was history’s most beautifulmoment to him, and he did not want to miss any detail!

~It really is beautiful.~

Tang Tian was expressionless.

The enemy’s energy resonance was truly unique. It’s most special feature was that the enemy’s resonance was notat a fixed frequency, but strengthened through the resonance, after being strengthened, it would reach anotherresonance, and strengthened once again…..

In theory, if this loop continued, it would become infinitely stronger.

But Tang Tian knew that it was impossible for it to be infinite, but that was not the main point.

The main point was, they had chosen the wrong enemy. To the God Armor Army that was birthed from the SinDomain, energy resonance, in the perspective of laws, was actually much simpler. As for controlling energy, it was abasic training they underwent daily ever since they stepped into the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

When the light sword released the heart palpitating buzzing sound after resonating, the dazzling silver light startedto spread at an astonishing speed like poison. Even the myriad of light auras released by the 200 men was slowlybeing corroded.

The silver light released an intense dazzle that lit up the entire Blue Wind City.

What a terrifying [Light Sword Wail Song]!

Everyone who witnessed it all took in deep breaths, the power of the energy corrosion was unprecedented. It was asthough they had seen the end, at the time where the silver completely pervaded out, would be the time of thebandit’s deaths.

The dazzling silver light had become one whole, the sea of silver light had become so intense that even when thepeople looked away and into the distance, their eyes would still be somewhat blinded. Everyone was shocked, butbecame even more confident.

The dazzling silver light made the ground beneath it unbearably dark.

It was inside this blind spot that beads of perspiration trickled down Solomon’s nose.

His eyes were opened wide, with fear!

~How is this possible?~

The enemy’s energy undulation was actually slowly closing in on them!

~What are they trying to do?~

The myriad of light auras were gradually turning silver, and to the outsides, it was the unique power of the [LightSword Wail Song], but, Solomon knew that it was not the enemy’s energy being corroded, but the enemy’s energyundulation that was constantly closing in on his light sword’s energy undulation!

If not for him personally experiencing it, he would definitely never believe that there would be such a strange tactic.

He created the [Light Sword Wail Song], its energy undulation was one of a kind, and the silver energy undulationsthat continued to resonate were always changing, therefore being able to unleash the unique energy undulation ofthe technique.

It completely capsized his knowledge, as his enemy had actually imitated it instantly.

Not only was the silver light of the light sword not harming the enemy, but instead seemed to have found an energyrelated to it, and was merging with the enemy’s silver light.

Solomon forced himself to calm down, for the enemy was actually able to find such a method to avoid the harm of[Light Sword Wail Song], he knew that they were powerful.

~But, how long can you guys last?~

The resonance was continuous, and the silver light was always changing, the further it went, the stronger the silver light, and the heavier the burden on the soldiers, without going through special training, one was unable to withstand the burden. As long as the enemy was unable to bear it, they would reveal a weakness, and at that time, under the even more tyrannical silver light, the enemy’s bones and flesh would instantly disintegrate.


~You want to use my ultimate technique on me? Wishful thinking!~

Solomon’s fighting intent soared, the silver light in his eyes became even more intense, pa, he used his other hand tohold onto the light sword and closed his eyes.

He wanted the resonance to become even more intense!


The clear buzzing sound from the silver light swept through the entire place, and the originally calm silver seasuddenly became choppy.

Every single God Armor Army soldier inside the silver light had a layer of liquid silver on their bodies, it seemed asthough they were no different from the small groups of Lacerators.

The God Armor Army did not have many people training in light laws, they were only able to control the undulationof energy because of the changes in the undulations of the Law Threads. At the start they sensed that it was newand odd, an entirely new experience.

But while following the changes of the resonance, they had to focus entirely on grasping the undulations from thelaw threads, because the undulations kept changing, and actually became even more intense.

Amongst them, the silver light around Tang Tian was the most dense, almost becoming a tangible silver.

His cold eyes flashed with a trace of killing intent.

~Then I will help you add fuel to the flames.~

The silver light around God Armor Army became even brighter, and they began to strengthen the resonance.

Solomon instantly sensed it, but he sneered, ~Seeking death!~

~They are trying to fight me in controlling the [Light Sword Wail Song], overestimating yourselves!~

16 light swords felt his fighting intent, and trembled even more incessantly.

The heart palpitating buzzing sounds became lesser and lesser, until it completely disappeared. But the invisiblepressure became even more congealed, and the spectators felt as if a boulder had pressed onto their hearts, makingthem feel an indescribable discomfort. This discomfort was growing, causing a few people to unable to bear it and flyaway.

Holding the light sword with both hands, Solomon’s entire body and heart increased the resonance.

The sea of silver was growing and expanding at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Solomon had never pushed the [Light Sword Wail Song] to such a level, and he felt that his body was tearing apart.Time was slowly passing, and an indescribable fear had slowly birthed in his heart.

The trembling of the light sword in his hand was becoming stronger and stronger.

It was like an ancient beast had awoken from its centuries of slumber, and started to move restlessly. But whatmade Solomon truly panic was that it was losing control!

The power from the light sword was close to his limits.

~How is this possible?~

~How are they able to withstand it?~

Once panic starts, it becomes difficult to extinguish, and he started to feel that the impact that the light sword was giving him was becoming stronger.

Inside the sea of silver, everyone had completely turned silver like statues, all of their expressions serious. None ofthem revealed any joy or laughter, at the start they were still taking it easy, but as time passed, they started to feelthe tension.

It was already far more than their daily training.

The silver sea of light was still growing at an astonishing rate.

The light sword in Solomon’s hands had already become a pillar of light, and Solomon was using all of his strength tohold onto it. It was as though he was hugging onto a powerful beast, and blood had started trickling down his blood.

At that moment, he finally understood Tang Tian’s intent.

~They want me to explode!~

The pillar of light in his hand could blow at any moment, causing him to feel despair, but the anger in his bones madehim unwilling to fail.

~Then we will die together!~

He roared that thought in his mind, but his eyes remaining ice cold, even with the intense silver light, it was unableto conceal the clarity of his eyes.

~Wait a minute!~

Solomon then saw clearly the enemy’s movements, he was bent like a bowstring with his fist pulled out.


Solomon immediately stopped thinking, his mind was a blank as he stared at the fist that was extremely simplestriking the air.