Undefeated God of War - Chapter 848 – Inescapable Net

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Chapter 848 – Inescapable Net

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

~Zhong Li Bai needs protection~, Young lad Tang thought.

Zhong Li Bai did not inform Tang Tian, neither did Bing, it was what Tang Tian had thought of it himself. TheWestern Region was not the most flourishing place of the Honorable Martial Continent, there were not manyenemies around, and the Honorable Martial Continent did not position many forces around, out of the 12Lieutenant Generals, only two were garrisoned in the Western Region, which was easily noticed.

Tang Tian had been bitterly pondering for the past few days.

When Uncle Bing told him to make haste, and that all of the time they had was obtained by the exchange of theirpeople’s lives, it had impacted him greatly.

He felt that he had to do something. ~Must I watch time crawl past me while sitting here and waiting for HonorableMartial’s Roar to be restored? Watch as lives are taken for nothing?~ Tang Tian could not do that, he felt that heneeded to do something.

After fighting so many battles, he was not the same naive young man he was in the past.

In the vast space of the Western Region, the thin defense was the perfect battlefield for this small but powerful“bandit” force. After racking his brains for so many days, he did not think up of any intelligent plan, but thought of asimple and effective plan.

Johnson was filled with anticipation.

Tang Tian’s previous display of strength made Johnson completely revere Tang Tian. When he heard that Tang Tianneeded a man who was familiar with the Western Region to act as a guide, Johnson volunteered without hesitation.Especially when he saw that Tang Tian was in a state of thought for the past few days, he became even more excited.

~He is such a powerful man, I wonder what kind of idea he have planned?~

Facing the generals and Johnson who was filled with reverence in front of him, Tang Tian maintained a calm look,and then spoke out with his general bearing.

“Go and fight everywhere.”

Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi were startled t

o the point of petrification. When Johnson heard those words, he almostvomited blood, almost clutching his chest and falling to the ground to die. He was once a military man withoutstanding personal strength, if not he would never be employed by Mace Fields Trading to be the head of security.

~But….to go and fight everywhere…..~

Such an irresponsible plan, oh, no, this plan that could never have a name to it, Johnson swore on his life as a militaryman, it was a plan that could never have a name to it.

When Tang Tian said those words, before Johnson could react, Tang Tian waved his hand and saidstraightforwardly: “Move out!”

~Move out….~

~We’re moving out just like that?~

Johnson was carried by Tang Tian for a long time, and was flown in the chaotic winds for a long time.

A few days later.

Tang Tian was pleased with his plan on grabbing Johnson to use as a guide. It had to be said, Johnson proved to bevery reliable and useful. For example, he had suggested for everyone to disguise as a small scale trading group, thusnot attracting any attention. Johnson had worked in the Mace Fields Tradings for many years, and was extremelyknowledgeable towards the various business organisations, and continuously changed their logos. By doing this,even if they were sighted by anyone, they could quickly throw them off. When other people tried to investigatethem, they would find nothing.

He kept on advising Tang Tian to give up on all of the unimportant goals, to prevent revealing their identities.

Only the important targets, upon success, would cause a commotion, and attract the eyes of the entire WesternRegion.

“Bad news.”

Johnson who had just obtained information had returned to the courtyard with a bad expression, he spoke:“Lieutenant General Oliver and Lance have announced an allied order, requesting for all various continents raisetheir guard, and to apply stringent checks on unfamiliar people, and requested for the armies to increase theirsecurity. As long as they detect anything regarding the Gold Continent Bandits, they do not need to engage but tokeep their eyes on them.”

Everyone’s faces changed. The Monster Army’s scale of over ten thousand men was difficult to be concealed. Theentire Western Region had been mobilized because of the two Lieutenant General’s orders, and the situationimmediately went south.

Once the Monster Army was revealed, what would be waiting for them would be a trap, as they would be heavilysurrounded, since they were in the hinterland of the Honorable Martial Continent.

Johnson knew that everyone were not familiar with the Honorable Martial Continent, and said: “The WesternTraders’ have thrown in a lot this time. The two Lieutenant Generals have been mobilized. It is not strange forLieutenant General Oliver to move, as he has close ties with the Western Traders, but I never expected for GeneralLance to be moved as well.”

“Is this Lance very strong?” Fu Zheng Zhi asked.

“Extremely.” Johnson said without hesitation: “Master Lance is the youngest Lieutenant General with astonishingtalent, he is hailed as the next in line to be one of the Honorable Great Generals. It is a pity his background isn’tgood, and did not obtain the opportunity that he so deserves. If not, I think Master Lance would not be pushed to theWestern Region.”

“Sounds powerful.” Tang Tian touched his chin, somewhat excited: “It was right for us to come! If not the MonsterArmy would be in trouble! We have to make a commotion, and pull the eyes of that Lance guy.”

The rest nodded their heads, the God Armor Army was only a 200 men army, and could easily pose as guards of atrading organization. No one would ever think of them as an army, thus it would be easy for them to concealthemselves.”

“Then we can go for the Western Traders.” Johnson thought for a moment and said: “The Western Traders arerather big in Blue Wind City, if we are to suddenly launch an attack there, the probability of attack will be quitehigh.”

“The relationship between Western Traders and their local armies should be good right?” Tang Tian asked.

“Extremely good.” Johnson said: “The Western Traders are deeply rooted in the Western Region, and after so manyyears, they have become close to practically all the armies in the Western Region, other than Master Lance. MasterLance had been mobilized into the Western Region not long ago, and i doubt the Western Traders have managed toentice Master Lance yet.”

“Then we can do that.” Tang TIan decided: “We will first sneak into Western Traders, more importantly theirwarehouse. Then we will set a trap, as the Western Traders will definitely seek help from the local army, then we cangive them a huge attack.”

“That’s a good plan.” Ji Ze was the first to support him.

There were no fanciful tricks, it was simple and effective, and the enemies would never expect them to be so brazen.

Fu Zheng Zhi, Johnson and the rest all nodded their heads.

“Brother Fu and I will go and find out the location of Western Traders’ Warehouse whereabouts.” Johnson initiatedthe offer, where Fu Zheng Zhi stood up as well.

Ji Ze’s bewitching blade’s was too obvious, if he moved, people could easily tell him out.

Johnson and Fu Zheng Zhi left quietly, while the rest sat down and meditated. They were currently held up in a largescale courtyard that they had rented. It was specially constructed for business organizations to use, and easilyaccommodated a small scale fleet, with high walls and sentry towers at the four corners to scout. For transportvessels to rest outside was an extreme taboo to interact with others, as it could easily cause disturbance, and it wasnot safe as well.

Throughout their entire journey, Johnson kept on reminding them to retract the killing intent from their bodies asthey acted as a trading group. Thus even when they stumbled into Blue Wind City, it did not attract other people’sattention.

There were many other trading ships like them everywhere.

Inside the courtyard, everyone was either recuperating or sharpening their weapons, waiting for night to approach.


Zhong Li Bai had met with trouble.

The few black dots in the distance made him feel uncomfortable, as though they were flies. He finally realized theshortcoming of Monsters, that was when facing against aerial opponents, they lacked the ability to reach them.

Zhong Li Bai bit his lips, his face downcast. As a military general, he knew what the fate of a lone army that was in theenemy’s hinterland was if they were to be caught by the enemy’s scouts. There was a possibility that the HonorableMartial Continent’s armies were being mobilized, and it was as though a big net was waiting for them in front.

~I need to get rid of those disgusting flies.~

Zhong Li Bai squinted his eyes, for the past few days, he had been racking his brains on how to handle the scouts.

They flew extremely quickly at a high altitude, always maintaining a distance, leaving Zhong Li Bai helpless.Monsters were a battle type mechanical spirit weapon, although it had flying capabilities, its speed and height wasnot satisfactory. Instead, the enemy’s speed was fast and they were extremely cautious by flying at an extremeheight, with the Monsters’ pitiful flight capabilities, they were unable to handle the enemy scouts.

~To handle them, I need to rely on other things.~

Zhong Li Bai waited patiently, although he knew that the longer they dragged, the more trouble they would be in,but he was like an arctic fox enduring patiently for his chance.

The Monster Army rumbled onwards on the ground. He had specially chosen a route where the land was vast anddesolate without any cities, in this case, if he were to encounter any enemies, he had ample space to move.Furthermore, after considering the results he needed to obtain, he needed to obtain time against his enemies.

He did not forget his own responsibilities.

Although he had not met with the enemies yet, he was able to sense the danger in the air, and continuously changeddirections while moving without any warnings.

It was his sixth sudden change in direction.

The dark clouds rumbled, zzziii la laaa, thick lightning bolts forming webs of lightning rumbled across the thick clouds. These heart palpitating lightning bolts would envelop the entire ground. The Sacred Saint Galaxy’s energy concentration was higher than Heaven’s Road, thus the power of the lighting was much stronger.

When he saw the flies dropping altitude in the sky, Zhong Li Bai sneered.


A torrential downpour came down.

The vision became so dim that when one extended their hands out, they could not see their fingers.

Zhong Li Bai’s smile became wider and wider, the beastial like killing intent leaking out of his eyes became denserand denser.

Ahead of them was a large valley.

The rumble from Monster Army was drowned by the torrential storm, they quietly entered the valley in a line.

The five sentries who were chasing them realized that the Monster Army had entered the valley, and immediatelygave chase, as one thought had flashed past their minds, ~The Gold Continent Bandits wanted to escape!~

The valley was called Bill’s Great Valley, it was extremely steep and magnificent and extended continuously for athousand miles, with many connecting tunnels.

If they were careless, they would lose the Gold Continent Bandits, and would lose traces of them as the terrain wastruly too complicated.

~Damn the thunder and rain!~

The five of them were scolding, their vision had been impeded, and that meant that the difficulty of catching thebandits had increased.

The Gold Continent Bandits were taking the chance to escape.

The five of them moved extremely quickly, forming five streaks across the sky, they shot into the Great Valley likefive arrows.

Upon entering the great valley, the eyes of the five scouts constricted.

The densely packed Bronze Monsters had welcomed them, and looked as though they were sneering.

Over a 100 monsters leapt into the air from the walls on both sides, like artillery shells.

Under the sound of the torrential rain, the vision of the five scouts darkened.

An Inescapable net.