Undefeated God of War - Chapter 847 – The Western Traders’ Counterattack

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Chapter 847 – The Western Traders’ Counterattack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The West Sea Continent was an important continent of the Honorable Martial Continent’s Western Region, wherea quarter of the metal transactions of the Western Region were conducted. The West Sea Continent’s metalproduction and transaction market was the most important out of the four, allowing the West Sea Continent tobecome the most flourishing continent of the Western Region.

But currently, inside the conference room in the West Sea Continent, the atmosphere was extremely tense.

“Our organization has suffered the attacks of bandits. Clan Elder Jonathan and his faithful guard, Ao Deng, werebrutally killed by the bandits, the Ratchet Army and the Daylight Army suffered from extreme attacks, while RedSoil City was looted clean! What are the local governments doing? Oh my god, such a powerful bandit troop hasappeared in the Western Region, and no one actually knew about it. If these bandits are not quickly resolved, thelosses we will sustain will not be able to be procured back, and our Western Traders’ ability will be questioned. Weare actually unable to secure and ensure the safety of our wealth in our own territory…..”

Lance sat below with his chin supported, under his dazzling gold hair, portraying a sleepy expression.

Beside him, Norman reminded him softly: “I don’t think it’s right for you to look like that.”

Lance opened his eyes lazily: “What’s not right about it? I can guess what they want to say. I’m not even the guard of the Western Traders. Furthermore, the Western Traders have strong soldiers, they are all equipped well, but our army’s equipment isn’t even worth their shoes.”

“But it is not beneficial for us if we offend them.” Norman spoke softly: “The Western Traders are going on theoffensive now, who knows if we will be mobilized.”

He sighed: “What a pity though, for Ao Deng, he’s strong.”

Lance remained quiet for a moment, then spoke out indifferently: “That’s right.”

The current Ao Deng had long been forgotten by everyone, all of them had difficulty remembering him, even whenyoung Ao Deng was young, he was in no way inferior to Lance in terms of strength

or prestige. But a pity, one attackwas enough to kill the outstanding military general.

Dying to bandits was undoubtedly a humiliation to a military general who once dominated the battlefield.

“General Lance!”

An angered voice broke Lance’s train of thought, he raised his head and looked at the Western Traders’representative, and spoke indifferently: “What?”

Catching onto the eyes that depicted to joy or anger, the flustered Western Traders’ representative’s expressionturned sluggish, he suddenly remembered that Lance was not an ordinary military general.

The Honorable Martial Continent’s highest ranking generals were the Five Great Generals, and beneath them were12 Lieutenant Generals, and the 17 of them made up the core force of the Honorable Martial Continent. TheHonorable Martial Continent’s vast land was able to run smoothly thanks to the 12 Lieutenant Generals stabilizingtheir own areas.

The 12 Lieutenant Generals were all famed generals, with relatively equal outstanding strength. If there was avacancy in the Five Great Generals, the next Great General would be chosen from out of the 12. Young Lance wasviewed as the next in line to take up the position of one of the Great Generals.

Even for Gou Cheng WenDao, who was Western Traders’ backer, would definitely not offend Lance, anauthoritative figure with a bright future, but would instead rope him in.

Previously the Western Traders’ representative was heated for a moment, but he gradually calmed down andimmediately spoke up: “Master, this subordinate is furious at the arrogant bandits, currently in the entire WesternRegion, everyone is afraid, and the trade routes are interrupted. Master, the Western Region’s billions of citizensare looking around with expectation, waiting for Master to make your move, and destroy those goddamn GoldContinent Bandits.”

Lance sneered: “I heard that only the White Fields Continent suffered their siege. Furthermore, your nobleorganization has its elite guards, and with the Blood Fox stationed, how can the mere bandits try to do anything?”

The Western Traders’ had an extremely powerful army, the Blood Fox Army. Right from the start, the selection forthe soldiers for the Blood Fox Army was of an extremely high criteria. They were equipped with elite armor, whichwere much more extravagant compared to Lance’s army. The Blood Fox Army’s training standard was extremelyharsh, and it was said that they had obtained specialized guidance from Gou Cheng WenDao, and the name “BloodFox” was given to the general, Elvis, who was cunning and crafty like a fox, with his own unique strength.

“Master Elvis’ location is far from the White FIelds Continent, and it is difficult for him to resolve.” Therepresentative also understood that it was impossible not to shed blood, he gritted his teeth: “20 silver gradewarships, as long as Master is willing to send your forces out, I am willing to compensate you with 20 silver gradewarships.”

“I heard that the price your noble organization proposed to General Oliver was different.” Lance said leisurely.

The Western Traders’ representative never expected Lance’s intelligence to be so astute, but as long as the otherparty was interested, it would be easy for him, he spoke without hesitation: “30 silver grade warships! GeneralOliver got the same price!”

Lance: “I need the Scorching Sun Warships.”

The representative scolded Lance in his heart, and spoke through his gritted teeth: “Deal!”

Lance smiled, which still had his sneer present.

Although they had to fork out a huge price, but it still resulted in something they desired, thus the representativesleft satisfied.

Norman looked at them leave, then heaved a sigh of relief: “And here I was, thinking that you would reject them, butit’s good, it’s good.”

“Why would I reject them?” Lance shrugged his shoulders: “A strong dragon is not afraid of the snake, the Western Traders’ have been in the Western Region for so many years, and have deep roots everywhere. If they truly did something, I reckon we would have to move. For us to move after staying here for a short while, we would lose face. I just wanted to let them know that we are not so easily swayed.”

“When you talked about the Scorching Sun Warship, his face was already black.” Norman laughed, he was excited,30 Scorching Sun Warships was definitely a huge profit for them.

Silver grade warships had differing standards, and their prices had disparities as well. Scorching Sun Warships werehigh end products amongst the silver grade warships. They had astonishing fighting strength, but along with it wasits astonishing price, every ship was worth more than 200 million light coins, which was why the representativeswere unhappy.

Right at that moment, a soldiers suddenly rushed in and handed over a report.

Lance looked through it: “The Gold Continent Bandits have left White Fields Continent, and people found traces ofthem in the Giga–Tree Continent.”

Norman laughed: “Seems like they are faster than our Scorching Sun Warships.”

Lance shook his head: “The Gold Continent Bandits are not so simple.”

“You found something?” Norman asked curiously.

“I do not know, it is just a feeling.” Lance said: “Their actions are completely unlike bandits, as though they havesome sort of purpose.”

“Purpose?” Norman started to think: “Could it be that they are trying to strike it big? But you don’t have to worry aswell, with Oliver, it is a double insurance.”

Lance shook his head: “I am not worried at all, just a little curious. When we capture those bandits, I will interrogatethem well, how did they appear here from the Gold Continent? Could it be that there is a Star Door to the GoldContinent? That will be a huge matter.”

Norman nodded his head, his face turned serious.

If the Honorable Martial Continent’s hinterland had a pathway to the Gold Continent, then that would be anextremely terrible matter for them.

They were very clear of how weak the current Honorable Martial Continent’s interior was.


The repairs of Honorable Martial’s Roar continued through day and night.

With the arrival of the boats obtained from Red Soil City, the restoration became much faster. When the workerssaw the overall Honorable Martial’s Roar that was completely different, they were completely shocked.

~Honorable Martial’s Roar, oh my god, they are trying revive Honorable Martial’s Roar!~


When they recovered from their shock, the strange Honorable Martial’s Roar before them made them not knowwhether to cry or laugh. They had never seen such an appalling warship before, that’s right, it was appalling.

The Honorable Martial’s Roar before them looked like a hull that had all sort of colorful garbage hung all over it.

~A warship to display their garbage?~

All of them belonged to some sort of trading organization. Carrying their worried thoughts and afraid of their ownfate, they were also worried that the bandits would force them to build warships. If the bandits were destroyed,they would also be dealt with as helping the bandits.

But upon seeing the Honorable Martial’s Roar, they calmed down.

~As expected of bandits~, many of them thought with disdain. But they did not advise the other party, not only that,they decided to completely respect and go according to the bandits’ wishes.

~For amateurs to want to build such a large ship, it is truly a waste.~

All of them secretly laughed at the bandits, who had somehow obtained information regarding Honorable Martial’sRoar, and arrogantly thought of reviving the legendary warship.

So when Screw delegated their work to them, none of them refused, and did according to Screw’s requests. Whenthey started to work, they felt that the bandits were even more messy.

~What’s all this nonsense?~

The loose parts that were used to build the exterior dangled everywhere, causing people to be vigilant against them,feeling that they would drop at any moment. ~How are they not placing more beams for support? This goes againstthe safety of the ship, against the basic discipline of shipbuilding, there are too many mistakes! Oh my god, is this abattle position? Are these bandits retarded? Do they think that by piling up all of the warship weapons, they canincrease the might of the ship?~

The head of the shipbuilders watched them carefully, their workload everyday was immense, but no one dared toslack, as the other party were bandits who killed without blinking. No one wanted to die.

The shipbuilders worked extremely hard, but when it was time for rest, they would ridicule the chief bandit and theother bandits, which became their only amusement.

In truth, these workers were not as one mind, some of them could not take it anymore, and ran to Screw and tried toget Screw to understand the silly mistakes he was making.

Screw ignored them.

Right from the start, they never planned to restore Honorable Martial’s Roar, but planned to build a brand newwarship.

Aside from using the Honorable Martial’s Roar’s hull, the other parts were completely scrapped.

Sai Lei had researched the warships of the Sacred Saint Galaxy for a long time, and understood the strengths of the warships. The strongest point about the Sacred Saint Galaxy’s warships were their hull designs and materials used. The Honorable Martial’s Roar’s keel was made using the most outstanding materials, its durability was something that could never appear in Heaven’s Road.

As for the other designs, Sai Lei did not bother about them.

For example, the warship weapons had too low an energy efficiency to Sai Lei. It was mainly because the SacredSaint Galaxy was not lacking in energy, to the point that it could cause others to be jealous, thus they neverconsidered the problem of this.

Overall, the Sacred Saint Galaxy’s designs were the same as their techniques, which were simple and crude.

As for Sai Lei who was used to being meticulous, she could not tolerate the crude designs. Mo Leng would simplifyher fine designs, to shorten the work time. Even so, it still made the shipbuilders complain without stopping.

But regardless how one looked at it, the techniques used to construct the new warships were something theordinary shipbuilders were incapable of comprehending.

The new warship required time, and it was not a short time.

Tang Tian brought the God Armor and quietly left.