Undefeated God of War - Chapter 845 – Without Drawing Blood

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Chapter 845 – Without Drawing Blood

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The rumbling of the ground woke the slumbering citizens of the Red Soil City, who got dressed and flew out to thesky.

One after another, the figures all flew out, and turned their eyes, the faces of the densely packed people in the skyall revealed shock.

When the deep and gloomy bronze tide, followed with the glimmer of light auras appeared on the horizon, the entireRed Soil City became silent.

After a few seconds, a few people lost control and screamed at the same time.

“Gold Continent Bandits!”

“The Gold Continent Bandits are here!”


Their ashen gray faces pervaded with despair, they had thought of the possibility that Gold Continent would cometo Red Soil City, but they never expected it to be so fast.

Rumble, rumble.

The Monster Army advanced with unison strides, causing clouds of dust to rise. The heavy Monsters moved withheavy steps, the momentum of ten thousand monsters stomping down together to cause the ground to tremble.Even with the distance, every rumble from the steps they took, beat like a drum in the hearts of the citizens.

The sand and dust that rose into clouds made the sinister bronze figures faintly discernible.

These were the Gold Continent Bandits, infamous and impressive, the Gold Continent Bandits at their zenith!

They did not move fast, like a bronze mobile jungle, the slowly approached Red Soil City.

They were calm and unruffled in the chaos they produced, the heavy pace formed a powerful current like tenthousand heavy hammers striking down onto the ground towards Red Soil City. All of their willpower to resist andtheir determination, after each hammer strike, were slowly tearing apart, until they crumbled.

Red Soil City erupted like a beehive, countless of people rushed out from the city without any aim, the people whomoved faster had their belongings with them, exiting via the opposite entrance from where the Gold ContinentBandits were coming from.

The bronze current flowed with the gold sand to Red Soil City, and suddenly stopped



A huge wind blew the sand.

One after another, the sinister faces of Monsters finally appeared in front of everybody.

Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl, all of the guards and citizens who had their eyes glued to the monsters allheld their breaths, as though invisible hands had choked them by their necks, causing them to be unable to breath.

Their minds were in a blank.

“Surrender, or not?”

Suddenly, Zhong Li Bai’s aggressive and thunderous roar erupted in the dead silence, filled with restrained killingintent, causing everyone to instantly tremble.

Before they could even react.

The sinister Monsters outside the city walls all stomp down at the same time, making it seemed as though theground was a heavy bass drum, the dust on the walls all puffing into smoke.

“Surrender or not!”

The ten thousand voices came out at the same time, like a powerful current striking into the hearts of the citizens,with a lingering buzz that slowly pervaded away.

Killing intent that could shift mountains and topple seas surged forward, the atmosphere instantly changed, asthough Red Soil City was about to be destroyed into smithereens!

All of the remaining resistance, before they could even erupt, were swept away by the current. All of their boilingblood, before it could even cool, were completely smashed apart.

Dead silence, a bleak future.

Red Soil City, surrendered.

Melissa and Johnson who were on the transport ship were completely shaken, both of their expressions werepetrified with their mouths wide opened and expressions in shock, their minds were in a blank.

It took them half a minute to regain their senses, everything that had happened had completely exceeded theirimaginations.

They knew that Red Soil City’s defense was weak. They had never thought that Red Soil City was able to resist theMonster Army’s momentum, but they had never thought that the Monster Army would be able to take down RedSoil City without even drawing blood.

They were in the White Fields Continent, where vicious people run amuck, the Western Region where banditswreaked havoc, and any city guards were not weak spirited people. The businesses inside the city, as long as theywere somewhat known, would have hundreds of guards who were all brave and good at fighting. For a top gradebusiness organization such as the Western Traders, it was not strange for them to have all sorts of guardsnumbering to a thousand. Adding the various mining groups, mercenary armies, Red Soil City’s population farexceeded the Monster Army!

But, they surrendered.

The unthinkable had happened right in front of them.

But even for Melissa who personally witnessed it, was unable to be furious at the weakness portrayed by Red SoilCity.

No one would be able to maintain their willpower to resist in the face of such power. As a comrade watching by theside, Melissa herself was stunned by the power, thus she could imagine the amount of fear that had overwhelmedthe citizens in Red Soil City.

They were a group of real monsters, along with their ferocity, courage, craziness, this disciplined metal army wouldonly bring despair and death unto their enemies.

Johnson’s expression was sluggish, his face pale white.

But after a moment, he muttered: “Psychological warfare….”

He had once led an army before, and naturally could see that Zhong Li Bai used psychological warfare to win overthe Red Soil City. But, to be able to implement it to such a degree proved that Zhong Li Bai was an outstandingmilitary general.

In all of Johnson’s experience, he knew he had never met any military general able to replicate such a skill.

Truly a terrifying military general!

This battle, no, it cannot be counted as a battle, had completely toppled his previous impression of Zhong Li Bai.Previously, he did not have a good impression on Zhong Li Bai, crude, rude and impetuous, with a trace of craziness,he made others feel uneasy, and Johnson felt that Zhong Li Bai was not one that could do something good.Compared to him, the other military general, Nie Qiu, had an impressive aura, who seemed to be calm no matter thecircumstances.

Johnson knew that he was extremely wrong.

Under the crude, impetuous and reckless layer, Zhong Li Bai had a profound sophistication.

~The Southern Alliance is definitely not normal!~

Johnson was emotional, when the Honorable Martial Southern Expedition had just started, the entire HonorableMartial Continent were extremely excited and their armies moved with uplifting beats. At the initial phase of thewar, the reality was in their face, regardless of it being the Southern Region or the Southern Alliance, they weredefinitely losing. But as the battle continued, although the Southern Region was able to form a resistance, there wasno threat to them. And as for the recently established Southern Alliance, they had unexpectedly stabilized thesituation and displayed astonishing toughness.

In the past, Johnson did not think too much about it, but after getting up close to them, he finally knew how powerfulthey were.

Every single one of them had their unique traits, the master was actually able to gather so many talents under him,causing Johnson’s heart to become heated towards the longing for their future.

Upon seeing Zhong Li Bai, Melissa greeted: “Congratulations, General.”

Zhong Li Bai shook his head: “There’s nothing to congratulate.”

Melissa thought that Zhong Li Bai was being modest, and chuckled: “It was still a victory.”

“You call this a victory?” Zhong Li Bai said a matter of factly, his face filled with disdain and slight disgust: “A group oftrash, and you think they are worthy of being my enemies? You guys better be quick, and not waste time.”

With that, he turned to leave, leaving behind Melissa and Johnson, one who was stunned, the other who was filledwith respect.

The Red Soil City’s various families had their doors shut, they hid behind their doors trembling in fear, if any citywere being sieged by bandits in Western Region, murder and plunder was a common occurrence, even massacringthe entire city was not strange.

Zhong Li Bai brought his personal guards and patrolled the streets with killing intent.

Zhong Li Bai, a knowledgeable general was filled with the aura of a bandit, but he abided towards discipline heavily,almost to instinct. He only had one criteria for discipline, and that was to obey his orders. He was very clear on whatkind of people his men were, they were true blue bandits, and decades of habits and nurture was not easily changed.

Zhong Li Bai’s face was gloomy, as his personal guards had captured more than 10 soldiers, all of them crying andwailing, begging to be spared.

“Do not spare any of them.” Zhong Li Bai’s tone was cold without any thread of warmth: “Hang their corpses on thehighest point of the city, whoever betrays me must die.”

He could put up to the fact that his soldiers were once bandits, and could tolerate that they were still bandits, aslong as they obeyed his orders.

As for their future, they had to first live under his rule.

Regardless of how one looked at it, Zhong Li Bai was not a good general that took care of his soldiers as they are hissons, he knew of his own limits and was proud of it.

When Melissa saw their corpses hanging, her face turned pale, she had never seen such a cold military general thatwas actually so ruthless towards his own soldiers. ~Is he unafraid that his subordinates will rebel against him?~

But Johnson’s respect for him grew even more, ~Military General Zhong is extremely strict and serious, far morethan I can imagine.~

The two of them were extremely familiar with Red Soil City, and under the guide, they quickly found the innerwarehouses of Red Soil City, including the Western Trader’s big warehouses. Zhong Li Bai and the rest moved tooquickly, thus they did not have time to move their inventory out.

~Loot their boats, loot their workshops, loot their materials….~

Zhong Li Bai suddenly felt that his actions had no difference with bandits, but he still urged his soldiers to makehaste.

Seeing the scene that was bustling with activity, he was rather satisfied.

The soldiers did not encounter any resistance, regardless of it being the government warehouses or the businessorganisation’s warehouses, all the guards did not risk their lives, since the inventory did not belong to them.

That was the reason why Zhong Li Bai did not plunder from the citizens, and not because of some old fashioned rule.Plundering from the citizens’ wealth which they had accumulated through hard work would definitely cause them tofight with their lives on the line.

Zhong Li Bai was not worried about the sudden shed of blood, but despised low efficiency.

As to why he had killed his own soldiers, it was not because they plundered the citizens, but it was because they hadgone against his orders.

“Move faster, we will retreat in 10 hours.”

Zhong Li Bai suddenly said.

Melissa was stunned, seeing the warehouses that were filled, she could not help but cry out: “We can’t move all ofthem in 10 hours!”

“If you can’t move all of them, then don’t!” Zhong Li Bai said straightforwardly.

“But…..” Melissa became panicked.

Zhong Li Bai waved his hand and said coldly: “No buts, it is an order!”

Johnson immediately stopped Melissa, he knew that once Zhong Li Bai had made a decision, he would not retract it.

Zhong Li Bai did not care about the two, his eyes fixated on the map, planning for time in his mind. He had anoutstanding view of the general situation, and knew that before the Null Division had formed their fighting strength,he held the responsibility of attracting the enemy’s attention.

~The current scale of the Monster Army and its fighting strength should be mostly grasped by our enemies now.~

~Now, the enemies are definitely gathering their armies and preparing to destroy us. But it requires time for themto do so.~

~This time, will be my opportunity.!

Zhong Li Bai’s eyes flashed with a glare.