Undefeated God of War - Chapter 840 – Legendary Warship

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Chapter 840 – Legendary Warship

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

A 5000 man warship was hailed as an Ultimate Army Warship, meaning that it could accomodate an entire army,and was currently the largest scale warship. In every type of warship, they would be graded to bronze, silver, andgold, but the ultimate army warship only had one grade, and that was the gold grade.

All Ultimate Army Warship were gold grade warships.

Such warships were so rare and scarce that the Honorable Martial Continent itself only had a few of them. Only thedirect subordinate armies under the Five Great Generals had the possibility of being equipped with the UltimateArmy Warships, or as the chief ship of the commander–in–chief.

In total, the Honorable Martial Continent had a total of 5 such warships.

That was why when Franks said that there were 5000 man warships, everyone was startled, Melissa could almostnot believe her own ears, ~What’s wrong with Grandfather? Why is he making such a silly mistake?~

Tang Tian’s expression became serious: “hey, old man, if you think that I am that easy to cheat, then the MaceWhatever Tradings of yours has no reason to exist.”

Mace Whatever Tradings, some people who heard it actually chuckled.

(TN: In chinese terms, Mace Fields Trading is called Mei Si Fei Er De, while Mace Whatever sounds like Mei Shen MeDe, which is coincidentally the same as nothing, which pronounces as Mei Shen Me De as well. It is just a play withchinese characters.)

But Franks and Melissa did not laugh at all, Tang Tian’s words did not contain any hint of laughter in it, hisindifferent words actually revealed killing intent, which caused them to tremble.

~Tang Tian isn’t joking!~

When Ji Ze, who was initially meditating, heard Tang Tian’s words, he opened his eyes and stood up quietly. He wasalready holding onto the Bewitching Blade’s hilt. He squinted his eyes, revealing a killing glare, as long as Tang Tiangave the order, he could immediately slice off Franks’ head.

That indescribable killing intent pervaded the air.

Franks’ face

;turned pale white, the intense killing intent had struck him, causing him to perspire in cold sweat. Heknew that as long as he replied wrongly, it would mean his death. It was not only for him, the entire Mace FieldsTradings would fall along with him.

But right at that moment, it was too late for regrets, he hardened his skin aid replied: “Master, this lowlysubordinate is not speaking foolishly.”

“Oh.” Tang Tian replied with an indifferent attitude.

Sima Xiao glanced at Tang Tian, feeling that something was out of sorts. The Tang Tian in front of him wascompletely different from a second ago. The previous Tang Tian was childish and pure, like a growing young man.But the current Tang TIan was extremely serious and stern, there was no joy or anger in him, showing his distinctivedominance and ruthlessness.

~Could it be that this guy only becomes serious at crucial moments?~

Beads of cold sweat dripped down faster on Frank’s body, and his two legs started to tremble involuntarily, theintense killing intent that had enveloped him made him choke.

~Is this who he truly is?~ It was as if a God of War was standing in front of him with his overbearingness, and all ofhis doubt and suspicion about the man in front of him completely disappeared.

He lowered his head and said respectfully: “This lowly one is talking about the Legendary Warship, HonorableMartial’s Roar.”

Melissa and Johnson could not help but exclaim out loud at the same time.

“Legendary Warship? Honorable Martial’s Roar?” Tang Tian became alert.

He had noticed Melissa and Johnson’s reaction, and knew that the old man was not speaking blindly. And hearingthe name Legendary Warship, he immediately became excited. For a warship to be hailed as a Legendary Warship, itwould not be any ordinary warship.,

“The Honorable Martial’s Roar is the first generation Ultimate Army Warship, it has many outstanding militaryachievements, and was decommissioned about 200 years ago. But because of its huge contributions, it is placed inthe warship cemetery with a unique place of its own, to honor it. The warship cemetery is right in the White FieldsContinent.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian frowned, and spoke unkindly: “Old man, you want to die? A warship that has beendecommissioned for 200 years, it is already rotten to its core. What? You think that just because I am young, I willaccept rotten goods?”

Young man Tang was truly infuriated, he initially thought that they would have something, but it turned out to be a200 year old garbage.

~He thinks I am easy to fool? To take a 200 year old garbage and toy with me, he’s truly sick of living!~

What made Tang Tian even angrier was that the old man believed his taste to be bad.

~This cannot be tolerated!~

Tang Tian’s eyes flashed with anger as killing intent soared in the air.

“Master, please listen.” At this moment, instead of panicking, Franks actually calmed down: “Honorable Martial’sRoar is the first generation Ultimate Army Warship, and also the first Ultimate Army Warship ever made. At thattime, for the sake of creating an unprecedented ultimate warship, the Honorable Martial Continent speciallydesigned this Honorable Martial’s Roar. Many of its designs are already out of date now, but at that time, theHonorable Martial Continent gathered its entire workforce to build it, and did not consider the manufacturing costs,thus all of its materials used to build it are of extremely high grade, and could be said to be the highest grade warshipin history. After that, everyone realized that Ultimate Army Warships’ lifespan cannot exceed 50 years, and 50years is enough for techniques to build warships to take a qualitative leap. Thus, many parts need not requireexpensive materials, and the costs of Ultimate Army Warships dropped substantially at a quick rate. But up till now,the Honorable Martial’s Roar is still the most expensive warship to date.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian became interested, and said: “Carry on.”

By this time, Franks had completely calmed down, and continued explaining: “After 200 years, many of its designs are out of date, and that includes many of its parts are rotten. But the main composition of the hull are definitely and absolutely intact. The Honorable Martial’s Roar’s keel was made out of the Honorable Martial Continent’s 100 year old Honorable Martial Origin Stone, that was refined with Star Metal, and it was one of the strongest alloys of the Honorable Martial Continent’s warehouse back then. The rib of the ship was made up of 500 year old silver wafer wood, and they are considered immortal. At that time, the Honorable Martial’s Roar’s decommissioning led to many quarrels, but it was completely different to the 2nd generation’s Ultimate Army Warship’s standard, thus it could not be used, and they could only decommission it and send it to the warship cemetery. At that time, all the valuable parts of Honorable Martial’s Roar were stripped off, but its highest value was still the rib and hull, because at that time, they used a technique involving an integral whole crystal, thus its entire body became as one and was unable to be stripped off, thus they could only leave it.”

“What’s an integral whole crystal?” Sima Xiao could not resist but ask out of curiosity.

“The hull’s main composition is completely intact as one, and became one huge crystallized form that cannot be ripped apart.” Franks explained: “It’s advantage is that it is extremely strong, and I cannot stress how strong it is, but warships made with that method far exceed other warships of the same grade. But once any part of it is broken, the entire hull will completely crumble. Which also means that there is no scrap value for the hull.”

Tang Tian did not understand: “Isn’t that good? The hull’s firmness is more important!”

“It is a matter of costs, it is extremely costly, and that that time, the Honorable Martial Continent spent all of theireffort to make the Honorable Martial Roar, and was unable to make a second. One Ultimate Army Warship haslimited use, and the Honorable Martial Continent required far more than one. Another problem is the repairs, if ahull is not sturdy but suffered damage, it can still be repaired. But an integral whole crystallized warship hull thatsustains damage will crumble, and br unable to be repaired.”

Franks knew that Tang Tian and his group did not have in depth understanding towards warships, and explained itrather clearly.

“You mean, we are to obtain the remains of the Honorable Martial’s Roar, and then equip it with other things?” TangTian pondered.

“Master is brilliant!” Franks took the opportunity to flatter him, then continued: “Although only the main hull of Honorable Martial’s Roar is left, but it is still the strongest hull of all Ultimate Army Warships. As long as you spend some time and effort on the repairs, it will still be an outstanding warship. And furthermore, it is the only way that we can obtain an Ultimate Army Warship.”

The corner of Sima Xiao’s mouth blossomed a smile, Franks’ speech contained the word “we”, which contained theintent of defecting.

“That’s right!” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up.

With Tang Tian around, the weaknesses of the Honorable Martial’s Roar did not matter. ~Not compatible withcurrent times? No problem, at most we can throw it to Sai Lei to design one. Too high in costs? Anyways, we have noneed to make any other Ultimate Army Warship. As for sustaining it, it was no concern for them. Since it wassomething they picked up.~

Ultimate Army Warship, it was something that they had no other ways of obtaining.

Even if it was an old generation Ultimate Army Warship, when facing against any ordinary warship, they would holdthe definite advantage.

Furthermore, they would not be able to compare with it!

Tang Tian stood up and spoke with overbearingness: “Where’s the warship cemetery?”

Just as Tang Tian and them were about to head towards the warship cemetery, they received news of Zhong Li Bai.

There was a group of bandits with mechanical weapons that appeared in the White Fields Continent suddenly, whowere suspected to be from the Gold Continent, they numbered over ten thousands, and were extremely ferocious.They were called the Gold Continent Bandits, and it was said that they controlled a never before seen mechanicalpuppet which was extremely ugly.

Three days after the news of the Gold Continent Bandits were spread, an even more surprising news spread outfrom White Fields Continent.

The Gold Continent Bandits suddenly ambushed Daylight City, instigating a huge and intense war that wasextremely miserable and lasted for three full days. The Daylight Army was destroyed, and less than 50 peoplemanaged to escape.

The White Fields Continent was shocked!

The people that travelled to and from the White Fields Continent were businesses or mining vessels, all of themwere immensely terrified and shocked from the news. The Arthur City Tragedy was still present in their minds, butthe Gold Continent Bandits consisting of an even bigger number had appeared, how could they not fear? Even theWestern Traders, the biggest organisation had suffered huge losses, how could the smaller businesses stay calm?

The Arthur City bandits only consisted of 200 men, the Gold Continent Bandits’ numbered to over ten thousand,and even the Daylight Army, a standard army, were almost decimated. Who could protect them?

The White Fields Continent never had such a serious problem with bandits, and in time, everyone felt that theywere in imminent danger.

When Franks heard Melissa’s report, he instantly felt bitter, ~If those people knew how the Ratchet army wascompletely destroyed, I am afraid that the White Fields Continent’s people would run even faster.~ Reports andintelligence were handled by Melissa. All of these were implemented by Franks for Melissa to gain experience.

“Master, we need to be careful of these Gold Continent Bandits, and it’s best that we stay away from them.” Frankssaid with concern.

A bandit troop that had over ten thousand men was rarely seen. Bandits were arrogant and unbridled, and movedwhere and when they wanted. For a bandit chief to be able to amass such a huge number of people who remainedtogether without crumbling meant that the bandit chief was an extremely powerful character.

Tang Tian laughed when he heard Franks’ concern, and even Sima Xiao could not help but smile.

Just when Franks was oblivious of the situation, he heard Tang Tian laugh to Sima Xiao: “Seems like Zhong Li Bai isdoing well.”

“He has held back for too long.” Sima Xiao laughed.

Franks eyes widened up, as though lightning had struck him, he became petrified.