Undefeated God of War - Chapter 839 – Return

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Chapter 839 – Return

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

They returned as quietly as they left.

When the God Armor Army returned, they did not have any intention of hiding themselves. The 200 men spedacross the barren and desolate plains, cutting through the air, they swept past the dense clouds, bringing forth arumble and glimmer of light that entered everybody’s vision from the horizon.

The God Armor Army was displaying an aggressiveness that disdained everything under their eyes.

The rumbling of their high speed flight caused the ground to tremble, as though the earth was welcoming its heroesback.

The closer they got, the more intense the oppressive feeling got.

The people on the boats all felt their vision go black, it was the God Armor Army that suddenly stopped in front ofthe convoy, and in that moment, everyone fell into an unprecedented choking situation. It was just 200 figures, butthe sensation of them enveloping the sky, felt as though an ancient humongous dragon had walked out andexpanded its wings and casted a shadow that covered the entire convoy of transport ships.

The rumbling sound continued to linger in the air.

The members on the boats had eyes filled with reverence.

The descent of the God Armor Army revealed the unconcealable fatigue on every soldier, but they werebloodstained from head to toe, all of them lingering with killing intent. It was evident that the battle was intense andnot relaxing at all.

That’s right, it was not relaxing at all.

Tang Tian’s heaven shocking Godfist had completely swept Sydney and led to the fall of the Ratchet Army. TangTian’s plan was not to defeat the enemies, but to kill all of them, he did not want the matter to be blown out ofproportions before the Null Division had obtained their warships, and cause the Honorable Martial Continent’s eyesto turn to them.

Attracting their attention to Desolate City was a plan for the future.

With that, the brutal hunting began.

Previously, the ambush attack had caused the Ratchet Army to lose more than half of their fighting strength, but after Sydney’s death, they still had 2000 strong men. And for Tang Tian’s

side, they only had 200 men, which meant that every one of them had to hunt for 10 people. It would not be difficult, if not for preventing the enemies from escaping.

The defeated soldiers were like headless flies, and to prevent them from running, Fu Zheng Zhi had to break theirhopes.

Tang Tian did not do anything after killing Sydney. It was an absolutely good opportunity for the members of theGod Armor Army. The majority of them had not recovered even half of their strength, and there were a few like JiZe, whose laws were greatly weakened in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and required a new suitable way of fighting.

To them, it was undoubtedly grasping new skills, but regardless of how one wanted to grasp and learn, nothing couldbe better than grinding through real battles.

Tang Tian could not help them grasp their new way of fighting.

In the process of hunting, it was an extremely bitter battle for them, their disadvantage in terms of numbers becameextremely evident. But they never discounted themselves to have it easy, especially towards Tang Tian’s orders.

From their initial start of clumsiness, Ji Ze and the rest started to understand coordination.

Rushing, splitting, chasing and hunting, all of these tactics immediately transformed them into experienced hunters.After that, they also understood how to use traps with laws to secretly kill the soldiers, and their efficiency inhunting increased.

But even so, the battle took them exactly 2 hours, and all of them were extremely tired.

They were all spent, but were still extremely excited, as it was their first battle after entering the Sacred SaintGalaxy. The victory itself was a huge morale booster for them. More importantly, every single one of them obtainedmany benefits from the battle.

For example, Ji Ze.

Ji Ze was previously extremely unhappy with his own performance, but following the hunting, his performancecompletely transformed. He gradually found the knack of fighting in the Sacred Saint Galaxy and his strengthincreased substantially, and at the end, his bewitching blade was like a Death God that took lives wherever it went.

It was not only him, many others obtained humongous benefits. In the battlefield where they had the possibility ofdying, the effectiveness and experience was different from training.

After going through a few more battles, the God Armor Army’s strength would take a qualitative leap.

Tang Tian himself was also extremely tired, after removing the God Armor, he sat down on the ground. His face waspale white with perspiration trickling down his face quickly uncontrollably. In the blink of the eye, he lookedcompletely drenched, as though he had taken a bath, but in sweat.

Tang Tian gasped for breath, his head was numb, and he almost fainted.

After a moment of recovering, he regained his senses, although he felt extremely tired, he was strangely excited.

The fist that he had unleashed was definitely the strongest attack he had ever produced in his life!

Even Tang Tian himself was shocked at the might that his fist had produced. Of course, the shock lasted for only asecond before he became elated. [Godfist]’s might was unparalleled, to the point of collapsing everything before it,so how powerful should the man who created it be?

~Oh my, I, the godlike young lad, is that powerful!~

~I almost cried because of my own suaveness, what should I do?~

~Luckily Qian Hui did not see it….~

The young man gazed at the sky and did not say anything, feeling how life was cruel and emotionless, for him to lookso cool when Qian Hui was not around.

The young man who was immersed in his sadness did not notice that someone was walking over to him.

Sima Xiao asked casually: “You killed all of them?”

Tang Tian awoke to his senses and nodded his head: “Yea, we got them all.”

Sima Xiao’s footsteps turned sluggish, feeling terrible. He pondered upon his own strength, to bring 200 of his most elite man, and regardless of what methods he tried, he was unable to eradicate an entire army of 5000 men strong.

~200 against 5000, what kind of joke is that? It must definitely be a joke.~

“You really killed all of them?” he could not help himself as he repeated the question.

Tang Tian looked at Sima Xiao’s expression weirdly, then replied in a matter–of–fact way: “Of course, I can’t letthem run, right, I could only kill all of them.”

Tang Tian displayed a fierce expression, and waved both of his fists.

~To even speak like that…..~

~You make it sound as if you have no choice but to get rid of all of them…..~

~You can truly make people fall into a bad mood with how you talk!~

~And your childish actions as well!~

Sima Xiao who was quietly hurting frowned, like having a tangled ball of yarn on his forehead.

~All of them killed!~ Melissa and Franks who were behind Sima Xiao acted as though they were struck by lightning,dumbstruck like chickens. ~An army of 5000 men, was wiped out by 200 men, th–th–this….~

Franks who was initially thinking of making up a plan on taking the opportunity immediately became blank, heopened his mouth wide as he looked at them in shock.

He already found it difficult to accept that the bandits were initiating to find the Ratchet Army, since when werebandits ever so ferocious? Only when Sima Xiao said that they won, followed by the energy storm, did he fullyunderstand how powerful the bandits were. But no matter how powerful they were, they were just 200 men, could a200 men army truly eradicate 5000 men?

It was a difficult thing to swallow, Franks planned out thoughts were all scattered because of it.

“Then what about the ships?” Sima Xiao asked.

“They were all broken.” Tang Tian felt pained saying that, standardized military transport ships were expensive, andif they were to purchase warships at Red Soil City, it would cost a lot.”

Tang Tian muttered: “We have no money, seems like we can only steal some.”

Franks was the first to tremble, since they had met, it was his first time hearing proper bandit words coming outfrom Tang Tian’s mouth.

~Alright, they are bandits, they really are~, Franks gritted his teeth, then cautiously asked: “Can I enquire, what kindof warship does Master need?”

Tang Tian could be considered rather knowledgeable on warships already, after thinking for a while, he replied:“Silver grade, equipped with mainly blade type weapons on the warship, it must be fast and agile, and haveoutstanding fighting capabilities in terms of a long battle.”

Franks nodded his head: “From that, it will be difficult for the defense to be strong.”

“We have no choice, we are not pursuing defense.” Tang Tian knew that they had to be realistic, it would be adefinite regarding their defense, but he added: “But it cannot be too bad.”

“I understand.” Franks nodded his head: “According to the warship that Master requires, I would recommend the White Wind Warship, it is an outstanding silver grade warship within our operations. It is fast with strong offense, it is a standardized 200 men crew ship, which coincidentally fits t-…..”

Hearing that, Tang Tian interrupted him: “200 men small warship? I need a big warship!”

“Big?” Franks was startled, he then advised: “Master, if you have insufficient men to reach the standard criteriarequired to operate the warship, it cannot form a substantial fighting force.”

Hearing that, Sima Xiao immediately understood why Franks thought like that, and laughed: “The warship is not forus.”

Franks was startled: “Then how big of a warship does master require?”

His heart was already trembling, ~Could these bandits have companions?~ He subconsciously realized that he wasstill underestimating the bandits’ strength. ~That’s right, how can such powerful bandits be alone?~

“The bigger the better, best that it can hold 5000 men.” Tang TIan judged.

Tang Tian was clear that the bigger the warship, the easier and more convenient it was for Nie Qiu to control. The Null Division had outstanding bodies with high discipline and unmatched coordination, perfectly suited for warships. If they had one warship that could completely hold the entire Null Division, with Nie Qiu as the commander, then the warship would be a true mobile stronghold!

But Tang Tian also knew that a warship that could accommodate 5000 men was already the largest warship. To anypowerhouse, this level of a warship could not be bought with money.

But a silver grade warship accomodating a 1000 men was more commonly seen, if that was the case, Null Divisionrequired 5 of such warships.

Franks mouth was wide opened as he looked at Tang Tian in a daze.

~5000 man warship….~

~Could it be that they have another 5000 companions?~

~The 200 men bandits in front of me is enough to wipe out the Ratchet Army, 5000 of them….~

Cold and fear sprung up from beneath his feet, it was as though he could see a 5000 men strong terrifying monstrous beast sweeping through the entire Honorable Martial Continent, with fists aura that lit up like the sun and bringing forth destruction, armies after armies being slaughtered beneath them.

Rivers of blood would flow, and the land would be covered by calamity.

~Heavens, is Doomsday here?~

~Where did all of these people come from!~

“A 5000 man warship is unlikely, and it cannot be bought even if you wanted to, I think it is better to temporarilyconsider the 1000 men standard. In reality, it is not that feasible as well, I can do with 800, anyways they will bepractising….

Tang Tian’s blabbering woke Franks up.

Franks who regained his senses spoke as if some demon had possessed him: “It is not like there isn’t a 5000 manwarship….”

The surrounding area quieted down.