Undefeated God of War - Chapter 838 – Energy Storm

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Chapter 838 – Energy Storm

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Time passed by slowly as the night air grew denser, Melissa stood on the deck, feeling slightly cold.

Sima Xiao remained relaxed, always giving off the vibe that made others want to go up to him and punch his face.

He would indifferently talk to Franks, and they could tell that although this young man called Sima Xiao was relaxed,he was extremely confident. After listening to him speak for a while, the unhappiness in Melissa’s face disappeared,and what replaced it was respect.

Melissa was not just a spoiled and narrow minded young lady, although she was young, and naive in certain aspects,but she had worked hard to work and operate in the business. Compared to her peers, she was more experiencedand intelligent, with a better judgement ability, she could gauge another person’s rough standard.

~This guy is unwittingly leading the conversations.~

Despite his languid tone, he was always able to say something spot on, and always point out the crucial points. Witha few sentences, he would cause people to marvel or ponder at his words, which always contained a deepermeaning, and proved his intellect.

Whether or not he was deliberately being mysterious or was a natural, it made her grandfather Franks filled withrespect.

“I wonder what opinions does your sire have with regards to our future?” Franks could not resist to ask, his facefilled with sincerity.

Melissa was startled, her face was filled with shock, she never expected her grandfather to actually seek helpregarding such a big problem with Sima Xiao.

The Mace Fields Trading’s situation was not considered good, and was declining day by day. Although everybodywas diligently trying to make new plans, but the results they yielded were always small, and they were slowly butsurely rolling down into the abyss. In the past decade, their profits were always lower and lower year by year, and inthe past year, their business actually yielded losses for the first time.

Many of their shopkeepers left them and others schemed against them, causing the business to&nbs

p;grow weaker andweaker.

She could not help but look at Sima Xiao’s face, always feeling that the young man in front of her, that did not lookmuch older than her, was unfathomable powerful. Her grandfather was the person she trusted the most, and it wasonly because of him that they were able to hold firm and prevent the business from crumbling.

Sima Xiao chuckled, he stretched his waist and spoke languidly: “What benefits do I get?”

Melissa thought she had heard wrongly, and immediately revealed a furious look, ~He is truly rude.~

Franks was startled as well, it was the first time he had met someone so direct. But he was afterall a businessmanwho had been in the line for many years, and his subtleness and breadth of mind was unlike average people, hespoke cautiously: “Whatever sire needs, please feel free to tell us.”

Sima Xiao could tell the cautiousness of the other party, and laughed.

He was not surprised, if someone met a stranger on the road and trusted him so easily, he would sooner or later be devoured, where even his bones would not be spared. But, he was not one to divulge his intentions easily, how could someone easily comprehend what the Scorpio King wanted?

Suddenly dazzling light auras lit up from the distance, the pitch black dark sky became extremely bright. It was asthough the sun was about to leap out from the ground.

Sima Xiao stood up, and focused into the distance.

Unknowingly, Magatama appeared behind him, her enchanting beauty emitting out.

~What a powerful undulation!~

Sima Xiao’s expression turned serious, even with such a huge distance between them, he could still feel the intenseenergy undulation. One could only imagine how earth shattering the power was in that attack. Magatama appearedon her own accord because she had sensed the undulation as well.

HIs seriousness turned into a bitter smile, ~As expected of the Godlike young lad, the intensity of this attack was far stronger than before!~

~Unknowingly, he had already started throwing us further and further behind~, this completely terrible feeling,made the arrogance in him disappear without a trace, making the young man with chestnut colored hair feelbitterness.

Before arriving in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, Sima Xiao had always placed Tang Tian at the same level as him, giving him the resource and confidence to be on par. The Scorpio Constellation was one of the Twelve Ecliptic Palaces Constellations, and was stronger than the Ursa Major Constellation, in terms of strength, why would Sima Xiao, who wielded the Magatama, fear Tang Tian?

But after arriving in the Sacred Saint Galaxy from Sin Domain, their difference in strength started to pull apart. Even after returning to Sacred Saint Galaxy, Magatama’s strength not only recovered fully, but it was stronger than before. But, Tang Tian’s improvements were far larger.

Strength was the basis for everything, and they were in a world where the strong ruled, Sima Xiao was extremely clear about it.

“We won.”

Looking into the distance, when the light auras dimmed down, and the night regained its darkness once again, SimaXiao spoke out faintly.

Franks and Melissa froze, their faces filled with shock, ~Th–....that counts as winning?~

They were skeptical about it, the Ratchet Army was not some cannon fodder army, how could they lose so quickly? They were a full 5000 men strong army, how can 200 men defeat 5000 men?

They were unable to imagine the situation with their poor imagination.

Johnson’s face suddenly changed, he shouted anxiously: “Embark! Everyone get on board now! Raise the defensivebarrier! Quickly!”

Everyone was somewhat in a blur, but they still obeyed orders and boarded their boats, and all the transport shipsraised their energy barriers.

Right at that moment, a heart palpitating weird whistle suddenly came out, sounding into everybody’s ears. It was awhistling sound that started from a low pitch to a high, as though it was closing in on them. Everyone opened theireyes wide, trying to see what it was, but all they could see was darkness.

Johnson’s face became anxious as he roared out: “Honorable Martial Bullet!”

Many white lights shot out from the boat into the sky, rising high up into the sky, the intensity of the light continuously becoming stronger, the dazzling white light illuminated their entire surrounding.

Everyone could finally see clearly what was ahead of them, and all of their faces changed.

On the flat plains in the distance, there was a transparent white line, which was continuously enlarging in their eyes.The whistling in the air became even more terrifying, and from its previous sharpness, it suddenly became extremelylow sounding.

After a while, everyone finally saw what it was.

It was a large shockwave spanning across 20 km long, stuck closely to the ground, it was zooming towards them atan astronomical speed.

The air was distorted, the shockwave containing countless of energy flows, like a school of fish chasing the tide,making the shockwave become even more imposing. Wherever it swept, the grass and trees would turn to dust, androcks to sand. It showed its immense pressure and might, everything was lifted off the ground, causing crevices andcracks to form all over, even the sturdiest of boulders were shattered into smaller rocks that flew all over likecomets, but upon being touched by the energy flow behind the shockwave, they would instantly crumble.

Fiery lights, lightning thunder, ice hails, faintly appeared in the shockwave, producing beautiful light auras formedby the collision of the different attribute of energies.

It resembled the end of the world!

“Energy storm!”

Melissa’s face turned pale without any trace of blood, she suddenly realized that it was an energy storm producedby the dazzling light previously!

Just a storm would definitely not have such a terrifying power. Only with an intense energy undulation would causean energy storm, even the energy in the air would be roused, causing a huge disturbance everywhere.

It did not even give them time to think, the shocking rumble immediately appeared in front of their convoy.


Everyone’s vision darkened, the boat beneath their feets all trembled incessantly, and they could not stand still.Countless dazzling fiery lights and thunderous lightning flickered everywhere outside the energy barrier, they feltas if they were in the eye of the storm, the energy barriers trembling incessantly.

The sturdy boats released creaking sounds, as unprecedented fear enveloped every single person.

The sharp and squealing shriek screamed in their ears, the stifling and choking scene in front of them, causedMelissa to become dumbstruck.

No one knew how long it was, it might had been a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes, but the heart palpitatingrumbles and shrieks gradually went further, and the swaying boats all gradually calmed down.

Everyone slowly regained their senses.

‘Plop plop plop’.

All the guards dropped their butts on the deck, their pale white faces covered with perspiration, their eyes that werein a daze regained focal length, as they gasped for breath with bodies trembling uncontrollably.

Johnson was much better, he did not sit down, but both of his hands held onto the railing, his face equally as white.

After two minutes, Johnson finally relaxed his hands, which was still trembling slightly, he looked around in a daze.

The ground beneath them was in a mess, with many radioactive scars extending into the distance.

The entire fleet was flung out a few hundred meters, and was scattered in all directions, they did not suffer muchdamage, and luckily, not many losses.

~Energy storm, that was an energy storm, the energy storms of the legends!~

Legends said that only the top grade armies, only by unleashing a devastating attack that disregarded everythingelse could produce energy storms.

They actually witnessed it personally.

It was as though everyone had survived the calamity and had a new lease of life suffering from post traumatic stress,and were at a loss as well.

That’s right, at a loss.

Even Johnson himself was at a loss. They never underestimated the bandits’ strength, but the energy stormcompletely changed the way they saw the army.

How many armies in the entire Honorable Martial Continent could have the ability to cause an energy storm?

Only five!

That’s right, Only five of the top grade armies of Honorable Martial Continent, belonging to Five Honorable MartialTigers!

An army of 200 men, were actually not inferior to the Five Honorable Martial Tigers, in the moment, regardless if itwas the experienced and wise Franks or the battle experience Johnson, or the astute and sharp Melissa, they wereall at a loss.

After the sense of loss, they felt shocked, fear, respect.

And then, hope.

In the Sacred Saint Galaxy where armies were the overlord, where the strong ruled, where the strong were hailed as kings, what better opportunity could arise?

Compared to it, the situation that the Mace Fields Trading company was in was considered nothing. As long as theycould grasp this thread of hope, then all of Mace Fields Tradings’ problems would disappear, and they would onlyhave an even brighter future.

Regardless of where this army came from, whether or not they were from the Honorable Martial Continent did notmattered.

As long as it exist, its might was enough to shake the world. Maybe this army might not be able to seize the world,but their business organization could take shelter under this army.

Franks who became emotional knew that regardless of anything, they could not miss out on this opportunity. TheMace Fields Tradings could not continue on their same path, if they did not change, they would be walking slowlyinto decline and destruction.

Now, his only worry was how to obtain the trust from the other party. Even the friendly and bright Sima Xiao wasdefinitely not a person easily coaxed, if they had no benefits, they were unable to move the other party.

Maybe, he needed something much more enticing.

In the darkness, Franks started to ponder quietly.