Undefeated God of War - Chapter 836 – Unexpected Attack

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Chapter 836 – Unexpected Attack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Only when Tang Tian and his army disappeared did the intense and terrifying pressure enveloping the fleetdisappear.

Everyone gradually recovered from the shock and fear, the blankness in their eyes gradually recovered, and bloodstarted to flow back to their faces. But the transport ships remained silent, they could not remove their eyes fromthe direction that Tang Tian and the rest disappeared.

Melissa awoke from what seemed to be a nightmare, gasping for breath with her entire body drenched inperspiration.

She had never thought that one man and his army was able to produce such an imposing aura.

Footsteps surprised her, she subconsciously raised her head, noticing that Sima Xiao had already arrived on deckunknowingly. Sima Xiao’s face revealed a smile as warm as the sun, causing the tension in her to untangle.

“Who exactly are you guys?”

Melissa asked with difficulty.

Sima Xiao could not help but smile: “Who are we? That question is slightly complicated.”

He then sat down next to Melissa very naturally, and said: “But I’m more simple, I am Sima Xiao.”

Footsteps came out again, and the old man’s voice from behind: “Mace Fields Tradings’ Clan Elder Franks greetsSima Xiao.”

Sima Xiao stood up and bowed.

“If I did not see it personally, I would be unable to imagine that there would be such a powerful army in the world.”Franks was filled with admiration, the impact on the wise old man had made him lose his senses momentarily, andhis tone had a trace of fear.

“It is definitely a ridicule to let you see that.” Sima Xiao revealed a bashful smile, as though he did not feel righthearing the compliment: “The God Armor Army’s fighting capabilities have not recovered even half of theirstrength, they are not able to live up to your compliment.”

Sssi, everyone drew in a breath.

Nearby, Johnson’s expression looked like he had seen a ghost, and Melissa’s face took a great change.

To have such fearsome fighting capabilities, and it was not

even half of their strength, then how strong would they be at a 100%?

The two of them were somewhat skeptical of Sima Xiao’s words, the God Armor Army’s display of strength hadalready exceeded what they thought was the limit, and if it was only half of it, then their full strength would farsurpass the limits of humans.

How could there possibly be such a powerful army in the world?

Seeing the suspicions in their eyes, Sima Xiao smiled, but did not say anything.

But Franks caught another detail: “God Armor Army? I am sorry for my ignorance and narrow–mindedness, but Iwonder where is this noble army from?”

Sima Xiao laughed, but did not reply him, as though he did not hear the question, and asked: “I wonder if yourbusiness is familiar with Red Soil City?”

Franks did not know what Sima Xiao meant, and replied carefully: “Our business has a shop in Red Soil City.”

“Then, can I ask if your business can help us with something?” Sima Xiao spoke gently, making them feel as if theywere bathed in the spring wind.

Franks’ heart tensed: “That is a natural, as long as we are able to do it, we will not refuse.”

Sima Xiao could hear the leeway hidden within Franks words for themselves, but he did not care, there was a hugedifference in strength between both parties, and if he was not even able to grasp the tempo of the conversation, hewould not be the Scorpio King.

He laughed: “Then I would hope that your business can buy us some warships, as for the price, it will be easy tohandle.”

“Warships?” Franks heaved a sigh of relief: “That isn’t a problem, my business also operates with warships, you canpick out a few with ease, we will definitely give you a good price.”

It was different for where they were, the Honorable Martial Continent was extremely strict on businesses thatmixed with the Southern Region in terms of warships. Of course, that was where the Honorable Martial Continentheld more control, the Western Region was a different matter.

The Western Region was barren and desolate, and security was extremely terrible. Mining groups would alwaysequip with weapons on their own transport ships to ensure their own safety. These mining vessels equipped withweapons were seen all around the Western Region. And there were a few luxuriously equipped mining vessels thatreached the criteria of warships.

But, all of the businesses that operated with warships in the Western Region were all huge businesses.

Sima Xiao was surprised: “I never thought that your organization would be so strong!”

Franks replied hastily: “For a living, for a living.”

He did not want them to see him as a big fat sheep, as that would just be trouble.

Sima Xiao smiled, he did not care about them, and the deck immediately became quiet.

Melissa suddenly asked: “Is your army about to attack the Ratchet Army?”

“That’s right.” Sima Xiao admitted generously: “For the sake of preventing those armies from giving us trouble, it isbetter to get rid of them first.”

The deck became quiet again.

Sima Xiao’s nonchalant confidence made them feel a cold intent, the other party did not even place the Ratchetarmy in their eyes.


The wind whistled past their ears, Tang Tian who was advancing at full speed closed his eyes, his mental statemaintained strangely calm. The dense and vigorous energy made Tang Tian have deja vu. His familiarity towardsenergy made him unaffected by it. He could effortlessly control energy by using the laws as if he was lifting his ownfingers, everything was just by a thought.

The energy revolving around the army was extremely vigorous, forming a unique wind of energy that propelledthem to move at a faster speed.

Compared to controlling energy, it was far more difficult to control the God Armor Army, and most of his focus wasused to sort out the Law Threads. Everyone was not performing well, and even connecting everybody could not bedone, as he could only barely connect them with his God Armor.

Tang Tian’s was not irritated by it, he methodically arranged and sorted out the Law Threads, as though he wasimmersed in the other world.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

His gaze, that was as sharp as swords, pierced through the darkness ahead of him.

In that moment, the ghost–like God Armor Army that was moving silently woke up like a wild ferocious beasthunting for prey.

The fleet flew steadily forward, Sydney was just about to rest, after thinking for a full day, he felt mentally fatigue.He viewed the mission extremely heavily, not only was it a death mission given by the captain, more importantly, ifhe could obtain the favour of the Western Traders, it would not be difficult for him to rise in his career.

More importantly, the mission could be said to be difficult, but it could also be said to be easy.

The difficult part was to find the location of the other party, as they only numbered around 200 men, they couldeasily hide anywhere, and finding them would prove a challenge. And as long as they located them, half of theirmission would be completed.

Sydney recognized that the other party was powerful, but their numbers differed too greatly. With such a hugedisparity, the other party’s only feasible plan was to borrow the terrain and engage in urban warfare.

If they were to encounter them in a wide open plains, the enemy would not even be able to resist one attack oftheirs!

Right at that moment, Sydney suddenly sensed an invisible undulation, causing his face to change. Without eventhinking, he shot forward and arrived at the window.


Right after he pounced to the window, he roared out, wanting to alert everybody. But at the next moment, his voicestopped abruptly, his eyes dilated as he looked outside, his face filled with fear.

He actually could not see anything around him!

A green mist had pervaded out all around them, even when he extended his five fingers ahead of him, he could nolonger see his hands, and along with its intense danger, he instinctively activated his energy barrier.

~Not good, poison!~

Chi chi chi.

A shocking scene occurred right before his eyes, the energy barrier that he activated immediately had needle sizeprick holes, that were constantly growing larger. He had never seen before poison that could corrode energybarriers. In the blink of the eye, the dense needle size prick holes covered his energy barrier.

A dazzling light aura flashed in the green poison mist.


One of the transport ships exploded, transforming into a gigantic orange ball of flames.

The lucky survivors frantically jumped out from the deck and windows.

~Not good!~

Sydney’s face changed.

Screams and wails came out endlessly, all the soldiers were covered with grain sized holes, their bodies werecorroding away into sand by the green mist. That shocking scene caused Sydney’s hands and legs to turn cold.

“Get out! Get out now!”

Sydney’s eyes immediately turned red, as he used all of his might to shout. He did not know what the green poisonmist was, but he knew that if they stayed any longer in it, they would definitely die. Only by getting out could theysurvive!


Another ship exploded.

The gorgeous flames that contrasted with the green mist made it look as though they were in hell.

Hearing their companions scream, the soldiers inside their own transport ships did not dare leave, all of themhuddled together, and only after hearing Sydney’s voice did they wake up.

Only by getting out did they have the chance to win.

All of the transport ships frantically headed out of the poison mist, for the sake of separating the enemy attacks,they rushed out in different directions. One after another of fiery lights blossomed out from their vision, and thefigures that were engulfed by the flames caused every soldier of the Ratchet Army to feel fear.

The only thing they could do now was to break out!

Break out frantically!

A quarter of the transport ships became fiery balls, and fell to the ground. And another quarter of the transportships suffered from severe injuries, their hulls were irreparable, the immense damage was a ghastly sight. In lessthan three minutes of time, they had turned out crude and charred, it was an extremely miserable battle.

Sydney’s face turned sinister, he was like an enraged ox, his eyes turning bloodshot.

Personally watching his own transport ships explode, and seeing his own subordinates being burnt alive, theunprecedented pain took over his body and soul.

Only then did he see his enemies, and his face immediately froze.

In the distant sky, 200 men quietly floated there, as though the ambush was not related to them at all, as thoughthey were calm and cold bystanders.

Arthur City Tragedy!

Sydney had thought of all sorts of possibilities, but never expected for him to suffer from their sudden ambush. Tohim, the enemies would never dare to directly clash with the Ratchet Army that held the advantage.

~I never thought that….~

Suddenly, countless of dazzling light auras lit up around the enemy.

Ice Blue, Blood Red, Silver lightning…

“Tactic No. 43.”

The cold and indifferent voice that seemed emotionless suddenly came out in Sydney’s ears.

Countless of dazzling light dots suddenly lit up, in the blink of the eye, all of these light dots seemed to condense intoa torrential rain that shot towards them. The multi colored rain revolved in the air between them, and transformedinto multi colored vortices.

The multi colored vortices formed and frantically absorbed the energy around them, and started swelling andexpanding rapidly, becoming the size of millstones. Light scars started to appear due to the high speed friction,causing a beautiful halo to form around the vortices.

“Spread out quickly!”

Sydney wailed out in despair.

Before his words could even spread, the light halos shot down like comets, with extremely thick and dazzling lighttails, it whistled into the fleet.

Bang Bang Bang!

The transport ships all split into pieces like paper, before they could even explode, they were engulfed by flames,transforming into regiment of flames. Countless beautiful sparks blossomed out in the sky endlessly.

Sydney’s face was as pale white as paper, there were no blood left in his face, his expression sluggish.

~What….what kind of tactic is that?~