Undefeated God of War - Chapter 835 – Kill Them!

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Chapter 835 – Kill Them!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Do you have any questions?”

The leader noticed Melissa and Johnson’s bizarre expression, and asked them.

Melissa quickly calmed down, and revealed a pained expression: “I am very saddened to hear Uncle Jonathanactually met with a calamity. I was actually about to visit Uncle Jonathan, but I never expected….”

The leader suddenly thought about it, it was understandable, how could the Mace Field Tradings and WesternTraders never met before? It was normal for Melissa and Jonathan to be acquaintances.

The leader was about the lead his team away when his eyes suddenly swept towards the guards around thetransport ships.

They looked to be in terrible shapes, and did not look like protection for a convoy.

The leader suddenly asked: “These people are?”

Melissa reacted very quickly: “A mercenary group we hired. We did not bring enough guards, and heard it was notsafe, so we could only employ them.”

The leader’s suspicions immediately disappeared.

The Arthur City Tragedy had made many traders escape. It was so sudden, that the organizations would not haveenough time to gather manpower, and with the concern of safety, they could only employ mercenaries. ~Seems likeMace Fields Tradings reacted rather slowly, and could only find these ordinary mercenaries to hire.~

Other than the famous large mercenary armies, the majority of the mercenaries were poor and weak. For the sakeof living, they would usually hold other jobs, like how many of the mercenaries would be miners as well.

~Those killers also plundered the Western Traders’ warehouses, they should be equipped to a standard army, andnot as terrible as these people.~

“Please rest assured, we will quickly handle those killers.”

The leader puffed out his chest, he had the desire to protect the beautiful Melissa, he was like a proud ox, and pattedhis chest.

Melissa replied earnestly: “Thank you for your bravery!”

The leader was reluctant to leave, but he did not have anything else to say. Although the Mace Fields Tr

ading wasnot as powerful as the Western Traders, but it was not a social ladder he could afford to climb on.

Tang Tian watched the army that left without any pause.

When he heard about the information of a man with a bewitching blade, he tacitly hid Ji Ze amongst the crowd. SimaXiao did not summon Magatama, as a man with high goals for himself, he did not wish to rely on Magatama toomuch, and trained without holding back.

“You guys were the culprits of the Arthur City Tragedy?”

Melissa’s face was pale white, she felt that she had been too foolish, to not even be able to link such a thing. Onlysuch powerful bandits were able to kill Ao Deng and his unit!

“That’s right.” Tang Tian had his usual expression, then said: “Inform the rest, we are holding up here.”

~Holding up?~

Melissa was confused, ~Why does he want to hold up and rest here all of a sudden?~ Tang Tian did not say anything,he pulled Ji Ze, Fu Zheng Zhi and Sima Xiao to one side.

Melissa did not dare go against his words, and could only return to the convoy. When she arrived, a brazen thoughtsuddenly flashed past her mind, and she was stunned by her own guess.

A bone chilling intent spread through her entire body, causing her to be fixated there.

~Are they going….to…..take down the Ratchet Army….~

Tang Tian spoke softly to the three people: “I’ve changed my mind, we will make our move tonight and get rid ofthem. The Null Division doesn’t have a warship now, if we were to face off against them, we would be in trouble. Weneed to get rid of this army first. Sima Xiao, you stay behind and guard this convoy.”

As though they were on adrenaline, Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi said in unison with killing intent: “Kill them all!”

They had just left Sin Domain and had not crossed path with any Sacred Saint Galaxy armies, and were extremelycurious towards them. Adding that they had broke through with their training, they were even more eager to testthemselves out.

Sima Xiao looked at Tang Tian and said: “I have no problems with that.”

He saw Tang Tian’s stern gaze that flashed with a cold glare, which was unlike the usual noisy and unsophisticatedyoung man, as if they were two different people.

~Only at such a time are you able to show off the majestic and outstanding demeanour as the King of the Ursa MajorConstellation.~

Sima Xiao did not forget how Tang Tian stepped onto the throne, which was through battle after battle, victory aftervictory. What made Sima Xiao startled was that he was actually faintly disappointed, as though…..he was regretfulabout not participating in the battles to come.

~So powerful!~

Sima Xiao had always thought that his ability for self control was more outstanding than the rest, but he neverexpected to be influenced by Tang Tian. But he quickly regained the clarity in his eyes, ~The God Armor Army is asone, if I were to go, I would only affect them, Tang Tian’s allocation is right.~


~He is truly the King of the Ursa Major COnstellation!~

Sima Xiao was filled with admiration.

“Get everyone to rest up as much as they can, we will move when it gets dark.”

Tang Tian ordered, it was the first rest that the God Armor Army had since the start of training.

Everyone sprawled onto the ground all around, and in a few seconds, snoring could be heard.

On the transport ship, Melissa watched the sight dumbstruck, and thought with self ridicule: “Maybe I thought toomuch, they are just too tired.”

The old man’s face remained serious: “No, they are truly about to take action on the Ratchet Army.”

“Ah!” Melissa was shocked: “But, from the way they are now….”

“They are just recovering.” The old man said, the frowns on his face became even more obvious, but deep in his eyes,a light aura seemed to blossom: “Melissa, in the future, no matter what happens, do not become their enemies.”

“Why would I become enemies with them?” Melissa was shocked by her grandfather’s words. She had never thoughtof becoming enemies with the strange bandits, after the past few days, she understood how terrifying they were.But the intent in her grandfather’s words also shook her, after hesitating for a moment, she could not resist but ask:“But, they have offended the Western Traders….”

“Western Traders?” The old man shook his head slowly: “They are just but a small portion of this legend.”

Melissa was dumbstruck, and even the usually calm Johnson had a look of disbelief. The Western Traders, it was animmensely huge organization, countless of martial artists crawled at its feet, and it was like a monster with endlessvines that firmly occupied the Western Region of the Honorable Martial Continent.

Even the Mace Fields Tradings looked up to them.

Night time.

Melissa had not slept, her mind was constantly going through the words her grandfather had told her in the day. If itwere any other person, she would snort and ignore them, but since they were spoken by her grandfather, how couldshe disregard it.

“Johnson, what do you think?”

Johnson was also equally heavily affected, but his thoughts were much simpler: “Young Miss, do not overthink it,just wait and see. If we are truly able to witness this legend, it is considered our honor.”

Melissa was struck, ~That’s right, why am I worrying so much about it? I have no relation with these bandits, I canjust watch by the side.~

Suddenly, Johnson and her were attracted to the movements close by.

The bandits who were sleeping soundly all stood up. They started to move and prepare quickly. Although Melissaand Johnson did not understand what they were preparing to do, they could tell that they were very disciplined.

Ji Ze swung the Bewitching Blade in his hands, while Fu Zheng Zhi kept moving the position of his Chief GreenSwords….

All of them moved very aptly, none revealing any looks of confusion, they were all thorough and precise.

In the entire process, no one spoke, the indescribable sternness pervaded in the night air.

“Are all of you prepared?”

Tang Tian’s face did not reveal his usual naive smile, but was strangely serious.

No one spoke, but they all stopped their movements, their eyes sparkling in the night like stars. But the lingeringkilling intent made them look like wild beasts ready to strike.

In the night, the group of wild beasts laid sprawled to the ground, all revealing ferocious glares.

A person flew into the sky. Tang Tian.

Bang, an extremely low and bassy explosive sound erupted, the 200 men all released their strengths and leapt offthe ground at the same time.

Whoosh, all of them disappeared.

In the sky, 200 black shadows rose at a fast speed, like a flock of black eagles soaring into the sky.

There were no commands, no orders, only the sound of them cutting the air, the 200 men gathered as one, and withan extremely fast speed, 200 afterimages streaked through the air.

Suddenly, they disappeared.

In the next moment, they appeared around Tang Tian.

The sudden change in extreme speed and calmness brought upon an intense visual that caused people to hold theirbreaths.

A small light aura suddenly blossomed amongst the group, like the sun rising out of the ground, the light piercingthrough the darkness.

Melissa and Johnson were overwhelmed with shock as they stared intently at Tang Tian’s fists.

Tang TIan’s fists was like the sun, his overbearingness like a God of War once again descended unto the plains.

~That is….~

Melissa, Johnson and the rest were all stunned by the heaven descending fist once again, the terrifying scene of thesun plummeting into the earth made it look like the Apocalypse. The weaker guards were at the moment completelypetrified as though they were lost in the light.

The dazzling light aura flashed in the night sky.

The light aura on the fist dimmed down like iron that was heated until red, but the most inconceivable sceneoccurred. It suddenly became lifelike, and like flowing molten metal, it flowed along Tang Tian’s body and stretchedout, many streaks of light and darkness intercrossing across his whole body.

Melissa covered her mouth tightly with both hands, afraid to even make the slightest sound, her entire bodytrembling with fear.

When the liquid metal light aura substance reached Tang Tian’s head, it flowed down, and with a speed visible to thenaked eye, it quickly covered Tang Tian’s face.

In that moment, all they saw was a pair of eyes that gave off the indifference of a God, the extremely intensepressure enveloping the world.


One of the soldier that was trembling from head to toe felt his knees give way, and he knelt down. Many more plopscame out, all of their minds were blank, they knelt down on the ground, trembling like sieves. Melissa could onlypersist so much, and reaching her limit, she fell down on the deck.

Only Johnson and the few other stronger guards were still bitterly resisting the force.

In the dense air of the night, it seemed as though a fiendgod had appeared in front of them.

The air around him seemed to be distorted, as many invisible threads extended out.

Beside Tang Tian, Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi’s body suddenly lit up with light auras, following that, the light aurasstarted to spread out.

The 200 men in the sky were like 200 lanterns lighting up one after another.

When the last person lit up with light aura, the God Armor Army in the sky were like stars that condensed together,the overwhelming aura and pressure they gave off extremely substantial. All of their aura seemed to form as one,becoming boundless. It felt as though an ancient beast that was stuck throughout time had walked out, theoverwhelming and overbearing aura caused the wind to stop, the moonlight to lose its splendor, the sky to crawlbeneath their feets, the stars their wings.

God Armor Awakened, the army had arrived.