Undefeated God of War - Chapter 833 – Blood Tear Gemstone

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Chapter 833 – Blood Tear Gemstone

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The endless of dazzling white light instantly spread through the vast plains.

The white light covered everything between the heavens and earth.

Under the violent burst, all the sounds were annihilated, all colors were destroyed, only the boundless light and thebone deep fear remained.

After an unknown period of time, the colors of the world gradually came back. The sound of the wind slowlyreturned.

A burnt pit that had a diameter of over 2km emitted black smoke that rose in spirals, by the edge of the black pit wasmarks of extreme high temperature, the traces resembling glass.

Facing this heaven shocking fist, many of the fleet’s members lost their courage, all of them melted like snow underthe sun, disappearing to who knows where. Melissa and the few remaining brave and righteous members all hadlooks of respect and reveration.

Melissa did not have any bad reactions, she was still immersed in the shock and was unable to get out of it.

She had seen many of the legendary famed generals, and met many armies with meritorious achievements, but shehad never met someone with such terrifying power. It’s direct explosion was not as complicated with eye dazzlingvariations like the army, but it was extremely shocking, the moment its light aura blossomed, one would forget tobreath and forget to resist.

The God of War’s cold and stern image occupied every corner of her mind, and she lost the ability to think.

“Why is it so poor?”

Tang Tian’s face was as black as a pot, his tone unkind. He had flipped through the entire transport fleet, but therewas not much money or minerals.

To obtain nothing after plundering made the godlike young lad unhappy.

Melissa was awoken from her dream, ~Wait a minute, is he plundering us?~

~This God of War like martial artist in front of me is actually a bandit?~

The idol in her mind instantly turned sluggish as she looked at Tang Tian blankly. ~It is still the same face, but withthe disappearance of the deity like pres

ence, why does this face look so loathsome?~

~And that ignoring expression….~

~Wait a minute, ignoring me?~

Melissa was startled, there had never once been a person who would reveal such an expression in front of her. Sinceyoung, regardless of where she was, whenever someone stood in front of her, they would be smiling with love andaffection.

~Ignoring me?~

~I’m actually being ignored!~

She then noticed that the other party had his eyes on her face, as though he was sizing her up. Melissa puffed up herchest and lowered her chin, she was extremely confident with her own appearance. She had seen countless of youngand handsome talents, that would do anything for her the moment she smiled at them.

~He definitely did not see my face clearly!~

Melissa was brimming with confidence, she was awaiting for the other party to be dazed by her beauty, waiting forhim to be convinced of her looks.

“What is with your expression? Why’re you still so proud when you’re so poor? Do you know you’re wastingeverybody’s time? How can you be like that, so insincere!”

Tang Tian was filled with rage.

Melissa was completely dumbfounded by Tang Tian’s words.

“Boss, we can’t leave empty handed, if they have no money, we can take their flesh!” Ji Ze said sinisterly: “This lasslooks is of some standard, she is rather beautiful!”

Ji Ze was no good man, in Sin Domain, he was a Grade A infamous man.

“Beautiful?” Tang Tian looked at Ji Ze with disdain: “You call this beautiful? Ji Ze, pay attention to your taste in girls,don’t embarrass me!”

Tang Tian truly thought that Melissa was not beautiful at all, as his eyes only had Qian Hui! Compared to Qian Hui,there were no other beautiful girls!

In Crazy Tang’s eyes, there were only two types of ladies, Qian Hui, and the rest. The term beautiful only belongedto Qian Hui, as for other ladies, no matter how beautiful they were, they were not as beautiful as Qian Hui.

Ji Ze and the rest were stunned by Tang Tian’s words!

~Could it be that Master’s paramour is an outstanding beauty who is unparalleled?~

They had followed Tang Tian for a considerably long time, and already knew how Tang Tian was as a person, hiswords were as honest as it could get, he was a complete smug, oh no, he was completely confident in himself, onethat stemmed from the heart.

To them, Melissa’s features were definitely uncommon, she might not be the most beautiful person in the world, butshe had the qualifications to be grouped with the few most beautiful ladies.

~Could it be that there is an even more beautiful lady in the world than her?~ Everyone’s gaze towards Tang Tianwas filled with reverence, ~As expected of Master, he is our idol!~

Basking in the revered gazes of the men, Tang Tian was pleased, he waved his hands: “Let’s go, let’s go, time isprecious!”

Unknowingly, Melissa’s face was flushed red, since young, she had never been that humiliated. Not only was shechided for being poor, but she was ignored by him, and even called ugly, her fists were clenched extremely tight, herface was filled with hatred, an unprecedented hatred.

“You, hold still!”

Melissa blurted out with rage in her mind.

The old man’s face changed, right from the start, he had not spoken up, but was secretly observing the people.

He was equally astonished by Tang Tian’s devastating fist, no, it should be shocked. His knowledge of the world wasmore extensive than Melissa, and he had seen countless of experts, but there were never one that was able tounleash such a devastating fist.

The fist had completely broken his common knowledge of the term ‘power’. Such a degree of attack could only appear from an army, and not an individual. Melissa did not know that the old man also had the same thoughts on the man in front of them.

~A God of War has descended!~

But after that, when Tang Tian and the rest talked about plundering, the old man calmed down. Melissa’s strangeidolizing thoughts had crumbled, but the old man did not. Ignoring the plundering, even if the other party wereextremely eccentric and weird, he would find it normal. Geniuses were always different from the others, it wasnormal for them to be eccentric, and abnormal for them to not be.

After looking for benefits, and the words of the other party confirmed the old man’s guess.

~If they truly were bandits, why would they leave us alive if there was nothing on board?~

~What sort of joke is this!~

That was why he remained low profile, although he had thoughts to make friends with the other party, but he knewthat experts were often temperamental. If he was not careful, they would truly be killed. If he wanted to find outabout them, he could slowly take his time.

But when Melissa shouted “You, hold still”, the old man’s scalp went numb ~Shit!~

He immediately shouted: “Melissa, do not be rude!”

Melissa was immediately jolted awake by her grandfather’s shout, but unknowingly, the emotions of being wrongedsurged in her heart, and her eyes started to turn red as she started to weep.

“Esteemed Master, Melissa has no intentions of offending you, it is because she was spoiled since childhood!Melissa, why are you not apologizing to the master?” The old man became strict.

Melissa’s tears dropped, since young, her grandfather had never scolded her. But she knew that her grandfatherwas doing it for her own good, and spoke while sobbing: “Master, I am sorry!”

Tang Tian was baffled, he turned and asked Ji Ze: “I didn’t even touch her, why is she crying?”

Ji Ze squinted his eyes, he looked at Melissa with a cold glare, and then spoke with disdain: “Maybe it is becauseMaster didn’t touch her.”

Fu Zheng Zhi and the other men’s eyes also turned unkind. In the first place, the Sin Domain had always been achaotic land, plundering was as normal as eating rice, and it was a world where they had to kill or be killed. To them,the master’s actions were too gentle and kind like an angel. In Sin Domain, if the bandits plundered but could notobtain anything, killing to vent the anger was the most fundamental thing to do to display their professionalism.

The old man knew that the situation was turning dire, and immediately begged: “Various masters….”

Tang Tian suddenly interrupted him, and pointed to the pendant necklace on Melissa’s neck: “Bring that here.”

Melissa’s face turned pale white, she understood that her own actions were beyond wrong, her so called pride wasnothing in front of absolute strength. Regret surged in her heart, she knew that she had to die, but she hadimplicated her grandfather.

Before Melissa could say anything, the Bewitching Blade in Ji Ze’s hands moved.

Melissa only felt a faint wind breezing past, and the pendant necklace at her chest had disappeared.

Tang Tian took the pendant, it had a red gemstone inside which was as red as blood, which made it look pretty. In hishand, Tang Tian felt an indescribable undulation. He suddenly had a thought, and took out the apparatus that Sai Leihad given him.

The pointer of the apparatus immediately had a huge deflection.

Saint Crystal concentration, 0.2%.

Tang Tian’s eyes grew wide.

Inside the most ordinary of materials, the concentration of Saint Crystals were extremely low, Tang TIan hadtransported a full warehouse worth of materials only to purify out 15 grams of Saint Crystals. It was a fullwarehouse of materials, even by using the aquarius cabinets to transport them, it took a toll on him, proving hownumerable it was.

~A total of 3000 ton!~

On average, it was 0.0005%.

“What material is this?” Tang TIan took out the red gemstone.

Melissa looked at her grandfather, then said: “Blood Tear Gemstone.”

“I’ve changed my mind.” Tang Tian pointed to Melissa: “Use Blood Tear Gemstones to exchange for her.”

~What a joke, the amount of Saint Crystal in this one blood tear gemstone is much more than the materials. Ignoringthe fact that the amount of materials wasted just for the Saint Crystal is a pity, I had to move everything like a dog, Ihave to get this material!~

The old man heaved a sigh of relief, but without changing the expression on his face: “Ok! I wonder how many beadsdoes Master require?”

His reply was straightforward, because the other party’s tone was equally firm. Although the Blood Tear Gemstonewas expensive, but to use it to preserve Melissa’s life, it was worth it.

He then recalled the apparatus that Tang Tian used, he knew that the other party had checked the Blood TearGemstone for something, and knew that that was the key to the issue!

~Does the Blood Tear Gemstone have some secret that is unknown to others?~

Blood Tear Gemstone was a type of expensive and extravagant gemstone, its attractive blood red color made everylady fall in love with it, thus its price. The old man had never heard of any other reasons for the value of thegemstone.

~For the other party to see it so importantly, the secret must definitely be extraordinary.~

“100 of it then.” Tang Tian thought for a moment, since it was a gemstone, it must definitely be expensive.

“No problem!” The old man agreed without hesitation.

Tang Tian was stunned, ~Damn it, the starting price was too low!~

After struggling for half a day, he gave up on increasing the price, ~this Godlike young lad’s saliva is expensive!~

“Quickly go obtain the Blood Tear Gemstone, and find us at Red Soil City in exchange for her.” Tang Tian tookMelissa and was about to leave.

The old man and Melissa revealed a strange expression, and only after hesitating for a while did Melissa speak out:“Is Master prepared to go to Red Soil City?”

“Yes.” Tang Tian said as a matter of factly.

“But…..Red Soil City is not in this direction….” Melissa said weakly.

As though he was struck by lightning, Tang Tian and the rest were completely stunned.

Tang Tian who was as dumbstruck as a chicken, face turned green, then white, and then the memory of Bing’sridicule smile surfaced in his mind.

“......Crazy young lad go go go, oh my god, where’s this? Oh my, Little Xu Xu, why did I encounter you? Let us gotogether! Eh, why are you lost again? I’m so sorry, the battle is already over, but you guys are still lost.”