Undefeated God of War - Chapter 832 – Addicted to Plunder

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Chapter 832 – Addicted to Plunder

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Uncle, are you alright? I heard that you were oppressed by others, terrible, you must work hard Uncle, don’t bebeaten to the point of trembling like a sieve and throw my face!”

“Hehe, you still have a face? Who gave you that confidence? And, who did you hear from that I was beaten up to thepoint of trembling like a sieve, it is nonsense!”

“Eh, could it be that the news was wrong?”

“It was clearly Crane!”

“Crane…..as the main commander–in–chief, Uncle you actually did not take it upon yourself, I have misjudged you!But it is fine, the great flag to decide victory can only be handled by me, the Godlike young lad!”

“Count on you? Hahahaha, I would instantly admit defeat. The scene is too perfect, I dare not look at it! Crazy younglad go go go, oh my god, where’s this? Oh my, Little Xu Xu, why did I encounter you? Let us go together! Eh, why areyou lost again? I’m so sorry, the battle is already over, but you guys are still lost.”

“Uncle, you want to fight?”

“Come then, come, If I’m afraid of you, then I’m not a spirit general!”


The mutual spraying of words over the half hour of routine formalities with uncle Bing finally stopped. Listening toit, Crane looked as though he was in a difficult situation, but the rest looked fine.

For some reason, although he was angry at Uncle Bing, Tang Tian’s mood was strangely relaxed, the fatigue from thecontinuous days of labor swept away. He subconsciously clenched his fists tight, and shouted in his own heart, ~Hey,Godlike young lad, do your best!~


Outside of Arthur City, everyone had assembled completely.

“Move out!”

Tang Tian shouted out with high spirits, everyone leapt into the air and disappeared into the sky.

Arthur City became quiet for a moment before erupting in thunderous creams, countless of them were so joyousthey were crying, weeping disconsolately.

The news of Art

hur City being swept clean by a group of fearsome bandits had quickly spread through White FieldsContinent like a storm.

The group of bandits were ruthless and unprecedentedly brutal, and even the big figures of the Western Traderswere unable to escape their slaughter. Rumors said that Arthur City became a city with a river of blood, out of 10homes, 9 became empty, where the bandits slaughtered for three whole days before stopping. The lucky survivorsoffered all their wealth to preserve their lives. Arthur City’s hundred years of accumulated wealth was swept cleanjust like that.


“Arthur City is just a small city, and the rumors spread are overly excessive.”

A pretty young girl could not help but whine to the old man beside her, she was roughly 17 or 18 years old withsmooth gold air draping over her shoulders. She was dressed in a white lace princess dress, making her look virtuousand peaceful, with only her bright sparkling eyes revealing a tinge of shrewdness and wisdom.

The old man’s face became serious and shook his head: “Melissa, do not look down on these group of savages. Yes,Arthur City is not huge, but the Western Traders there have a powerful force. The man stationed there should beJonathan, he is a crafty and greedy man who is extremely sly. The subordinates under him are not weak either,especially for the protection unit head called Ao Deng.”

“But he is just a protection unit head, why do you view him so heavily?” Melissa was surprised.

“You do not know of Ao Deng’s background, thus you look down on him. He worked in the military for many years,and was once the direct subordinate under Master Jia Ya, and was forced to retire due to severe injuries.” The oldman said.

“He was Master Jia Ya’s direct subordinate?” Melissa was shocked.

The Five Honorable Generals of the Honorable Martial Continent hold extremely high positions, and Melissa wasignorant about Ao Deng was because she had never heard about him, but after hearing his position as one of MasterJia Ya’s subordinate generals, she was instantly filled with respect for him.

“Yes, I do not know what conditions Jonathan gave, to actually recruit such a fearsome general.” The old man said:“Although Ao Deng is injured, but he has plenty of fight experience, and although the protection unit he personallytrained up is not big, they wield astonishing fighting capabilities, and the bandits and rogues destroyed by theminclude all the infamous ones as well.

Melissa somewhat took joy in the calamity: “Who asked the Western Traders to be so unrestrained, this time theyhave truly kicked a steel bucket.”

The old man did not express his opinion: “The Western Traders will not leave it lying like that, the Western Region is their territory, to have their Arthur City bathed in blood, if they do not take their enemy down, then the Western Traders will be in a trouble. They will give their all to kill off those bandits, no matter how strong they are, they will be destroyed sooner or later.”

“That is true.” Melissa nodded her head, but her expression of joy in their calamity did not lessen: “But there will be ashow to see, so it will not be so boring. But, where did those powerful bandits come from?”

The old man seemed to have thought of something, then said indifferently: “The Western Traders have antagonizedmany people lately, I think that some people might have seen that Master Gou Cheng WenDao is not doing well,thus were eager to take action.”

Melissa seemed to be enlightened, the Western Traders had an extremely tight relationship with General GouCheng WenDao, and it was no secret to the superiors. As Master Gou Cheng WenDao was leading his troops in theSouthern Expedition and was actually being thwarted, many of the higher ups were rather unsatisfied with him.

~No wonder…..~

Suddenly, the warning alarm sounded out.

The sharp warning alarm sounds caused the entire fleet to be in an uproar.

“I’ll go take a look!” Melissa rushed out in a hurry, the old man was unable to sit still as well, and stood up and headedover to the deck.

After walking to the deck of the transport ship, the old man’s face turned white, in the distance, there was a group ofblack dots flying towards them at an astonishing speed.


Sima Xiao leisurely watched Tang Tian guiding the rest.

“Don’t be disturbed by the energy. After getting used to it, you will actually find it quite nice.”

“Use the power of the physique! Have you forgotten how to incit Law Threads?”

“Yes, just like that, Laws do not exist alone here, you need to find the connection, yes, that’s the energy you need!”


Upon Magatama’s revival, Sima Xiao’s situation took a heaven toppling change, flight and battle, Magatama tookcare of everything for him. The rest were still in the abyss of suffering, the White Fields Continent’s energyconcentration was far higher than the Desolate Continent, and the energy disturbance on the laws were ratherpowerful.

Ji Ze and the rest felt extremely uncomfortable.

Du Ke’s theory had already resolved their problem between laws and energy. But no matter how perfect the theorywas, reality was cruel. After decades of getting used to an environment, they were plunged into a completelydifferent place, and regardless of it being mental or physical, they needed time to adapt.

Although Tang Tian was anxious, he had no choice but to suppress it down.

The battle situation of the Southern Alliance was far better than he had imagined. Although they had a few downs,where Crane was beaten up very miserably, but in the overall situation, they were gradually pulling out from thedisadvantage.

Tang Tian was not worried for Crane at all, he was a determined and unwavering man, and a minor setback was not aproblem to him. As for the lost Ling Xu, ha ha, that would depend on luck.

The only thing that made him sad was the misery from the heavy losses that Swift Army and Skull Unit had sufferedfor the achievements they had produced.

In Bing’s words, the most difficult time had passed. The current Southern Alliance was already gaining back itsstrength, and their battle potential was continually being replenished.

There was no need for Tang Tian to worry about the Southern Alliance, thus he placed all of his focus on his currentlocation.

Tang Tian favoured Bing’s concepts extremely, but they themselves had many problems they required to solve. Forexample, the Monster Army that Zhong Li Bai was leading, they required time to adapt to their mechanical spiritweapons, and they were far from building up a substantial fighting strength.

But at the moment, their current task was to obtain warships.

Without warships, the Null Division was useless. That was why Tang Tian did not do what Sai Lei and Pi Pa hadbegged him to do, to sweep every city, and spend days and nights transporting the goods, but used the fastest speedto pounce at the Red Soil City.

For the God Armor Army, Tang Tian did not have many qualms, they only required more time. Regardless of whataspect it was, everyone was working hard.

As for safety, with him and Sima Xiao around, as long as they did not meet any large scale armies, they had noproblems.

Sima Xiao observed Tang Tian who was patiently guiding everybody, and a light flashed past in his eyes. The CurrentTang Tian had matured compared to the past. His growth was always surpassing everyone’s expectations.

If one were to spend all their days with him, the feeling would not be too apparent. But to disappear away from himfor a period of time, and to see him again, one would be greatly surprised.

“There’s a group of traders below!”

Someone suddenly shouted.

Everyone all stopped, and a few eager people immediately whistled out, it was easy to get addicted to plundering.

Tang Tian laughed, for the sake of reaching Red Soil City faster, they chose a straight path, and did not stop at anycity, naturally missing the chance of clearing out the cities.

“I hope they are slightly fatter!”

Tang Tian whined, he truly sounded like a real Bandit head.

He waved his arms and shouted: “Full speed ahead!”

All sorts of weird sounds came out from a group of people’s mouths, they followed behind Tang Tian tightly, like aneagle pouncing downwards.

Sima Xiao could not help but laugh, feeling that it was interesting: “Magatama, let us go as well!”

The few days of training was not wasted, although Ji Ze and the rest have not completely recovered their fightingcapabilities, but they have already grasped the knack to it, and had recovered about 75% of their strength.

The God Armor Army’s training was extremely harsh. Under the Awakened State, Tang Tian’s face was emotionlessand expressionless, he did not talk about feelings, and was a true monster instructor. The highest intensity oftraining made them feel that even though they had not recovered their strength, their formations were maintainedharmoniously and perfectly.

The wind whistled past them as they soared down like lightning.

It was just 200 odd men, but the momentum they displayed caused Melissa and the rest who had just arrived ontheir decks to have a change in expression.

Tang Tian who was flying at a fast speed suddenly took a deep breath, and the power in his body surged.

Clenching his fists tight, he suddenly erupted with dazzling light auras.

The moment the dazzling light auras blossomed, the sky seemed to become white. Melissa’s vision was instantlyenveloped by the white, and could not see anything.

Suddenly losing her sight made her feel fear.

But the white light disappeared as quickly as it came, in the next time, the white light receded, and her visionreturned to normal.

What Melissa saw next was something she would never forget for the rest of her life.

In the air, there was a young man with his fist raised, his fist enveloped by a bright light. The dazzling light aura shone so bright, that reflected his statue like face, the grave and stern light and shadow accumulating an indescribable harmony. Under the white dazzling light, his robust and strong body looked like it was dressed in dazzling light armor.

The young man who resembled a God of War, released his breath, and his fist.

A sun descended unto them.