Undefeated God of War - Chapter 829 – Dangerous Man

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Chapter 829 – Dangerous Man

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Sima Xiao himself did not know how long had it been since he revealed such a smile.

After entering the Sin Domain, he had lost all of his arrogance. Authority, power, everything had left him, he was nolonger the Scorpio King that caused people to tremble. He did his best to adjust to his surroundings, picked up ahumble pretense and worked hard to adapt to the Null Division’s training.

Since young, he understood the concept that worthless people would die first as cannon fodder.

And his life that had lost color started to return to his world after stepping into the Desolate Continent.

Magatama absorbed energy endlessly, and finally, on the previous day, Magatama regained consciousness.

The charming face that looked to be able to confuse everyone, the handsome face that caused others to blush, andthe power that was so powerful that it made everyone else submit to him, had returned into his world. He had onceagain become the Scorpio King who could call the wind and summon the rain from absolutely nothing.

“Magatama, come out.”

A light murmur dissipated into the air, the young man’s soft and maroon short hair swayed with the wind.

A sigh that seem to spread through space and time arose without any omen in everybody’s hearts, causing theirfaces to immediately change.

Ao Deng who had never revealed any expression from the start, finally had a change in expression. He did not senseany undulations, the sigh seemed to come from all directions, and seemed as though it had came from his heart.

His pupils suddenly constricted.

Unknowingly, a beautiful figure had appeared beside the young man.

~When did she appear there?~

~I didn’t even sense her at all!~

A cold sensation surfaced from Ao Deng’s heart, and his fists tightened involuntarily. It was his first time that hissteel determination in winning and his self confidence had shook. The people before him started to feel extremelystrange to him.

Upon appearing, Magatama had seized all the splendor on the streets,

all the lights had gathered on her.

She stretched her hands out, then her waist, as though she had just awoken from her sleep. It was these extremelylanguid movements that brought about an indescribable undulation that quietly pervaded the air.

Ao Deng sensed something was amiss, he felt that it was extremely comfortable under the sun.

~Something’s wrong!~

He suddenly woke up, his face changed once more, he finally regained his senses, the energy in the air had becomeextremely lively.

~What did she do?~

He had never heard of such a technique before, he resisted the shock in his heart and asked: “Who are you guys?”

“I think you will have never heard of us.”

The short haired young man revealed a smile, his voice was warm as the sun.

“What’s going on? How can you be so rude to our noble gests! How dare you make a scene!”

Suddenly, a roar came out, a figure dropped from the sky, it was the middle aged man who was in the building. Heroared in anger at Ao Deng. Previously, he had seen the confrontation, and when Ao Deng asked “Who are youguys”, he knew that they had met with trouble.

Ao Deng was a man who never liked to talk nonsense, especially when it was just before a battle, for him to holdback his troops and not engage in battle but asked about the other party’s background meant he did not hold theconfidence of winning.

The middle aged man reacted extremely quickly, he knew that Ao Deng needed to be helped, and appeared.

Ao Deng heaved a sigh of relief, but acted like he did not know anything, and bowed to the middle aged man:“Master!”

The middle aged man turned his head and smiled: “My lowly subordinates have not been taught well, and offendedall of you here under my watch, I hope that all of you can give me a chance to apologize. My name is Jonathan, and Iam the clan elder of the Western Traders, and I am responsible for the area here. Everyone, you will all be my friendsfrom now on, if you need anything here, please feel free to ask me.”

Sima Xiao slanted his head, and looked at Jonathan with a smile that did not look like a smile.

For some reason, the chestnut colored hair young man in front of him smiled like the sun, but it made him feel anintense sense of danger. He forcefully calmed himself down, he had found the way out of the situation, but if theother party was not tactful, he was not afraid either. The Western Traders were not some random Tom, Dick orHarry, and he himself had confidence in himself.

In the Honorable Martial Continent’s Western Region, no one dared to act wantonly in front of the WesternTraders. As the top business in the entire Honorable Martial Continent, the Western Traders possessed manyrelationships with the officials of the Honorable Martial Continent, and monopolized the mining industry of theHonorable Martial Continent. Furthermore, the Western Region was considered their land, so they did not fearanyone.

The reason why he got his subordinates to probe was to see if the other party was strong, and if they were not, he could just eat them up. And if the opponent was troublesome, he would jump out and find a way out for them, and placed the blame on his subordinates.

It was a technique he had tried and tested multiple times.

Those who did not have a strong backer would naturally be eaten up by him. For those with backers and were troublesome, he would throw the blame to his subordinates, and then with a nice attitude, he would give them a way out, and the other parties would always give him some face.

Who would dare to cause trouble with the Western Traders? Did they want to leave the city alive?

In such a barren place, it was normal for people to fall to accidents.

Sima Xiao could see that the Ao Deng felt secure with his own backing, which did not surprise him.

~But the man behind him…..~

Sima Xiao’s smile became even bigger, ~That is a truly undisciplined and out of control maverick!~

“Kill him.”

The wind blew on the young man’s chestnut colored hair, as well as his words.

Jonathan was startled, he thought that he had heard wrong. ~Kill him? Is his mind still functioning properly?~

Suddenly, a sigh sounded out by his side, and a cold wind blew down his neck. All the hairs on Jonathan’s body stoodup straight, and he sensed something ominous. Before he could even react, a pain spread from his chest.

“How audacious!”



The group exclaimed out along with Ao Deng’s roar, but they were all too late.

Jonathan looked down at his own chest, a jade like slender hand had protruded out of his chest. It seemed as thoughthe hand had some unique technique, preventing the blood from tainting the hand, without a trace of blood. Itseemed to have an indescribable charm that prevented him from looking away.

The beautiful hand disappeared once more, and his blood started to flow out, staining his upper body.

The voices around him seemed distant, his consciousness became hazy, Jonathan just stood there blankly looking athis chest that was covered with blood, even when the darkness engulfed his consciousness, he did not know why theother party dared to kill him.


Ao Deng’s head buzzed, his face was ashen green, as an invisible fear covered his entire body.

~Jonathan was killed!~

His life had been sealed the moment Jonathan died in front of him. If he dared to run, his family would be massacred.After working under Jonathan for so many years, he knew how powerful the Western Traders were, and howterrifying they were. They were able to influence the Honorable Martial Continent’s plans, and were able tomonopolize the mining industry in the Honorable Martial continent without relying on their wealth.

~This will be my grave. To die here, at least I will not implicate my family.~

Ao Deng recognized that point, but instead grew calm.

He stared at the group of people standing in front of him, they were definitely people with some powerful history.They were not afraid of the Western Traders at all, which was already not normal. Ao Deng knew for himself, thatthe number of families larger and more powerful than the Western Traders could be counted with one hand. Eventhe Five Great Generals would not be so reckless as to quarrel with the Western Traders.

~Could they be enemies of the Traders?~

Ao Deng immediately flung that thought out of his mind, the Western Traders had their enemies, but none of themwould brazenly run into the Western Trader’s territory and under the eyes of so many people, kill a clan elder. Thatwould only incite a war, and to fight with a big powerhouse like the Western Traders would cause harm to the entireHonorable Martial Continent. No one would dare incite such huge commotion, and the Honorable MartialContinent would prevent such a thing from happening.

~Then who can they be?~

~Such a powerful spirit general!~

Magatama had unknowingly returned back to Sima Xiao’s side, her beauty caused people to choke, and looked asthough that everything that had just happened was not linked to her.

Ao Deng was filled with despair, he knew that he had encountered the legendary top grade spirit general. She didnot reveal any power, which simply showed her control had reached an extremely profound stage. If not for himpersonally seeing her kill Jonathan, Ao Deng would never had thought that she was dangerous.

He had never heard of someone’s spirit general being so strong.

Just the female spirit general was alone to kill all of them.

Ao Deng could not resist but to ask once more: “Who exactly are you guys?”

Sima Xiao revealed a bashful smile that was as bright as the sun once more: “Magatama, kill all of them.”

Magatama’s body disappeared again.

Ji Ze and the rest were completely stupefied, they were all shocked beyond their skin. Sima Xiao’s gentle demeanourand feeble look made him almost non existent, and no one had any impression on him. No one had ever seenMagatama, who appeared all of a sudden. When Sima Xiao volunteered to take the battle, everyone was stillskeptical about him.

But when they saw how Magatama struck the enemy, they were all stunned.

Magatama seemed to be become invisible and visible over and over again like a spirit, and no one was able to toucheven her clothes. But the most terrifying thing was her pair of untainted hands. It seemed as though that whateverthose pure white slender beauties touched, which would make people worried about breaking them, could destroyanything that she touched.

Her movements were extremely graceful as she floated around like mist.

Ao Deng’s eyes flushed red, he realized that he was unable to lock down the terrifying spirit. Her movements defiedlogic, all of their attacks were unable to even touch her! Wherever she went, people would fall, everywhere flowedwith blood, and lives were cut down.

It was the first time he felt helpless.

“Kill him!”

The unprecedented fear made Ao Deng go crazy. A sigh that seemed far yet close suddenly sounded out at his ear,Ao Deng quivered, and instantly used his killing technique to strike behind him.

Nothing hit.

He felt a pain at nis neck, and what he saw was a headless corpse beneath him falling to the ground.

~Is it finally over?~

His face actually revealed a look of freedom.

The smile on Sima Xiao’s face became even brighter, ~Magatama became even stronger.~

Three minutes.

Blood dyed the streets red, bodies littered the ground, the heavy and pungent blood smell pervaded the air, otherthan the snow white figure, no one else was left standing.

It was dead silence.

Everyone were experienced fights, but the massacre and rain of blood before them made them feel cold, and theirfaces white.

“My apologies, I might have gone slightly overboard.”

Sima Xiao was somewhat embarrassed, revealing an embarrassed laugh. Magatama floated beside him like a fairy.

Everyone immediately turned their heads away, as though they had all seen a venomous snake.

~I must stay away from this guy from now on.~