Undefeated God of War - Chapter 828 – The Western Traders

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Chapter 828 – The Western Traders

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Is there a problem? Friend.”

Ji Ze squinted his eyes and stepped forward.

The robust man and his men felt a cold intent swept past them, as though they were being stared at by a venomoussnake in the shadows. Ji Ze’s aura turned cold, the Bewitching Blade in his hand turned even more scarlet red,becoming even more bewitching.

The robust man snorted: “You guys want to put your heads out for this punk? He owes quite a big sum of money.”

The power that Ji Ze was emitting made him feel fear.

Fu Zheng Zhi then asked Wen Kang: “How much money do you owe him?”

Wen Kang’s face was pale white, it was the thing that he was most worried about. There was a time where theyfinally obtained the chance to have fun and leave the Sin Domain Stronghold, and while returning, he passed byArthur City, and decided to gamble a bit, after losing a sum of money, he borrowed more, but he did not expecthimself to lose everything. Being afraid, he escaped in the middle of the night back to the Stronghold. No matter howpowerful the other party was, they would never dare to go to the Stronghold to ask for his debt.

But who knew…..

Wen Kang knew that the people in front of them would kill without blinking, he did not dare hide anything, andmuttered: “50 thousand Light Coins.”

“50 thousand? “The robust man sneered: “That was the base sum, add the interests 20 thousand, and we will call iteven.”

Wen Kang was already trembling like a sieve.

The robust man did not want more issues to surface, he just wanted the money back. He was an experienced man,and knew that the people in front of him that were unknown could not be offended so easily. If they came from ahuge backing, he would be in huge trouble.

Not far from them, in a building, a middle aged man stared at the two groups facing off. His gaze was fixated on theman wielding the scarlet red blade releasing the strange aura, and his

;eyes flashed with a look of desire.

After working in the mining industry for so many years, he had seen and encountered all sorts of metals andmaterials, his eyes was extremely sharp, and from first glance, his eyes were locked onto the blade.

~That is a blade with life!~

He had never seen such a breathtaking weapon before, ~What kind of materials must be used to create such asword? How miraculous is that?!~

The desire in eyes grew more and more, and his breathing became even more rapid.

~Maybe I should get Ah Cai to probe these people?~

In that instant, he made the decision, his eyes suddenly turned dark and deek, and he called for the servant besidehim, and muttered a few instructions.

Fu Zheng Zhi looked at Tang Tian, who nodded.

The light coins in their hands were obtained from the captives, they had 2 million cloud coins, where they obtainedthe most from Wu Xuan. Since it was not his money, Tang Tian did not feel any pain in parting with the money. Therewas no need to cause trouble just for 20 thousand.”

“We will accept, 20 thousand extra.” Fu Zheng Zhi said calmly.

Just at that moment, someone came up to the robust man, Ah Cai, and whispered to him.

Ah Cai’s face immediately calm knowing he had a backing, the restraining fear in him swept away, he snorted: “Myapologies, but it is no longer at that price.”

Fu Zheng Zhi replied playfully: “Oh, what price is it now at then?”

“1 million!” Ah Cai’s face revealed a pleased look, then pointed to Ji Ze: “And that blade!”

Fu Zheng Zhi laughed.

“You want this blade?” Ji Ze smiled at Ah Cai, that was not a smile.

Ah Cai did not fear anything, and said haughtily: “That’s right, my young master is interested in your blade, be smartabout….”

A bewitching scarlet red light aura swept past.

Ah Cai’s words was cut short, he became stunned. On his neck, an extremely slender bloodline gradually appeared,and in the next moment, blood spewed out. The robust man fell to the ground with his head looking into the sky, hiseyes still wide opened, he was unable to believe that the other party would actually dare to make a move.

“No one else shall do anything!”

Ji Ze said extremely coldly, his handsome yet bewitching face becoming extremely gloomy. He was not a kind manto begin with, already fighting his way onto the List of Powerhouses at such a young age, he had arrogance all theway to his bones, so how could he tolerate the shame from some dog?

Fu Zheng Zhi reminded him: “Don’t turn this place into a bloodbath.”

Before he could finish saying anything, Ji Ze’s figure had already disappeared.

The other parties seemed to have awoken from their daydream, they roared out and pounced at Ji Ze.

Arthur City’s western area had never been a kind and peaceful area, to survive in this place, one had to have theirown strength to survive, if not they would be swept clean by others. All of the people by Ah Cai’s side were not weakat all.

Previously, they never thought that Ji Ze would dare make a move, adding that Ji Ze’s blade was too fast, they wereunable to react at all.

Ah Cai was actually killed in front of them!

And the people behind Ah Cai was The Western Traders! Upon thinking about the punishment they would receive,the fear immediately took hold of their hearts. All of them were fugitives in their own lives, and at that moment, theyexploded with light auras, with bloodshot eyes, they pounced onto Ji Ze.

Ji Ze was immediately in danger.

The White Fields Continent’s energy was much denser than the Desolate Continent, and thus the people from theSin Domain were weakened to a greater degree. They had merely touched upon the technique on how to use Lawsto control energy. Ji Ze could only rely on his outstanding body and his familiar blade techniques to resist the group.

Countless white sword auras filled the entire street.

The defensive barriers of the shops on the streets activated, and the shop owners did not seem to be the least bitpanicked about the situation, as they had long gotten used to the battles that often broke out.

But very quickly, other people noticed the peculiarities of Ji Ze’s Bewitching Blade. Regardless of how intense ortyrannical the energy was, the blade was able to defend against them. And they quickly noticed that there was noenergy undulations coming from Ji Ze’s body at all.

That meant that he was completely relying on brute force to withstand the energy.

This blade…

More and more people were attracted to the blade.

The middle aged man in the building opposite the street had already decided to obtain the blade. ~I wonder wheredid this country bumpkin come from, to carry such a treasure and send it to me, it truly is too easy.~

~All of them have no energy undulations at all, these country bumpkins are truly naive, they think that they can stayin Arthur City merely by relying on brute strength?”

Ji Ze’s situation was truly difficult, the enemy’s’ strength was stronger than what he had anticipated. And there seemed to be some unique pattern towards their advances and retreats. He thought about what the Master had said before, the Sacred Saint Galaxy worshipped armies as the number one force, and it was his first time witnessing it, even the citizens also knew coordinations.

Ji Ze’s state of mind was extremely calm, he did not panic despite the difficult situation. Although the power of Lawswere affected, the power of the physique remained free to use. Filled with the power of the physique, hismovements were extremely monstrous. Everytime it looked as though he was about to be hit, he would evade theattacks.


The enemies roared out.

10 more sword auras suddenly erupted, and enveloped the street, preventing Ji Ze from evading any more.

Ji Ze’s eyes turned cold, he lowered his body and slashed upwards with Bewitching Blade.

A perfect blade light bringing forth an extremely bewitching aura slashed onto one of the white blade aura.

The white blade aura was slashed through, but Ji Ze’s body trembled, he felt the numbness in his wrist.

Ji Ze’s eyes lit up, ~The blade aura formed by the convergence of energy is rather powerful and cannot be lookeddown on.~

He changed his blade to his left hand, and moved forward suddenly.

The middle aged man’s in the building finally turned his gaze from the Bewitching Blade to the young man in thecrowd, trying to find out what backing he came from. ~To be so young and have so many guards, I wonder whatfamily is he from.~

~But, what matter does it make?~

His mouth suddenly formed a smile and he spoke out: “How do you see it?”

Unknowingly, there was a bald robust man standing by his side. This bald headed robust man had a scar from the topof his left eyebrow down across his face, making him look extremely ferocious.

The bald headed robust man was called Ao Deng, and was the leader of his protection unit. When Ao Deng wasyoung, he had held the responsibility of a commander, and his superior of that time was Jia Ya, one of HonorableMartial Continent’s Five Great Generals.

Due to a severe injury in one battle, Ao Deng had no choice but to be decommissioned, and an intense competitionoccurred to replace him as a subordinate of the famed general. But due to his dazzling achievements, he was a figureno one dared approach, but the middle aged man had spent a great deal of wealth to personally visit.

Ao Deng did not disappoint his trust, with his guidance, the protection unit’s strength became far stronger than any regular army. They encountered many bandits that were like tofu against the protection unit.

The middle aged man had a lot of confidence in Ao Deng.

Ao Deng spoke forwardly: “His physical strength is powerful, and his blade technique is superb.”

The middle aged man continued to ask: “Who do you think will win?”

Ao Deng: “The bladesman.”

The middle aged man did not say anything, then asked another question: “If it was the protection unit that you lead,can you win?”

Ao Deng: “In a heartbeat.”

The middle aged man revealed a satisfied look.

Ji Ze was able to obtain a placing in the List of Powerhouses at such a young age just by fighting, he had plenty offighting experience that matched up to his fighting capabilities. He was bitterly struggling in circle of attacks, butgradually, he grasped the Sacred Saint Galaxy martial artist’s strengths and weaknesses. Energy auras werepowerful to the point of being shocking, and if one were to sustain a head on attack, the person would definitely beinjured. But to Ji Ze, all of their attacks looked to be fearsome, but they were merely borrowing the power of theenergy, and their own martial techniques were just so so.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy’s coordination might be stronger than the Sin Domain, but their meticulousness and focus on martial techniques could not be compared to the Sin Domain.

After grasping their weakness, Ji Ze’s eyes flashed with a bewitching light aura.

With a flick of his wrist, the Bewitching Blade drew a halo of red scarlet light, and the intense barrage of energyshots that were incoming were like bulls charging into the sea, dissipated into the red halo. Ji Ze’s body flickered,bringing forth a few afterimages, and immediately deflected the attacks of a few enemies, and borrowed themomentum to charge into the crowd.

The scarlet blade light resembled red clouds that flashed and passed.

Blood splashed forth, blossoming out like beautiful flowers.

A few people gradually fell to the ground, all of them suffering the same wound, where a blood line would appear ontheir necks.

Everyone observing the battle all breathed in cold air, none of them had ever seen such a spectacular bladetechnique!

“He is definitely someone who has gained enlightenment on Laws!”

“I never expected that there will be people who have gained enlightenment on Laws.”

Ji Ze retracted his blade and stood straight, his expression became normal except for the slight pants.

Suddenly, a neat formation of figures appeared on the other side of the street, where a bald headed robust and bigsized man took the lead.

Killing intent pervaded out throughout the entire street, and the spectators all started to speak.

“Is master Ao Deng personally making a move this time?”

“Definitely for sure, so many people have died, how can the Western Traders leave it like that? These people won’tbe able to run.”


After walking closer, Ao Deng stopped 30m away from Tang Tian and said expressionlessly: “Surrender or die.

Behind him, the 200 red armored martial artists all stood extremely still.

Ji Ze’s face changed, he could sense the power from the other party, all of the energy undulations from them were multiple folds stronger than the small timers previously. Their tight and strict formation proved that they had training, and the killing intent they gave off…..

He understood killing intent too well, and their dense killing intent that seemed to be congealing meant that theyhad killed countless of people.

Tang Tian who was long eager prepared to fight was actually a step slower than another person.

Sima Xiao revealed a bashful smile as he stood out.

“Leave this battle to me.”