Undefeated God of War - Chapter 826 – Bronze Flood

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Chapter 826 – Bronze Flood

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

After the Honorable Martial Continent had unified a few various continents in the Western Region, the initial nameof “Continent” was removed, and hailed as “Region”. But they did not expect that everyone were used to the nameof “Continent”, and even the Honorable Martial Continent people were too used to it, very few people used the termof region, but occasionally there would be reports that would write the term region.

The Honorable Martial Continent was vast, its eastern and center area was the most busy areas, while the west wasthe most barren. The White Field Continent was located at the most western area of the Honorable MartialContinent, where everyone knew for it to be large. But, the western area could not be compared to the east andmiddle area, but due to their abundance in minerals, there were a few businesses that invested into the miningindustry in the White Field Continent.

The White Field Continent became a typical mining continent.

Mines and Ore caves were found everywhere with scattered distributions, and occasionally, mining vessels wouldcome and go. Only the large scale veins would have large scale camps, but the investment needed was astronomical,and only the robust businesses could afford such investments. Mining groups that drove small scale mining vesselslike hunters, were more commonly seen, because they sought for small scale ores in the wilderness to extract.

The mining groups were not large, with about 10 people. Either they had some unique ability, if not, their fightingabilities were rather high. They were in the wilderness, and not inside a safe city. Fighting and theft, were commonoccurrences. And digging up the precious ores would attract others in the same line that covetted the minerals, somuch that a few of these mining groups would act together like bandits to plunder the loot.

After working in this line for a certain period, who wouldn’t have killed before?

Lucky for them, the benefits from mining was good, if they were to encounter precious ores, a vessel of ores couldbe exchanged

for wealth, allowing them to eat well for a few years. This was why despite the risk, countless ofpeople would still come to work.

One mining vessel slowly flew in the sky above the wilderness, it was a small scale mining vessel with a length of lessthan 30m. Its hull was shabby and broken, which made it extremely ugly, a majority of the vessel was used to loadand replenish ores. If it were to encounter danger, the people on board could abandon the vessel without hesitationand flee.

Wright stood at the bow, as the vessel flew extremely slowly and calmly.

His eyes lit up with a white light, and after a moment, he spoke out: “Head right 30 degrees.”

The mining vessel slowly turned into the direction given by Wright, and after flying for another 5km, Wrightsuddenly called out: “Stop!”

The mining vessel stopped, and the people onboard jumped down to a black mines.

“Damn it! We were late by one step!”

“It’s already been dug out by others.”

The members all started to scold, they were filled with disappointment, but did not go overboard. The shallowsurface of ores buried in the ground was easily discoverable, and it was not a strange thing for others to find it first.In the vast wilderness, there were all sorts of ore caves everywhere, and some have even been built for a fewhundred years.

The abandoned mines were overgrown with weed and grass, some become pools, and as time passed, they became apart of nature again.

Wright did not say a word, he stared at the ore cave, the white light in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Upon seeing that, everyone kept quiet.

Although Wright was young, he was a good seeker for ores, even the experienced captain was always full of praisesfor Wright. They were able to obtain good profits thanks to Wright himself.

The white light in Wright’s eyes was a unique martial technique.

[Glimmer Eyes], which could be bought for 1 million Light Coins from Arthur City. Wright’s [Glimmer Eyes] was notbought, but taught by his grandfather. It was said that his grandfather had helped a clan elder, and gained his trust.When his grandfather was healthy, his family bloomed. But after his grandfather died in an accident, his familygradually declined.

[Glimmer Eyes] belonged to the glimmer martial techniques, and it was said that a few clan elders of the HonorableMartial Continent had specially researched on it to benefit the rest.

These glimmer martial techniques were hailed as such due to their meticulous manipulation over energy, whichopened a completely new style of martial techniques in the Sacred Saint Galaxy. There were many types of glimmermartial techniques with elaborate systems, which the higher ups actually released to the public but very few trainedin it.

There were many reasons for that. Firstly, it was expensive. Secondly, it was too different from the current age styleof martial techniques, although it would usually lead to the person’s eyes growing bright, it was unable to assimilateinto armies, thus limiting the martial artist’s use.

All of the glimmer martial techniques were extremely complicated, from simple to profound, there were low to highlevel techniques, forming a huge system. There were many bad and good martial techniques mixed into it, and themain point of many of them were truly hilarious, such as to conserve energy. In the Sacred Saint Galaxy whereenergy was extremely dense, such a silly reason to produce all sorts of techniques was something that everyonethought was pointless.

And it was because of these doubts that obstructed the development of glimmer martial techniques.

Wright knew more about it than others, he knew that glimmer martial techniques were not what the clan elderstruly made, but came from a more mysterious background. He had always worked hard in training [Glimmer Eyes],persevering unremittingly, allowing him to observe the fine energy undulations. But he was required to focus anddiscard all other distractions, thus it was useless in battles and considered as a weak ability.

Until he went for his first mine, did he suddenly realize that the energy undulations from the surface of the groundwas somehow related to ores did he suddenly realize that his [Glimmer Eyes] could be used!

The current Wright was locally known.

“Dig down here!”

Wright’s words caused everyone to be alert, without saying anything, the strong and sturdy members all jumped down into the ore cave. The group of them lit up with bright white light, and the man in the lead, who resembled a snow bear, suddenly lowered himself down and quietly placed his palm on the solid rock strata.


The rock strata trembled, and fine rock powder started to fall.

Another member moved his both arms, whooosh, the minute fine rock powder were controlled upwards as though ahurricane had blown over, transforming into a black dragon, the fine rock powder flew through the man’s arms andflew outside of the hole.

They realized that there was a path that led to a 20m large hole, where the walls were cut out by what looked likeblades.

Everyone immediately jumped into the hole, and the miners started excavating without hesitation. They moved withextreme coordination, in the blink of the eye, they went deeper by 100m.

When a long line of blue crystals appeared in their vision, all of them could not help but shout for joy!

Set Blue Topaz, it was a type of costly crystal, and could be used to smelt metal and strengthen warship hulls andother things, and could be easily sold. Although the ore vein was not huge, but with the most conservative estimate,it could produce 70 odd cubes of Set Blue Topaz.

It was worth a lot!

“Everyone, move carefully!” The captain could not help but remind everyone, he was filled with joy and pattedWright: “Same old rules, you get 20% cut!”

Wright’s face revealed looks of joy as well, he never expected that they would be able to dig up Set Blue Topaz.

The members all took out their own equipment and completely different from how they were digging previously,they became extremely careful, afraid to break the Set Blue Topaz. Perfect Set Blue Topaz was 20 times the price ofshattered pieces of Set Blue Topaz, so everyone had to be careful.

Luckily, they were all experienced veterans, they dug extremely adeptly, and in half an hour, all of the Set BlueTopaz was carefully cut out and moved to the mining vessel.

When Wright checked once and announced that they did not overlook any more Set Blue Topaz, everyone cried forjoy.

Right at that moment, the ground beneath them suddenly trembled, as though there were a thousand horsessprinting.

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

The captain’s face changed, if other people were to see the Set Blue Topaz, it would lead to countless people tryingto loot them. He shouted out: “Everyone on board now! We are leaving!”

Everybody’s face changed, and clumsily jumped up the boat.

With its fastest speed, the mining vessel flew in the other direction.

Rumble, rumble.

The ground continued to tremble louder and louder, meaning that the distance between them was continuouslypulling closer.

The Captain’s face became terrible, he was regretting not choosing a faster mining vessel!

Wright’s face was pale white, he had been in the line for a long time, and he had seen his own share of fights, but hehad never encountered such large movements before.

~What are those things?~

~Wild beasts?~

If it were any other mining groups, the flight of the boat was extremely sharp and fast, the sound high pitched andsounded more like shrieks, but the movements before them was truly a huge monster compared to other boats. Thedense rumbling sounds pounded on his heart, then he suddenly caught sight of the rocks on the ground jumping dueto the tremors to the point of half a meter high.

All the members around him looked at the direction of the sound with scared expressions.

What humans feared the most was the unknown.

The rumble got louder and louder, the other party got closer and closer.

The experienced captain could no longer leave it to the boat escaping, he took out his weapon and roared: “Preparefor battle!”

He did not know what it was, but the strong sense of danger made him make the correct decision.

Before he could even finish speaking, a line of bronze appeared in the distance.

Wright who trained in [Glimmer Eyes] had the sharpest eyes, and he immediately cried out: “Those are mechanicalweapons!”

~Mechanical Weapons!~

The captain’s eyes constricted, ~Gold Continent people!~

The following scene made his shouts inaudible.

Countless of mechanical weapons surged down the mountains like a gushing tsunami. The naked mountain tops wasinstantly drowned out by the bronze flood just like that.

They finally understood, what the commotion came from.

The terrifying bronze flood surged towards their direction with astonishing speed, so fast that it caused everyone tobe dumbstruck.

The distance between both parties continued to become smaller, allowing them to see the mechanical weaponsclearly.

They had never seen such hideous mechanical weapons before, they had thick and obese figures without any senseof beauty, they were made extremely ugly, without any paint, the ugly centipede like naked bodies without anyproper cutting and barbs all around, looked to be sloppy and rough work that disregarded quality.

But, even with the big boulders blocking their way, they did not even bother dodging or jumping over it, butsmashed straight into them.

The gigantic boulders were smashed out like ping pong balls, instantly flying into the sky and forming an arc, heavilysmashing a few hundred meters away.

The gigantic boulders that fell to the ground would be met with the bronze flood again.

The continuous assault caused the boulders to explode.

The hideous and sinister monsters would rush out from the raining rocks.

Everybody’s head was swept clean of blood, and their eyes filled with fear.

The bronze flood was unstoppable, pulverizing everything that obstructed them.