Undefeated God of War - Chapter 824 – Us

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Chapter 824 – Us

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Did you say Tang Tian suddenly returned? And that he has ordered an absurd amount of monsters?”

Clan Elder asked, by his side, Liu Ya Zhi and Sean had serious faces, they obviously viewed the return of Tang Tian asextremely important.

Liu Ya Zhi and Sean were extremely serious towards Tang Tian. Lei Ang might be powerful, but the Lion King wasold, and thus to the two of them, the future Temple only had one enemy, and that was Tang TIan, the one hailed asthe Godlike Young Lad!

The Ursa Major Constellation wielded extraordinary power, but what made Clan Elder An feel real fear was theenthusiasm and vitality displayed by the Ursa Major Constellation, which other constellations never had. TheTwelve Ecliptic Palaces were lethargic and old, but the Ursa Major Constellation was like a young man brimmingwith blood and energy, and could do anything.

The old Temple, which was the current Honorable Martial Constellation, never lost their cautiousness towards theUrsa Major Constellation. So any reports that was related to Ursa Major Constellation would be reported to ClanElder An at first notice.

“Yes, Master. According to the reports sent from Three Spirits City, Tang Tian suddenly returned the day beforeyesterday, and he shook his arms above a tower and announced his return.” The manager in charge of theintelligence spoke respectfully: “On the second day, Three Spirits City’s bronze hall sent out the highest gradeurgent mission, to purchase Monsters. Their time limit is one week!”

“One week?” Sean’s eyes constricted: “Could it be that he is about to take action?”

“This subordinate is useless, and could not dig up anything further.” The manager immediately replied.

Everyone looked at each other, to have such a tight timing, it was for sure that they were about to take action!

“Why Monsters?” Liu Ya Zhi did not understand: “I have studied on this model of mechanical spirits weapon before,their fighting capabilities are rather unorthodox, and have their own knacks, but there are even&nb

sp;better mechanicalspirit weapons in Three Spirits City, they have extremely high quality mechanical martial artists as well.”

The manager started to perspire in cold sweat, he anxiously replied: “This subordinate was also extremely curious,so I have sent people to probe around, but up till now, there has been no reports.”

At this time, the atmosphere in the meeting room had become rather stifling.

Ever since Tang Tian went missing, the Ursa Major Constellation had become more reserved and did not launchattacks. The Temple only had to face the pressure given by the Leo Constellation, and only with the pressure onthem lessening did they dare to launch the brazen remodelling of the Pisces Constellation. But now, Tang Tian hadsuddenly returned and even sent out such a large order, giving them an immense pressure.

It was not their first time crossing swords with Tang Tian.

To them, Tang Tian was far more dangerous than Lei Ang, the Lion King was ferocious, but his actions werepredictable. But for Tang Tian, he was unconstrained with style, everything that occurred that had to do with himwere inconceivable and unclear, but he always defeated his enemies. After that, only when the dust settled, wouldthey realized that Tang Tian would end up being the victor.

Clan Elder An subconsciously patted the hand support on his chair and said: “This Tang Tian is extremely cunningand has profound schemes. He usually plans ahead and executes things at the last minute, his movements aredefinitely thoroughly planned out prior. Most probably, they have already completed their preparations and havedefinitely premeditated it for a long time. We must be on our guard at all times and be careful. Send out the order,cancel all the recent movements and get all the various armies to be on high alert.”


Sean and Liu Ya Zhi replied.

“Intelligence Department, I want all of you to stay fixated on Tang Tian. Use whatever methods you have, I want toknow what Tang Tian is thinking!” Clan Elder An said gravely.

“Yes!” The report manager immediately replied.


Leo Constellation.

“Monsters?” The imposing Lion King’s eyes flashed with a look of doubt, he thought about the mechanical spiritweapons that had left a deep impression in him. After the rage with the monsters, the military generals of LeoConstellation had spent a great deal of time researching Monster. Ultimately, they understood what category ofpeople was the monsters aimed towards.

~But why Monsters?~

That was what everyone was curious about.

Tang Tian’s great fanfare was definitely some sort of plot. Although both parties were to a certain degree allies, butthey still acted independently. Lion King Lei Ang or Tang Tian were not people willing to be under someone else. LeiAng and Tang Tian had crossed paths before, and Lei Ang also had some restraining fear towards Tang Tian.

“Go take a look first.” Lei Ang said: “Send a few people to ask around in Three Spirits City.”

“Then what about [Plan Roar]?” Andre raised his head and looked at his father.

"Wait til we hav clarifi[Plan ed on this.” Lei Ang did not hesitate at such a sensitive time[Plan ,to put [ time, PlanRoar]"copyright-obfuscation"> incite into [Plan effect would incite a series of reactions which was npredictable.

“Yes.” Everyone complied, they all thought it was safer that way.

Exactly how many Monsters did Tang Tian need? How many sets of Monsters could Three Spirits City produce in aweek? No one knew about this, but it had attracted the eyes of everyone in Heaven’s Road. Three Spirits City’smanufacturing capability was directly related to the Ursa Major Constellations’ fighting potential. And to produceso many monsters, when placed in the hands of the best mechanical martial artists that resided in the Ursa MajorConstellation, the power that they could unleash cannot be looked down on, so who was Tang Tian planning to use iton?

The entire Heaven’s Road had their eyes on Three Spirits City.

The Heaven’s Road that was masked in the flames of war actually landed in a temporary peace and calm. The variouspowers had stopped what they were doing and had raised their caution. With Tang Tian, the man hailed as [ obtain The Godlike Young Lad]"copyright-obfuscation"> was , who had an astonishing perfect record, as long as heparticipated in any battle, regardless of how it had began, ultimately the one who would win and obtain the mostbenefits would still be him.

The Ursa Major Constellation wanted to use expansion to resist the Honorable Martial Constellation’s pressure?

That was the main talk of the town, which was viewed as the only viable option for the Ursa Major Constellation. Ifthe Ursa Major Constellation did not expand, and wait for the Honorable Martial Constellation to completelyabsorb the four Ecliptic Palaces, then the Ursa Major Constellation would lose all hope.

The Ursa Major Constellation only had one opportunity.

The terrifying order that was sent out posed a question to the entire Heaven’s Road, where and who was TangTian’s blade aimed at?

In time, Heaven’s Road actually had everyone afraid for themselves.

The entire Three Spirits City was in full operation mode, countless materials converged and flowed into the city. Thefiery red furnaces had dyed the sky red, the incessant sounds of machines and labor at work filled every corner ofthe city.

“This is the fourth batch of star treasures.” Pi Pa spoke with excitement: “they have different ranks and differentdegrees of upgrades, the majority of them are silver star treasures with signs of turning gold. At the moment, 22 startreasures have completely become gold rank.”

22 gold rank star treasures, that was an extremely alluring wealth.

The military generals around Tang Chou all revealed looks of excitement.

22 Gold Rank star treasures accumulated a substantial amount of wealth that could influence the situation of thewar. If they used the gold rank star treasures to refine spirit treasures, it would greatly increase the strength of theSaint Unit. Saints possessed the highest level of fighting capabilities and could turn the tide on the battlefield.

There were very few gold rank star treasures, and even in the Twelve Ecliptic Palaces, they had very fewthemselves, and the gold rank star treasures were viewed as the most powerful force in the various constellations,and were rarely used. The more stable the constellation, the less they would use it. Only all of the waveringconstellations who could not protect their own gold rank treasures would start using them.

Tang Chou carefully inspected the star treasures expressionlessly.

But he was immensely shocked by the results. His eyes were not fixated or lured by the 22 gold rank star treasures,although they were truly good things and could raise their fighting capabilities. But the entire situation could not beturned with just 10 or 100 gold rank star treasures.

What truly made Tang Chou excited was that he saw that the plan that Tang Tian had suggested, to use the SacredSaint Galaxy to provide to the Ursa Major Constellation, was truly possible.

It was a plan that could truly deeply affect the entire situation.

“We can send these star treasures to the front lines first.” Pi Pa laughed and said.

The originally excited military generals became even more excited, they so badly wanted to pounce on thetreasures.

Tang Chou suddenly shook his head: “No, seal them up first, and increase the level of secrecy.”

The military generals were stunned, they could not believe their own ears, they received the biggest pressure asthey were at the frontlines, and the Honorable Martial Constellation armies were getting harder and harder to fightagainst. If the batch of star treasures equipments were to sent to the frontlines, it could greatly relieve theirpressure.

Pi Pa was surprised as well, but she quickly understood Tang Chou’s plan: “General, are you planning to give theenemies a big surprise?”

“If we want to play, we shall play it big.” Tang Chou’s eyes revealed a look of craziness: “When we have enough startreasures to completely equip the entire army, then we will change all of them.”

Sssssi, all of his subordinates could not help but take deep breaths, ~The master is truly going big!~

But upon thinking of that majestic sight, all of them became immensely agitated. That’s right, if they were to revealtheir ability to increase the star treasures, not only would it increase the caution of their enemies, but it would affecttheir influx of star treasures.

Although the Ursa Major Constellation itself could produce many star treasures, it was not enough, and could notcompletely supply their armies. Once the other constellations obtained the information, they would definitelycontrol the outflow of star treasures, and the price of the star treasures would increase.

“Can the front lines hold on?” Pi Pa asked with concern.

“Don’t worry about it.” Tang Chou said indifferently.

Pi Pa then thought about something, then revealed a smile: “No matter, very quickly, the pressure on all of you willlessen.”

“Why?” Tang Chou asked, and the military generals were immediately focused on her.

Pi Pa laughed: “Considering the time, Bell should have sent the letter to the Scorpio Constellation?”

“What about the Scorpio Constellation?” Tang Chou started to think.


On the training grounds.


Screw was out of sorts, who knew what he was thinking.

But Colin was excited: “Master, do you think we will participate in the war?”

The news of the Bronze Hall releasing the urgent mission had long spread. Although everyone could not grasp theMaster’s plan, but they all knew that the astonishing amount of monsters would be used to fight. When talkingabout Monsters, their Monster Unit was known in the entire base.

Ever since Colin managed to unleash the potential of Monster, Three Spirits City had specially built up an army thatused the Monsters, and Screw was the one guiding them.

Colin was completely filled with excitement: “When using Monsters, how can they not include us?”

Screw was startled, that question had quickly flew into his mind.

~When using monsters, how can they not include us?~


That phrase seemed to have jolted his empty memories, and vague images continued to appear. The blurred faces,the faintly discernible broken mechanic weapons, the smoke that pervaded the air……

~And the faint voice that seemed to come and go like the wind, it is familiar yet unfamiliar, who is it?~

“....Spanner…..where is the spanner…..”

“.....Brat, you better not die, Captain, you better not die…..”

“......Southern Cross Army, advance!”

His body trembled incessantly, and tears flowed down uncontrollably.

~Why? Why do I feel so terrible? I can’t remember anything anymore, but why do I feel so terrible?~

~Us…..it was us together….. Wu wu wu….. But…..~

~All of you…..where are all of you now…..~