Undefeated God of War - Chapter 823 – The Desolate Continent’s Great Remodelling Plan

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Chapter 823 – The Desolate Continent’s Great Remodelling Plan

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Du Ke’s confidence did not come from nothing.

Other than him, the Sin Domain Army consisted of more than half of the elites of the Sin Domain, with half in the top10 of the List of Powerhouse. Every single one of them were geniuses who had experienced countless of brutaltests. When these elites gathered together and shared their thoughts, the effect they produced was extremelyanticipatory.

Their advancements proved that they were right, as they quickly broke through.

The first thing they required was for Du Ke to overcome the interference that the energy had on laws. On this point,Du Ke’s conjecture had some deviations. The energy that interfered with laws was everywhere, and the higher therealm of laws, the more influence there would be. But Du Ke’s comprehension of laws far exceeded anyone, andwhen he realized this special point, he pondered for a moment, and then understood the crux of the matter.

The Sin Domain martial artists who trained in lower realm laws used the power of the physique to incite LawThreads, and Law Threads that were directly connected to the body received the lowest influence. And as for theSin Domain martial artists who had gained enlightenment on Law Surfaces and used the power projected out fromthe Law Surfaces to fight, their law surfaces were not directly connected to their body, and thus the reaction fromenergy would be more intense. It was the same for martial artists who had trained on the Law Domain.

Du Ke and the rest quickly thought of an idea, they changed their style of summoning their laws, they first used thepower of the physique to incite the Law Threads, and then used the Law Threads to evolve to Law Surfaces or LawDomain.

And these brilliant elites started to consider how to have their laws to control the energy. This was a largeundertaking, as the number of laws was as extensive as the seas, and the number of attributes of energies wereequally as many as the stars. If we were to say that laws were a sort of key,&nb

sp;then they needed to find a correspondinglock.

The Desolate Continent had extremely thin energy, and the interference was not as intense, so it greatly lessenedtheir search time.

As to not affect the construction of the stronghold, they moved to a distant place to train. For their initial steps, they could use the power of their laws, allowing them to float in the sky, but after thinking about how they used to be able to fly, they knew they had a long road.

Floating in the sky, they were either meditating, or standing still, or dancing with their hands and legs, or mutteringchants, all of them had their different styles.

“I found it!”

An exclamation came out, which instantly attracted everyone else.

On his fingertip was a bean sized light dot, which released a gentle orange light aura. When he moved his fingerlightly, countless orange light dots would sprinkle out one after another, it was a pretty scene. The light dots thatresembled rain kept on changing, causing people who were watching to be dazzled.

The people around him could not help but feel envy towards him, this martial artist trained in laws relating to light,and as light energy was the densest in their location, it was not strange for him to gain enlightenment first.

Everyone’s morale became boosted, as long as one person had succeeded, it meant that the path they were takingwas right.

Tang Tian watched the energy undulation dissipating from the light dot, and could not help but scratch his chin.~That undulation isn’t weak at all~, he thought to himself, then understood why. By controlling energy with laws, ittook half the effort but double the results, and as their comprehension of laws was extremely profound, as long asthey found the knack to doing it, their battle capabilities would soar.

Tang Tian suddenly thought that the Desolate City could be defended.

Previously, he did not have that much of a good impression for the Desolate City, although its energy was extremelythin, it was still not the Sin Domain. The Honorable Martial Continent’s martial artists would not be weakened bymuch, but the Sin Domain martial artists would be weakened much more. Defending at the Sin Door would be mucheasier, compared to the Desolate City. As long as they destroyed the Honorable Martial Stronghold, the Sin Doorand Sin Domain had practically no difference, and the Honorable Martial martial artists that went in would beseeking death.

Most importantly, according to Bing’s plan, he needed to quickly destroy the Honorable Martial Continent from within, which required flexibility, thus they could not afford to defend a stronghold.

But when he saw that the Sin Domain Army had a break through, Tang Tian started to consider the possibility.

~If there is a stronghold at the back, then there would truly be a needle in their back, the Honorable Martial Continent will definitely be unable to tolerate it and will try to find a way to destroy it.~

~That also meant that the Desolate City would attract a great number of Armies. By attracting them, wouldn’t thatmean the inside of Honorable Martial Continent would be even emptier?~

Tang Tian scratched his chin, his eyes released a deceitful light.

He could not think of too profound plans, but all of this added up was something that he found relatively executable.~How can I make the Desolate City become invulnerable to attack?~

Tang Tian who had the deceitful light in his eyes while scratching his chin, racked his brains, crack crack crack. Hethen thought as though he heard countless gear teeth releasing the cracking friction sounds, and the rust falling likesnow. But after he thought hard for a long period of time, luckily for him, the heavens never turned their backs ondiligent people, he thought of a great plan – Hand the problem over to intelligent people!

He turned and looked at Du Xin Yu: “How do you think we can defend the Desolate City?”

Du Xin Yu had long considered the problem, and said calmly: “It is actually not difficult to defend the Desolate City,we only need time, and when brother and the rest finds the way to control energy, the Desolate City will becomeharder and harder to be attacked. We have the advantage in territory, and behind us, we can obtain the endlesssupport of the Sin Domain, so we can rest easy without worries.”

~That’s true…..~

“We lack in time.” Tang Tian spoke honestly: “We will be moving out in a week. Heaven’s Road and the SouthernAlliance are now facing immense pressure.”

Du Xin Yu was not surprised, as an outstanding general herself, she knew that losing a city was not important, themain point was to obtain victory in the overall situation. Once they move out and leave the Desolate Continent, theywould definitely surprise the Honorable Martial Continent, and the Desolate City would enter the sights of theHonorable Martial Continent.

“Then we can give up Desolate City and focus on guarding the Sin Door.” Du Xin Yu said calmly.

“But I hope that the Desolate City can attract the attention of the enemies, the more armies, the better.” Tang Tianspoke honestly.

Du Xin Yu understood what Tang Tian meant, she thought for a moment, then shook her head: “It is not feasible. Without breaking through, we lack the capabilities to resist the Honorable Martial Continent. The Desolate City is a Sin Domain type stronghold, although we can unleash some use for it, but its abilities are greatly weakened. We are not in the Sin Domain.”

A flash of light suddenly flashed past Tang Tian’s mind, he spoke anxiously: “Say that one more time!”

“What?” Du Xin Yu was startled, but she repeated her entire sentence out one more time.

When Du Xin Yu said that “We are not in Sin Domain”, Tang Tian clapped his hands, his face revealing anuncontrollable joy: “That’s right, this isn’t the Sin Domain!”

Du Xin Yu had a look of suspicion, she did not understand what it meant, they were truly not in Sin Domain.

“This isn’t Sin Domain, so we can make it the Sin Domain!”

Tang Tian’s words were truly forever shocking.

Du Xin Yu was startled, she thought that she had heard it wrongly, and asked: “Transform the Desolate Continentinto Sin Domain?”

“That’s right!” Tang Tian thought that his miraculous idea was truly pleasing.

~Haha, only the godlike young lad can truly think of such a genius idea!~

“That’s impossible.” Du Xin Yu shook her head as she regained her calm.

Tang Tian replied with please: “You will know when the time comes.”

With that, he turned and walked towards the Null Division barracks. Du Xin Yu followed him without hesitation,seeing Tang TIan so confident, she felt extremely curious. How could such an absurd idea of transforming DesolateContinent into Sin Domain happen?


A group of people flew through the vast Desolate Continent.

“In front of us is a valley, and it should conform to the request.”

Wen Kang pointed ahead, the valley was faintly discernible.

“Let’s go!” Liang Qiu did not beat about the bush and directly led his team over to the valley.

It was barren without any signs of life, who knew how many years had it been since the last human had stepped inthe location.

Liang Qiu quickly chose a good location and took out a star treasure. It was a silver star treasure of the PiscesConstellation, and two vivid and lifelike silver fishes that were connected at their heads and tails started to moveabout.

The star treasure suddenly lit up with a dazzling light aura, and the energy around started to surge into the treasure.In the blink of the eye, a large energy vortex formed, and all the rocks and sand started to move in the valley, causingthe other members to be forced out of the valley.

Wen Kang watched as the energy vortex formed like a tornado, and was at a loss for words.

~Where exactly did these group of people come from?~

He was called to the Null Division to act as a guide. Since he had already surrendered, he did not have any heart toresist, and decided to act as the guide. But when he stepped into the Null Division barracks, it was as if he was struckby a spell and was dumbstruck.

Spirit objects, spirit objects that were worth cities, released beautiful light auras and splendid undulations.

And when these spirit objects, that were worth cities, appeared one after another in front of him, piling to the size ofa mountain, the impact it had on him was something he had never felt before.

In that moment, Wen Kang thought he was looking at a golden Desolate Continent brimming with radiant coins.

His mind was in a blank as he watched as the pile of star treasures was handed to every single member of the NullDivision. Each of them had one, causing Wen Kang to lost the ability to think.

It was not only him, his comrades that had worked with him for many years were equally lost.

In the half hour, Wen Kang and them were stunned right in that spot, in the blankness and silence. When theygradually regained to their senses, the piles of spirit objects had disappeared, causing them to feel pain.

Even they did not understand why they were feeling pain, when it was not theirs to begin with…..

The pain lasted for a second, when they were scared silly by Tang Tian’s plan.

“Everyone only has one mission, and that is to use the star treasure in your hand, to absorb all the energy in theDesolate Continent! Not one bit of energy must remain! But, of course, relying on the star treasures in your handsalone is definitely not enough. But do not worry, I will prepare even more star treasures for you! One week, We onlyhave one week, Everyone is responsible for their own region, and there must be no corners left. Move out!”

The Desolate Continent’s Great Remodelling Plan, caused Wen Kang and the rest to be so frightened they startedto pee in their pants.

~This….this is too preposterous!~

~To sweep clean every bit of energy in a continent, oh my god, which maniac would be able to think of such a crazyidea, and would actually implement it?~

Even Du Xin Yu who was initially calm became stunned at that moment.

The Null Division spread out like beans, bringing their star treasures to every corner of Desolate Continent. Oneafter another, energy vortices formed in the vast Desolate Continent, appearing endlessly.

The Desolate Continent which had a thin energy, although it was the opposite of what the Sacred Saint Galaxyusually had, but it still had more energy than any constellation of Heaven’s Road. But under the crazy absorption ofthe Star Treasures, in just a day, the Desolate Continent’s energy concentration dropped by 20%.

It was too crazy!

And when they thought it was crazy enough, the second batch of star treasures were brought over.

Then the third, then the fourth…..

The Desolate Continent’s energy concentration plummeted at a visible rate.

Everyone was so scared to the point that they resembled quails that had been caught by their necks.