Undefeated God of War - Chapter 817 – Everyone, I’m Coming!

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Chapter 817 – Everyone, I’m Coming!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Du Ke stood at the front of the formation, where he was the sharp spear edge of the formation. All of the Law’spowers would gather onto him, and the myriad of light auras made him look like a god of war. This was where hiscontrol over his Law Domain was displayed to full saturation. With the time it took to raise his hand, countlesspowerful Laws were mobilized, and transformed into wave after wave of powerful attacks that struck against thewhite light.

Du Xin Yu who stood at the heart of the formation had completely disappeared under Du Ke’s light auras, she hadbecome insignificant. She worked extremely agilely, without any sloppiness, as she controlled the army thoroughly.

She was the true core of the army. Under her meticulous and precise control, her own personality hadand graduallypermeated through the army and influenced their fighting style.

They were strangely tyrannical!

Without any cautious probing, their first strike was already extremely powerful.

Like a giant brandishing a large heavy hammer, every strike would cause the ground to shake. The Sin Door’s Lightof the Stronghold continued to churn intensely, and continued to grow smaller and smaller.

Through Du Xin Yu’s sorting and control, the powerful laws converged onto Du Ke. Only Du Ke, who had gainedenlightenment on the Law Domain was able to bear such astonishing power. Du Xin Yu carefully observed how NullDivision worked, but she did not attempt to imitate them, but instead specially formed up a brand new battle stylefor the Sin Domain Army.

Du Xin Yu knew that the Soldiers of Sin Domain Army were unable to be as precise as Null Division, but they alsohad an advantage which the Null Division did not have, and that was Du Ke.

In the entire Sin Domain, only Du Ke had gained enlightenment on Law Domain.

Their army tactics were structured revolving around Du Ke.

Tactics came in all different situations and styles, but the core logic and reason did not differ intrinsically, going backto its simplest form, it was&n

bsp;simply gathering all the scattered power into one. Du Xin Yu brazenly formed an extremetactic, gathering everyone’s power to Du Ke, which allowed Du Ke to launch powerful attacks.

“So powerful!” Zhong Li Bai looked up with shock on his face.

Initially, he was filled with disdain towards the Sin Domain Army. In terms of training of Laws, he was never able tocatch up to them, but in terms of army tactics and warfare, he had the qualifications to not put them in his eyes.When he heard about Du Ke forming an army, he sneered in his heart, ~Do they think an army is so easily formed?~

But, the strange army before him completely collapsed his thoughts, especially for Du Xin Yu’s performance,although there were still a few flaws, but she still displayed her astonishing talent.

“It is slightly too extreme.” Nie Qiu spoke out.

He had never seen such an extreme army, it could be said that this army was completely a one man Du Ke ArmyOther than the soldiers giving out their Laws, they had no other uses. There was no coordination, no variations, andeverything was handed over to Du Ke to handle.

If they lost Du Ke, the army would be useless.

“You have to admit that this tactic suits them.” Zhong Li Bai snorted at Nie Qiu’s words, his eyes filled with an excited light: “It is simple, perfect, and strong! It has lessened any possibility of mistakes, and the power consumption is extremely little. By handing the power over to Du Ke, is there any better choice? I think not, other than Master, who else can compete against Du Ke. Du Ke is their strongest point, Du Xin Yu had made that choice, she had placed all her hopes onto their strongest point to increase his strength, what a terrifying lady!”

Nie Qiu had to admit that Zhong Li Bai was right. Du Ke who had gained enlightenment on the Law Domain was agrade above the rest, his battle capabilities were something no one else had, and there were no secrets that could behidden in his eyes. Du Xin Yu did not hold anything back, all the power and decisions were casted to Du Ke, thisdecisiveness and foresight was truly inspiring.

But he felt that it was also a pity, the many experts had all given up their own style.

Nie Qiu shook his head: “This style has no duplication possibility, unless you can find another Du Ke.”

“Which top grade army can ever be duplicated?” Zhong Li Bai scoffed.

The two of them came from reputable schools, but had differing thoughts. Nie Qiu enjoyed probing into thediscipline and rules of a war, while Zhong Li Bai viewed efficiency, and focused more on winning.

“That’s true.” Nie Qiu nodded, the Sin Domain has Du Ke and Du Xin Yu, and combined, they truly had thequalifications to create a top grade army.

Du Ke’s performance was to be expected, because the battle was still in his most familiar style of fighting. But DuXin Yu was truly surprising, causing even Nie Qiu to witness her outstanding talent. A newly constructed army wasable to display such strength, proving that her future was limitless.

With Du Ke present, it had already decided the army’s higher starting point. But Du Xin Yu’s high upper bounds alsorepresented the upper bounds and the future of the army.

Zhong Li Bai on the other hand was thinking about Nie Qiu’s Null Division and the Du siblings’ powerful army, whilehis army still looked to be far behind. ~As long as we leave this goddamn place and return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy,there will then be the possibility of contacting the Ursa Major Constellation, and then, we will obtain the powerfulsteel monsters!~

Nie Qiu suddenly spoke up: “The Sin Door can’t hold on for much longer.”

Zhong Li Bai retracted his thoughts and focused once again on the battlefield, he then smirked:” “Seems like theenemy’s morale was much lower than we had anticipated.”

Right from the start, the Sin Door did not launch any counterattacks, and the defensive Light of the Stronghold wascontinuously being exhausted. Their initial thoughts of it being difficult to siege had become an extremely easy task.

In the sky, Du Ke smashed his palms down, the surging Laws transformed into dazzling light beams that struck ontothe layer of white light straightforwardly.


Amidst the gigantic explosion, the Light of the Stronghold dissipated, and the sun engraving on Sin Door’s gates splitinto pieces, the thick and dense turtle shell had finally been broken.

Tang Tian cheered out loud.

Then, right at that moment, the heavy stronghold gates slowly opened.

The enemy had surrendered.

After the momentarily silence, even more intense cheers came out, as though they wanted to shout the sky of he SinDomain down.

Du Ke watched everything unfolding in front of him blankly, he could not believe his own eyes. His dreams of manyyears had finally been realized, causing him to feel as though he was in a dream.

~Is this for real….~

Nie Qiu led the Null Division and rushed into Sin Door instantly, after ensuring the safety, he then called for TangTian to bring everyone in.

Tang Tian was extremely excited, they were finally returning back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and only by returningcould he establish communications with Bing.

Du Ke’s expression was queer, he looked as though he wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, especially when hesaw the soldiers surrendering in front of him, he was filled with even more complicated emotions. All of thesesoldiers fighting spirit had depleted, and when he finally realized their training schedule, he became depressed aswell.

~The entire Sin Domain was actually blocked by a group of degenerates.~

Du Xin Yu understood her brother’s emotions, and said gently: “We won, we can start everything anew.”

Du Ke trembled, and the loss in his eyes swept clean. ~That’s right, we won, we are finally able to leave the SinDomain and start anew. All of the lost faith, bravery and glory can be recovered!~

Du Ke who had cleared his thoughts, upon seeing Master Tang Tian who had begun interrogating the HonorableMartial Continent’s soldiers, heard their reports, and was instantly ashamed.

Tang Tian’s face did not have any pride in the victory, his eyes still as clear as clean water. He was much older thanTang Tian, but compared to him, he was still lacking.

This increased his resolve to join under Tang Tian’s banner.

Do not see that the victory was easily obtained, Du Ke was clear that without Tang Tian his strength, the victorywould had been impossible.

The interrogations were effortless, the Honorable Martial Continent soldiers who surrendered no longer had anyheart to resist, and gave up everything that they knew.

The Star Door inside the stronghold led to the Desolate Continent.

The Desolate Continent was not small, and could be considered a mid tier continent. It was situated at the westernextremity of the Honorable Martial Continent, but was extremely barren and desolate. No one knew if it wasbecause of the Sin Domain, but the energy concentration in the continent was much lower than average, and therewas no valuable produce, thus no one stayed in that continent.

In the past, the Honorable Martial Continent had stationed an army there, but following the rise in the HonorableMartial Continent’s strength, and where they were a land that no one could pose a threat to, the DesolateContinent’s defense was removed.

As for the Sin Domain, which was just a big jail, it had long been forgotten by the Honorable Martial Continent’shigher ups.

They required to go through the entire Desolate Continent and enter White Field Continent to reach their firsttown.

The good news was that Honorable Martial Continent’s western side had no other powerhouses, thus the armieslocated there were extremely pitiful, and their strength was relatively weak. The bad news was if they wanted toreturn to Shang Continent, they had to go through the entire Honorable Martial Continent.

It was impossible for them to move through the entire Honorable Martial Continent with so many people withoutattracting attention, as they were in enemy lands.

The Western Region had no armies, but in the center, which was also the Honorable Martial Continent’s mostflourishing region, was where they had the heaviest of defences. Especially Jia Ya, one of the Five Honorable MartialTigers, who sat there. If it was just talking about Jia Ya alone, adding his prestige for being proficient in defense, itincreased the pressure on everyone slightly, but the amount of troops Jia Ya could mobilize was enough to causeeveryone’s face to turn white.

The Southern Expedition had sent out many elites, but the armies they sent out were the elites, and the majority ofthe ordinary armies were kept in the Honorable Martial Continent.

All the different sized armies numbered to over 600.

One could imagine, the big trouble they would be in upon being caught in the swamp of armies.

These reports caused the joy of victory to subside, as everyone’s faces turned serious. Quantitative change gave riseto qualitative change, and when numbers reached a certain high, it would be simple to drown them.

Du Xin Yu glanced at Tang Tian, who was still calm, as though he was not afraid of the number of armies.

Tang Tian noticed Du Xin Yu’s gaze, and smiled at her.

Du Xin Yu was startled, she did not change her expression, but seeing him smile made the gloomy atmosphere laxenby a great amount, and she could not help but feel respect for him, it was as though he never knew what fear was.Such a leader was someone everyone could rely on.

Little did she know, Tang Tian had completely ignored Nie Qiu’s words, upon hearing that although everyone wasnot in a good situation but were safe and sound, the huge boulder in his heart had dropped, and his thoughts startedflying.

~Everyone, I’m coming!~

~Sacred Saint Galaxy, here I come!~