Undefeated God of War - Chapter 814 – Sin Door

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Chapter 814 – Sin Door

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In the distant sky, there were suddenly densely packed small dots, they were numerous, and looked like endlessblack hornets.

The buzzing trembling sound were like the bees’ wings moving.

After locating the source of the sound, it did not make them feel happy, instead, a completely bone chilling coldintent surged from the bottom of their feet to their heads, their bodies quickly petrified, and became like frozenstatues, unable to move an inch.

Ka ka ka, the trembling of the teeth sounded out.

Wen Kang who was still talking with his glib tongue was trembling like a sieve, his face was as pale as paper, his eyesleft only with fear.

~How many people are there?~


They had never met with such a situation, it was something uncalled for. The passage to the Sin Door was calledDeath Path to Home, and was littered with corpses. The brittle bones had long became ash gray due to the passingof time, and the Death Path To Home became a gray passage.

In the initial years of being pushed to the Sin Domain, how many people had died on this path? Uncountable. At thattime, the Sin Domain Citizens were arrogant and unbridled, they did not fear death, and charged at Sin Door likemaniacs.

At that time, there were two armies garrisoned in Sin Door, not one.

The blood stench suppression made the passageway littered with bones, The Death Path to Home’s name graduallygrew, and after that, the citizens who charged at Sin Door became less and less. In the years that Wen Kang and therest had stood guard, they had only met a few stragglers.

How could they have encountered such a majestic scene?

Countless people were suddenly appearing in the clouds in waves, covering the sky.

The initial buzzing sound surged closer like tides, and became much clearer, it was the sound of the them flying.

Amongst the trembling sound, came out accompanying battle drums.

Dong, dong, dong….

They then saw an army of 5000 men in perfect formation, every single soldier unleashing&n

bsp;transparent VacuumPlates beneath every step. 5000 of them advanced at lightning speed by smashing vacuum plates in unison, makingit sound like a heavy bass drum, and the flow of air around them was visibly being cut out, the choking suppressioncoming from them enveloped the Sin Door.

Du Ke looked at Null Division in envy.

It could be said that it was a full force assault. Not only did Tang Tian and Du Ke’s armies move out, there were evena few recently and hurriedly built armies that followed along. Tang Tian ignored them, Du Ke did not refuse them.Du Ke did not even have the thought of using the mobs to battle, but the Sin Domain was ultimately still his home,he hoped that the battle was able to bring about more change in the decaying Sin Domain, and the best method wasto have more people witness the battle.

Very few people knew that Du Ke had once barged to Sin Door, and no one else was clearer than him on thedifficulties towards it. Even with Tang Tian’s help, he still had set his heart out as it being his final battle, to live aftervictory and to die in defeat.

Du Ke who had set his resolve became even more calm, and saw many more times.

He focused the most on the Null Division. The Null Division’s display of standard far exceeded any other army, andDu Ke was dreaming of the day his army would reach that stage.

Tang Tian sized up the Sin Door.

The Sin Door was established from the features of a mountain, it‘s thick walls and location in the valley made thegigantic doors look like water gates cutting off the valley. The city walls were made up of some sort of snow whitemetal, on its surface was the sculpture of Honorable Martial Continent’s Sun Mark, the sculpture emitted a dazzlingwhite light like the real sun.

“The Honorable Martial Stronghold!” Zhong Li Bai’s face turned ugly.

Hearing that, Du Ke asked: “What is there about it?”

“It’s more troublesome.” Zhong Li Bai whined.

The Honorable Martial Group was the most feared existence to the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, and the most studied topicof the 12 Ecliptic Palaces. The other constellations focused more on the Honorable Martial Group’s martialtechniques being different, but the Leo Constellation that was filled with talented generals, leaned towards theHonorable Martial Group’s warfare matters, and naturally one of them was the Honorable Martial Strongholds.

At the side, Nie Qiu spoke out: “The Honorable Martial Group, oh, which is your Honorable Martial Continent, theirstructured Strongholds have a standard criteria. They are extremely prudent with very few weaknesses, and itsmost outstanding feature is that it holds a great quantity of auxiliary suppression.”

Du Ke was confused: “Auxiliary suppression?”

“This so called auxiliary suppression is not about directly attacking its target, but through a few supporting methods,it suppresses and weakens their targets.” Nie Qiu explained: “That large sun mark on its city gates releases a whitelight, called the Light of the Stronghold, and is a method belonging solely to the Honorable Martial Strongholds, theycan amplify the light attributed energy concentration around them.”

Du Ke muttered: “So it’s like that….”

He was the number one man of the Sin Domain, and had deep understanding with regards to Laws, and where noone in Sin Domain was his enemy. He quickly understood why people would fail every time they attacked.

“This mark has a sustainable feature, that as time passes, the light attributed energy in there will become denser. As they are located in a valley with a narrow terrain, it is even more beneficial for the accumulation of energy. This is the strongest point of Honorable Martial Strongholds, other strongholds will only become weaker through time, but Honorable Martial Strongholds are the opposite. We have done some inference, if Honorable Martial Stronghold is built for a time exceeding 500 years, their walls which were continuously strengthened by the light would crystallize. Any Honorable Martial Stronghold that has been crystallized is impenetrable.”

Nie Qiu spoke calmly, but everyone around him all inhaled in cold air.

Zhong Li Bai then added: “And furthermore, their auxiliary suppression is not only just that, the dense light attributeenergy allows them to freely instill the suppression to their enemies. These methods, mixed with the light, is noteasily detectable. But, the sieging people will suffer a great decrease in strength. For example their physical strengthwill leave their bodies. We tried it before, the light attributed energies might look gentle, but in truth aftersurpassing a certain degree of concentration, they will have an extremely repelling attribute. Other attributeenergies would be suppressed, and from the looks of it, not only will the light attribute energies be affected, but lawsas well.”

Upon hearing that, Xu Ye and the rest around Tang Tian all had a change in their expressions. Nie Qiu and Zhong LiBai’s strength had been recognized by everybody, but Xu Ye and the rest were long used to them being competitivewith one another, and it was their first time witnessing the two of them completing each other sentences withperfect flow.

Du Xin Yu and the rest were also surprised, especially for the List of Powerhouses experts, all of them tried incitingthe power of their laws, but after that, their faces all changed.

They realized that there was something hindering their Law Surfaces from being produced.

Du Ke’s guess was spot on, but he was not happy about it. His understanding on Laws was the deepest, but he wasextremely foreign towards energy. The Sin Door emitted an aura that he disliked, and he thought it was because ofthe deaths that had happened. He never thought that the gentle white light would actually be the bane of the SinDomain.

But, even if he knew of the reason for the white light, he did not know how to resolve it. His Law Domain was not affected as much by the white light, but he knew how strong and durable the walls were.

The closer they got, the stronger the influence.

Du Ke raised his head: “Do the two of you have any ideas?”

Nie Qiu spoke up: “It’s not that I don’t have any, but whether or not it will be effective, we can only test it out toknow. I heard that Mister Du had once barged to Sin Door, I wonder if you can tell us about the situation.”

Tang Tian was extremely foreign towards controlling a battle, if Bing was here, he would have completed suchthings before moving out.

“No problem.” Du Ke said coolly.

Du Xin Yu and the rest were shocked, they never knew that Du Ke had tried barging through the Sin Door before.


Wen Kang and the rest suffered an initial panic but quickly calmed own. At the start, for the sake of guarding over the Sin Domain, their stronghold was built with extreme standards. And at that time, it was because of the great number of enemies, as there were too many people imprisoned in Sin Domain, the reason being the stronghold was much weaker back in the days.

Currently, the Honorable Martial Stronghold that had been built for over 200 years, with the flow of time, had become much stronger. The Sin Door was like a lock on the Sin Domain’s neck, tightening the more time passed.

The two armies that had initially stood guard was lowered to one. And the original main force army became anordinary army.

Everything was because the stronghold was continuously getting stronger.

The only thing that made them feel uneasy was the number of Sin Domain people. Wen Kang and the rest awokefrom their nightmare, and immediately reported the situation, the soldiers who were at a loss all started to head upthe city walls.

The Intoxicated Wu Xuan ascended the walls, and when he saw the large army below, he was awoken from hisstupor.

But when he saw the group actually start to retreat, he calmed down.

Thinking about the powerful Stronghold he was standing on, all his fear swept away. The Sin Door had a long historyand has held up for more than 200 years, although it still had another 200 years to crystallize, but it was alreadyvery powerful. For example, the Light of the Stronghold now enveloped an area more than 60 km, when its initialarea when built was less than 5 km.

And the initial level Stronghold of the Light had jumped to mid level, its might increasing in quality as well.

The Light of the Stronghold was not considered tyrannical, but inside the area that it encompassed, Laws would bedrowned by the dense light attributed energy, the sea of light attributed energy.

Although Wu Xuan was forced to be stationed here, he still had standard, he knew that as long as Laws wereaffected, the army below them would be weak like chicken, and other than slaughtering them, they had no otherway out.

“Master, this is an opportunity.” Wu Xuan’s adjutant suddenly spoke up.

“Huh?” Wu Xuan did not understand.

The adjutant’s eyes had a trace of excitement: “Master, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! There are so manySin Domain citizens, how many years has it been since one has come like that? This is a real merit! The past mattershad gone by for so long, and maybe even the victims had forgotten about it. We should grab this huge merit and findpeople to talk about it, maybe we can be brought back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy.”

Wu Xuan’s body froze, he immediately released a fanatical laughter: “That’s right! As long as we kill all of them, wewill have done a huge merit!”

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, the more excited he became, the harder he laughed.

He was long sick of the old and forsaken place!

As long as he achieved a huge merit, he would have the excuse of leaving. Wu Xuan sorted out his emotions andthoughts, thinking about what connections he could mobilize, although he had sat on the fence for a long time, hecould still find some connections. In the past, he had no excuse, and it was useless for him to use the connections, butnow, the opportunity was right in front of his eyes.

He did not even know that someone was staring at him.