Undefeated God of War - Chapter 813 – A Battle of Might

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Chapter 813 – A Battle of Might

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Inside the shadows of the ruins of a large scale siege boat, a faint and vague figure could be seen.

Wei Ting Ting’s gaze was calm like water, observing the movements of her enemies.

Outside the stronghold, all the previously large and powerful monsters were currently burnt wreckages, quietly narrating the bitter battle. Now, all the wreckages had become their natural sentry positions.

Wars were the best teachers, and in the continuous battles, it allowed Wei Ting Ting and the rest to realize that thedensely packed wreckages were their best defensive locations. The complicated terrain was able to increase andunleash their fighting capabilities.

The burnt remains of the warships were the strongest portions of the warships, and everything that could be burnt had turned into ashes. Any ordinary attacks from warships could leave terrifying scars on them, but were unable to destroy their composition. To completely sweep the entire area clean, the most possible way was to use warships to pull the wreckages away.

To Gou Cheng WenDao who had plenty of manpower, it was not a big problem. But as long as any warship got close,they would encounter attacks. Wei Ting Ting and the rest had snuck into the wreckages, and like ghosts, they wereunable to be defended against.

To such tedious and dangerous work, no one said anything about it, the surrounding became quiet, and many darkplaces formed where light did not reach. All of the rookie soldiers that had no experience initially maintainedvigilance, but very quickly, they all fell asleep.

Wei Ting Ting’s face did not have the impatience of a rookie, but the stability of a veteran. With Warbow in hand,which made her more comfortable, she had the unique black gold arrow hung on the bow. The arrow’s body wasmade out of black gold, while the transparent feathers of the black gold arrow were made out of slices of black goldthat were as thin as cicada wings, causing the entire black gold arrow to have dark gold lines on it.

It had a very unique name, God Gold Arrow, or its alternative name, Mental Arrow.

This unique and strange name had made Wei Ting Ting stupefied, she had heard it a few times, but yet thought shehad heard it wrongly. The logistics department’s explanation was that the&nb

sp;Gold Gold Arrow was an abbreviation for[Godlike Black Gold Arrow], and this explanation made everyone even more stupefied.

But its style and grade made people hopeful.

If not for the fact that the arrow was truly a superior product, Wei Ting Ting would definitely not use it.

Wei Ting Ting’s one hand subconsciously caressed the arrow, this exquisite and artistic arrow released a uniqueundulation like a Star Treasure. Every Mental Arrow was equipped with the newly produced spirits from the ShangContinent, and was their newest secret weapon.

Wei Ting Ting thought about the joke that was spreading around, and could not help but smile.

The reason why the Mental Arrow was so powerful, was not because of a spirit being added into the arrow, but thetrue reason being every arrow was embedded with a lunatic!

The latest batch of Mental Arrows only had 10 of them, and Wei Ting Ting was equipped with one.

Maybe she had never thought that she would have a day like this. There were times when Wei Ting Ting would thinkabout her life previously, the life void of worries. But she did not wish to go back at all, personally witnessing herancestors and seniors sacrificing themselves, revenge became her number one goal.

She wanted to destroy the Honorable Martial Continent.

The hatred did not make her lose her rationality, but made her look towards towards the enemy fleet with calm andstability.

She had grown up.

If we were to say that the torturous training of dragging in the Sea of Energy had grinded her willpower, it made hermore firm and more self confident. Then the battles had truly made her understand the brutality of war. She wasglad that she had an outstanding officer.

It was said that Master Crane was an amateur like them, but they could not see it at all.

From receiving the call for help to moving out, Master Crane’s firmness amazed everybody, completely making them unable to compare him to the usual calm and delicate man. When they arrived at the stronghold, it was earlier than expected. Master Crane suppressed everyone from helping out, but hid behind the Ocean Guardian Stronghold like an experienced hunter, waiting for the best time to attack.

Master Crane never spoke loudly, his voice was always calm and filled with self confidence. He was forever steadyand composed, he was elegant, and even in the time when he gave the order to attack, his peaceful stroll with swordin hand was so charming that it could make any lady fall heads over heels for him.

Wei Ting Ting’s face immediately flushed red, Master Crane was the every girl’s dream man.

Although the battle was cruel, they were not disconnected to the outside world.

At that time, there were countless of sentries prying at the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, and the battle attracted theeyes of the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy. The entire battle process was recorded by the sentries of the variousfamilies. All of these recordings were like hurricanes, exploding in the Sacred Saint Galaxy in a very short time.

What attracted the eyes of everybody the most were Xie Yu An and Crane.

Xie Yu An was fine, since he had already made his name for being an extremely powerful defender, and there wasnothing much more to say about the Third Best Guardian under the Heavens. If it were the other two, would they beable to hold on for six hours in such a desperate situation?

This war had many unduplicatable properties, but under such a horrifying assault, to hold on for a full six hours, regardless of the standard of his defense or his determination, it had immediately pushed him to become the strongest defensive general in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and his name had instantly shrouded over the two.

But the true person filling the atmosphere was actually Crane.

His decisiveness in timely support, his cool headedness waiting for an opportunity, his powerful personal strengthcaused everyone’s eyes to brighten. In a short span of time, he had acknowledged the value of the wreckage,showing his sharp intuition towards battle.

With their orderly retreat and counterattack, their osmosis showed that they had a cool headed military general.

From Xie Yu An’s surprise appearance to Crane’s sudden invincibility, everyone then realized that the SouthernAlliance was not weak like what they thought. Adding Bai Yue, the number of top grade military generals hadreached three. Everyone was surprised that the Southern Alliance had talents gathering, and even felt thatSouthern Alliance was mysterious and unfathomable, could it be that Southern Alliance were actually hiding evenmore talents?

No one knew.

But as the recordings of the battle were spread, it started revealing its might.

In any other place, such a recording would have an explosive effect, and would cause people to be shocked and thennothing. But in the Southern Region, it was not only that. These recordings were like wildfire that started to ignitethe dried up oil of Southern Region.

The Honorable Martial Continent’s infiltration had struck an unprecedented fear in the Southern Region.

The Southern Region’s various powerhouses’ terrible performance made the citizens feel even more despair.

The Honorable Martial Continent’s great armies were like a hot knife through butter, destroying rotten twigs. TheSouthern Region was like an old wooden hut that had decayed for a long time, with just a slight push, it was about tocrumble.

Even the Southern Alliance’s performance previously was nowhere as good, their defensive lines were all beingcrumbled, other than Xie Yu An’s only light, the other places were terrible. Bai Yue had crushed Qiu Xu Hua, causingthe Southern Region people to rejoice, but everyone knew that in terms of the big picture, Bai Yue’s victory, otherthan helping to stabilize the Allied forces, there were no other changes.

On the other side, Mo Xin’s movements were unstoppable. The only good thing worth noting was that he requiredto take a long route to be able to threaten the Shang Continent.

But what use was there? It was just a matter of time.

In such a devastating situation, everyone’s hearts were filled with fear, it was an imbalance in power. The SouthernRegion was like a child, facing a grown man, they had no ability to resist.

But then, the recordings started to spread to every corner of the streets.

People who personally witnessed the six hour long decisive battle were choked, their eyes were fixated on thegigantic war machines, the explosions that shattered their eardrums and burnt their eyes, the terrifying energychaos made the people feel despair.

But then they watched as the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, which was being drowned to death by explosions andattacks, fearlessly counterattacked. Their frantic and decisive counter fires, their desperate willpower to fight to thedeath, blossoming out fiery lights and explosions.

But then they watched as the invincible reinforcements suddenly appeared, the fearless ambush, retreat,counterattack, seizing back of grounds, the sturdy determination and fighting spirit appearing from within thewreckages, it struck their hearts.

Countless people cried, the fear and despair that had enveloped them were being burnt into ashes by the flamessurging in their hearts.

In the midst of the desperate abyss, sunlight shot in like a powerful arrow, piercing through the thick and dense darkclouds.

Hope, what they saw was something called hope, they saw the courage they lost, the courage to face blood and fire.

They were in Southern Region, their home, this burning flame burnt in every single Southern Region citizen.

The Southern Region was on fire.

The first to sense the change was Mo Xin, he suddenly realized that the enemies that he faced had suddenly becometenacious, they were like tenacious rattan, continuously entangling around his feet as he tried to advance.

There were less and less collapses on the first encounters, all of the weak people seemed to have taken drugs, andfearlessly attacked them. The battles started to become more difficult and difficult, making him feel as if he hadfallen into a swamp. Such low grade battles were not enough to pose as a threat to him, but when they numbered toa certain degree, the entire situation would change.

He had even met a few mercenaries who tried to ambush them, the situation had become far from normal!

Mercenary armies worked for money, how could they attack them without any regard for life?

Mo Xin knew that he was in trouble.

The battle of the Ocean Guardian Stronghold had spread through the entire Southern Region, especially amongstthe citizens, more than half of Southern Region citizens had recognized that only the Southern Alliance could stopthe Honorable Martial Continent. That brutal and intense battle was the only convincing thing they needed.

One after another, the small family businesses drew out their eye catching flags with freshly made drawing ofwarships, and wrote down the words “Shang Continent”.

Countless people started to pack their luggage and step aboard the boats headed to the Shang Continent.

The ignited Southern Region started to display their determination and willpower towards the Sacred Saint Galaxy.


Wen Kang who was back in Sin Door did not know the details of the battles that had just happened. He wasimmersed in his own information, while the entire sentry post became quiet.

Everyone was stunned.

Even if time had grinded away their will to fight, they were still soldiers, and knew far more on warfare than ordinarypeople. And it was because of that that they were struck more intensely.

Suddenly, a set of strange sounds shocked everyone, causing them to be awake from their stupor.

~What’s that sound?~

When their eyes looked far out, everyone’s pupils suddenly constricted.