Undefeated God of War - Chapter 812 – The Miraculous Battle

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Chapter 812 – The Miraculous Battle

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The exploding light auras would illuminate the ruins of the stronghold from time to time.

The soldiers were frantically throwing their star treasures into the battle, the star treasures that they treasured andhoarded over in any ordinary day, were all exploding brightly. One after another of their sinister and frantic youngfaces were actually covered with perspiration and tears, they were unwilling.

In the past, they were just a small army responsible of security. Any spirit object was enough to buy their entirearmy, and for a long time, they remained as lowly dirtbags.

Who could still remember that they were dirtbags? Who could still remember the Dual Wing Swallow Xie Yu An?

A small time army that was bought, a middle aged indecisive military general that was obscure and unknown,completely changed after that business trade.

They did not dare to harbor excessive expectations, they did not dare harbor much hope. In the past they were allmuddle–headed, and had wasted their years.

Xie Yu An’s ears could not hear any other sounds apart from the intense explosions and attacks, to the point that hewas almost deaf. But he gave it his all, waving his arms, roaring words out that even he did not understand or makeout, encouraging the soldiers, encouraging himself.

Even if he could not hear himself, even if everyone could not hear him.

Under the occasional explosions and light auras, in the silent and trembling scene, Xie Yu An who looked like he wascrazy was actually extremely calm. His train of thoughts drifted, and his former days passed by quickly.

~It is a bit regretful, not being able to become a Gold Rank General.~

~Master bought us at such a cheap rate, he has truly profited. But, how can I compare to Master in doing business?~

~But, I do not regret it one bit.~


Xie Yu An’s eyelashes trembled, he gradually opened his eyes, the sunlight that shot in through the window hadshone on his face, making him feel warm. It was as if everything happened a lifetime ago, for the pa

st few days, hehad the same dream, and every time he woke up, his chest would be filled with so much sadness.

The battle had ended long ago, but he knew, it would be a battle that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

He sat up, and wore his shoes, and looked around the sickbay. In it were all of his soldiers, the Swift Army hadsuffered a great loss, far more than all the battles that he had ever face before added together. The remaining armywas less than a fifth of what it used to be, and even these survivors did not come back completely unharmed.

Xie Yu An quietly patrolled around all the familiar faces sleeping on the beds calmly, his movements were extremelygentle.

After inspecting everyone down to the last soldier, he looked around as there were many more empty beds, and allof the familiar faces that had parted forever appeared in his eyes.

He quietly walked out of the room.

Sitting down on the chair under the sun, he wept.

The battle of the Ocean Guardian Stronghold had shook the entire world.

It was a battle huge enough to leave its mark in the war annals, the degree of bitterness had shook the entire SacredSaint Galaxy to be speechless. 22 Large Scale Siege Boats, that terrifying line up was enough to cause any militarygeneral to feel despair, so much that they would lay down their weapons and surrender.

Not one stronghold was able to resist the assault of 22 Large Scale Siege Boats.

But the Southern Alliance did it miraculously.

Xie Yu An’s defence in the Ocean Guardian Stronghold lasted for a whole six hours, and destroyed half of the largescale siege boats. Just as Gou Cheng WenDao thought that victory was at hand, Crane suddenly appeared with hisStar Treasure Army, and slaughtered his way in.

The large scale siege boats were unable to move instantly and became the targets when they got close.

All of the large scale siege boats were put to flames, and not only that, all of the medium scale siege boats seemed tobe destroyed as well. Gou Cheng WenDao was so furious he moved out himself. But what he did not expect was thatthis mysterious army did not retreat, but instead relied on the wreckage of the siege boats and engaged themferociously.

The intense battle was fought amongst the wreckage.

The Large Scale Siege Boats were literally as big as strongholds, while medium scale siege boats were the size of hills, in which the battle was amongst such large wreckage. Gou Cheng WenDao’s fleet was unable to expand out in this complicated terrain, while the other party, used the wreckage for protection, and unleashed waves of attacks on them.

What made Gou Cheng WenDao feel like puking blood was that in this army, every single person had a star treasureas well.

The Honorable Martial Continent’s ordinary soldiers only knew that the Shang Continent had spirit objects, but GouCheng WenDao knew that the spirit objects of Shang Continent were the Star Treasures of Heaven’s Road!

The fleet made little progress, but Gou Cheng WenDao remain unmoved, although the destruction of the 22 LargeScale Siege Boats made him annoyed, he still had the advantage in numbers.

Gou Cheng WenDao immediately ordered for everyone to disembark the boats to fight,

The situation of the battle had once again caused Gou Cheng WenDao to be shocked. The enemies were actuallyable to be so agile in the Sea of Energy, and when both parties clashed, the Honorable Martial Army that held theadvantage in numbers actually suffered from a great quantity of casualties immediately.

Gou Cheng WenDao’s brows were pinched together.

He realized that he had underestimated the Southern Alliance greatly. The battle that had been dragged on becamea head on clash, it was unbelievably difficult, and the other party would always have unexpected things that wouldcatch him by surprise. It was different from any battle that he had experienced in the past, other enemies wouldnaturally have something that he feared, but to Gou Cheng WenDao who held full confidence in “I hit you once, youhit me once, I hit you twice, you hit me twice”, was never that affected by that fear.

He was like a sharp blade that could only attack and not defend, he did not care how many times he was cut down bythe enemy, but no one was able to stop his blade as well.

But this time it was completely different, he felt that he was hacking down onto cotton or water, it was extremelysluggish.

He was a maniac, but an intelligent one.

He remained unfazed by the casualties on the battlefield, but he squinted his eyes and carefully observed the battle.

The enemies were extremely proficient in fighting in the Sea of Energy, obviously they had gone through special training to do it, causing Gou Cheng WenDao to be surprised. The Sea of Energy was where warships ruled, and without the protection of warships, the neverending energy corrosion was enough to destroy an army. Even pirates would never train in the Sea of Energy and fight without ships. And comparing individual strength to a warship, there was no need to even talk about it,.

Who knew, that Southern Alliance would actually train in this aspect, ~Could it be that they had long anticipatedsuch a situation?~

Gou Cheng WenDao shook his head, the battle in front of him was just accidental, if not for the wreckage, facing thecondensed attacks of the terrifying warships, the enemy armies would die in the blink of the eye.

There was no place for cover in the Sea of Energy, as majority of the Sea of Energy was just a vast and endlesschaotic energy flow.

With regards to the enemy being proficient in using star treasures, Gou Cheng WenDao did not find it strange at all.Tang Tian’s history and background were long clarified by the higher ups of the Honorable Martial Continent, theSouthern Alliance’s proficiency in star treasures was truly one of the most ordinary things.

The only thing that surprised him was the power of the star treasures in the Sea of Energy.

They were actually able to pose a threat to warships!

Gou Cheng WenDao personally saw a few of the warships being destroyed, and immediately had an uneasypremonition.

He did not know that right at that time, at the other side of the battlefield, Crane was also recalling what Bing hadsaid.

“You do not need to worry too much about army warfare and such, because the Sacred Saint Galaxy’s fighting styleis destined to change because of Star Treasures. Do not think that I am over exaggerating the use of Star Treasures,on this point, just trust that this general has been through the most cruel and brutal war in history. The situation in abattle is not eternal, and instead, any change in variable can change the entire situation. And Star Treasures areexactly that variable.”

“In Heaven’s Road, because of the energy concentration, the power of star treasures are greatly weakened. But inthe Sacred Saint Galaxy, with the boundless and infinite dense energy supplement, its might will riseunprecedentedly.”

“Do you know what that means? It means that a new type of powerful army equipment has appeared. This appearance will most probably break the current Sacred Saint Galaxy army form. What I mean is not that the Army will be pushed to the backstage, but it means that the future armies will be even more agile, more mobile, and focus more on individual strength.”

“Currently, no one else has noticed this except for me. Pass down the martial techniques and experiences that you have from Heaven’s Road, they themselves already hold some standard in war tactics, once their individual strengths are raised, they will quickly form their own battle capabilities.”

The situation in the battlefield went according to what Bing said.

Aside from the Aries Constellation, the other four families of the The Five Southern Island Families were under Crane. Crane did not hide anything, his profound knowledge from reading, although he did not train in them, but he knew of the many theories. The strongest was still Sagittarius Constellation, since the Empress was his aunt, he was viewed as the most possible inheritor of Sagittarius Constellation.

The four families grew up in the Sacred Saint Galaxy since young, and were outstanding in war tactics, armyformation, and coordination had become instinct to them. And after their rise in personal strength, Crane wassurprised to find that he did not need to guide them, and they would automatically think about new ways ofcoordinating, how to unleash even greater power.

In other words, they had started to think about problems regarding tactics on their own.

The great distance dragging training in the Sea of Energy continuously increased their strength, while the piratesthey encountered on the way also allowed them to practise.

So when the battle started, the Four Southern Island Families gave him a huge surprise.

When every single one of them were equipped completely, it increased each and every single one of their individual strength to pose a threat to warships, and they also possessed the flexibility in which the warships did not have, and when the soldiers fought together in coordination and not single combat, their might instantly exploded.

One after another, the warships exploded, and were engulfed by the flames.

Watching from a distance, the battlefield looked to have many regiments of bonfires floating around, it wasextremely majestic.

This region that was filled with the wreckage and flames that never died out, became a death zone.

The battle was intense and short, lasting about half an hour. But in this half an hour, Gou Cheng WenDao sufferedgreatly, he lost about 30 odd silver grade warships, 123 bronze grade warships, and the death count reached awhopping 15 thousand men. There was a portion of them that were burned alive in the flames of the warships.

Even for Gou Cheng WenDao, who viewed lives as grass, when he saw the report, the corner of his eyes could nothelp but twitch.

What made Gou Cheng WenDao feel even more sullen was that they did not force the enemy to retreat, but theyretreated on their own notion. What made him want to vomit blood was that they chose to retreat to the OceanGuardian Stronghold.

It was practically in ruins.

But, the stronghold ruins was like a hard bone, Xie Yu An’s reconstruction of Ocean Guardian Stronghold was extremely thorough. Including inside the reconstruction of its interior, everything changed, and became even tougher. Ignoring the fact that the outer layer of the stronghold was demolished, and all of their battle positions were destroyed, but the interior part was still completely intact.

If there were still any more large scale siege boats, it would be extremely easy to take down the stronghold ruins. But all of the siege boats had been destroyed.

Gou Cheng WenDao suddenly realized that he was in a position that had no way of advancing or retreating.

But, he never expected that the ripple caused by the battle had just begun diffusing out.