Undefeated God of War - Chapter 810 – Zhong Li Bai’s Monstrous Little Thoughts

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Chapter 810 - Zhong Li Bai\'s Monstrous Little Thoughts

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"What crazy tactic is Crazy Tang doing?"

Ah Mo Li gazed at the little black dots with a serious expression, he muttered to himself as the undulations that spread out from the distance was extremely frightening. No one bothered about him, as everyone else were equally focused. It was not their first time witnessing the God Armor Army training, but every time they witnessed it, they would be able to experience it even more.

The brilliance splendors released had caused immense shock to the Sin Domain citizens, but to the people from Heaven\'s Road, it was nothing much. In Heaven\'s Road, the brilliance from the martial techniques were even more exquisite and gorgeous. But in everyone\'s eyes, it was not the brilliance they were looking at, but the undulations unleashed by the black dots, causing everyone\'s scalps to turn numb.

Sima Xiao\'s gaze never left Tang Tian\'s sacred land, his heart was completely overwhelmed with shock.

~How much has this guy grown in this short span of time?~

The experience in the Sin Domain was simply a nightmare to Sima Xiao. His fighting capabilities had been reduced to zero, and he had lost his connection to the Scorpio Magatama. The Scorpio King that was well regarded in Heaven\'s Road had actually fallen to such a state. But, he was a man that came from nothing, and his persevering temperament was far out of the ordinary, to be able to become the ambitious and ruthless overlord that he was. His agile reactions and outstanding mind had quickly obtained his own freedom.

His situation was far better than many others, but he was still not satisfied, and immersed himself in the bitter training.

~But compared to that guy…..~

Sima Xiao was feeling all kinds of emotions. Although he was on the same boat with Tang TIan, but as his identity was more sensitive, he was not considered as part of Tang Tian\'s group amongst the people. In the short run, they might be allies, but in the long run, the two were still competitors.

Watching his opponent grow exponentially while he himself was stuck made him feel as such. He was initially pleased with his own improvements, but upon watching Tang Tian\'s progress, he suddenly had some understanding towards the Honorable Martial Group\'s emotions.

[Honorable Martial Grindstone], that was the nickname Honorable Martial Group had given Tang Tian before, as they were still underestimating him. But as time passed, the grindstone was still there, but there were no more swords, ~If the Honorable Martial Group are to face with this nickname again, they must definitely feel even more complicated than me.~

Upon thinking about that, the stuffiness in Sima Xiao\'s heart lessened greatly. But when he thought about it, if the current powerful Tang Tian were to return to Heaven\'s Road, who would be able to fight with him? Deep in his eyes, a sinister look flashed.

Looking on helplessly at his opponent that was vying for hegemony, threw him further and further behind, naturally he would not feel happy. There were even times when the sense of helplessness had surged in him.

But aside from Sima Xiao, everyone else who were shocked were filled with joy.

As Tang Tian got stronger and stronger, it meant that their future was brighter.

Tang Tian\'s God Armor Army not only gave Du Ke, Du Xin Yu and Sima Xiao an immense pressure, but it also gave Nie Qiu and Zhong Li Bai the same immense pressure.

The God Armor Army had awakened a brand new way of fighting, it was a brand new innovative army.

Nie Qiu and Zhong Li Bai had received the largest attack, it toppled everything they had learnt, and even caused them to act together. The last time the two of them worked together was when they were thinking of unriddling the trainings of Null Division.

The two of them discussed for two days, with even more intense quarrels.

"The reason for the God Armor Army is because of their Law Surface Resonance, do we have anything to our advantage?"

"Unless we find another answer for this, from the looks of it, Master\'s method has no probability of being spread.

"If it is not Law Surface, what about Law Threads? Can they have complete resonance?"

"It should be able to be realised, but its might is too weak and has no practical value."

"Heaven\'s Road military generals use control auras to control the battle, are we able to use this aspect to find a breakthrough?"

"In theory, we can, but the demands for the general will be very high, and at the moment we are unable to achieve that."


After two days of discussions, the two of them were fatigue, but they had managed to clear up a few vague and hazy areas.

Zhong Li Bai had stubble on his chin, but his face was flushed red with excitement with light in his eyes: "The God Armor Army is a typical high-end small army like the Silver Frost Mounts of the past, and difficult to duplicate. I feel that we do not need to be affected by them, we should look at it from a bigger point of view. Where will our future battles be? The Sacred Saint Galaxy and Heaven\'s Road! Those places play with energy, whether or not laws can be acclimatized there, we will not know, but we need to think of something. I feel that we can walk the path of warships. That is a battle tactic suitable for us."

"Mechanical spirit weapons are also a good addition." Nie Qiu said.

Zhong Li Bai thought a for moment, and the light in his eyes blossomed even further: "That\'s right, do you remember that extremely ugly mechanical spirit weapon? The one that we saw on our first day at Three Spirits City!"

"Yes I do!" Nie Qiu\'s breathing quickened, he will never be able to forget the aura from the monster.

"If we are equipped with those mechanical spirit weapons, who can stop us?" When Zhong Li Bai said those words, he could not help but tremble, he was overwhelmed by the thought itself.

Upon thinking of that ugly and sinister monster looking around arrogantly in the training grounds, he could feel his blood boiling.

As for the warships, he had long thrown them out of his mind, who cares about warships when the assault with mechanical spirit weapons was much more enjoyable?

"Great idea!" Nie Qiu was moved by the suggestion.

The ugly mechanical spirit weapon that resembled a monster looked as though it was made just for Zhong Li Bai, he could imagine after the entire Zhong Division were to be equipped with those killing machines, how powerful they would become.

In terms of bearing, Zhong Li Bai was the model for the Leo Constellation\'s military generals, he was brave, decisive, firm with his assaults, like a heavy hammer unleashed with great momentum.

But his meticulous control was another matter.

Nie Qiu did not let it get to his head, and maintained himself: "I want to take a look first to see if warships are suitable for the Null Division."

"Warships are more suitable for you." Zhong Li Bai also nodded his head, the size of warships were much larger and had more weapons deployed that stressed on coordination, to Nie Qiu who was someone who looked at the big picture, a meticulous military general, it was perfect for him.

Nie Qiu laughed: "When we arrive back in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, we need to confirm it."

Zhong Li Bai who was excited over his own idea spoke: "Since we already know our general direction, we need to change our training style, Laws require too much time to train, and we do not have time for them to do so. We are about to barge through the Sin Door, Master will definitely not stop for long, and we will definitely return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy. Regardless if it is the warships or little monsters, we must get ready ourselves, we should emphasize more on the Heavy Demonic Execution for our trainings."

Heavy Demonic Execution was excellent to temper the body, and furthermore there was still the replenishment from the Life Origin Essence inside the Golden Steel Gravel.

As to barging through the Sin Door, he could not imagine who was able to stop Master\'s God Armor Army. Even if they were able to stop Master\'s God Armor Army, then the Null Division and Zhong Division would not be able to fight them even if they were to fight as one.

"That\'s right, your troops needs to train more." Nie Qiu reminded him kindly.

Zhong Li Bai\'s face immediately turned as black as a pot, the majority of his Zhong DIvision were made up of ex bandits, and were definitely were not shameful mobs. Bandits themselves did not have any upbringing in terms of tactics, although Zhong Li Bai had already grasped the time to train them, but to attain Null Division\'s current standard, they still had a long way off.

The emergence of the Ursa Major Constellation was directly linked to mechanical armies. Currently, mechanical armies were no longer a rare product in Heaven\'s Road, and for the various families that did not have them, they would be able to obtain some for research.

The important thing about building a mechanical army was that the soldiers needed to have high attainments in tactics. On this aspect, the soldiers of Ursa Major Constellation were famous.

They had good bodies, with the Heavy Demonic Execution and Golden Steel Gravel, adding that Sin Domain\'s bodies were naturally powerful, it was not a problem.

~Damn it!~

~I must definitely train these bastards to the point between life and death!~

Upon thinking about the tides of bronze monsters trampling everywhere they go, invincible wherever they swept, the fighting intent in Zhong Li Bai surged out, he no longer wanted to sit any further. He stood up suddenly: "I will supervise their training."

He left Nie Qiu\'s room filled with killing intent.

Tang Tian was naturally happy about Du Ke\'s desire to join them, he accepted it gladly, he had never thought much about it, or if there were anything wrong with it. But Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze were stunned, Du Ke and Tang Tian\'s alliance had already caused their eyes to almost fall off, but Du Ke had joined Tang Tian\'s camp, this……

Not only did they not understand, but others as well. Regardless of influence or power, to the Sin Domain, Tang Tian and Du Ke were of completely different levels, but the development had surpassed their expectations.

Tang Tian\'s people were naturally joyous, but Du Ke\'s subordinates all opposed it.

Du Ke then gathered all of them together and told them what Du Xin Yu said, and instantly they were all mute. Although they knew how to speak powerful words, but upon thinking about the foreign Sacred Saint Galaxy, all of them no longer had the confidence.

They did not even have an inkling of what the current Honorable Martial Continent\'s shadow look like.

They were like an entity who had been behind closed doors for too long. Suddenly realizing that he have to leave, he would be filled with unease and fear, that was an ordinary matter.

But what made everyone truly convinced was when Nie Qiu came to visit, and gave generous practical evaluations and focused propositions to Du Xin Yu\'s army. An expert would be known upon showing his cards, and Du Xin Yu and the List of Powerhouses martial artists who initially thought they understood how armies worked, realized that they were more naive than the rest.

Heaven\'s Road military generals had long established a prudent system, which had matured through history and various styles.

Nie Qiu\'s suggestions looked upon many minute details, but when all of these seemingly ordinary details were put together did Du Xin Yu realized that the potential of an army could be greatly increased.

Attempting to barge into Sin Door and returning back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy was no longer new news, it had spread through the entire Sin Domain, and had become the hottest discussion topic.

Everyone in Sin Domain had complicated thoughts, fear, panic, lost, anticipation all mixed together, but everyone knew, regardless of success or failure, the Sin Domain was going to change.

But Tang Tian who was right in the heart of the storm, was instead extremely calm, he was patiently training and testing new things, waiting for the battle.