Undefeated God of War - Chapter 808 – What The Hell Is Going On!

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Chapter 808 – What The Hell Is Going On!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Zheng Zhi felt as though his lungs were on fire, his throat was filled with smoke and ash as he glanced at Ji Zewho was near him. Ji Ze’s face was also covered in perspiration, the dark red blood light flowed from his body as heremained unmoved like a statue.

Fu Zheng Zhi could not help but feel envious, ~Being young is so good!~ Of course, he was more envious of Ji Ze’sBewitching Blade, not only could the new Bewitching BLade influence an enemy’s blood flow, but at the same time itcould be used on oneself, nursing himself back to health, increase recovery and reducing fatigue.

“Prepare for the 213th round, Tactic 33.”

Tang Tian’s voice was monotonous, like a lifeless robot.

Fu Zheng Zhi trembled, and threw the thoughts to the back of his mind. Ji Ze who was like a statue seemed to comeback to life as well, his tense body immediately relaxed as he opened up his eyes, breathing heavily, his face revealedcolor once more. The rest immediately focused, all of them revealed looks of fatigue, but all of them still did theirbest and made themselves focus even further.

They were doing their best to remember Tactic 33.

It was truly a nightmare training, but everyone was completely numb to it, and even the unbridled and arrogantpeople could not even hold onto any thoughts of anger, it was not that they did not dare to, but it was because theydid not have any energy to do so. There was no distinction between days and nights, Master Ghost Face Mask, ohno, he was Master Tang Tian, never knew what fatigue was, and continued to make them try new thingscontinuously.

At the start, everyone was filled with excitement, the combination of Laws, it was something new! Everyone starteddiscussing about what the combinations would unleash what uses.

But after going through 500 cycles of probing, breaking up, forming up, breaking up again, forming up again,everyone felt splitting headaches and were extremely tired. At the end, whenever the order was given out, theywere&nbs

p;almost moving on instinct.

No one discussed about the combination of Laws, and even if they had the energy, they would be scolding about thedamned combination of Laws.

But what a pity, they had no strength at all.

Everyone was now completely in admiration of Master Tang Tian, ~look at him, Master is still so energetic andfocused, it is like a breeze in the park for him to do this training, does he not know what tired feels like at all?~

They all felt that it was inconceivable.

And when Tang Tian took out thick tactics handbooks and threw it to them, and asked them to memorize all of it, the200 men on the field became petrified, looking like Terracotta soldiers.

67 different type of tactics, and 328 types of combinations of various sizes, the simplest was a combination of 2men, and the most complicated was a combination of 12 men, just by looking at these numbers made their eyesconfused and their scalps numb. Furthermore, these tactics contained different types of combinations, the attacksequence and type of coordinations were all different.

The level of complication was too numbing!

~Master, you must definitely be joking, yes, you must definitely be…..~

The soldiers who had sluggish expressions and their mouths wide opened looked towards the Master, who in theirvision had an expressionless face.

After 500 rounds of training, how many types of combinations have they tried? Even they themselves did not know.Everyday, their training schedule was so packed it made all of them panic.

~But Master actually memorized all of them!~

The terracotta soldiers were all so frightened that they almost broke into pieces, ~Are you still a human, Master?Are you!~

The terracotta soldiers painfully began frantically memorizing the 120 page tactics handbook, compared to thistactics handbook, facing Master Du Ke was no long as terrifying. ~Master, we can help you kill Du Ke, just let usgo…..~

“Pay attention on the attacking sequence.”

Tang Tian’s gaze swept across everyone, he was extremely not satisfied. It was already at their 213th cycle oftraining, but all of them were still not fully proficient and frequently made a lot of mistakes, and countless faultsstarted to appear in the training. But, it did not cause his mood to falter, as even he himself had to admit that thetactics were extremely complicated.

If not for him being in the state of Awakened God Armor, he would definitely be unable to complete the surprisingtactics handbook, and even memorizing it would had been difficult. In the Awakened God Armor State, all of theseextremely complicated combinations were as simple as A,B,C to him.

But, only he had the Awakened God Armor.

Tang Tian was clear about this point, he who was in the Awakened State was extremely quick–witted. He was not areal military general and did not have any experience in tactics, but his understanding of laws had given him theability to merge all of their fighting capabilities.

It was enough, he did not understand strategies, so he would use strength to speak. As long as he could do that, the200 men army could explode with astonishing might and devastate the enemies in front of them.

Of course, the prerequisite was that his thoughts could be realized.

The 213th cycle of training was not wasted, although the members were extremely tired, but they performed farbetter than before. They all had relaxed their bodies and breathed slowly, they gathered their focus, and everysingle figure looked like bows that were slowly being pulled.

Killing intent silently pervaded out.

The current Tang Tian was extremely sensitive to the changes in the surroundings, he could clearly feel the invisiblekilling intent in the air, and could clearly sense the state of every single member.

Tang Tian’s expression did not change, but his focus reached the peak, he was the core of the entire army, and hecontrolled the attacking rhythm of the entire army. Every member’s Law Surface had to be linked to him to be ableto complete the Law Surface Resonance. If it were pair by pair combinations, it meant that he had to organize 100resonances.

The God Armor Army’s battle style was something that no other army could replicate. Unless they had someonewho was like Tang Tian, who was able to link everybody’s Law Surface.

(TN: The author could not decide between Awakened Army and God Armor Army, but they are the same thing, Imight stick to the God Armor Army)

The God Armor Army in the air suddenly plunged into a strange silence, and the air around them congealed.


The biting cold order sounded out in the air.

Fu Zheng Zhi moved, he unsheathed his Chief Green Swords, and a green mist that corroded the air instantlyappeared ahead of them. After that, the member beside him moved as well, looking from below, it looked as thoughan invisible lash had swayed, the two ends of the lash had moved towards the same direction.

Following that, this invisible lash’s two sides lit up with a splendor at the same time, and many ice crystals sprinkledout along with countless of wind blade gales, converging together, it was Ice Laws and Wind Laws, the completedcombination formed a white hailstorm that screamed out.

It was the effect of 10 members attacking at the same time.

Before the hail storm had subsided, 13 members who trained in water blades made their moves, a great quantity ofwater bubbles enveloped the white hailstorm. When the water bubbles touched the hail storm, they were quicklyfrozen, but the flexible yet fast water blades actually split the hailstorm into 13 parts. 5 members who trained inVortex laws made their moves at the same time, the 13 parted hail storms were quickly compressed, then stretched,then revolved, and 13 long hail storm ice pikes revolved at a great speed in the air, releasing extremely cold hissingsounds.

Then came a dazzling myriad of light auras that blossomed onto the 13 hail storm ice pikes, which were envelopedwith flames, poison, death aura etc.

The members who trained in Spatial Laws had already prepared, spatial undulations appeared in the formation, andevery hail storm ice pikes’ edge all started to flicker with a faintly discernible black dot, an extremely hard to detectripple started pervading out with the black dot at the center.

They were the spatial blades formed from Spatial Laws, and were serving the role as the spear tip.

Du Ke was unable to remove his gaze from the hail storm of ice pikes. If we were to describe Tang Tian’s gaze as onethat made him instinctively feel danger, then the 13 hail storm ice pikes’ formations had made his heart thumpextremely hard and fast, causing him the intense urge to make a move on them.

~What the hell is going on!~

He could not believe his own eyes, even a pike formed by a Law Domain expert was unable to shock him asimmensely as the 13 hail storm ice pikes. ~What am I watching? Combinations! Combinations of Laws!~

~Laws can actually be combined! Oh my god!~

He subconsciously reenacted the scene of having the pikes landing on an enemy’s body, there was no protectionthat could possibly stop the terrifying pikes. Even he himself, when facing the pikes head on, could face thepossibility of his Law Domain crumbling. Furthermore, there was poison mist rippling in the spatial undulations,which would actually weaken the enemy prior.

Everything that was happening before his eyes was completely capsizing all of his knowledge.

He forcefully suppressed the overwhelming shock in his heart, his gaze that was filled with fear swept through TangTian’s formation.

In the formation, there was another scene of lights, lightning gathered and formed into many lightning balls.Suddenly, from the shadows of the formation jumped out a black figure, that devoured the lightning balls andinstantly disappeared.

Dense Dark curtains that varied from the Night Laws had enveloped the Lightning Balls, concealing every bit ofaura. Devouring one lighting ball after another, which were all compressed inside the dark curtain. If they were to beunleashed, their might would be inconceivable. The Dark Curtains that had shrouded the lightning balls were likesharks swimming in the deep, dark sea, which could launch fatal attacks at any time.

Du Ke’s pupils trembled again.

The lightning balls that were compressed alone were fine, such an attack could be blocked if prepared well. Butusing the Dark Curtains to conceal the lightning balls, in a chaotic battlefield, would become the best weapons forambush.

Receiving the highly compressed lightning balls without any preparation would definitely feel like being heavilystruck by a stick in the gut.

Ji Ze’s Bewitching Blade unleashed the blood screen, that revealed many holes, transforming into a blood web. The faint green light rain that sprinkled onto the blood web caused many green dots to form on the blood web, those were “buds”, a product of Life Laws, upon coming into contact with the enemy, it would start absorbing the enemy’s vitality, and grow bigger and stronger.

Du Ke’s gaze was already trembling once again, and at the moment, even his lips were trembling.

~Too sinister, too ruthless!~

The blood devouring web adding the buds, as long as anyone were to touch it slightly, they would be sucked dry.

Inside the formation flew out many dazzling light disks that looked as though the sun was rising, all of these lightrays flew up into the sky and like magnets, they started to merge together, at long last forming a gigantic light disk.This “Light Disk” was the most ordinary form of attack in light lights, but when more than 10 of such light disksmerged, it had become extremely terrifying.

The light disk that spanned over 10m in diameter was instead not as bright as individual light disks, instead, the teeth of the disks had dark gold lines.


Du Ke jumped in fright from the thought that had just entered his mind, ~Hold up!~

His eyes seemed to have grasped something, and when he swept past the light disk, his pupils instantly dilated.

A sword light had blossomed behind the light ray without any omen.

~Just surrender now!~

That was the only thought that appeared in Du Ke’s mind.

Du Xin Yu who was by his side had an extremely pale face, her legs gave in, causing her to fall onto the ground.