Undefeated God of War - Chapter 806 – Du Ke Comes To Visit

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Chapter 806 – Du Ke Comes To Visit

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Master Ghost Face Mask was actually just a blurred light shadow!

It was as though a bucket of ice water was poured over Ji Ze, the sensation that everything was within his controlimmediately disappeared without a trace. What made him even more shocked was that he was actually unable tosense the Master’s aura at all.

There was clearly a blurred light figure standing in front of him, but he was actually unable to sense its existence, itwas as though he was staring at a ghost in front of him, and a bone chilling sensation crept up from his feet.

Ji Ze was clear of his own strength, and losing to Master Ghost Face Mask was not surprising, but previously, he hadsensed that he was close to Tang Tian. At his level, the ability to sense power was extremely astute. Even if it was DuKe, he was able to sense the distance between them.

~Is the reason of this because I am not familiar with the new Bewitching Blade?~

Ji Ze tried his best to suppress the fear and shock in his heart, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable toeven sense the Master. That blurred light figure was like air, with nothing being there.

~How….how is this possible!~

The light screen gradually grew smaller, and everyone sensed the blood red vision receding.

Tang Tian sensed that Ji Ze’s face was white and rigid, and asked curiously: “What, is there something you areunhappy with?”

When the others heard him, they all turned to look at Ji Ze in disbelief, they already felt that it was inconceivable,why would Ji Ze still be unhappy?

Ji Ze who was being stared at by everyone regained himself, seeing that they were filled with envy, jealousy andtheir unkind gazes, his straightened back was like an overcooked break that started to turn soft, he nodded his headand bowed: “This subordinate is too happy, to the point that I lost myself!”

“Really?” Tang Tian became suspicious of him.

Ji Ze’s back started perspiring, he immediately nodded: “Reall

y, really!”

“Then that’s fine.” Tang Tian also heaved a sigh of relief, although the blade was not his, if he were to truly break it,he would had lost face. ~I, Godlike young lad, can lose anything, but not my face.~

Suddenly, Fu Zheng Zhi rushed over like a gust of wind, and before he had even got close, he was already shoutingout loud: “Master, Master, not good! Not good!”

Tang Tian turned his head and looked at Fu Zheng Zhi with confusion.

Fu Zheng Zhi rushed before Tang Tian did not even have time to catch his breath, he immediately reported: “Master,Du….Du Ke is also building an army.”

~Du Ke is also building an army?~ This news surprised Tang Tian slightly, but it was just slightly.

~So what, there’s nothing to be so anxious about~, he looked at Fu Zheng Zhi with doubt.

Upon seeing his Master’s nonchalant behavior, Fu Zheng Zhi became anxious: “Master, Du Ke’s power to rallypeople is unlike any others in Sin Domain, as long as he calls out once, half of the experts in Sin Domain will followhim. I heard that there are around 20 experts from the List of Powerhouses. Even the most ordinary soldiers have togo through three rounds of filters, every single person is an expert on their own! Master, what should we do?”

Upon hearing that, Tang Tian was truly surprised. He was surprised that Du Ke’s rally had called out 20 experts fromthe List of Powerhouses. That was undoubtedly terrifying. Tang Tian already had a good grasp on the power levelsregarding the List of Powerhouses’ experts. The List of Powerhouses only had 50 names, but upon adding theInfamous Men, who had strength equal to the experts on the List of Powerhouses, the total was still less than a 100.

Du Ke’s summon had already obtained 20 of them, his power was truly terrifying.

~But, how can I, a godlike young lad, be so easily scared?~ Tang Tian snorted: “What are you panicking about, do youthink an army is so easily built?”

These words were not feigned, Although Tang Tian was not a military general personally, but under the influence ofBing, he understood that building up an army was not a simple matter. The Sin Domain who was used to fightingsolo, to want to accept the army style, how could it ever be easy?

~I am still grasping the Law Surface Resonance!~

“Master, they must definitely be doing it for us! When they form their army, they will definitely come look for us!Master, they are already calling themselves Sin Domain’s First Army.” Fu Zheng Zhi said with a pained look, that waswhere he felt the real pain. Ever since Tang Tian had made up the God Armor Army, Fu Zheng Zhi had always usedthe name “Sin Domain’s First Army”, and was filled with yearning towards the future, as it represented his ownlimitless future.

~Now, everything is gone!~

No wonder Fu Zheng Zhi felt so lost, Du Ke held an extremely high position in everyone’s heart, something thatTang Tian was unable to imagine. And Du Ke’s army was known by everyone, causing them to talk about it.Compared to that, Tang Tian’s side was too miserable.

Du Ke’s army had 20 List of Powerhouses martial artists, while on their side, they only had 2.

The difference in power between both parties made them feel dejected.

Tang Tian did not have any fear towards Du Ke, so he could hardly understand what Fu Zheng Zhi Felt, but when helooked at the rest, he realized that all of their faces were pale as well, as though their spirits had left their bodies.Even Ji Ze who had obtained his new Bewitching Blade was dumbstruck like a chicken.

Seeing their disappointed looks, Tang Tian immediately flared up: “Look at all of your frightened faces! All of you doextra training!”

He watched as they stumbled to do more training, but seeing their lowered heads, Tang Tian could not help butfrown.

He never thought that the news of Du Ke building an army was enough to scare everyone. It was something TangTian had never thought of, from the start, the people who stayed around him were all people unafraid of dying, andeven the Lupus Race who were weak, were stubborn in nature. He had never worried about such problems,everyone would move with him proudly, not one fearing death.

Fu Zheng Zhi and the rest did not dare to disobey Tang Tian’s orders, but their morale had dropped rock bottom,where the results of trainings proved further.

~This cannot go on!~

Although Tang Tian was not considered intelligent, but he was not dumb at all, and knew of the complications.~

~How can I make them not feel discouraged?~

What Tang Tian did not know was that Du Ke’s announcement of building up Sin Domain’s First Army had stirred asensation in Sin Domain. Du Ke was publicly known as the number one man of Sin Domain, but he was a veryreclusive man and rarely appeared in public.

When he made the announcement of building up an army, the seven great families near the Four Main Citiesimmediately publicized their support, and following that, the geniuses and elites of the various families flooded tothe Du Residence. In less than two days time, the news had spread through every corner of Sin Domain, andcountless powerful martial artists had replied.

It was Du Ke, Sin Domain’s number one man.

When he stood out, the entire Sin Domain would move for him.

No one focused on the Null DIvision in Galloping Horse City anymore, no one cared about Ghost Face Mask in SharpWind City, the entire Sin Domain had their eyes on Du Ke. The higher ups of the Four Main Cities who were initiallyattempting to balance the power had all kept quiet out of fear, no one dared to voice out their discontent.

An Army, Sin Domain’s First Army.

Just as Tang Tian was furious about the morale, Fu Zheng Zhi barged back in and stammered out loud: “M–master,someone wishes to see you!”

Upon seeing Fu Zheng Zhi’s panicked look, Tang Tian was so angry that he opened his eyes wide and scolded: “Whatthe hell are you panicking about, look at yourself now! Who is it?”

“He calls himself Du Ke.” Fu Zheng Zhi gritted his teeth and said.

~Du Ke…..~

Tang Tian was startled.

He had never expected for Du Ke to personally find him.

He looked at the extremely ordinary middle aged man standing in front of him. ~This is Du Ke? Sin Domain’s numberone, Du Ke?~

Du Ke was also sizing up Tang Tian with interest, he suddenly laughed: “Brother Gui, do you mind taking your maskdown?”

Hearing that, Tang Tian happily took his mask down and said outrightly: “My surname is not Gui, my name is TangTian.”

Upon seeing Tang Tian’s face, Du Ke was shocked: “I never expected Mister Tang to actually be so young!”

He was truly taken aback, but it was not only him, Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze who were by the side were equally dumbstruck. They had never thought that the ferocious and cunning Master Ghost Face Mask was actually so young. It was especially so for Ji Ze, he was already considered the youngest and most outstanding talent, but upon seeing Tang Tian who looked to be younger than him, yet so much stronger than him, he almost could not believe his own eyes.

~This….this is too much!~

“Hahahaha, what can I say, if your talent is great, it is easy to be young!” Tang Tian said happily, immediatelyrevealing his true identity.

Du Ke replied somewhat emotionally: “When I was at Mister Tang’s age, my strength was far lacking compared toMister Tang, the next generation will always be more powerful ah.”

“Hahahah!” Tang Tian laughed without any control and waved his hands: “Don’t compare with me, don’t comparewith me, this godlike young lad will forever be more fierce, hahahaha….”

Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze stared at Tang Tian in shock.

~Is….is this still the firm and decisive, emotionless and unfathomable Master Ghost Face Mask?~

~This seemingly dumb looking man, exactly where did he crawl out from!~

On the contrary, Du Ke did not seem to mind, geniuses were always so exotic, he was nowhere much different whenhe was young, but instead felt that Tang Tian was a frank person, and laughed: “I, Du Ke, am not wiser despite beingolder than you, I wonder if I can call you junior brother?”

Tang Tian already felt that Du Ke was an extremely nice person, and without further ado, he replied: “No problem,then I will call you Old Du.”

Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze looked at each other, their faces were covered with confusion, feeling that the scene in frontof them was extremely strange. ~Shouldn’t the two of them be talking about fighting and killing each other? Why didthey start calling each other with such intimacy? What sort of situation is this?~

Du Ke laughed: “Then everyone will be family from now on! Relax, junior brother’s matters will be Old Du’s mattersfrom now on! I have already gotten the various cities to send junior brother’s subordinates back to Galloping HorseCity.”

“Then I have to truly thank Old Du!” Tang Tian retracted his laugh and said earnestly.

“Although we had some differences and friction between us in the past, but it shouldn’t be much, the exchange ofblows will eventually lead to friendship.” Du Ke revealed a harmless expression: “But us brothers have no benefits inbeing in conflict. The people below will think that junior brother, you are trying to steal their rice bowl, but Old Duknows that the Sin Domain can’t old junior brother, and junior brother ultimately wants to fight your way back tothe Sacred Saint Galaxy.”

Tang Tian raised a thumb: “Old Du, you have good eyes!”

Du Ke then looked at Tang Tian: “Can Old Du ask something? Is junior brother friends or enemies with HonorableMartial Continent?”

“Mortal enemies.” Tang Tian said without hesitation.

“The entire Sin Domain are mortal enemies with Honorable Martial Group as well.” Du Ke said calmly: “Many peoplethink that Old Du I, have built an army just to defeat you, junior brother, but they do not know that Old Du, I, onlyhave one goal, that is to return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy. For the sake of leaving the Sin Domain, many of ourancestors have died, but no one succeeded. My teacher died for this, as well as my grandfather. I know that themethods of the past have no use, and for many years, I have been thinking of how to get out of this goddamn place. Itwas until I came to Galloping Horse City, did I finally realize, it is army, only with armies can we get out of this place!”

When he finished speaking, Du Ke’s expression was extremely sinister.