Undefeated God of War - Chapter 803 – Success

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Chapter 803 – Success

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian was oblivious to what was happening outside, he was completely immersed in his own world.

In the Awakened God Armor, he became extremely sharp and astute regarding laws. But inside the independentspace of the Chief Green Swords, the two strands of law threads that grew together had impacted him greatly.

The Law threads of the Chief Green Swords had merged attributes with spatial laws. Tang Tian knew the value of it,in Sin Domain, a martial artist could only train in one type of law. It was common understanding in Sin Domain to notbite off more than one could chew, one single law was enough for a martial artist to gain enlightenment of the truemeaning of laws.

Tang Tian also had the same kind of thought, but one law itself had its own disadvantage, and that was itslimitations. Training in one single school of techniques was something that Heaven’s Road also had, but very fewpeople did it.

Because any battle situation will forever be complicated, one sword to cut through a million laws might soundtyrannical, but to actually want to do it was an extremely difficult thing. The majority of martial artists would chooseto specialize in one school of martial techniques, and learn other schools of martial techniques as support, to be ableto face all sorts of situations.

Purely using one school of martial techniques meant that they required even more coordinated matching to be ableto face complicated situations.

But in the Sin Domain, Tang Tian could not see any team coordinations.

Tang Tian would have felt that this reality was strange if he had just entered Sin Domain. But now, Tang Tian did notfind it weird. In all the places he had been, he did not like the Sin Domain the most. It was a stagnant place, not onlyhad they lost their courage to make a stand and fight, they also lost the courage to expand, and they lived as thoughthey were simply waiting to grow old and die. They did not have any motion to explore, no motion to create.

The godlike young lad did not

;like the Sin Domain at all.

He shook his head and threw all of the complicated thoughts to the back of his mind, they were not for him to thinkabout. It was too complicated for the godlike young lad to focus completely on coordinating with just one specialty.~Maybe Bing will be interested in this, or maybe Tang Chou as well?~

The godlike young lad did not like doing things he was not proficient in.

But he realized he had great interest in something else.

~How many laws are there truly?~ No one knew. They were as vast and endless as the stars in the sky, and was alsoone of the reasons why the Sin Domain did not bother probing. The laws in Sin Domain were like a sea of gemstones,one could pick any up and it would be a beautiful and dazzling gemstone.

In Heaven’s Road, all of the martial techniques were slowly created and improved through generations. It was a slowand arduous process, where pure energy had no value. All of the variations in the techniques were the blood, sweatand tears of every generation.

~Laws naturally did not lack in variations~, that was what people of Sin Domain thought. To their understanding,they would definitely find a suitable law inside the Sea of Laws. They did not need to care or consider the merging oflaws, and only needed to find the law they wanted.

But Tang Tian thought differently.

He had been the big boss for so long, and thus he thought differently from ordinary people. For example, he wouldthink about if there was a solution that had the feasibility of pushing into a large scale system. He was no longer aone man show, he had the Ursa Major Constellation and the Shang Continent, and was undoubtedly an overlord.

When the Null Division started training in Laws, Tang Tian had some discoveries. The Laws that they had gainedenlightenment from were the most ordinary and easily trained laws.

It was not strange, before they had obtained their Zero Energy Bodies, all of the Null Division members were veryweak, and thus the laws they had were halted at the superficial levels. On this point, they could not even compare tothe locals who grew up in the Sin Domain. To Xu Ye and people of his level, they would definitely be shocked at theNull Division’s enlightenment on laws, but they were all monotonous fillers and had different variations, whichwould gain the disapproval of others.

But Tang Tian did not see it that way.

He himself was the model example, his current state was multiple times stronger than how he was in the past, and had seen god knows how many martial techniques, but he was still using fundamental martial techniques to date.

With regards to a large scale army, too much of something might not necessary be good.

For the Null Division’s case, it was beneficial as an army.

Three to five types of laws could be populated in a large scale, and once they could merge, it meant even morevariations. The things that Sin Domain did not care about were treasures to Tang Tian.

Other than the ability to increase the Null Division’s fighting capabilities, it could also increase Tang Tian’s, andwould be an immense help.

He thought about his own Awakened God Armor, it was in truth formed by many law threads. But all of these lawthreads were in disorder and in a jumble, Tang Tian had once thought to sort them out, as he felt that it was the cruxof improving the Awakened God Armor, but no matter how he tried, he could not find a way to comb out the lawthreads.

The two similar law threads in the independent space that grew together gave him a revelation.

~Am I able to do it like that?~

But he quickly realised that his own law threads could not grow. ~Under what circumstances can the law threadsgrow?~ He carefully recalled the Chief Green Swords’ law threads in the independent space.

~Why will they grow?~

Growth was the most ordinary thing of life, and all life will never stop growing upon existence.

The most fundamental part of growth was grooming, and all growth required grooming.

~Law Threads are not alive, could it be that its growth also requires some sort of grooming?~

~But if it is, then what is the thing to groom the growth of Llaw Threads?~ He thought about the Chief GreenSwords, ~Could it be the Swelling Ink Wood? Possible! But wouldn’t that mean that every Law requires differentthings to be groomed?~

~The Awakened God Armor contains countless of laws, the workload required….~

If it were any ordinary person faced with such a horrifying workload, they would definitely feel discouraged, furthermore it was just a guess. Tang Tian did not feel discouraged at all, instead, he was filled with enthusiasm, if these questions were solved, that meant that the might of the Awakened God Armor would definitely become stronger!

~I shall find the things to groom the Law Threads!~

Tang Tian rushed out of the room, he was extremely eager to test it out.

The moment he ran out, Ji Ze who was waiting outside the entire time stepped forward with a virtuous look:“Master!”

Tang Tian was surprised and stopped: “What’s the matter?”

“A small matter.” Ji Ze nodded his head and bowed.

Hearing that it was a small matter, Tang Tian waved his hand: “If it’s a small matter, don’t look for me, I am verybusy.”

Ji Ze sensed that it was going south, and quickly chased after him: “It’s not a small matter, it’s not a small matter.”

Tang Tian was pestered beyond his limit: “Speak, what’s the matter.”

“That is…. This subordinate’s blade, I hope that Master can check it out.”

Ji Ze revealed a flattering smile, where all the members in the distance revealed looks of disgust and loath.

Ji Ze did not care at all, what was wrong with smiling. The Bewitching Blade was his nickname, and also the name ofhis blade. The Chief Green Swords were a low ranking treasure, and of a completely different grade compared to hisBewitching Blade. But the might it could be produced after the Master had toyed with it caused his heart to turncold, it had completely beat his Bewitching Blade by a whole level.

Treasures were extremely expensive and precious in Sin Domain, and only a few could obtain a name. Treasureswere objects that could not be bought with money, and it was unheard of that the power of treasures could beraised. If such a news were to be released, the entire Sin Domain would definitely not sit still, which of the oldmonsters wouldn’t have good things on them? The small barracks would definitely be overcrowded.

~What was wrong with smiling!~

~A leader can submit or stand tall as required, might is definitely not something that belonged to the honored!~

~Come, Master, come!~

He watched Tang Tian earnestly, his pitiful and anticipatory gaze was extremely heartbreaking.

What a pity Tang Tian could not see it: “Give it here.”

Ji Ze was startled, he was prepared to throw out a pile of currying favour techniques, but even before he began,he….succeeded? But he quickly reacted and took out his Bewitching Blade: “Master, think about what you can dowith it!”

“It’ll be fine if I break it?”

Ji Ze’s heart tensed up, his face flushed red, ~Oh my god, how could I forget about that!~

The Bewitching blade had a special history. It was created by his ancestor, and perfected and groomed throughgenerations, to finally be what it was in his hands.

~If it were to be broken….~

But the words had already been said, and it was too late to regret, he felt as if he had swallowed a hard seed, it wasextremely tough to swallow as he spoke pitifully: “Master, please do not scare this subordinate.”

Tang Tian looked at him with disdain: “Look at your own terrified look.”

“Master is great, how can this subordinate compare to you?” Ji Ze immediately flattered him.

“That’s true!” Tang Tian became pleased upon hearing that, he patted Ji Ze on the shoulders and immediatelychanged: “Relax, I will be careful, if it truly gets broken….”

Ji Ze calmed down, the Master was rich and overbearing, and he presumed that he would be compensated.

“Then you can only count yourself unlucky.” Tang Tian said with a look of as a matter of fact.

Ji Ze’s face darkened, he drooped his head low, there was remorse in his heart, he hated himself so badly he wantedto smack himself twice. ~I lost myself in material greed, I truly got lost in this stupidity.

~If it is truly broken…..~

~Ancestors, please don’t crawl out from the grave and find this disciple!~

~This disciple no longer have any weapons!~

Tang Tian completely ignored Ji Ze, it truly was as though someone had sent him a pillow the moment he wanted tosleep. He studied the other party once again, ~For Ji Ze to give me his Bewitching Blade, he truly is a good man.~

Tang Tian coughed slightly: “I will give you an important mission.”

“Master, please guide me.” Ji Ze groaned weakly and without strength.

Tang Tian acted like he did not hear it: “Find a few materials that can be manufactured into weapons and bring themhere.”

“Master, what materials do you need?” Ji Ze was still weak.

“Every sort there is.” Tang Tian replied.

~Every sort there is…..~

Ji Ze stared at the Master blankly, ~Master, do you think you are ordering dishes in a shop? You want one of everysort there is, do you know how many materials there are in this world? Are you joking?~

Tang Tian glanced at him: “The more kinds there are, the better it will be for your Bewitching Blade.”

Ji Ze trembled, his eyes immediately turned red and as though he was on adrenaline: “This subordinate will startobtaining them now!”

Seeing Ji Ze disappear like the wind, Tang Tian was extremely pleased, ~Such a good worker.~

When the members in the distance were observing them, they could not hear the conversation, but upon seeingTang Tian accepting Ji Ze’s Bewitching Blade, and Ji Ze leaving excitedly, everyone went into an uproar.

“He succeeded! Ji Ze succeeded as well!” Xiao Qiu became extremely excited.

“Succeeded in what?” Old Bi did not realise what was happening.

“Throwing dog shit!” Xiao Qiu said with a face of jealousy.

(TN: Stepping into dog shit is bad luck, but there is a saying that after the bad luck, one will obtain great benefits, it islike having a bird shit fall on you, and you can immediately buy a lucky draw and win.)