Undefeated God of War - Chapter 801 – Dual Swords Enlightenment

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Chapter 801 – Dual Swords Enlightenment

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian did not have much knowledge about refining weapons, but as the saying goes, because of a small problem,one is unable to accomplish big things, he had no choice but to force himself to do something.

He carefully inspected the Green Swords in his hands.

Chief Green Swords, the Fu Family’s inherited Treasure, was ranked 39 out of the treasures in Sin Domain. TheChief Green Swords were a pair of swords, one long and one short, the long sword was roughly 45cm, and the shortsword was roughly 21cm. The sword bodies were moss green with a flowing luster, and the most unique point wasthat there seemed to be regiments of mists inside the swords.

Holding onto the two swords, an indescribable undulation occurred in Tang Tian’s mind.

Being startled, Tang Tian only reacted after a while, it was the undulation from laws.

Fu Zheng Zhi did not know that Tang Tian was thinking of reining weapons, but he knew that the Master wasextremely interested in his Chief Green Swords. But to him, he knew that the Master should be interested in thetreasures, and not the sword itself.

“The Chief Green Swords were created by the Han Family Ancestors. In that year, the Ancestors accidentallyobtained a piece of Swelling Ink Wood, and it is reasonable to say that this Swelling Ink Wood was ordinary. But thispiece of Swelling Ink Wood was buried in a piece of Void Mud. Void Mud is naturally related to Spatial Laws, andthus this piece of Swelling Ink Wood also gained the use of Spatial Laws. The Swelling Ink Wood contains poisonnaturally, which is a sub branch of the Life Laws, and after merging with the Spatial Laws, it produced a miraculouschange. The green light threads released by the long sword is extremely poisonous and hard to catch, and if theopponent’s comprehension of laws is not profound enough, he will definitely be poisoned, and it can even infectthrough space.”

Tang Tian nodded his head, the undulations from the Chief Green Swords were hard to detect.

He then asked: &ld

quo;Are the treasures in Sin Domain related to laws?”

Fu Zheng Zhi immediately flattered him: “Master’s brilliance is right.”

Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, for as long as it was related to laws, it was fine! Although he was not that reliable,but he was not dumb. For him to place his attention on refining weapons, he had some methods that he could utilize.

His confidence naturally came from his Awakened God Armor, as long as it was law related, then the Awakened GodArmor was somewhat invincible.

After activating Awakened God Armor, the Chief Green Swords in his hands immediately became different.

The Chief Green Swords in front of him seemed to be enlarged multiple times. The moss green blade had countlessminute holes. They were like water plants, and surprisingly, these minute holes were linked to an independentspace. The spatial holes were filled with green threads, and these densely packed green threads constantly emitteda green mist. They moved like water plants, swaying left and right, causing the mist released to seem to flow around.

When Tang Tian’s consciousness extended through one of the green threads into the independent space, he wasshocked.

Inside the independent space, the green threads grew tenaciously. Tang Tian was clearly able to feel the vigorouslife force contained in them.

~They took root inside this independent space!~

Even in the Awakened State, Tang Tian could not help but be surprised.

Tang Tian was not unfamiliar with independent spaces, Ocean Prison Sword’s Ocean Prison was also a type ofunique space. In the eyes of Heaven’s Road people, independent spaces were extremely mysterious, and extremelydifficult to understand. It was only precisely because such independent spaces possessed properties of Spatial Lawsthat Tang Tian could sense it, but in Heaven’s Road where energy transformation occurred, to want to find thisunique Law was extremely difficult.

In Heaven’s Road where there was energy transformation, the independent spaces that were not affected by theenergy transformation had unconventional attributes which attracted countless Saints.

But what Tang Tian was thinking about was a different matter.

The Heaven’s Road training system was energy transformation, because of its less density, they focused more onefficiency and techniques became even more elaborate. Compared to them, the Sacred Saint Galaxy that wasbrimming with energy allowed their training methods to be very broad based.

But intrinsically, both were the same.

But the Sin Domain walked a completely different path.

Without the existence of energy, they used power of the physique to incite the power of Laws.

This was different from what Tang Tian used to understand. In his past understanding, Laws itselves did not possesspower, but used any external energy to produce power. This thought was dismissed, as it meant that if the powerprojected from Law Surfaces was placed in Heaven’s Road or Sacred Saint Galaxy, it would still be very powerful.

He realized that he had made a mistake. The power projected from the Law Surface was in fact still the power of thephysique. The so called Law Surface was like a power source formed from a martial artist’s comprehension of lawsand through a transformation in the body. But there was an additional level, which was transforming the tangiblepower of the physique into an invisible power.

That also meant that the so called power of laws still stemmed from a person’s body.

Laws are like large furnaces, while the power of the physique was the fuel being combusted, and the flames formedafter the combustion was the power of the laws projected out. The different furnaces would produce differentflames, and the bigger the furnace, the more intense the flames combusted.

Law Threads are like the beginner level furnace, while Law Surfaces were better furnaces, making Law Domains thebest furnaces.

Many suspicions and concepts that he never understood were being opened up, causing Tang Tian to becomeexcited, as he realized the fallacies many people had made. Many people used to think that to gain enlightenment onLaw Domains, one needed to spend a lot of time on laws, thinking that as their enlightenment on laws grew moreprofound, they would naturally gain enlightenment on Law Domains.

But many of them did not notice a problem, the bigger the furnace, the more fuel it required to combust.

How can a large furnace produce large flames with a bit of fuel?

With sufficient power, would there be the possibility of having a Law Domain.

But after thinking carefully about the people around him, for example Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze, who struggled to finda breakthrough on Laws, actually did not spend much time refining their own bodies. They thought that their bodieshad reached a bottleneck, and compared to the vast and boundless world of laws, a human’s body potential toupgrade was limited and truly pitiful.

It had to be said that a Sin Domain martial artist’s body’s quality when placed in Heaven’s Road or Sin Domain woulddefinitely be of the top grade.

Tang Tian himself walked the path of body refinement, and knew how arduous and difficult it was, when the bodyreached a definite level, it was extremely difficult to even improve a step.

He felt that his thoughts were in the right place, but to improve, ordinary methods was not possible. His firstthought was to use laws to temper his body, which he had previously experienced, but that was with the entry levelLaw Threads.

~What if I used Law Surfaces to temper my body?~

~I should try it when I have the chance.~

He suddenly thought of another problem, ~If we were to say that Laws are like furnaces, then can this furnace onlycombust power of the physique? What about energy?~

But he quickly shook his head, and threw that thought to the back of his mind. ~Tempering the body and energy aretwo different systems, how can that do.~

Even in the Awakened State, this conclusion made his chest somewhat pain.

To him, the Sin Domain was definitely the best place to have a training grounds, as they could gain enlightenment onLaws extremely quickly. Saints who gained enlightenment on Laws, be it in the Sacred Saint Galaxy or Heaven’sRoad, were peak experts.

But now that he understood more, the Sin Domain’s enlightenment on Laws was even more closely related to powerof the physique. While in Heaven’s Road and Sacred Saint Galaxy, the enlightenment on laws were more withenergy.

It was the same laws, but with an invisible and tight barrier separating the two apart.

~Come to think of it, even if the Sin Domain is not suited for the training system of Heaven’s Road, doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable with Ursa Major’s.~ Ursa Major Constellation trained in the Zero Energy Body, and after personally experiencing it, Tang Tian realized that going through the reducing energy transformation after training in True Power to obtain the Zero Energy Body was stronger than the locals of Sin Domain.

Any member of the Null Division had extremely strong bodies, and when placed in the Sin Domain, they would be classified as having the most outstanding bodies.

It could be said that the Sin Domain was the place that allowed Tang Tian to grasp the true essence andimprovements on the Zero Energy Body.

Tang Tian removed all the complicated thoughts in his mind, ~All of these are thoughts for the future, it is too earlyto think about it.~ He placed his attention back onto the Chief Green Swords in front of him. The green light threadswere composed from laws, while they themselves were not poisonous, but the faint green mist they emitted wasextremely toxic.

And this toxin also had spatial attributes, with extremely strong permeability, upon being infected, it would mean definite trouble.

What was more surprising was that entering the independent space, the light threads were still thriving tenaciously.

Inside the vast and boundless independent space, the light threads were naturally miniscule. But if they continuedto grow, after a hundred years, after a thousand years, after ten thousand years, how much would all of these greenlight threads formed by laws grow into?

Inside the entire independent space, there would be a sea of poisonous green grass.

To the everlasting independent space, even if the sea of poisonous green grass was nothing, but any Saint thataccidentally stumbled in, none of them would actually realize that it was a world formed by two short swords.

~Wait a minute, two short swords!~

Tang Tian’s eyes suddenly blossomed with light aura, his consciousness infiltrated the independent space, andrealized that the light threads of the two swords truly entered the same independent space, but they were clearlydifferentiated.

~Why not connect the two of them?~

This brazen idea surfaced in Tang Tian’s mind, and in a heartbeat, he took action. Although he had activated theAwakened God Armor, and his mind was even clearer than before, but the impulsiveness that had long beeningrained into his bones can never change.

Tang Tian quickly found the two furthest light strands separated.

He started controlling the two light strands, and tried tying them up together.

But he quickly realized that the two light strands were actually too slippery, whenever he tried to tie them up, theywould naturally loosen, and once again regain their original form. After thinking about it, Tang Tian felt that he hadno idea how to link them up, and decided to let them grow together.

He carefully controlled the two law threads and placed the tips towards each other.

The two law threads would gradually grow, and after a long time, they would eventually meet. Time seemed to havestopped right at this moment, and all the light threads suddenly stopped swaying.

An indescribable ripple suddenly emitted out!

Tang Tian’s heart jolted.

Outside, Fu Zheng Zhi was fixated on the Master holding onto the pair of swords, with his eyes closed, as though ashe was meditating. For a long time, the Master looked like a statute as he remained unmoved. ~Is Master trulyinterested in the Chief Green Swords? Is it embarrassing for him to ask for it?~

Fu Zheng Zhi immediately became confused.

The Chief Green Swords were the inheritance of the Fu Family, and held significant importance to the Fu Family.

Suddenly, an indescribable undulation exploded out without any warning.

Fu Zheng Zhi trembled, he immediately raised his head, and when he saw the scene before him clearly, he wasinstantly stunned.