Undefeated God of War - Chapter 800 – Tang Tian’s Reflection

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Chapter 800 – Tang Tian’s Reflection

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Zheng Zhi was enormously proud with his own success.

The army was growing steadily and quickly, and in a few days, it had its rough shape. Although the Master wasrather harsh, but thinking about the bright future, his heart could not help but be filled with excitement.

The Sin Domain’s First Army, thinking about that name made him smile the entire night.

If there was anything bad, that would be the Master being too strict. There were many times when he felt thateveryone were doing well, but they would always hear an angered “again” after that.

Now, whenever he heard those words, he would subconsciously tremble.

It was not only him, Ji Ze, the unbridled Bewitching Blade, completely did not dare to throw a temper. The two ofthem were beaten to the point that they did not dare utter a word, and the people beneath them dared not evengasp.

After the long time, Fu Zheng Zhi also grasped Master Ghost Face Mask’s temper.

~Definitely a perfectionist!~

~He can never see any defects or flaws, and his demands are so harsh to the point that it has become fearful.Furthermore, those who are crafty and try to provoke him will definitely die horribly.~ Although every soldier wascarefully picked out by Fu Zheng Zhi, but none of these martial artists ever thought that the training would be sotough.

~This is so cruel!~

Fu Zheng Zhi initially considered himself as one who had seen everything, but the daily training made him feel asthough the days had stretched into years, his skin had become tough, and ultimately he himself did not know how hemanaged to hold on for so long. Even Ji Ze who proudly announced that he had never suffered before, would alwaysstare blankly in space, upon hearing the Master calling them for training, his eyes would reveal a deep sense of fear.

Technically with their understanding of the Law Surface that had reached the apex and their control over theirpower also reaching a state of ease, such training should not be too difficult for

them. But no one expected theMaster to have such high demands, to them, it had turned from the possible to impossible.

200 Law Surfaces attaining a 100% resonance!

That was just impossible!

When Fu Zheng Zhi heard Master Ghost Face Mask announce that with his trademark emotionless and monotonous voice, he was instantly stunned and stayed petrified right on the spot for a few minutes before gradually regaining his senses, subconsciously wishing to refute him. But the shadow that Master Ghost Face Mask had casted over his heart was too strong, and the intense shadow made him stop rigidly two seconds before he blurted the words out.

~For me to refute Master’s first orders, am I trying to die?~

To him, there was nothing more to say about the Master’s strength, he was too strong. ~In the entire Sin Domain, the only one able to compete with Master is the number one Du Ke.~ Whether his Master or Du Ke was stronger was not something he could judge. But Master is too young, despite being strong, and thus taking it for granted.~

~If not, he will never propose such an unrealistic goal.~

Do not judge them based on him and Ji Ze completing the resonance with their Law Surfaces. How high level werethey? Their control over the power projected from their Law Surfaces were top notch in Sin Domain. It might notlook difficult for the two to complete the resonance, but the level of technique required in it was not low.

The two hundred people also had perfected Law Surfaces, but they were of a lower standard compared to the two ofthem.

Their control was incapable of reaching such detailedness and carefulness.

Furthermore, it was 200 people!

Not two, but 200, a complete 200! What did 200 Law Surfaces being in complete resonance mean? As long as anyone of them were to make a mistake at any point in time, they would unable to resonate.

Fu Zheng Zhi thought about it in another way, ~Maybe Master is just giving everyone a long term goal, 100% is tooexaggerated, but 50% is probable. Even if we obtain 50%, 100 Law Surfaces resonating, how terrifying would thatpower be.~

Fu Zheng Zhi thought that he had clearly understood the matter only realized how naive he was after the training.

~Master is actually trying for 100% resonance!~

The seemingly impossible goal caused everyone to be dumbstruck. But the Master personally brought everyone totrain together. He remained expressionless, and definitely did not talk about face, as long as there was a mistake,they would have to repeat the entire procedure.

Countless of them felt that the Master was striving to achieve extraordinary things, and going through such highintensity training, ultimately it was the Master that was the first to collapse.

As expected, after the training on the first day, the Master was so tired he could not even lift his fingers.

Everyone secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

On the second day, the Master was even more fatigued.

Everyone saw a glimmer of hope.

On the third day, upon training, the Master fell asleep, and did not even eat.

Everyone felt that victory was close.

Fourth day, Fifth day, Sixth day….

Day after day passed, the people who were patiently waiting could no longer hold it in.

Everyone knew how tired the Master was the day before. On the second day, the Master looked as though he hadbeen reincarnated, he was not shaken by the prior day’s events, and looked like a machine that did not know fatigue,he went through the training without lessening the intensity, but actually increased it. Going through the training,the master was like a demon, his expressions never changed, he was extremely strict and stern, he never shouted,his indifferent tone of speech was forever patient as he corrected them.

In that despair, some people gave up, and absconded through the night.

Fu Zheng Zhi arrived on the training grounds as usual, his footsteps extremely sluggish.

In the distance, there were a few bamboo poles with a few soldiers hanging from them.

Fu Zheng Zhi immediately focused his eyes, he did not know what method the Master used, for their Law Surfaceswere all sealed. Fu Zheng Zhi’s heart trembled, he had never heard of Law Surfaces being sealed. But the scenebefore his eyes spoke reality.

~How far is Master’s comprehension on Laws? Could it be that Master is actually like Du Ke, a martial artist with aLaw Domain?~

That thought flashed past his mind.

The people who were hung up could not rely on the power projected from their Law Surfaces, rendering them likebabies hung up through the night causing their facial expressions to be sunken.

All the soldiers that entered the training grounds jumped, many of them rejoiced that they did not go crazy and triedto escape. In time, the entire army was afraid.

The entire army kept quiet out of fear.

This time, Tang Tian was not like his usual self, about to start training, but he had his hands beneath his chin,reflecting. He was not trained for army warfare, but was forced to it. Bing had once thought of pushing him to be amechanical martial artist, but never urged him to be some military general. Even Bing, a man who basked in the gloryof the Southern Cross Army, felt despair upon thinking of Tang Tian’s path as a military general, thus Tang Tian hadnever thought that his talent with regards to army to be anywhere good.

But the reality was right in front of him, and it was his best idea. If the Army was truly successful, the Sin Domainnaturally could not hold him back, and whoever Du Ke was, Tang Tian need not even care. ~At that time, who willdare continue imprisoning a member of the Null Division? Wouldn’t they quickly send them obediently back to me?~

Tang Tian was not a man who liked to admit defeat, and since he thought it was a good idea, then it must be him notdoing well in another aspect.

~But, what am I doing wrong?~

~If only Bing was here, Tang Tian whined in his heart. But it was only for a moment. ~There isn’t anyone to help me,so I have to rely on myself.~ He racked his brains, and did his best to recall how Bing trained the armies.

~Discipline is strict and partial, there are rewards and punishments….~

~Hold up!~

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, he felt that he had grasped the crux of the problem! ~That’s right, I always give punishments,but never gave rewards, no wonder, no wonder.~ Tang Tian revealed a look of enlightenment. To want the horse torun, one has to feed the horse first. Tang Tian still understood that simple logic.

~But the question is, what can I reward them with?~

Tang Tian felt joyous over his clarity, ~This is good to resolve, wait, wait, wait a minute!~ Tang Tian suddenlyrealized, he was not in the Ursa Major Constellation or the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but in the Sin Domain, where he waspenniless.

~I am penniless….~

Tang Tian’s face darkened, to a nouveau riche who had used his money to buy armies and buy warships, and threwmoney everywhere to win his enemies, the feeling of being penniless was extremely terrible.

~Empty promises?~ Although Tang Tian’s skin was thick, but he was never unable to do such a thing.

It was reasonable to think about Fu Zheng Zhi and his family wealth, but Tang Tian had never thought of using them.Originating as Andrew Academy’s tyrant, Tang Tian had a very simple thought process, if people were to follow you,and you are already not giving them any benefits, but you want to dredge up their family wealth as well?

That was not reasonable at all.

Tang Tian never spoke about principles with his enemies, but with regards to his own companions, he was extremelyprudent.

And upon thinking about his next enemy being Du Ke, all the small wealth were unable to rouse him.

A portion of money equals a portion of power, this logic is the same everywhere.

Upon thinking about it, Tang Tian was not angry, but felt that he had taken advantage of everybody. In any ordinaryday, it is fine if everybody listens to your orders, but if you were to make them go all out for nothing, it would beunforgivable for being so stingy.

After ordering Fu Zheng Zhi to bring the men down, he continued to think about the problem.

~If only I had my Silver Aquarius Cabinet, that would be good, there are a pile of oddities and star treasures in them,if not, would I be in such a difficult situation?~

~If not, Little Fool would be fine too, he can easily refine out a few spirit treasures, and dazzle the hell out ofeveryone here!~

~Eh, refining spirit objects…..~

Tang Tian who was about to go crazy from thinking suddenly had his eyes lit up with the idea.

He did not know how to refine spirit objects, and there were no star treasures in Sin Domain that he needed torefine as well. But the materials in Sin Domain were extremely unique, and completely different from Heaven’sRoad and the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Senior Gui Wu’s Forceful Subjugating Bead had many unorthodox methods of refinement processes, but Little Foolwas the one more proficient in it, as Tang Tian never cared about it. Now that he was forced in such a situation, hecould only frown and attempt to recall about the bits and pieces.

This recollection lasted through an entire night.

Fu Zheng Zhi had become worried, ~Is Master discouraged because of the soldiers attempting to escape?~

~That cannot happen! Although there are a few small twists and turns, but the army’s future is extremely limitless!~

He was about to advise the Master, that the army was directly linked to him and his family’s future. ~I cannot letMaster continue being so dispirited.~

He found Master, and heard Tang Tian mumbling delirious ravings, which he did not even understand a bit.

Before he could even speak up, Tang Tian saw him with lit up eyes, and spoke out: “Your Green Swords, take themout for me to see.”

Fu Zheng Zhi’s heart jumped, ~Master sees something in my Green Swords?~

But after thinking about it, he felt that it was impossible as Tang Tian did not use swords. ~Furthermore, Mastereven gave the Death Thumb Ring to Xu Ye, how can he desire my Green Swords?~

Fu Zheng Zhi’s entire head was covered with perspiration, but he still gave his Green Swords over to the Master.