Undefeated God of War - Chapter 798 – Time Will Prove Everything

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Chapter 798 – Time Will Prove Everything

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


Bai Yue jumped out, he was shocked, but quickly shook his head: “22 large scale siege boats? Impossible! How doesthe Honorable Martial Continent have so many large scale siege boats? Don’t joke around, 22 of them, is there even22 large scale siege boats in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy?”

If not for the fact that it was General Peng Ruo standing in front of him, he would have long kicked him out of thedoor.

Guan Jin who was standing by the side also revealed a look of doubt, the news truly sounded too exaggerated.

Large scale siege boats were top grade weapons in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and were undoubtedly the kings in siege battles. Large scale siege boats were immensely huge, to the point that they resembled floating and mobile strongholds.

The astonishing large bulk required expensive materials, that was one of the reason why large scale siege boatswere so expensive. The other being the difficulty in manufacturing them, which required the highest of techniques.

The large scale siege boats that were built with anti-strongholds in mind required extremely high grade techniques. The Sacred Saint Galaxy had countless of weapons traders, but only three of them had the ability to manufacture such large scale siege boats. Even the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, the widely known and most famous weapons trader of the Southern Alliance, was unable to manufacture them.

Only top weapons traders with robust wealth and robust techniques were able to manufacture large scale siegeboats.

But even so, the time and effort it required to manufacture such boats took as long as 3 years, causing people to feardoing it. Bai Yue and Guan Jin had never heard of 10 or more large scale siege boats appearing at any one time, tosuddenly hear a fleet of 22 large scale siege boats, how could they believe it.

Peng Ruo did not reveal any intention of joking: “I have already double checked and confirmed it.”

The old general was extremely serious, when he saw the report, he too did not believe it. Not until he went toreconfirm it, did he know that this absurd report was actually true without fault, causing his emotion to plummet.

22 Large scale siege boats was history’s most extravagant fleet for a siege, causing the old general to becomesomewhat&

nbsp;at a loss, ~the scene where 22 of the war monsters are gathering must definitely be spectacular.~

But, the war monsters belonged to the enemy, causing the old general to tremble.

Any stronghold facing such an unprecedented scene of fleets would definitely crumble like paper. There were no defensive lines that could possible stop the war monsters, and the advantage of position would prove to be useless.

To the Southern Region, it was definitely the most terrible news.

After battling Qiu Xu Hua, Peng Ruo had a personal experience with the Honorable Martial Continent’s battleability. If not for Bai Yue’s ambush, the allied forces would have long been defeated. On the battlefield, the variousSouthern Region armies were not lacking in determination to battle, and the well off Southern Region was notinferior in terms of equipping at all, but the intrinsic qualities and the standards of the officers between both parties,were completely on different levels.

The Honorable Martial Continent had engaged in all sorts of tactics for many years, although they never fought in abig war, they were constantly in small wars. The various armies of the Honorable Martial Continent were allexperienced veterans. But the majority of the Southern Region armies were merely for show, and coming acrosspirates were already hard to come by opportunities. Many armies that had been built up for a long time had nevertruly experienced warfare.

The Honorable Martial Continent was extremely unified, upon making a decision, everyone would wholeheartedlyfollow through. But although Peng Ruo was the allied forces commander–in–chief, ultimately, the relation betweenthe factions beneath him were tangled and complicated, many of them only had outward devotion but carriedinward opposition, and many things were frequently occurring.

All of these reasons did not cause the old generation to lose hope, because they were in their home territory andhad the advantage of their own grounds with sufficient depth. Although they would have to fork out manycasualties, they only needed to reach a stalemate with the enemy, and it would be their victory.

But the appearance of the war monsters instantly shattered his confidence.

The slow moving war monsters could easily destroy all of their defensive lines and make them lose their advantageof being in their own grounds, and the Honorable Martial Continent’s armies could then invade and take up moreland. At that time, the situation would become so rotten that they had no way to recover.

Bai Yue’s mouth was wide open, with his face void of blood, but he did not make any sound. Guan Jin’s face was alsoas white as paper.

Peng Ruo sighed in his heart, he did not have any mood to even mock Bai Yue, his own reaction was the same whenhe had received the news. But he was still an experienced old general, and even in the most hopeless situation, hecould never despair.

“The Southern Alliance defensive lines will be lost soon, the Shang Continent cannot be held.” The old general said:“After they obtain the Shang Continent, they will have the Black Gold, and our situation will become even moreterrible. We need to think of an idea to destroy the large scale siege boats, regardless of what we have to pay, ifnot….”

There was no need to continue his words.

Guan Jin bit his lips tightly, causing it to turn white: “It will be difficult, Gou Cheng WenDao will definitely protectthose ships at all costs.”

“It will be difficult.” The old general nodded his head: “But no matter how difficult it is, we need to destroy them. TheOcean Guardian Stronghold definitely can’t last, and the Southern Alliance defensive lines will definitely beshattered. If the Honorable Martial Continent truly plans to take the Shang Continent, we still might have a chance.”

Guan Jin did not understand what the old general was saying.

Peng Ruo looked at the crestfallen Bai Yue, and said: “The Southern Alliance’s strength is far stronger than I thought. The Ocean Guardian Stronghold will not be able to stop Gou Cheng WenDao’s momentum, they will only retreat, all the way to the Shang Continent. The Shang Continent’s estuary is small, the large scale siege boats will be unable to enter, and even the middle scale siege boats are unable to. To the Southern Alliance, their only chance is to bring the battle to the Shang Continent. If the Honorable Martial Continent truly wants to take the Shang Continent, Gou Cheng WenDao has to mobilize his soldiers into the Shang Continent. At that time, the defence for the large scale siege boats will also be at its weakest, and that will be our only opportunity.”

Guan Jin immediately understood that the old general was prepared to leave the Southern Alliance as food. But hehad to admit it was an ingenious plan, and also the only feasible plan they currently had.

“Time is of the essence, I hope your army is ready to move out. We will launch an attack on Qiu Xu Hua, and coveryour rear.” The old general said.

Guan Jin looked at Bai Yue, in the entire Southern Region, the only ones capable of accomplishing the mission wasWhite Crow Army and Sacred Pagoda Army, but the allied forces required the old general to hold it down, thus themission could only be tasked to them.

Bai Yue suddenly raised his head, and unexpectedly, he shook it:” The situation might not be as terrible as we think.”

Peng Ruo could not help frowning, he never thought that at such a stage, Bai Yue would still hold his trust. He wassomewhat surprised, after fighting alongside Bai Yue for the past few days, he gradually knew and understood howBai Yue was as a person, who was an unswerving man with good reasoning.

But, time was the of the essence.

A fleet with a massive 22 Large scale siege boats was unstoppable, and if not for its slow movement speed, theywould not have a chance at all. Since it was so, if Bai Yue were to leave as soon as possible and make haste, theywould still have a chance. If they were to delay any further, their time of opportunity would disappear.

Bai Yue was an outstanding general, and Peng Ruo believed that such a lousy mistake would never appear on him.

He was waiting for Bai Yue’s explanation.

Guan Jin was also waiting for his Master to explain, to him, it was the only chance they had, he too did notunderstand why the Master would hesitate at such a crucial moment.

“The situation will not be that terrible.” Bai Yue repeated himself, he had organised his train of thoughts, and was thinking of how to phrase it: “Xie Yu An is in the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, and any strongholds with him in it will not be so easily destroyed. Even if the enemy has so many large scale siege boats, it will not be easy. I know him, he is not a man that will wait to die.”

As he spoke, his eyes became brighter: “Furthermore, their commander–in–chief is not a man who allows himself tobe caught in such a predicament.”

Peng Ruo revealed a look of disappointment, Bai Yue’s words did not have any useful information. Xie Yu An was nota man that will wait to die, the Southern Alliance Commander–in–chief was also not a man that would sit and wait todie, what use was that? In the face of absolute power, all of such discussion were pointless.

“Stop delaying.” Peng Ruo immediately interrupted and said coldly: “As the commander–in–chief of the allied forces,I am ordering White Crow Army to immediately move out!”

Bai Yue laughed.

“You want go against my orders?” Peng Ruo squinted his eyes.

“My apologies, I do not belong to the allied armies jurisdiction.” Bai Yue retracted the smile on his face and spokecalmly: “My White Crow Army is under the Southern Alliance, and only takes orders from Master Bing, theCommander–in–chief of the Southern Alliance.”

Guan Jin opened his mouth wide, ~Why didn’t I know that?~

Peng Ruo did not say anything, he simply observed Bai Yue, who did not reveal any panic or was faking his emotions.He was somewhat disappointed but even more surprised. ~The White Crow Army is actually taking orders fromSouthern Alliance Commander–in–chief?~

The White Crow Army was a Gold Rank Army with a superior position. The Southern Region only had two remainingGold Rank Armies, and if not for Bai Yue’s prestige being insufficient, he would actually be able to hold commandover an allied force as well.

Regardless of how Peng Ruo looked at it, the White Crow Army bore much more weight than the Commander–in–chief of the Southern Alliance.

He did not expect for the White Crow Army to obey the Southern Alliance, ~There are too many thought–provokingissues here. Everyone else was under the impression that the Bai Family only had an investment in the SouthernAlliance, and not a complete submission. From the looks of it, it seems that the authority in the Southern Alliance isdifferent from what people thinks.~

For the first time, Peng Ruo became interested in the so called Commander–in–chief of the Southern Alliance.

Seeing Bai Yue’s firmness, Peng Ruo could not do anything, and simply said: “I hope that you do not regret yourdecision.”

“Time will prove everything.” Bai Yue said respectfully.

Seeing the old generation leaving emotionlessly, Guan Jin’s face turned black: “Master, why does this subordinatenot know of such important information?”

Bai Yue laughed: “Oh oh oh, I just made that decision.”

Guan Jin was stunned, followed by a burst of rage that rushed out from his heart: “Master, do you know what thatdecision means? Do you know how many people of the entire Southern Region will die because of you? Thissubordinate doesn’t understand, why Master has that much confidence in them, and even in the face of such asituation, Master, you are willing to firmly believe that they have their plans, and would make such recklessdecisions….”

Bai Yue smiled as he took a cup of tea: “Drink some tea to loosen the anger.”

Seeing how Bai Yue was so shameless, the anger in Guan Jin disappeared for some reason.

“Time will prove everything.”

The smile on Bai Yue’s face disappeared as he said indifferently.