Undefeated God of War - Chapter 797 – War Monsters

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Chapter 797 – War Monsters

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Ocean Guardian Stronghold was enveloped with many dazzling light auras.

The densely packed warships were like locusts surrounding the stronghold, and the light auras spewing out from the warships was like a torrential downpour of rain. The Ocean Guardian Stronghold was not to be outdone, its thick light beams formed packs of sword auras that attacked the warships around fervently.

Warships would explode from time to time, blossoming out white light auras like a sun reflecting in the Sea ofEnergy. When the light auras dimmed, the orange flaming regiments were like full bloom flowers binding up theremains of the warships.

The soldiers who were on fire screamed and jumped out from the flames, and plunged into the Sea of Energy.

The battle was intense.

Gou Cheng WenDao’s face did not have any fluctuations, he watched the battle unfold emotionlessly.

The generals around him had their fists clenched and their faces were pale white. Such sieging warfare was the mostbrutal. There was no way to retreat, no space for plans and movements, every inch of space was being fought over,and it could only be won with blood and determination.

No one underestimated the battle, and furthermore the enemy was one who became famed through one battle, XieYu An was known for his defence. But no one opposed Gou Cheng WenDao’s decision, to the Honorable MartialContinent, every second was extremely precious to the point that he sacrifice was worth it.

The Ocean Guardian Stronghold was an extremely sturdy bone, and was the strongest of the enemy defense lines. It was a nightmare for anyone to attack, but upon breaking through, the entire defensive line would crumble, and they would be able to invade straight into the Shang Continent.

From the start of preparations, he had never thought about defense, and all of his preparations were meant forattacking. As for casualties, he never cared about it, because he knew the higher ups would not either.

As long as they could take down the Shang Continent in the fastest time, there was no problem.

At such a time, anything was worth it if they could exchange it to shorten the time.

Ever since they started preparing, all of his plans revolved around this point. In everybody else’s eyes, Gou ChengWenDao was impulsive and crazy, but&nb

sp;very few people were aware of how much he had prepared prior.

He had carefully studied all the possible sieging routes, and tried out all possible defensive and counter attackingmeasures the Shang Continent would take, ultimately formulating out a plan that had 62 different contingencymeasures.

At the present, the development of the battle had not surpassed his expectations.

He was not complacent over it or became blind in the trust he had for himself. No matter how robust a plan was, itwould never be able to encompass the myriad of changes that could happen in a battlefield, and upon stepping onthe battlefield, he would leave the battle to his crazy instinctive battle abilities.

But this time, his preparations were not for nothing.

In his planning phase, the Ocean Guardian Stronghold appeared more than once. The Southern Region had very few strongholds, and the Ocean Guardian Stronghold’s strategic location made it extremely important, because the Shang Continent’s disadvantageous fighting ability borrowed on the advantages from the defensive strongholds.

The Honorable Martial Continent had infiltrated the Southern Region for many years, and had secretly obtainedreports on various places, and naturally knew of the significance that the Ocean Guardian Stronghold had in termsof military strategies.

“If only it was the old Ocean Guardian Stronghold.” The adjutant said.

The other generals nodded their heads, before Xie Yu An had taken over, the Ocean Guardian Stronghold’s defense was lax, making it a warehouse filled with expensive weapons. At that time, the intelligence had once given a report on it, saying that any pirate would easily be able to take down the extravagant stronghold.

Only after Xie Yu An took over did everything change.

After the Honorable Martial Continent lost a few good informants, they heard about Xie Yu An’s reconstruction tothe place. In the past, everyone did not pay heed to such a matter, as Xie Yu An was a nobody previously, thus no onetook it to heart.

But after fighting with him, not only did it make them notice the changes to the stronghold, it immediately made them worried.

In the hands of people just eating and waiting to die, the Ocean Guardian Stronghold was a dazzling gold warehouse, but in the hands of a famed general, this rich and meticulous warehouse was able to transform into a terrifying stronghold.

Xie Yu An, who became famous after a battle, had attracted the eyes of Honorable Martial Continent’s informants,and every detail about him was quickly surged out. Even his part time job when he was studying was unfolded andbecame a heavily studied subject.

When a few general blueprints of the stronghold was passed down to the front lines, even Gou Cheng WenDao, a seemingly emotionless man, revealed two twitches on his forehead.

Everyone finally understood how crafty and sinister the Ocean Guardian Stronghold was.

Gou Cheng WenDao nodded his head: “Truly worthy of his name.”

The generals around him looked at each other, they had followed the master for too long, and knew that the masterhardly ever praised their enemies. To actually obtain his praise was something rarely seen.

After a while, an adjutant reported excitedly: “Master! The sieging boats are in position!”

“Begin the siege.” Gou Cheng WenDao said indifferently, his heart could not help but heave a sigh of relief. TheOcean Guardian Stronghold was like a hedgehog in a turtle shell, leaving him helpless to do anything.


The generals around revealed excited expressions, with looks anticipating a good show. The fleet of sieging boatsthat were as slow as turtles had finally arrived. The probings they had done previously let them know how tough theOcean Guardian Stronghold was.

Gou Cheng WenDao’s fighting spirit in battle was naturally not something a few blueprints could scare off, Therewas no doubt to Xie Yu An’s standard, but at the same time, Gou Cheng WenDao himself had a trump card.

Gou Cheng WenDao’s trump card was the sieging boats that he had brought along.

The Ocean Guardian Stronghold had created a big problem for them. They had to get rid of this nail deeplyembedded in place, and left with no choice, he decided to form a sieging convoy army specially meant to defeat theOcean Guardian Stronghold.

This sieging convoy army consisted of 22 large scale sieging boats and 70 middle scale sieging boats, hailed as the largest and strongest convoy to be made, its appearance shook the majority. If the slow moving, defenseless siege boats were to be ambushed, that would be the end. Gou Cheng WenDao had personally escorted it, thus even with its slow speed, no one could do anything.

~Now. It’s time for me to reveal my trump card.~

The large convoy of ships slowly approached the battlefield.

The Honorable Martial continent’s large scale sieging boats were unlike the small scale boats sieging the Sword Forest Stronghold, these massive large scale boats were the size of floating islands, and were all stronghold’s worst nightmare.

They moved extremely slowly and had weak defenses, but their firepower was immense, it’s range was exaggerated,and made all the other warships pale in comparison.

The 22 large boats were like 22 gigantic monsters, upon opening their bloodied and big mouths, no stronghold would be able to withstand their combined attacks.

When these 22 large scale sieging boats arrived on the battlefield, the entire warzone immediately quieted down.

Since time immemorial, the battle between the offensive and defensive would never stop.

Strongholds held advantages in defense, causing large armies to be stopped from advancing. But they also had theirnatural enemies, which were sieging boats. These war weapons were specially crafted to attack defensivestructures, wielded super firepower and extraordinary range.

No matter how tough the turtle shell was, they would be able to shatter them.

If we were to say that siege boats were natural enemies of strongholds, then large scale siege boats were undoubtedly natural monsters to them, and the nightmares of all strongholds. So much so that when Xie Yu An, a defence specialist, saw the incoming war monsters, his face could not help but change.

It was the first time his sturdy confidence swayed.

All the soldiers around him were dumbstruck like chickens, their expressions extremely terrible.

~Are we going to lose?~

Xie Yu An watched quietly as the war monsters slowly approached, his face becoming gray. There were no strongholds that had survived peacefully under the 22 large scale siege boats ever before.

Large scale siege boats were war monsters, but also gold devouring monsters, the value of each siege boat wasastronomical. They were without a doubt the most expensive bill that any war would have to fork out. TheHonorable Martial Continent had completely shown their wealth by taking out 22 of them.

~This is truly despairing.~

~Are my dreams for a Gold Rank Army going to end like this?~

~Truly, I am truly too greedy, I am already here today, and I am still not resigned to it?~

~That’s right, I’m not resigned to this.~

~This path had not been easy. I walked through so much difficulty to get here, for my Swift Army to be where it is attoday, it truly wasn’t easy.~

The unreachable dreams of the past appeared once again in the middle aged man’s mind.

The drive that had long died down, arose like the sun leaping out from the horizon. Sweeping past the wasted timethat had aged his body, this burning pain made him feel what it was like to be alive again.

The blood that had turned cold a long time ago finally became warm again as he began to desire again and becomeenthusiastic again, like how he was when he was young.

~That’s right, unknowingly, I have become like this.~

Xie Yu An’s mouth revealed a bittersweet smile, he raised his head once more, the light aura in his eyes was like thesunlight piercing through the dark haze.

~Even if I die here, It will be worth it.~

~Better than dying on the sickbed, waiting for my last breath.~

~Better than crawling to a dark corner and hugging my knees and regretting life.~

~Whose dreams will definitely be fulfilled?~

~It is just that my battles had never stopped.~

“Prepare for battle.”

The warm voice resonated through every corner of the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, causing the soldiers who hadlost their spirits to raise their heads.

“Everyone, please prepare for battle.”

The Master’s familiar voice gradually woke all of them.

“The following sieges will be extremely intense, everyone be mentally prepared. But, it is not like we have no chance,six hours, as long as we hold on for six hours, we will have the chance for a comeback.”

The Master’s voice sounded extremely calm, as though he was talking about something ordinary.

But, is there truly a chance?

Many people revealed looks of doubt, ~Why will Master say that we have a chance in the face of those monsters?~

“Six hours, regardless of anything, I plead everyone to help me stand guard in here for six hours.”

Xie Yu An’s voice was not forced or vehement, but sincere. The man who was gentle but firm, the man who hadcrawled in the mud and got his ass whooped together with all of them, the man who was not good in loud arroganttalks, but regardless of anything, would always be positive.

Like their superiors, the soldiers of the Swift Army remained quiet, they did not say anything, they did not have anydiscussions. They simply returned to their battle positions quietly, quietly preparing for the battle to come.

~Six hours right?~

~Then let’s defend for six hours.~