Undefeated God of War - Chapter 795 – Ping Xiao Shan’s Surprise Attack

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Chapter 795 – Ping Xiao Shan’s Surprise Attack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bang bang bang!

Consecutive explosions punctured the night sky with brilliance, the dazzling splendors of light reflected Nie Qiu’spale face, the corner of his mouth had formed an arc. It seemed as if he had planned everything in advance, but thebeads of perspiration trickling down his head also revealed that he was doing his best.

The instant the battle started, it was already at a climax.

Qin Zhen, Lu Sheng Xiang and them were absolutely irreconcilable, and upon meeting, their eyes were already red.The Su Family’s Su Fei also knew it was a battle that Su Family could only win and not lose. Death Servant’s gazenever left Xu Ye’s Death Thumb Ring the moment he saw it.

To Nie Qiu’s side, they were also not lacking in determination. Upon seeing Qin Zhen, Gu Xue revealed killing intent, the lock on her spirit was extremely painful, giving this strong young lady an immense trauma. Although she managed to breakthrough with Tang Tian’s help, but the trauma never disappeared, she never forgot the pain, and the hatred still existed.

The first person Xu Ye looked at was also Death Servant, who emitted a dense aura and a gaze full of desire. Xu Yeimmediately knew the intent of the other party.

The Death Thumb Ring, it was a sacred object yearned by any martial artist that trained in Death Laws. But to Xu Ye,it was not a treasure just for training, as it held even more to him. It allowed him to struggle free from the grasp ofthe Death God and obtain new life. For this, Xu Ye’s arrogance made him decide without any hesitation, to use hislife to protect it.

Enemies could only obtain the Death Thumb Ring from his corpse. That was the only way to obtain it.

Lu Sheng Xiang snorted, he raised his right palm in the air, causing a large ball of lightning to emerge. The dazzlinglightning ball was extremely eye piercing, trapped within it was a dangerous aura. The lightning ball’s diameter wasaround 1m, the dense thunderous booms coming from it raged out endlessly.

His body became hidden from the ball of lightning.

Many blurred figures surged forward like gushing water. The moment he had summoned t

he ball of lightning, theywere already rushing to him.


The stout man at the most front used his momentum to clash head on onto the ball of lightning!

The lightning ball swayed, before it could explode, consecutive slashes arrived. In the time it took for a person toblink his eyes, the lightning ball received five slashes, and like a deflating balloon, the lightning ball shrunk, zzzzi, ittransformed into a lightning aura that flowed along the broad guillotine blade.

A portion of the man’s body froze, his footsteps became sluggish.


The few people who had rushed first seemed to be unaffected. Lightning snakes flowed along the surfaces of theirbodies, and Lu Sheng Xiang was able to see that the lightning auras were jumping up and down excitedly on theirflesh, but they looked completely unharmed, their sinister faces revealed their intent to continue assaulting.

The door sized broad guillotine blades unleashed attacks that were earth–shattering. And with their fearsomemomentum, it caused others to tremble.

Lu Sheng Xiang might look calm, but his heart was becoming gloomier.

~Their bodies are actually tempered to such a state!~

The lightning auras enveloping around their bodies wielded piercing might, and no one was as clear about it as LuSheng Xiang, and he had never seen a person being able to use his flesh body to withstand the lightning aura. ~Trulymonstrous bodies, no, even monsters would die from such condensed lightning auras.~

If we were to say that their perverse bodies made him feel speechless, then their style of attacking actually shockedhim even more.

~Is this the legendary army?~

The distance between each soldier was obviously calculated and planned out. Their slashes were exceptionally strong, besides the power in their slashing technique, it was also because they seemed to be able to converge all of the power in their body. To use slashes that required them to go all out without reserving some strength as a form of attack was against common logic. Because it had no margin of leeway, upon failure, the opponent would be able to take their lives. Unless it was a desperate situation, Lu Sheng Xiang hardly saw people who fought like that.

But, in the hands of the group of people in front of him, it was their most common style of attacking.

Lu Sheng Xiang was experienced and sharp, he quickly understood the theory behind the attacks. They usednumbers to make up for the gaps left after going all out with each slash, their slashes were never done single–handedly. Enemies only had to sustain one slash and would instantly be barraged by the consecutive slashes. Themen were like bees forming groups and moving in perfect coordination. As long as they landed a strike, theirteammates would follow up. And in this extremely short time interval, the other groups would have completedpreparing and would follow up to produce the barrage of slashes.

It seemed like an invisible hand was directing and controlling the large group of bees with accuracy and precision.

Any martial artists proficient in defense could only withstand the fearsome barrage of slashes for a moment. Theircutting angles were obviously arranged through careful deliberations, and were extremely crafty.

The slashes that came like a tide were extremely viscous, and upon being affected by it, the man could only wait tobe devoured.

Lu Sheng Xiang’s hairs started to stand.

He immediately chose to fight numbers with numbers, but also quickly realized that his choice was still not goodenough. When he added more lightning balls, the might of the lightning balls would decrease substantially, while theenemies are able to withstand it. What made him panic even further was the exhaustion, his strength was depletingfaster than he had anticipated.

Swimming inside the lightning auras, Ah Mo Li was indifferent. Other than the numbing sensation, he was notinjured. Also, behind him followed the group of Null DIvision Members that were rescued first. They had trained inthe Heavy Demonic Execution the longest, and had absorbed a great amount of Life Origin Essence from the GoldenSteel Gravel, and after going through a great refinement, their flesh bodies had reached an all new level.

He opened his large eyes widely, revealing no fear but incomparable excitement. The lightning balls in front of himmade him think of Lu Tian Wen.

~That idiot was the one who died under me, the valiant Ah Mo Li!~

~There’s less than half of my brothers behind me, but it is enough.~ Although the old man still had many lightningballs, but Ah Mo Li could clearly sense that they were weakening.

~This old man is exhausted.~

He licked his lips, his eyes flashing with killing intent.

~This old man might not look like it, but he is much stronger than that crazy Lu Tian Wen.~ Seeing the men who had fallen, Ah Mo Li grasped the old man’s strength. ~But they are those that were recently saved, and have not gotten used to such style of fighting. As long as they are not dead, it is good to suffer a bit, they will learn and want to train more diligently.~

Ah Mo Li did not realize that his thoughts had become rather wise and experienced.

His gaze was locked onto Lu Sheng Xiang, the floating lightning balls looked like bubbles that were popping oneafter another.

Suddenly, his eyes constricted, ~Shit, that old man wants to run!~

Lu Sheng Xiang’s Law Surface was depleting extremely quickly, causing his face to become uglier and uglier. Helooked towards Su Fei who was in a heated battle in the distance, and his expression changed again. ~If I were toescape now, then the Lu Family holding up in their place will definitely suffer and die. But If I were to die in battle,the Lu Family that has no martial artist on the List of Powerhouses would be even more useless and can be thrownaside anytime. As long as I survive, I have my use, and to the large families, I will still be valuable.~

Without hesitating further, he suddenly used his last ounce of strength had grew lightning auras around his body.

Dazzling and eye piercing lightning auras enveloped his entire body, and silver snakes as thick as arms danced allaround him.

Zzziii zzzzii zzzziii.

The intense lightning auras caused the space in front of him to distort, and a black dot started to expand within thelight.

Ah Mo Li who was sprinting was surprised, he roared out, his figure suddenly became blurry as his speed increasedexponentially. He rushed towards Lu Sheng Xiang like a specter.

Lu Sheng Xiang glanced at him coldly, and pointed towards Ah Mo Li.


An extremely thick lightning aura that resembled a silver lightning spear shot at Ah Mo Li.

The dazzling light exploded.

Lu Sheng Xiang revealed a pleased look, although Ah Mo Li’s offensive made him troubled, but he knew that if hewanted to leave, they would not be able to stop him. Ah Mo Li’s last attack was also anticipated by him.

Suddenly, the black hole in front of him that was expanding burst forth with a ripple.

~Shit!~ His face took a great change!

Right at that moment, his eyes suddenly spotted a fine black thread connected to the black hole, ~That’s….a spatiallaw thread!~

On the other side of the black thread was a scrawny figure, who was smiling at him.

It was Ping Xiao Shan!

At the start, Ping Xiao Shan’s only job was to cut the Golden Steel Gravel, but Nie Qiu was not willing to have an idleperson in his troops, so Ping Xiao Shan was pulled for more training. Ping Xiao Shan was not as arrogant as Xiao HanGuang, and did not have any resistance towards additional training. And after seeing the lively soldiers training dayby day, he grew somewhat envious.

He used Spatial Laws, so Nie Qiu treated him as a unique liaison and specially arranged a few tactics for him.

The days living and training in the army changed Ping Xiao Shan immensely. The initially coward and shy Ping XiaoShan grew to be more manly. When he saw Lu Sheng Xiang using his lightning to break space, he sensed that it wasan opportunity for him, and with that intent, he struck out.

Using the broken space, he produced a ripple to conceal himself, and quietly activated his spatial law thread,instantly appearing near the black hole.

When he arrived near the black hole, Ping Xiao Shan suddenly realized that his actions were too impulsive. He hadnot gained enlightenment on any Law Surface, and facing Lu Sheng Xiang, a martial artist on the List ofPowerhouses, he was as insignificant as an ant. He knew that even if Lu Sheng Xiang was exhausted, it would be easyto kill him.

~What do I do?~

Under the pressure, Ping Xiao Shan who was anxious forced himself to calm down. ~What would the commander usually say? In the army, never set using an individual to win the enemy as a goal, everyone has their uses, and one should only prevail through a rational coordination.~

~Am I able to do anything useful?~

His gaze landed on the constantly growing black hole, and his eyes lit up.

~As long as I break that black hole, Lu Sheng Xiang can’t run, won’t that give Master Ah Mo Li a chance?~

Others might not have any methods to deal with a broken space, but Ping Xiao Shan who excelled in Spatial Laws,knew that the broken space was not as stable as what everyone thought it was.

His Spatial Law thread quietly connected to the black hole.

He did not know what the outcome was, but he knew that it would cause the space to be chaotic.

In the next moment, Ping Xiao Shan’s mind was in a mess.

~Am I going to die?~