Undefeated God of War - Chapter 792 – The Key to Victory

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Chapter 792 – The Key to Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Pay attention to your control, the power projected from the Law Surface cannot be too strong, that’s right, weaken it a bit more.”

“Converge your focus, maintain yourselves!”


“Once more!”


How long had it been since they had to go through hard work? Ji Ze was fine, although he was unbridled andarrogant, but his body of strength did not fall from the sky, but through bitter training. Fu Zheng Zhi was even morein a terrible situation, he had been in a high position for many years, and although he had strength, he had lived like aprince for so many years, and thus he complained in his heart endlessly.

But when in front of Tang Tian, the two of them dared not have any anger.

Tang Tian in the Awakened State was brimming with oppressiveness like a Fiendgod. His indifferent eyes seemed tobe able to see through a person’s heart.

Furthermore, the Flowing Tassel Boat was stopped by the side with the two large holes that constantly remindedthe two of them what crossing Ghost Face Mask meant.

The two of them had a mix of feelings, and even they did not know how to express it. The two of them knew howpowerful Master Ghost Face Mask’s theory was, and to say that there was no attraction to it was fake. But out of thetwo of them, one was a great legend, the other a man overflowing with aggressiveness, and to be placed in such aterrible situation, it was impossible not to feel anger.

~Alright, circumstances makes the man~ That was how the two consoled themselves.

Tang Tian did not know of what they were thinking, or cared about it, as he had never meant to be reasonable. ~Eachfamily knows how each family runs, in terms of controlling and management, only intelligent people like Qian Huiknows how to do it. As for me, I can just use my fist to convince others.~

Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze quickly displayed why they were stronger than the average people.

Fu Zheng Zhi leaned towards being unscrupulous and efficient, he was an experienced man, and would usually usesimpler methods to control the situati

on. As for Ji Ze who had the name of Bewitching Blade, his Laws would alwayscause other people’s eyes to open wide, as his beautiful and majestic techniques were filled with imaginations.

Little did they know, as the shock Tang Tian gave them was even more intense.

Master Ghost Face Mask was like a bridge, the difficulty of connecting two person’s Law Surface was trulyinconceivable. But what made the two feel ashamed was that right from the start, the bridge was extremely stable,but it was the two of them giving troubles.

~How can Master’s understanding towards Laws reach such a stage!~

The two of them were unable to comprehend it. They had long perfected their Law surfaces, and corresponding to itwas their Law Surfaces barrier were extremely stable. From a logical sense, these seemingly unbreakable barrierswere something they could not even break themselves.

But their Master effortlessly connected their Law Surfaces.

This might not seem as much, but when they tried to give their power to Tang Tian, the result left them stupefied.Master Ghost Face Mask was like an endless ocean, and the power they gave to him was like a bull running into theocean, to the point that all of the power projected from the Law Surfaces were lost to Tang Tian, but Tang Tian didnot have any reaction.

The two of them had expressions as though they had seen a ghost.

They knew the terrifying amount of power accumulated in their Law Surfaces, and according to a standard dao path,any one of their Law Surface was able to cause the Master to explode. But, the Master devoured both perfected LawSurfaces’ strength, yet nothing happened…..

Tang Tian did not care about them, he was carefully experiencing the two different types of power.

But their shocked conjectures were wrong, the thing that was bearing the power of their Law Surfaces was in truththe Awakened God Armor. Tang Tian realized that he was still underestimating the use of Awakened God Armor, itwas able to withstand a great amount of power, and its potential was far higher than Tang Tian’s own expectation.

Tang Tian tried to form the two powers together, but he quickly realized that it could not work. The two large forcesof power were separated clearly inside his God Awakened Armor. And Tang Tian found out that he had difficultycontrolling both powers.

His idea was slowly becoming unfeasible in each and every step.

If Tang Tian was in his usual mental state, he would had become restless and agitated. But in the Awakened state, hisentire person had taken a great change, when the problem could not be solved, he began thinking from anotherperspective.

~It is possible to connect Law Surfaces, this has been proven.~ Tang Tian did not believe that his connection wasuseless.

~It must be that I have not found the way.~

Suddenly, he thought about a familiar yet foreign phrase, Synchronization.

Synchronization was commonly used in armies, it was used to balance the power undulations and state between thesoldiers. The higher the synchronization, the more powerful the energy that could be produced. Synchronizationwas the goal that all military generals aimed to achieve, and it seemed to assimilate in all the trainings.

It was because of that that high synchronization became the most sought after training practise. A 90%synchronization was the standard criteria for an excellent army, and when achieved, it meant that 90% of thesoldiers could perfectly maintain the same energy synchronization.

Tang Tian only knew this bit of synchronization, but this gave him an epiphany.

Not only could energy have undulations, in truth, even the power projected from the Law Surface could haveundulations. Energy synchronization could increase power at an astonishing rate, so if the power projected by theLaw Surfaces was able to experience the same synchronised state, what would be the result?

This epiphany made Tang Tian’s eyes light up, and immediately started working on it.

Power was again injected into the two people’s Law Surfaces.

Tang Tian said coldly: “In a while, when I give the command, only when you have received it, attack me.”

“What attack?” Ji Ze immediately asked.

After the past few days of interacting, Ji Ze realized that currying favor with Ghost Face Mask in his normal statewas extremely useful. But Ghost Face Mask in the Awakened State was completely different, as nothing could workon him, only that they could discuss work when they were working, and anything had had to be clarified were askeddirectly, which proved to be more effective.

Tang Tian thought for a moment, then said: “Give me your strongest attacks.”

The two of them was puzzled, but still made preparations.

Suddenly, an indescribable undulation pervaded out from their Law Surfaces.

The two of them jumped in fright.

Why are you guys not attacking?”

Master Ghost Face Mask’s cold gaze caused the two of them to tremble, they then understood that that was thecommand.

“Once more.”

When the undulation appeared once again on both of their Law Surfaces, they both took action without hesitation.

Fu Zheng Zhi’s hands wielded two jade green wooden short swords, which were known as the Green Swords. Themoment the undulation appeared, the Green Swords shot out jade green light.

At the same time, Ji Ze unleashed his own blade aura. The blade in his hand was extremely thin, long and curved, theblade body’s flushed red lines looked like blood moving along the blade, and the blade aura he released was bloodred as well.

The light in Tang Tian’s eyes exploded, with the simultaneous attacks from both Law Surfaces, an indescribablerippled out from his body as well, and the Awakened God Armor grew brighter.

The green sword light and blood red blade aura disappeared at the same time.

Then, a jade green light mixed with blood blade aura appeared in their eyes.

~This is…..~

Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze’s body trembled, their faces revealed looks of disbelief.


Their attacks, actually fused!

~This is impossible….two completely different type of Law powers, how can they possibly fuse?~

In their shocked eyes, the green and red mixed blade aura shot into the mountain peak outside the city.


An intense raging light that seemed to blaze like the sun blossomed out, their vision immediately went white, andthey could not see anything. The terrifying shock wave from the attack conjured up tornadoes, the destructive auracaused the blood in their faces to recede.

Only after a few seconds did their vision recover, the scene before them struck them as though they were caught ina spell, they could not move at all.

The tall mountain peak outside the city had completely disappeared!


Their faces were pale white, their eyes staring straight ahead, they stared blankly at the remaining bottom half ofthe mountain. The charred top surface was still glowing red, which was the high temperature melting the rocks thathad not cooled down, showing how high the temperature was inside.


Inside the Awakened God Armor, Tang Tian’s eyes was extremely bright.

He kept on recalling the scene that happened in his mind. The moment the two Law Surfaces started projecting theirpower, he could clearly feel the miraculous resonation between the two law surfaces.

That’s right, it was resonance.

Compared to the resonation formed from energy synchronization, the resonance between Law Surfaces was evenmore terrifying.

The resonance between both parties initially repelled each other, but in the next moment, they merged andproduced a might far beyond what they had expected.

Who could had thought that with just three men’s casual strike, they would produce such a terrifying power.

With Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze’s strength, destroying a mountain peak was not difficult. But to instantly cause themountain peak to disappear, that was not easy at all. Furthermore, it was a joint attack between the two of them.

And it was a casual strike, which they could continue producing for the entire night.

How many people could possibly withstand such an attack?

Even they themselves would definitely not find it easy to face such an attack. And if the attack that was so powerfulto such a degree was produced just from a test, even Tang Tian felt that he would not be able to win against it.

~What about the number 1 in Sin Domain, Du Ke?~

~Maybe he can deflect it.~

~But if the three of them were to give it their all? Can he block it?~ Tang Tian thought about it, and felt that Du Keshould still be able to withstand it. The Law Domain was an even higher grade power, and although the attack theyconjured had a great increase in might, it was not out of reach from the power of the Law Surface.

The higher grade power’s multiplier folds in might would usually hit an increase of 10 to a 100 times.

A higher grade power against a lower grade power would usually lead to an overwhelming victory.

But Tang Tian was not discouraged, he dared to confirm that if the three of them were to give it their all, althoughthey were still unable to reach the realm of Law Domains, but they were still able to break the threshold of LawSurfaces.

Furthermore, adding him, they were only three men!

What if they had more?

When 10 Law Surfaces were to resonate, what would happen, and when a 100 Law Surfaces were to resonatetogether, what would happen?

Suddenly, an enlightenment surfaced in Tang Tian’s mind.

~Isn’t this like an army? Energy Synchronization was the fundamental core of the Sacred Saint Galaxy’s armies, thenthe synchronization of Law Surfaces, will be the fundamental core for the armies in Sin Domain!~

~I actually found the crux of building up a Sin Domain army accidentally.~

~Doesn’t this mean that I can truly build a Sin Domain Army?~

Tang Tian’s eyes became as bright as the stars in the sky. He had forked out countless of hard work, perseverance,and self belief that he would definitely fight till the end, he who was always brimming with self confidence, finally, atthat moment, felt that he had found the key to victory.

It was not only him, Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze who had regained their senses were looking at each other, they could seethe immense shock, startelement, fear and indescribable anticipation in each other’s eyes!

~Sin Domain, is going to change.~