Undefeated God of War - Chapter 785 – The Evening Spring Massacre

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Chapter 785 – The Evening Spring Massacre

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Crane’s mission was different from Ling Xu’s.

His black and loose robes drew the outline of his tall and thin figure with great saturation, his flawless andhandsome looks, his warm and gentle temperament, regardless of where he stood, he was always the most dazzlingperson.

Tang Tian and Ling Xu had been jealous of him for a very long time because of this.

“You don’t look like a military general at all with that body of yours.” Bing spoke to him in a languid and mockingtone, with a cigarette in his mouth, giving Crane a cup of water.

Crane accepted the cup and laughed: “Thank you.”

Bing sat down and placed his legs on the table, he puffed out a smoke ring and said casually: “How does it feel?”

Crane placed the cup down and thought for a while before speaking seriously: “I am not used to it yet. I did not havemany interactions with this in the past, to do things at the last minute, I do not know how effective it can be.”

“At least it is better than having none at all.” Bing laughed: “What a pity Crazy Tang is not here, if not I would grabhim to lead the troops, that would definitely be exciting. I truly want to see his expression, haha.”

Noticing that Crane was sitting upright, he flicked the cigarette ashes and laughed: “Relax, Little Crane, the situationis not that terrible.”

“I am not anxious.” Crane revealed a smile: “I just want to know what I should do next.”

“You always have such self confidence.” Bing said bluntly, and nodded his head: “Then we will keep this short. Yourmission, is to guard Xie Yu An’s back, help to bear a portion of Xie Yu An’s pressure, and when it is needed, you haveto support him. Xie Yu An has took the Honorable Martial Continent’s face, and they will want it back.”

“They plan to face Ocean Guardian Stronghold with force?” Crane was skeptical about it: “They are not worriedabout death

and injury?”

The Ocean Guardian Stronghold was a different grade stronghold, the one garrisoned in it was Xie Yu An, who had obtained the name of “Third Best Guardian under the Heavens”, and anyone who had intellect would definitely not attack head on and seek their own death, because they would definitely sustain a huge loss.

In the rankings of the Military Generals, the Best Guardian was from the Five Honorable Martial Tigers, Jia Ya, whilethe second best was Song Ji Ze from the Eastern Region’s Gold Continent.

“Two reasons.” Bing sat upright: “First, he is Gou Cheng WenDao. Gou Cheng Wendao is known to be a fanaticalaggressor, I studied his battles, and he is proficient in lunatic aggression. Secondly, they have no time. If they areunable to hasten their movements, and allow the various families of the Southern Region to recover and lose theirfear, at that time, the Southern Region would become a flesh capstan. Gou Cheng WenDao doesn’t have a choice, hehas to storm in the front, and only with that can he shake the heroes of the Southern Region.”

Crane was enlightened: “So my mission is to aid Xie Yu An to drag the time?”

“That’s right.” Bing revealed a look of admiration, Crane’s intellect was truly top notch, and speaking to intelligentpeople required less effort: “It is best that you conserve your strength, and best that you delay as much as you can, ifyou are able to exhaust the enemy’s strength slightly, that would be best.”

Crane stood up and said instantly: “I will move out now.”

Bing also stood up and sent Crane to the door, and said suddenly: “If things go south, escape with your life.”

Crane smiled: “As the commander–in–chief, such unlucky words should not come out from your mouth.”

Bing laughed out loud and said without a care: “You guys never fought a war before. In such a large scale war,preserving lives is always the number one choice. Power is like a deck of cards, as long as you have them in hand, youcan always choose to fight or not. If you don’t even have any cards, then you have nothing at all.”

He patted Crane’s shoulders and said with experience: “You have to trust me on this. In this large scale war, I amcertain that no one is more experienced than me in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.”

Crane laughed: “These words feel as though you did not live for ten thousand years in vain.”

The two looked at each other and laughed.


“In this large scale war, I am certain that no one is more experienced than me in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.”

Ah Xin spoke indifferently, in front of him stood Tie Ji and the rest, all of them revealing looks of reveration. Right atthat moment, his eyes glanced upon Xiao Man wielding her blade that was the size of a door, and he instantly froze.He felt that he had spoken too early, the young lady with military power as full as her breasts was another existenceequal to him. When they were in the Ophiuchus Constellation, she was one of the most crucial backbones for them.

~Alright, she is more savage than me.~

Ah Xin’s face was covered with smiles, he started speaking with a flattering tone: “Oh my, Xiao Man, you’re here!”

The chop from the blade the size of a door did not come.

Xiao Man’s expression was strange: “There’s a situation, it’s best you come take a look.”

Ah Xin retracted his smiles and stood up. Tie Ji and Ah Si Ming looked at each other and followed along.

Seeing the corpses that littered the entire wilderness to as far as they could see, everyone’s expressions becamegloomy.

Tie Ji rubbed his nose, the smell of blood still pervaded the air, he bent down and grabbed a pile of dark red mud, herubbed them, causing the mud to become specks that dropped down his fingers.

He spoke out: “This was here for around 10 days.”

Ah Si Ming flipped over a few bodies and stood up: “They are the Evening Spring Tribe.”

Tie Ji and Ah Si Ming looked at each other, both with shock in their eyes. The Evening Spring Tribe was not a small tribe, its strong was comparable to both of their King Courts and was no way inferior. The reason that they did not establish themselves as King Courts was because the region they were in was littered with scattered heroes, and the north only had the two heroes.

The two of them seemed to have thought of something, and immediately went to look around.

After a moment, they found their target, it was a middle aged man’s corpse, his aura had long dissipated and his eyeswas filled with unwillingness.

“Even Mu Chun Ye is dead.”

(TN: Evening Spring is Mu Chun, the tribe’s name came from this man.)

When Ah Si Ming spoke, his voice was trembling. He and Mu Chun Ye had sparred countless of times, and he knewMu Chun Ye’s strength inside and out, which was in no way inferior to his. Mu Chun Ye suffered from a deadlyattack, the entire Evening Spring Tribe was massacred, the killer was truly terrifying!

For the other party to have slaughtered the entire Evening Spring Tribe so easily meant that the other party had theability to kill both the North Heroes.

Since when did Savage Continent have such a powerful tribe?

Tie Ji and Ah Si Ming were both tyrants, they always thought that even if they were not the strongest in the Savage Continent, they were in the same league as the strongest. It was no easy matter for anyone to want to kill them. But to suddenly find out one day that there was an existence that could easily slaughter them, they were overwhelmed with shock.

Ah Xin knelt down and examined Mu Chun Ye’s body, where there were no external wounds.

Ah Xin pointed to Mu Chun Ye’s left chest and said: “Open him up from here.”

Hearing that, Ti Jie immediately drew a line with his finger at the location Ah Xin pointed out, chi, Mu Chun Ye’scorpse was split into two.

As the land was filled with frost and cold, the corpses had long frozen into ice, thus maintained as perfect bodies.Everyone’s face changed, Mu Cun Ye’s heart had ruptured, and what was left was a white sword scar that ran acrossit.

After 10 days, the sword scar still left a faint white light aura, it was unbelievably scary.

“Honorable Martial Continent! This was done by Honorable Martial Continent!” Tie Ji’s face became ugly.

The white sword scar emitted an intense unique aura that came from the Honorable Martial techniques.

Ah Si Ming’s face turned green, his eyes filled with rage: “Mu Zhi Xia, only Mu Zhi Xia could kill Mu Chun Ye! TheHonorable Martial Continent has infiltrated Savage Continent!”

(TN: Their surnames are written differently.)

“They are trying to send us a warning.” Ah Xin who was quiet suddenly spoke up.

His words immediately attracted the eyes of the two men.

Ah Xin looked at the dark clouds in the sky and said calmly with confidence: “Because we can unify the SavageContinent.”

“That’s right!” Ah Si Ming said hatefully: “The Honorable Martial Continent has always secretly pried into ourancestral lands, they want us to be as chaotic as we can be! Seeing how the Savage Continent is about to be united,they can no longer sit still, and have to think of ways to break the unification!”

Tie Ji sneered: “That’s right, only by killing the Young Miss can our hope disappear, and the Savage Continent willonce again plunge into a dark era. This old man will risk his life and prevent the Honorable Martial Continent fromsucceeding!”

The two of them were undoubtedly famed heroes in Savage Continent, Ah Xin had just given them a bit ofinformation, and the two of them immediately saw the Honorable Martial Continent’s intent.

“Strange, isn’t Mu Zhi Xia guarding Wei Ye Guan Continent? Why will he appear here now?” Xiao Man’s face wasfilled with suspicion.

They were currently in the interior of Savage Continent, and was far from Wei Ye Guan Continent. The reason theynever thought the Honorable Martial Continent was the enemy was precisely because of this. Once the HonorableMartial Continent’s armies stepped into Savage Continent, they would suffer the frantic attacks from the varioustribes wherever they went. Regardless of how good Mu Zhi Xia’s relation was with the other tribes, no tribe wouldallow him to step into their own home, for example the Black Water Tribe.

For Mu Zhi Xia to think of subduing Savage Continent with him and his army alone was truly a joke.

“I am afraid he found a Star Door that reaches the interior of Savage Continent.” Ah Xin thought of a logical answer,and spoke quickly: “by infiltrating deep into enemy grounds, their target will be for the leader. If that is the case,they will not have a lot of men. If they had a lot of men, they will be unable to hide. But strength cannot compare totrue elites, To easily massacre the Evening Spring Tribe, it should be Mu Zhi Xia’s direct subordinate army. Mu ZhiXia is truly vicious, just to stop Savage Continent’s unification, he would take the risk himself.”

“We must find out where they are, if not no one can have a good rest.” Ah Si Ming said ferociously, but his eyes couldnot help but reveal a thread of fear.

An Army in the darkness staring at them was definitely something troubling.

Tie Ji nodded his head: “We should spread the news of Mu Zhi Xia’s army barging into Savage Continent andslaughtering the Evening Spring Tribe to everyone, and let us see how they move about!”

Ah Si Ming then added: “We need to find the Star Door as well, if not our Savage Continent will become their gardenwhere they can walk in and out with ease.”

Hearing the two of them talk, Ah Xin remained silent.

He had a premonition, that all the simplistic ideas had limited effects.

It was Mu Zhi Xia.

As the leader of the Five Honorable Martial Tigers, a man who was able to idle patiently for 20 years to slowlypermeate would have definitely thought of an elaborate and careful plan to strike out so early, and must havethought of all the problems.

Ah Xin had never underestimated any opponents, and furthermore, it was Mu Zhi Xia.

But, that did not meant he could only wait idly for opportunities.

A brazen idea suddenly appeared in his mind.