Undefeated God of War - Chapter 779 – Ocean Guardian Stronghold

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Chapter 779 – Ocean Guardian Stronghold

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Your work is the crucial point on whether we will win or lose in this battle!~”

Bing’s affectionate words surfaced in Little Fool’s mind. He felt that Bing was purely trying to squeeze him as alaborer, ~Those words are most likely meant to mislead me, but….what if it was real?~

Little Fool hesitated many times, but he still hardened his skin and continued working overtime.

~Alright, he is that terrifying.~

Little Fool cheeks’ had streamed with tears countless of times, it had been proven, compared to Bing’s treacheries,he was still too naive.

Producing spirits required time, and the star treasures were almost depleted, Little Fool had thought about it for along time, and in the end he placed his focus on the Black Gold. The Black Gold was outstanding and suitable tocreate weapons, but were more suitable to create warship weapons.

Little Fool placed his attention on warship weapons.

Compared to the complicated spirit treasures, the composition of warship weapons were much simpler. To otherpeople, it would be extremely difficult to manufacture, but it was not a problem for Little Fool. He had the SpiritDevouring Flame which made refining the Black Gold extremely easy.

Borrowing the techniques accumulated inside the Forceful Subjugating Bead, Little Fool’s warship weapons werequite different from ordinary warship weapons.

But his personal time and focus was limited, and with the pressing time, he could only refine out the core parts, andleave the rest for others to complete. But by doing so, they were able to mass produce, although he becameextremely tired.

Luckily for him, they completed it.

He suddenly became excited to see how Xie Yu An would look when he received the new batch of weapons.


Ocean Guardian Stronghold.

“Add a few more here.”

“Pay attention to the angles of offense.”

“The training of the recruits is too slow, be urgent. Place the focus on controlling the warship weapons!”

Xie Yu An patrolled around the defensive l

ine up and down without stopping a rest. There were many benefits fromearning his fame after one battle, for example all the soldiers’ morales were sky high, for example the recruitment ofnew soldiers was abundant.

But all of this did not affect Xie Yu An at all. He had experience wasted time, and knew of the hypocrisy of the world,people only valued what they liked.

The Ocean Guardian Stronghold guarded the Southern Ship Channel A, its significance being self-evident. The Southern Ship Channel A was the most important shipping route in the Southern Region, where the Ocean Guardian Stronghold used to be a supply point for the route. After that, following the growing bustling activities on Southern Ship Channel A, the Ocean Guardian’s position rose, it was constantly reworked with more and more things, resulting in its current stronghold form.

The Ocean Guardian Stronghold was the Southern Region’s most famed stronghold, the constant upgrading had swelled its size multiple folds.

It was mainly formed by a long and straight rock that had a diameter spanning 7km, the main bulk of it formed fromOcean Shell Rocks. Ocean Shell Rocks were more commonly seen in the Sea of Energy, it was able to effective blockagainst the corrosion from the Sea of Energy, But, it was not considered very sturdy, it was not extremely hard.

A large portion of these Ocean Shell Rocks were completely dug up, with a large quantity of materials reinforcing the rock, allowing it to be more sturdy. The Southern Region’s thriving business made them have no lack of money, and the cost of Ocean Guardian Stronghold far exceeded that of ordinary strongholds.

There was once a military general from the Honorable Martial Continent that called the Ocean Guardian Stronghold a pearl in the Southern Region’s Sea of Energy, secretly mocking the stronghold as being flashy. This ridicule often appeared, and the most common saying was that the amount of money spent on the Ocean Guardian Stronghold was sufficient to create three similar grade strongholds.

Right from the start, the Ocean Guardian Stronghold was like a luxurious palace and not a firm and unbreakable stronghold.

After the formation of the Southern Alliance, the Ocean Guardian Stronghold fell into its hands, with Xie Yu Anordered to explore ahead.

It was indeed like that.

The first time Xie Yu An laid his eyes on Ocean Guardian Stronghold, he had the same thoughts. After mixing a large quantity of gold micas and recasting again, the Ocean Guardian stronghold looked to be more luxurious and dazzling, the golden blinking stars resembled the stars in the sky, which can be seen even from a great distance.

As a stronghold, nothing was worse than this.

Its dazzlement and extravagance became a target observable from a 50km away, while the interior was extremely messy. The blind pile up of precious minerals and materials made the place look more like a warehouse instead of a stronghold.

Xie Yu An who was accustomed to hard times was dumbstruck. The majority of the materials were materials that heknew of, yet unusable, and were currently stockpiled inside.

Without hesitation, with Bing’s intention to remodel it, Xie Yu An wielded the authority and began remodeling theplace boldly and decisively.

Gold Micas could increase defence, but due to its dazzlement, they required to layer the walls with gray lacquer. The interior was hollowed up and left with a large space, but the structure was too loose and brittle, and thus he gathered a large amount of black stones and once again recast the twelve giant frames that held the stronghold in place, to assure that no matter how large an attack was launched, the stronghold would not crumble within. They remodelled the place and divided a place for living and a place for training and fighting, and increased reinforcements to the channels etc.

The large makeover caused the Ocean Guardian Stronghold’s fighting capabilities to rise, from a luxurious anddazzling pearl, it became a gloomy and dark hedgehog.

Bing who handed the task of remodeling the Ocean Guardian Stronghold to Xie Yu An, also gave the task ofprotecting it to him.

Xie Yu An did not expect that the Honorable Martial Continent would infiltrate in, and did not expect that theOcean Guardian Stronghold would quickly become a protective screen for the Shang Continent. He had previouslyspent a great deal of effort to remodel the Ocean Guardian Stronghold because he could not stand seeing thematerials laying around.

But now he was glad to be able to fight.

A large transport ship docked nearby, Li Ran jumped down from the ship and limped towards Xie Yu An, and bowed:“Commander Xie, the things you need are here.”

Xie Yu An revealed a look of joy as he returned a bow to Li Ran: “You’ve worked hard!”

Li Ran was Qin Yu Ran’s head bodyguard, and performed in the defense at the Moon Manor. Qin Yu Ran felt that byfollowing her, it was a waste of his talent, and after recommending him to Tang Tian, Li Ran quickly became asubordinate under Tang Tian.

As he was crippled in his right leg, Li Ran was not suitable to fight at the front lines, and thus Bing handed thelogistics over ho tim. Li Ran was familiar with war matters, and with his outstanding talent and serious and cautiousman, he quickly obtained Bing’s trust.

Many large cases that was over 15m tall were slowly pushed out from the transport ship.

“Nothing much, it’s my job.” Li Ran handed a list over to Xie Yu An: “Please inspect it.”

Xie Yu An long had his suspicions, with the size of the cargo, something was wrong, as though… there were too manythings.

He accepted the list and swept through it, instantly becoming startled.

200 warship weapons, this number was far from what he had ordered.

Xie Yu An quickly regained his senses, he opened a box, and a strange black gold weapon appeared in front ofeverybody.

It had the shape of a shuttle, the size of it resembling a small boat, when the bow of it was raised up, the bentcrescent faced the front, revealing two rows of seats that could hold 12 men.

Moon Ripple Wheel!

The eyes of the soldiers around Xie Yu An all lit up, it was the warship weapon in which they trained the most in, the[Moon Ripple Wheel], nicknamed [Small Boat]. The Moon Ripple Wheel required 12 men, with tremendous might, tocontrol it, and demanded for a high level proficiency towards rippling blade techniques.

Everyone shouted out in joy, the [Moon Ripple Wheel] in front of them was specially prepared for them, as the SwiftArmy were the experts in rippling blades. If they had the Moon Ripple Wheels in the last battle, they definitelywould not had lost so many men.

The might of warship weapons were immense, but extremely expensive. Half of the cost of making a warship laid inits weapons. There were a total of 200 Moon Ripple Wheels sent to them. This number far exceeded the equipmentfor a fleet of ships, which was why the soldiers were so happy.

Xie Yu An did not stop his soldiers from celebrating as he stared at the Moon Ripple Wheel for half a day, as itrevealed a faint gold color.

The batch of Moon Ripple Wheels were made completely from Black Gold, as black as ink, with an eye catching goldglimmer at the bend. He turned his head and looked at another wooden chest that was just pushed open, thecrescent of the Moon Ripple Wheel also had the faint gold color.

~Could it be….~

Xie Yu An’s heart was thumping hard, he almost pounced on it like a ravenous wolf.

~All’s well, all’s well…..they are not gold rank [Moon Ripple Wheels].~

To be precise, they were half step gold rank, out of the entire Moon Ripple Wheels, only the crescent parts weregold rank, while the rest were silver grade.

For some reason, he heaved a sigh of relief, 200 gold rank Moon Ripple Wheels would be too terrifying. Up untilnow, he had not seen a true gold rank Moon Ripple Wheel, but he had the basic knowledge, gold rank warshipweapons were definitely impossible to mass produce.

Half step gold rank warship weapons were already rarely seen. Xie Yu An was clear that on the market, half stepgold rank Moon Ripple Wheels were extremely expensive, and the 200 Moon Ripple Wheels made him emotionallymoved with the huge transaction of wealth.

He continued to check them when suddenly, he stopped abruptly.

Wait a minute!

~The Moon Ripple Wheels here…..are completely different from the ones we used to use!~

~This feeling, is so familiar….where did I feel it before….~

He suddenly opened his eyes wide, the New Moon Swallows Command Whip!

~Yes, it is the aura of the New Moon Swallows Command Whip.~

~It was made by Master Little Fool though, could it be that these Moon Ripple Wheels were made by Master LittleFool?~

The overwhelming surprise shook him, when a brazen thought suddenly barged into his mind. ~Could it be, thatthese Moon Ripple Wheels are compatible with my New Moon Swallows Command Whip?~ The more Xie Yu Anthought about it, the more plausible it became, and he wanted to test it out.

But, Li Ran was still waiting for him to inspect the goods, thus he suppressed the impulse.

The Black Gold produced by the Shang Continent were most suitable to manufacture warship weapons, thus Xie Yu An would apply for a request for a batch of warship weapons to increase the offensive capabilities of the stronghold. Although the remodelled Ocean Guardian Stronghold was already extremely sturdy, but Xie Yu An knew that his responsibility was big, he did not dare to be careless, and thus requested for it.

He was shocked by the 200 half step gold grade Moon Ripple Wheels.

Xie Yu An was beyond shocked. He never expected for the Shang Continent to be capable of producing half stepgold grade Moon Ripple Wheels, this rapid improvement was truly stupefying.

Furthermore, it was too rich and overbearing!

“Master Bing also wanted to give this to Commander Xie.” Li Ran said.

~There’s something else?~

Xie Yu An was surprised.

But when he saw the chest, he squinted, the chest that was as tall as a human was actually made from black gold.

~What’s inside?~

Xie Yu An suppressed his suspicions and opened the chest.

The dazzling gold light lit up the entire interior of the transport ship, causing everyone to stop all of theirmovements, and turned to look towards the gold light.

An imposing gold armor stood tall and majestic right in front of them.