Undefeated God of War - Chapter 778 – Formless Spirit Seal

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Chapter 778 – Formless Spirit Seal

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“I’m disappointed.”

Gou Cheng WenDao’s voice was ice cold, his sinister and cold eyes swept across the generals that were seatedupright, the war room extremely quiet. His bangs covered half of his eyes, bringing forth a bizarre coldness to hishandsome yet pale face.

Besides sounding cold, he was emotionless.

“It was such a thin defense line, yet they blocked you guys for three days. Cliff, it was your responsibility.”

Cliff stood up and replied: “Yes!”

He did not push away the responsibility, and did not give any excuses, a failure was a failure.

“Sit down first.” Gou Cheng WenDao looked at the white haired Cliff, the lines on his cold and skinny face becamegentler. Cliff, Ken, and Zeke were the big generals directly under him, Cliff having been by his side the longest, andhad contributed the most. Furthermore, he understood that of his own generals, Cliff was a model militant, andwould definitely not make any simple mistakes.

Xie Yu An was powerful, that was the thought he had when Cliff gave him a report.

“Yes!” Cliff did not say anything else and sat down.

Gou Cheng WenDao’s squinted eyes flashed a bit of admiration, regardless of victory or defeat, Cliff never gavehimself any excuses, and never doubted any orders. For this point, Ken and Zeke could never compare to Cliff.

His expression became cold once again, and his tone became sharper: “We have not fought outside the HonorableMartial Continent for a long time, everyone is unfamiliar with it, we have very limited information on the SouthernAlliance as well, but these are not excuses for failures.”

His gaze swept across the field: “Victory! I only want victory! Understand?”

The various generals’ hearts turned cold, they replied in unison: “Yes!”

~The morale is good, seems like the impact Xie Yu An made is not big.~

Gou Cheng WenDao remained expressionless as he judged his soldiers, and continued: “The opponent’s willpower is very strong, and they are not willing to admit defeat easily. They want to pull us into their tempo, and want to use their defense li

nes to form a meat grinder, so they hope we will split our soldiers.”

He stopped for a moment, his eyes looking at his generals, he said indifferently: “We will split our soldiers.”

Although many of the generals remained calm, but the shock in their eyes still betrayed their expressions. But Cliff,Ken, and Zeke, the three big generals, did not reveal even a thread of surprise.

“Time.” Gou Cheng WenDao said coldly: “If we want to break away from this entanglement, we must be like sharpblades that cut through leather, we need to completely devastate their defense, leave them no time to reorganizetheir defensive lines. I have no patience to fight an endless battle with them. They are betting on us splitting ourtroops, so they can cut down on our advantage in numbers. But, this will increase our chances of finding loopholes totheir defense.”

“I have a simple request, you must all push in together, and destroy this defensive line.”

Gou Cheng WenDao spoke monotonously, and the half squinted eyes suddenly opened up wide, which revealed acold that was like blade auras.

“I will get rid of Xie Yu An, and leave the rest to you guys, any questions?”

Everyone stood up with cold expressions and complied in unison.

They were all completely shocked, the Master was actually taking action personally!


Tang Tian opened his eyes, the Undying Sword released extremely fine vibrations that continuously swept throughhis body.

The condensed vibrations flowed deeply into his bones, causing the impurities that he had no way to remove toslowly be removed. The Crying Sword Seal’s strengthening of the body was far slower than the Grasping FlowerSeal and the Angry Fist Seal, but it was far more effective and in depth.

His body that had stopped improving was actually doing so again.

The reason why he did not leave to Flying Galloping City was because he felt that he was at another bottleneck.

The continuous intense battles against all the martial artists on the List of Powerhouses opened his eyes wide, withmany enlightenments.

He maintained his meditative state and slowly reminisced about the battles, slowly gaining enlightenment. He wasno longer unfamiliar with this state, in all of his training, he had already encountered such a situation many times.

He had gained enlightenment on three seals out of the Demon Six Seals, but in truth, other than the Angry Fist Seal,his Grasping Flower Seal and Weeping sword Seal’s enlightenment were still rather shallow. The illusion state thathe was in previously with Xiao Lan and the Undying Sword made him know that the illusion was not as simple aswhat it was.

~Could everything that happened in the illusion be something that I had gone through before?~

In that moment, he suddenly thought about his progress in training the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand, which hadsome resemblance.

~Illusion? I have never heard of such a powerful Illusion!~

~Alright, this seems a bit too complicated~. Tang Tian immediately threw it to the back of his mind. Whether or notit was an illusion, it led him to gain enlightenment on the Grasping Flower Seal and Weeping Sword Seal, especiallyall the events that happened in the illusion were especially crisp and clear, he could clearly remember all of theemotions he felt inside.

~It was truly an arduous battle.~

Up until now, that battle in the illusion was the most bitter and most unbearable battle he was in. There werecountless of times where he found himself crumbling, that if he were to do it all over again, he dare not confirmwhether or not he would be able to make it out.

For some reason, he suddenly thought about the emotions he had in that situation.

~That was my critical point.~

~At that time, I relied completely on my instincts to battle.~ He did not collapse, but he was unable to exceed thatcritical point, and unexpectedly, it was in that period of time where his fighting style was the most fearsome.

Truly like a killing machine!

All of his methods used, all of his styles were unleashed to their maximum.

At that time, his Heavy Demonic Execution was simply unstoppable, far stronger than usual.

~Could the state where I was at my limit truly be when I can unleash all of my potential?~

Once that thought surfaced, it became unstoppable. Tang Tian’s desire for more power was simply crazy, regardless of what method it was, as long as it could make him stronger, he would choose it without hesitation.

~Everyone is still waiting for me to save them, I need to fight my way back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy!~

~But, how can I enter that critical state?~ Tang Tian frowned, the current him had a tyrannical physical strength,almost to the point where it would make people tremble. This level of strength did not only indicate his power of thephysique, but it also included his extremely fearsome vitality, the amount of Life Origin Essence that he haddevoured. An ordinary battle would be incapable of exhausting his physical strength. As his consumption was unableto exceed his recovery rate.

If not for the illusion, if not for the endless tides of gemstone blue dwarves, he would be unable to enter that criticalstate.

He laughed bitterly, he never thought that there would be a day that he would be annoyed by his recovery rate,which was something unthinkable in the past.

~Does this path stop here?~

Tang Tian was not resigned to it, he had a faint sense that his guess was right.

~How can I let my physical strength reach its lowest?~

~Got it!~ Tang Tian who kept on racking his brains suddenly found the method.

Godfist! He still had the Godfist!

~Every time I used Godfist, won’t i feel depleted to the point of dying?~

~That’s right!~

Tang Tian immediately became excited, without saying a word, he flew up in the air.

In the clouds, Tang Tian’s eyes were as bright as the stars as he slowly pulled out his fist stance.


Countless Law Threads converged towards his fist from all directions, countless variation marks swept into hismind. The light aura on his fist gradually grew brighter, and in the blink of the eye, it was like a sun.

The Sharp Wind City became as bright as daylight.

The terrifying aura emitted from the Godfist swept through the entire city, causing everyone to look up in shock atTang Tian.

Tang Tian felt the power of physique in his body quickly depleting, his muscles became extremely weak, his glass likemental state was powerful, as two types of completely different feelings emerged which was exceptionallycontradicting.

~No, not enough!~

Although his body felt empty, but it was still not enough to reach the critical point.

Unknowingly, his body had become extremely powerful, to the point that Tang Tian was able to unleash Godfist. Butwhat made him annoyed was that it meant he had to find a way to continue exhausting his strength.

~What else can I do?~

~Another Godfist?~

Tang Tian shook his head, he was already feeling empty, and definitely unable to endure a second Godfist, if he wereto forcefully try it, he would plunge into a coma.

More importantly, the variations in his Godfist had reached its limit.

His Godfist contained all the variations in fist techniques according to his fundamental fist techniques, which werethen reversed, changing from the complicated to its simplest form, concentrating all the variation marks into anultimate fist technique. This fist no longer had any variations, only the variation marks, which attracts all thecompatible Law Threads. With many variation marks, he was able to form the scene whereby he attracted all theLaw Threads around.

But regardless of how much variation marks he had previously, upon completion, there would only be one.

The air around Tang Tian had froze, countless Law Threads had converged into his fist, and were completelysuppressed into a light ball.

~What else can I do?~

The variations in his right hand was already full like a pool filled with water and no longer able to accommodateanother drop. Other than unleashing his fist, he could no longer make any other actions.

~No, I still have my left hand~, Tang Tian suddenly thought.

~Right, I have my left hand!~

~What can my left hand do? Heavy Demonic Execution? Angry Fist Seal? Grasping Flower Seal? Or Weeping SwordSeal?~

A few strange yet familiar seals appeared in his mind, and subconsciously, he started to form them with his left hand.

The seals were somewhat shaky, but still complete.

Formless Spirit Seal.

Out of the Golem Five Gestures, he was most familiar with the Formless Spirit Gesture, because it increasedintuition. But the Formless Spirit Seal was something he had not gained enlightenment on, and this made him feelvery weird.

The Golem Five Gestures and the Demon Six Seals possessed a great relationship, and it could be considered areplicate of the Demon Six Seals, and in the past, it formed five unique meridians in his body which had their ownuses. But after Tang Tian used the Sword Tempest Cyclone to refine his body and train out the unprecedented ZeroEnergy Body, all of the meridians, dantian and what not were all swept clean and disappeared.

The Demon Six Seals consumed power of the physique, with the variation marks in his hand, the remaining physicalstrength of his was quickly consumed.

When the Formless Spirit Seal was completed, Tang Tian’s body jolted, a faint white air dissipated out in everydirection with him as the center.

It was as if an invisible bowstring had been tugged by his ear, the sudden quiet movements of the string soundedout.

Tang Tian slowly opened his eyes, as the world before him became completely different.