Undefeated God of War - Chapter 777 – Bai Yue’s Plan

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Chapter 777 – Bai Yue’s Plan

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“They dare to look down on us? Their eye sights are truly terrible.”

When Bai Yue said those words, he spoke languidly, as though he had just woken up. He had become a famedgeneral 20 years ago, and the White Crow Army under him was one of the three Gold Rank Armies in the SouthernRegion.

The other two Gold Rank Armies had rich and long histories with their own inheritances, while the White CrowArmy was a recently promoted Gold Rank Army.

Bai Yue’s life was very interesting, he was naughty and mischievous since young, and had always been like that untilhe graduated. He and Xie Yu An were classmates, but excelled in different aspects, he copied work, skipped classes,cheated in exams, and was a notorious troublemaker in school, and if not for his identity as someone from the BaiFamily, he would have long been expelled.

No one in the Bai Family had ever thought that their future would depend on such a man.

Graduating at the age of 16, he returned home and ran to the Patriarch to ask him to organize and build up an army,wanting it to be his own. This absurd request was immediately denied, and who knew that Bai Yue did not give up,but he started to cause disturbances day and night. The Bai Family Patriarch and the clan elders could not tolerateit, and simply made an army just to please the brat.

Everyone did not treat it importantly, to them, Bai Yue was just doing it for interest. ~Is it easy to build up an army?Money, Men, Equipment, can a 16 year old youth handle this?~

The patriarch and clan elders were well aware of how Bai Yue managed to graduate.

~Since it is just an oral placement, just let him play with the army.~

Who knew that Bai Yue actually constructed his own army, the Patriarch and Clan Elders were surprised, but ofcourse it was very slight. They all felt that 90% the army was created by pulling a few kids.

~Alright, as long as they are happy with it.~

The courageous Bai Yue pulled this newly&nbs

p;constructed army and went out excitedly to look for pirates. The entireBai Family was so shocked from the news that they immediately sent people out to look for him, but to no avail.

After a year, just when the Bai Family thought that Bai Yue had met with some unfortunate situation, Bai Yuemiraculously brought the fatigue army back.

From then on, the White Crow Army entered the eyes of the higher ups in the Bai Family. After their constant victories, although they fought with no names, but they grew and grew, and the number of experts that fell to them grew more and more. The White Crow Army became stronger and stronger, from a Bronze Rank Army to a Silver Rank Army, and finally, they recently stepped into the ranks of the Gold Rank Armies.

They were the opposite of Xie Yu An’s calm and cautious behavior, Bai Yue was frivolous and did not act accordinglyto normal conventions, he was extremely quick witted and thus earned the nickname of [Southern Region Wolf].

But, no one had a positive opinion towards him.

The Three Great Armies from Honorable Martial Continent, Gou Cheng WenDao, Qiu Xu Hua and Mo Xin’s armieswere like three arrowheads that were moving forward uniformly.

Gou Cheng WenDao’s side was gaining the upper hand with his strength, other than Xie Yu An’s battle, the SouthernAlliance’s first line of defense had crumbled overnight. This caused everyone to know that there could be noreconciliation between the Southern Alliance and the Honorable Martial Continent.

Almost everyone felt pessimistic towards Southern Alliance’s future, to them, it was only a matter of time for theSouthern Alliance to fall.

Qiu Xu Hua had met with the first Gold Rank Army of the Southern Region, the Sacred Pagoda Army. Facing thisseasoned opponent, As a genius brimming with talent, he was not at all at a disadvantage, both parties fought on par,both sides won some and lost some.

As for Mo Xin’s side, they defeated another Gold Rank Army, the Southern Wind Army.

The Southern Wind Army’s defeat led to an earthquake that collapsed the frontlines of the Southern Alliance. Fromthe start, no one believed that the Southern Alliance could stop the great armies from Honorable Martial Continent,just like how no one believed that the Honorable Martial Continent was attacking for the sake of the SouthernAlliance.

Honorable Martial Continent had made such huge movements just for a mere Southern Alliance?

Almost everyone believed that Honorable Martial Continent’s Goal was not the Southern Alliance, but the entireSouthern Region. The Honorable Martial Continent had eyed the Southern Region for a long time, and theirambitious and cunning hearts had long been abundantly clear. After the chaos at the initial start, the SouthernRegion had quickly reacted and formed a common understanding, that was to protect the Southern Region!

The Sacred Pagoda Army and Southern Wind Army moved out openly.

Everyone knew that the Southern Region was weaker in fighting strength, and with their fear towards theHonorable Martial Continent, they only mobilized the three Gold Rank Armies. As such, on paper, both parties stilllooked rather equal.

Both sides had Gold Rank Armies with similar numbers, so even if one side had a disadvantage, they would still beable to have a tough battle.

A battle between Gold Rank Armies was rarely seen in the course of the Sacred Saint Galaxy’s history.

But when the Southern Wind Army suffered heavy losses, it caused the entire Southern Region to be at a loss for words. Compared to Gou Cheng WenDao’s terrifying offensive ability and Qiu Xu Hua’s brilliance, Mo Xin did not have much eye catching aspects, but the result was this seemingly ordinary person had produced the strongest fight.

Terror spread throughout the Southern Region quickly.

They were both Gold Rank Armies, but the disparity of strength was actually so huge. The Southern Wind Army wasdifferent from the White Crow Army that was recently promoted, the Southern Wind Army was an experiencedunit, but no one would have expected them to lose so tragically.

With even the Southern Wind Army not being able to contend against Mo Xin, no one had any expectations for BaiYue.

Each piece of news that they received was more tragic than before, as though the Southern Region had already lost,they did not even care about Bai Yue’s support.

“Our qualifications are too shallow.” The one who broke the news was Guan Jin, who had a calm expression, he wasBai Yue’s adjutant, and was one of the oldest people in the White Crow Army.

Bai Yue who liked to move without restraint, with the meticulous and cautious Guan Jin, they were prime partners.

“That’s right.” Bai Yue placed his legs on the table, half lying down in his chair without any care for image, he spokelazily: “But to be underestimated this badly, how can we not care?”

~Do you even look like you care?~

Guan Jin resisted the urge to roll his eyes, he then poured himself a cup of tea to soothe his throat: “Mo Xin will notbe easy to handle.”

“Then we won’t handle him.” Bai Yue said casually.

“We don’t?” Guan Jin placed the tea cup down and frowned: “Other than us, nobody can stop him.”

“Why must we stop him?” Bai Yue rebutted.

Guan Jin was startled.

“The Honorable Martial Continent said that their goal is the Southern Alliance.”

Guan Jin subconsciously refuted: “Impossible, just the Southern Alliance is not worthy for them to mobilize so much.Furthermore, if it truly was for Southern Alliance, they would not require to split their armies in three routes.”

“Whether if it is worth it or not, only they will know.” Bai Yue yawned: “Now, the entire Southern Region believesthat they are rushing in for the Southern Region, but what if they are truly going for the Southern Alliance? It is easyto explain the reason the tri split force, the path is not able to fit so many armies. Furthermore, you see, are thereanyone supporting the Southern Alliance? No, why? Everyone’s forces are focused on Mo Xin and Qiu Xu Hua.”

Guan Jin’s face turned gloomy, he trusted Bai Yue’s judgements, although he looked unreliable, but his judgementon the battle situation was through extremely sharp intuition, and almost never wrong.

“Then are we going to reinforce the Southern Alliance?” Guan JIn could not help but ask.

“No.” Bai Yue moved his body, after thinking about Tang Tian and his group, the laziness on his face became less ashe revealed a sneer: “The Honorable Martial Continent and the Southern Region has underestimated the ShangContinent too much.”

“The Southern Alliance has just experienced a lost.” Guan Jin reminded Bai Yue, then reinforced: “Your oldclassmate fought well.”

“I know him, he has that capability.” Bai Yue’s expression became more proper: “He is the kind of person that oncegiven the opportunity, he would grasp it and never let go. The Southern Alliance loss can only prove that they are abunch of amateurs, but they have a top grade commander.”

“Top grade commander?” Guan Jin was surprised, Bai Yue’s eyes were aimed for the top, and he would rarely givesuch high judgements to anyone.

Bai Yue smacked his forehead: “I forgot, they have two!”

Guan Jin started to think that Bai Yue was joking, ~Were top grade commanders grown on the streets likevegetables?~

Bai Yue saw Guan Jin’s unhappy face, and then laughed: “Let’s not quarrel about this. The Southern Alliance is weak, but the Shang Continent is very strong. If the Honorable Martial Continent thinks that it is enough with Gou Cheng WenDao, then they will definitely suffer. Truthfully, I would rather fight with the Honorable Martial Great Generals or the Sacred Pagoda then fight with the people in Shang Continent.”

“Because their commander is that outstanding?” Guan Jin asked.

“No.” Bai Yue shook his head: “It’s Meng Nan, that inconceivable man. He is not that intelligent, but he is never afraidor scared, he will never retreat, even if there is no hope, he will never give up and will fight going down. Thesequalities that he brought into the Shang Continent, that is the most terrifying.”

“So you think they can stop Gou Cheng WenDao?”

“He is someone even I find troubling. Hey, do you not trust my eyesight?” Bai Yue showed his displeasure.

“Although I do not understand why you have so much confidence in them, but I hope that your judgement is right.”Guan Jin was already lazy to argue with him, and said: “Then where do we go now?”

“The Sacred Pagoda Army.” Bau Yue’s face was sinister: “We are gold rank amateurs, and definitely need to mix withthe oldies. Furthermore, don’t you think it’ll be fun in a 2 v 1?”

Guan Jin was startled: “Then we let Mo Xin enter the Southern Region?”

“Enter? He won’t. Mo Xin is a cautious man, and will definitely not make the mistake of entering alone. They are notin the Honorable Martial Continent, entering too deep will only cut off their path of retreat, and they can just cry.”Bai Yue scoffed.

Guan Jin immediately noticed the advantages in Bai Yue’s plan: “Then we need to conceal ourselves well, theHonorable Martial Continent is infiltrating the Southern Region deeply. If we are able to suddenly appear on Qiu XuHua’s flank, he will definitely panic.”

“Aiyah, since you know it already, then it is not my problem anymore. I want to go and sleep.”

Bai Yue yawned and stretched, he closed his eyes, and not long later, he fell asleep.

Guan Jin was already used to it, he had become extremely excited over Bai Yue’s brazen plan, and wanted toimmediately set into motion. He finally understood why their movements were so weird.

He looked at Bai Yue, everyone had been cheated by the man sleeping in front of him.

But even though Bai Yue could sleep, Guan Jin himself could not. Their partnership was extremely special, Bai Yuewould move his lips, but the one who truly did the work was Guan Jin. Guan Jin did things extremely meticulously,and rarely made any mistakes.

~Qiu Xu Hua, we are coming for you.~