Undefeated God of War - Chapter 776 – Pig Trotters King and Skull Unit

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Chapter 776 – Pig Trotters King and Skull Unit

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The time obtained by Xie Yu An and his Swift Army was extremely precious.

The defensive perimeter that was in imminent danger finally had the opportunity to breathe, allowing the SouthernAlliance’s second line of defence to finally be deployed after the initial panic.

Xie Yu An had become famous after the battle, and was currently in the leagues of the famed generals. Amongst thediscussions in the cities, many people thought that the Swift Army’s capability had reached half step into the GoldRank Army standards, and was just a step away from being a true Gold Rank Army.

Gold Rank Armies, the strongest armies in the Sacred Saint Galaxy. Even the giant Honorable Martial Continent only had five Gold Rank Armies, all of them directly under the Five Great Generals.

The prestige of an army was earned through fighting, and using unique advantages in formations to defend againstenemies bigger than them, that would consider them as elites. But if the enemy’s general was the [Ironblood] Cliff, itwas definitely something not any ordinary elite can achieve.

The atmosphere in Skull Unit was extremely gloomy, everybody’s expressions were ugly.

The Skull Unit originally had the same standing with the Swift Army, and their performance in battle could only beconsidered average. They were not defeated, and had a zero death count while retreating, and according to thetactics drill books, they did not have any highlights or loss.

But the Swift Army’s spectacular display had completely outshined them.

Xie Yu An had performed outstandingly, causing others to exclaim him to be brave and resolute, causing the entireSkull Unit to be ashamed. The Skull Unit and Swift Army were both subordinates that had joined the Master at thesame time, both armies were treated equally and on average performed equally. Both armies were competitive witheach other, but they did not expect for the disparity to be so great after the battle.

“I am useless! I have let everyone down!”

Aya suddenly bowed with her eyes red, feeling extremely guilty. The Swift Army was able to achieve such greatresults highly relied on Xie&nb

sp;Yu An’s standard as a leader. Aya who was in the same ranks as him knew that her ownstandard was lacking far more than him.

Aya had a tough personality, back when the Pink Skull was in a broken state, she had struggled to keep it afloat, andhad never cried. But because of Swift Army’s recognition and none for Skull Unit, she cried for an entire night. In thepast, she felt that she could help everyone, but the cruel truth led her to realize how terrible she was and how shehad burdened everybody.

This time, everyone panicked.

“Big Sister, what are you doing!”

“Yea! Don’t scare us brothers!”


The entire discussion room exploded into an uproar as everyone started talking.

“A war is fought by everyone, and everyone has their responsibilities.” Wu Ma Tian saw that the situation wasgetting chaotic, and without further ado, he jumped up the table and shouted at the top of his lungs.

The hubbub ceased, everyone were attracted to Wu Ma Tian’s actions.

But very quickly, someone agreed: “That’s right! Everyone has a part to play!”

Wu Ma Tian coughed lightly and gathered everyone’s attention before jumping down from the table, he clapped hishands to unleash the nonexistent dust, and said calmly: “Furthermore, what’s there to be anxious about, it’s only thefirst battle. There will still be other battles, why be afraid of not having an opportunity? Take a look at Master Bing’splanning, the scale is so large that it is terrifying, we will have our chance.”

Everyone was roused, ~That’s right, it’s the first battle, why the anxiousness!~

Aya calmed down from her emotional state: “Pig Trotters King is right, we still have battles to be fought, we cannotshame ourselves, and must definitely achieve beautiful results!”

Aya’s stern and firm voice revealed her determination.

Hearing the name “Pig Trotters King”, Wu Ma Tian rolled his eyes in his mind. The pig trotters he made had becomefamous throughout the armies, and was well received throughout the entire period, his own name in the SouthernAlliance Armies, was far lower than his pig trotters.

Whenever he met people from the other armies, they would speak to him in plain and polite manners: “Wu Ma Tian?Nice to meet you.”

But upon knowing that he was the hands behind the pig trotters, the other party would become extremely excited:“What? You are the one who made the pig trotters? Pig Trotters King! Oh my god, the famed and prestigious PigTrotters King! You don’t know about this, but ever since you stopped making them, sigh, my mouth is havingwithdrawals from the taste, let me tell you, last night, I dreamt about pig trotters….

Blabber and blabber, they would talk about their dreams and yearnings of the pig trotters.

The name of [Pig Trotters King] was a name that got around fast, where initially Wu Ma Tian would attempt tocorrect them and call him by his real name, but after that, more and more people started to call him by Pig TrottersKing, and there was an incident where Master Bing even shouted out his name of Pig Trotters King out loudly in ameeting, making him plunge into despair.

But the dumb nickname did not affect his position in the army at all, other than the fact that the destructive femalecommander would occasionally force him by the sword tip to whip up a few pig trotters, he actually had it very well.

He had obtained the trust of everyone in the Skull Unit.

The Big Sister’s earnest gaze landed on him, Wu Ma Tian knew that he had to produce something out, if not after themeeting, he would be pushed to produce a mountain tall of pig trotters.

She was that cruel.

“The first defensive line is the most important, as it decreases the speed of the enemy.” He thought for a momentbefore speaking: “The enemy are like sprinting wild boars, they charge with momentum, but as long as their speeddrops, their might will cut by half. Now that they have been blocked by the Swift Army, their speed has greatlydecreased.”

His mind was filled with respect towards Xie Yu An, after the event, everyone was, but for him to be able to dare todo what he wanted to, and have the foresight and vision at such a critical moment, it was much harder than fryingpig trotters.

~He he he, how can I be pushed to be frying pig trotters….~

He became focused again, with everybody’s sights on him, he continued: “The Swift Army merely blocked them, andstopped the crazy wild boars, but it is not enough. They have a greater number compared to us, they have a largervolume, with a thick skin, they can directly clash into us and we have no chance to win. So what do we do? Weseparate their soldiers, as long as they are separated, we will have a chance.”

“That’s reasonable.” Aya understood what he was explaining: “But why will the enemy split themselves?”

“The enemy will definitely split.” Wu Ma Tian became more confident: “Xie Yu An just became famous, what are thepeople calling him now? The Third Best Guardian under the Heavens. Master Bing placed him at the most front lines,and gave him sufficient space behind to manoeuvre and replenish themselves. As long as the other military generalis not stupid, they will not go head to head and fight to the death against Xie Yu An. They definitely can, but it willtake a long time, and they will have to fork out a lot, which will really hurt them. They will definitely move aroundboth sides, and find an opportunity.”

“But they don’t have to split their forces to do that.” Another person rebutted.

“Time!” Wu Ma Tian said: “The most crucial thing in war campaigns is time. Master Bing’s strategy is simple, to dragthe battle for as long as possible. So behind the defensive lines is all mud. But for the Honorable Martial Continent,they have to do it differently, they are an army comprised of different people, and the longer it drags, the worse it isfor them. Once they are unable to defeat us in a short amount of time, their momentum and shock to the otherSouthern Region powerhouses will fail, they will fall into battle in the mud, and that is where the true tangle will be.So, they have to split their troops, with more heads moving in, they can in the shortest amount of time find loopholesin the defense lines.”

Everyone listened intently, they were all born mercenaries, and compared to Xie Yu An who came out from aprestigious academy, they had a great difference in level in terms of tactics. But, they were still veterans in battle,and with Wu Ma Tian now breaking everything down for them, how could they not understand?

“Of course, there is still something else, and that is confidence.” Wu Ma Tian revealed a look of ridicule: “In Gou Cheng WenDao’s eyes, what are we? They will think that pulling their own hair is more painful than us. They know of the risks of splitting their army, they can even see through our plans, but they will still do it. Even by splitting, they are stronger than us, so what are they afraid of? The risks and dangers in splitting is not as important as the time they can obtain by doing so.”

“Then what do we do?” Aya revealed a look of excitement, her hands involuntarily at her sword hilt.

Wu Ma Tian silent took a step back and coughed lightly: “The Swift Army fought a good battle, and they deserve the win. But if you want me to say, they chanced upon a battle that they are best at. Staying in line and defending? Who can be better than them? But everyone has their strong and weak points.”

“We are the strong in their weak points!” Aya said abruptly.

Wu Ma Tian choked and laughed awkwardly: “Yes yes yes, we are strong in their weak points as they are in ours. We have many weaknesses, but we do have our strong points as well. We cannot compare to them in defending. No one can compare to Shi Sen and that maniac Underworld Continent people in terms of long distance ambushes. But, in terms of urban warfares, who can compare to us?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up, ~That’s right! urban warfare!~

The Skull Unit was initially a mercenary army and were extremely proficient in urban warfare and small fights, after that with Master Tang Chou and Master Bing’s guidance, they became even stronger. Wu Ma Tian’s arrival helped further improve on that point.

In the Southern Alliance Armies, the Skull Unit was truly the number one in urban battles.

“So, we need to fight them in an urban setting.” Wu Ma Tian waved his hand: “That was what I could think of, soeveryone need to help think as well, and see what ideas we can come up with.”

Wu Ma Tian’s strategy immediately gained the recognition of the rest.

Mercenary armies were definitely not clean people, they were all old foxes, they swindle and cheat and care only forthemselves, everyone immediately became excited as they started discussing and more and more evil tricks startedto be born.

“Urban warfare, that will be a good battlefield, the more complicated the terrain the better, and it must be big, if notwe can’t hold all of them in.”

“What about the Stone Forest Sand Continent? The defensive lines have to move back, and if we were to lose it wewill not have any buffers.”

“Good place! They can’t fly there, it is always filled with sandstorms there, and the wind is sharper than knives! Theycan only walk! If we lose that place, we will not have any face to live anymore.”

“That’s true, but how do we get them to go there?”

“We will cheat them! Didn’t we run away the last time? We will feign escape, and they will definitely give chase. Wewill first form a disposition at Narcissus Continent, then fake panic and run into Stone Forest Sand Continent, theywill definitely give chase.”

“What if they skirt around to other continents?”

“They can’t, the Stone Forest Sand Continent is on a turbulent flow belt, warships can’t pass by there. They have toenter through Stone Forest Sand, to the estuary behind our defensive line to go through.”

“Master Bing’s defensive lines are truly made impeccably, there is even a turbulent flow belt here!”

“But since they have to come here, why the need for us to cheat them?”

“We have to! If not they will only send a few people here!”

“That’s true, that’s true!”

In the discussion room, sinister green lights flooded everybody’s eyes, like a pack of cunning wild wolves.