Undefeated God of War - Chapter 774 – Mu Zhi Xia Sets Out

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Chapter 774 – Mu Zhi Xia Sets Out

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Perseus King Court moved quickly and efficiently.

No one doubted Shangguan Qian Hui’s judgement, all of their previous engagements had proven it. In Tie Ji and AhSi Ming’s hearts, the ambitions that the Honorable Martial Continent had towards the Savage Continent was nosecret.

The emergence of the Honorable Martial Continent was based on its continuous expansion and devouring of others,as though it was an instinct of theirs deep within the blood of the Honorable Martial Continent.

Mu Zhi Xia, as well as the Honorable Martial Continent, would definitely not sit by the side and watch as the SavageContinent unified as one.

A unified Savage Continent would threaten the Honorable Martial Continent far more than the Southern Region.Tie Ji, Ah Si Ming, and the rest were all outstanding heroes, and could see that point.

The Perseus King Court started sweeping through other powerhouses the moment it appeared, leaving Mu Zhi Xiano time to react, but the current Perseus King Court was not overly huge, thus he still had a chance to win. If Mu ZhiXia did not take action, the longer he waited, the smaller his chance of winning would become.

The Perseus King Court was growing stronger every day.

Tie Ji and the other could see it, and they did not believe that Mu Zhi Xia, the leader of the Honorable Martial GreatGenerals could not see it.

Mu Zhi Xia would definitely take action, and it would be very soon.

The heated discussion between them was how Mu Zhi Xia was going to move.

An Alliance with the other remaining tribes? The probability of it happening was very low, with Shang Bei’s Black Water Tribe the perfect example. The Savage Continent’s xenophobia was very strong, and Mu Zhi Xia never used his background from Honorable Martial Continent but trade and benefits to form a relationship with the tribes. But if he were to participate in the battle in such a sensitive time, it would cause the larger tribes to be aware and cautious of him.

How would the Savage Tribes who were accustomed to battle ever disregard the greedy beast behind Mu Zhi Xia?

If not for Shangguan Qian Hui coming down from the sky, if not for her connection with the Heroic Spirits, she wouldnever be so easily accepted by the

Savage Continent. Their belief in the Heroic Spirits and the mystical way sheappeared from the sky gave her a legendary air. Other than this, she was alone.

She was regarded by many as the hope to unify the chaotic Savage Continent, the light that pierced through thedarkness. She would bring change to the Savage Continent, she would gather everybody, but ultimately the SavageContinent was everyone’s Savage Continent.

No one would place their hopes for the Savage Continent with the Honorable Martial Continent, the powerfulHonorable Martial Continent was like a blazing sun, and upon melting the Savage Continent, they would definitelydevour it down. There would then no longer be a Savage Continent but just another Honorable Martial Continent,their traditions would no longer be revived. The lands that their ancestors have given them would no longer belongto them.

Everyone could not think of how Mu Zhi Xia would act, even Shangguan Qian Hui.

As a peak military general, he had spent 20 years building up his enterprise, and would definitely have sufficienttrump cards to play.

But everyone did not panic, ever since they followed Shangguan Qian Hui, they never lost, victory after victory, itboosted their self confidence.

Furthermore, they were in the Savage Continent.

As long as Mu Zhi Xia left the Wei Ye Guan Continent, he would step into the soil of Savage Continent.

This was the largest source of confidence that Tie Ji and the rest had, since ancient times, they had never lost in theirown territory. Countless famous and powerful martial artists had tried to conquer their land before, but there wereno exceptions to them, all of them died in the wind and snow.


Wei Ye Guan Continent.

“No one has ever conquered Savage Continent.”

Mu Zhi Xia looked at the stern soldiers in front of him, and his first sentence captured everybody’s attention.

“We do not need to conquer them, we just need to defeat them, or more accurately, we only need to defeat thePerseus King Court. We need the Savage Continent to be as it was, we need to destroy their hopes and dreams.Destroy, we only need to destroy, a complete destruction.”

“You are the largest army of the Honorable Martial Continent, and I am Honorable Martial Continent’s mostpowerful military general.”

His face that was riddled with hardships and experience, was as steady as a boulder. Mu Zhi Xia was extremely calmwhen he said those arrogant words, the soldiers in front of him did not go crazy either, they remained unmoved likesteel machines. They were like Mu Zhi Xia, their armor was covered with scars from their old battles, and the bladesin their hands were dull.

“We have stayed here for 20 years, and everyone has already forgotten how powerful we are, the Wei Ye GuanContinent’s snow and wind has covered our blade tips, they think that we are just businessmen now.”

“The swords in our hands are already impatient and thirsting for blood.”

“Nothing can stop our light!”

He unsheathed the military sword from his waist and turned, becoming the lead, he walked into the canyon, with thearmy behind him unsheathing their weapons, they walked forward.

They were as one, their formation released white light, the cold intent of their blades mixed with the white light likebulls charging into the ocean, disappearing into nothing.

Their march was like an unstoppable flow, Mu Zhi Xia who was at the front secretly nodded his head, the cold windstill blew on him, but it was at its lowest according to his records.

~My research and guess is right.~


The army did not stop, their determined faces did not have any expressions, the extremely deep Ice Wind Gap didnot raise any suspicions.

Although the wind power from the Ice Wind Gap was at its history’s lowest, but as they got closer, it was stilloverwhelming. The white light around the formation became unstable, but the soldiers inside the white lightremained unmoved, their expressions never changed as they marched into the hole.

Mu Zhi Xia was the first to enter the Ice Wind Gap.

The Ice Wind Gap was like the mouth of a weird beast, swallowing the entire army bit by bit.

When the last smear of light disappeared into the Ice Wind Gap, the shrieks of the wind occupied the entire canyononce more.


Inside a wooden hut in Sharp Wind City.

Creaaaak, the wooden door was pushed open, a good looking man walked out slowly.

“How do you feel?” Tang Tian asked with concern.

“Unprecedentedly good.” Xu Ye laughed, the Death Aura on his body had disappeared, and he had gone through ahuge qualitative change. The previous Xu Ye gave off an extremely unpredictable and sly feeling, but the currenthim was like a deep abyss, he was extremely calm without any fluctuation, and even Tang Tian could not grasp hisdepth. The most eye catching thing about him was his eyes, which were pitch black but bright like stars.

He suddenly bowed to Tang Tian: “Master has given this subordinate a new life, this grace is something thissubordinate can never repay my whole life, but wherever Master points his blade, this subordinate will kill in thatdirection.”

Tang Tian was slightly flustered, he did not know what to do. Although he had been a tyrant for a long time, but suchdirect acts was rarely encountered.

Xu Ye saw Tang Tian’s embarrassment and smiled as he stood up.

Tang Tian’s first evaluation when he saw Xu Ye come out of his closed doors training was that he was reborn.

The surge of Death Aura that rose from the Death Thumb Ring was too sudden without any warning. When hereacted, he was already enveloped by it, the dense death aura transformed into black flames that withered his entirebody, making him feel as if he was turning into ashes, and the scene of Tang Tian slashing down reappeared in hismind once more.

The slash that accumulated many things, faith, determination, courage, willpower….

He did not give up.

When the last of his body was being burned, he found the thread of life inside the dense Death Aura.

He stabilized his wounds, and brought his body that was enveloped with the black Death Flames, to start his closeddoors training. The Death Thumb Ring was truly a treasure of death, the Death Aura emitting from it was endless.But to Xu Ye who had gained enlightenment, the Death Aura was the best nourishment for him.

By changing the Death Aura to vitality, his body quickly recovered and became even stronger, his understanding towards Life and Death also reached the level of the Xu Family Ancestor.

When he came out, his strength had soared. If he were to encounter He Xin again, he had the confidence of fightingHe Xin one on one and wining.

He felt that his current strength was not inferior to Tang TIan, and with a fullness of happiness and confidence, hepushed open the doors.

But the moment he saw Tang Tian, the pride that he had from his improvements was instantly swept clean. He felt asif a bucket of ice water had drenched him from head to toe, and he quickly calmed down.

He understood more and knew more in strength, and the moment he saw Tang TIan, he felt many more things, and the revere in his heart grew stronger. All the things he could see were things he had never seen before, for example the space around his Master, had extremely minute distortions.

All of these phenomenons were extremely minute, things that he could have never caught in the past.

Now that he could see it, there were many things that he could not understand. But, he knew that behind all of the fine and complicated phenomenon was unfathomable power. As to how unfathomable it was, he did not know, but he knew it was much stronger than him.

~Truly perverse.~

Xu Ye was emotionally moved, but when he saw Tang Tian’s embarrassed smile, he suddenly felt that it was good.

But when he saw Xiao Han Guang and Fu Zheng Zhi’s looks of shock, he became even happier, he smiled and sat bythe side: “Master, you didn’t kill the two of them?”

When the two of them who were still immersed in Xu Ye’s transformation heard his words, their faces immediatelydarkened.

Surrendering was a shameless matter, and after surrendering, they were still being questioned as to why they werenot dead yet, the feeling was extremely terrible. If looks could kill, Xu Ye would have died countless of times.

Xu Ye maintained his smile and was not angry.

Fu Zheng Zhi and Xiao Han Guang were fearful of Xu Ye’s strength, adding their surrender and respect to Tang TIan,they did not dare make a move.

“Why should I kill them?” Tang Tian shook his head.

“That’s true, Master does not kill indiscriminately.” Xu Ye nodded his head, then changed the subject: “Master, whatwill you do after gathering back your subordinates? Do you have a place you want to go?”

“I want to bring them back to Sacred Saint Galaxy.” Tang Tian said.

Everyone were immediately startled, to them, the name had long become unfamiliar.

“This subordinate has to ask, why does Master want to go back to Sacred Saint Galaxy?” Fu Zheng Zhi askedcarefully.

“My companions are in a war.” Tang Tian said gloomily: “We need to go reinforce them.”

“But….” Fu Zheng Zhi stopped talking, he wanted to remind Tang Tian that no one had ever returned to Sacred SaintGalaxy from Sin Domain, but after seeing Tang Tian’s determined look, he stopped halfway.

Xu Ye’s face turned serious: “When does Master plan to go to Sacred Saint Galaxy?”

“When I have completed gathering the Null Division!” Tang Tian said firmly.

Xu Ye then bowed once more: “I hope Master will bring this subordinate back with you.”

Tang Tian looked at Xu Ye: “You wish to go to Sacred Saint Galaxy?”

“Everyone in the Sin Domain does.” Xu Ye said.

Tang Tian blurted out: “I thought the people of the Sin Domain had already lost their courage.”

Fu Zheng Zhi’s face flushed red with embarrassment, he forgot his identity as a captive and almost roared: “That’s apath to death! People who rush there never survive!”

Tang Tian did not get angry, he looked at the agitated Fu Zheng Zhi and said in a serious tone: “I will.”