Undefeated God of War - Chapter 773 – The Goddess of War’s Judgement

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Chapter 773 – The Goddess of War’s Judgement

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

A 75m tall pyramid shaped golden pagoda, had 108 steps leading to the top. Every step was carved with both air andland beasts, along with the legendary heroes of the Savage Continent, and above the steps at the top of the pagodawas a 10m wide stage, with nothing but a chair.

This chair which seemed to be one with the pagoda was padded with soft velvet, the extremely large backrestresembled a wall, and was embedded with countless dazzling gemstones, every gemstone represented a star,depicting the starry sky of the Savage Continent.

The astonishing pagoda was being carried by 36 martial artists of the Savage Continent. Their naked upper bodies were completely robust and strong, their breathing speed was as fast as galloping horses.

Shangguan Qian Mei sat quietly on the Sovereign seat, her gaze sweeping past everyone who was kneeling down.She knew that she was in another tribe that had pledged allegiance to her, and wherever her pagoda went, the localtribes would surrender to her.

Those who did not surrender were all defeated.

In truth, the mighty and awe inspiring pagoda was extremely uncomfortable. She hated such a stance, as it made herfeel that she was just a symbol for authority. But her reasoning told her that if she wanted to quickly find BigBrother Tang Tian, she could only do this, which would hasten things up.

To head towards the Southern Region, she first had to reach the southern part of the Savage Continent, which alsomeant, she had to sweep through the entire Savage Continent.

The Savage Continent was never a peaceful land, but a land which was instead filled with war and slaughter.

The Perseus Crown released a gentle light that shrouded the throne, which blocked against the wind and snowfall ofthe Savage Continent that was as sharp as blades.

The army ahead was like an endless gushing tide with no end.

Xiao Man landed on the pagoda and bowed: “Young Miss, this is the information we have gathered on the SouthernAlliance.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Shangguan Qian Hui smiled, she took it and read it carefully. The Savage Continent had

verylittle connection to the outside world, but fortunately, Shangguan Qian Hui’s influence was vastly different from thepast, she had secretly sent many experts towards the Southern Region to obtain information, especially on theSouthern Alliance.

It was not new information that Honorable Martial Continent wanted to infiltrate into the Southern Region, but theintensity of the battle situation caused her to be attentive.

~Big Brother Tian is at the disadvantage.~

Very quickly, Shangguan Qian Hui, with her new title of Goddess of War, accurately judged the situation. From thelooks of the defensive lines, ~Big Brother Tian has very powerful military Generals under him. But the disparity instrength between the two parties is too great, the Honorable Martial Continent’s Three Great Generals are alsofamous men. The Three Great Armies were like three extremely sharp arrows being shot into the Shang Continent.~

Shangguan Qian Hui immediately noticed the crucial point, that the Shang Continent had become a burden to theSouthern Alliance. ~If they did not need to protect the Shang Continent, then the vast Southern Region is enoughfor Big Brother to manoeuvre and have the space to hide.~

~But the Shang Continent’s passage is a strategic point, and they have determined it as a place they absolutelycannot give up.~

Thus, all the complicated layers of defensive perimeters were made.

Shangguan Qian Hui praised the layers of defensive perimeters in her mind, the deployment was extremely wellversed and only looked random. She had already found a few possible traps, and the perimeter lines were enough tomake the Honorable Martial Continent pay a hefty price.

But she knew that to rely only on the defensive perimeters to protect the Shang Continent was not possible. The Honorable Martial Continent’s willpower to fight was extremely strong, and even the loss was not enough to stop them.

Because the Honorable Martial Continent did not have a retreat path, if they were to fail, then Tang Tian’s prestigein the Southern Region would reach its pinnacle, and the Southern Alliance would immediately become anunstoppable force, and the unification of the entire Southern Region into one powerhouse would be unpreventable.

That was the most terrible ending for the Honorable Martial Continent.

~How can I help Big Brother Tian?~

Shangguan Qian Hui opened the map to the Savage Continent, and her fingers swept across the entire map, everyinch that she swept was a thousand li.

Her eyes landed on Wei Ye Guan Continent.

There sat Mu Zhi Xia, the number one Great General of Honorable Martial Continent.

She suddenly spoke out: “Xiao Man, go down and obtain some information regarding Wei Ye Guan Continent, andwhat Mu Zhi Xia has been doing for the past few years, the more precise, the better.”

Xiao Man complied and left.

Shangguan Qian Hui took a deep breath, ~Time to be busy again.~

Her current large army no longer stopped at just the Steel Mountain King Court and the North Blizzard King Court.Of course, these two King Courts were now a part of the Perseus King Court, they were differentiated as the SteelMountain Unit and North Blizzard Unit, both north great heroes were currently the largest units under the PerseusKing Court, and were loyal and devoted.

The pagoda was requested by both units, as they finally saw a glimpse of the unification of Savage Continent. Whenthis thought was birth, it grew with an unstoppable momentum, spreading around frantically.

Currently, the opinion of unifying the Savage Continent had spread throughout the officers and soldiers at the lower ranks. No one had ever succeeded in this goal, and just this thought was enough for their blood to boil and go crazy. This was the ambition in all of the strongest martial artists in every generation, a desire and future that every citizen desired for in every generation.

The Perseus King Court, no one cared about the name, as long as their Sovereign liked it.

But it was their idea to only have one King Court in the future Savage Continent, and the only King Court wasPerseus King Court!

The era of slaughter and chaos would end in their hands, and inevitably conclude, thus the Sovereign was their hope.

Shangguan Qian Hui knew of their thoughts, and also knew their hearts. She did not reject it, and naturally acceptedit, it was her calling. Although deep in her heart, she knew that she was simply a passerby, an outsider, becomingtheir Sovereign was just but a coincidence.

The coronation became extremely important.

She was clear that she was not blinded by power. If we were to say that her subduing of the two great king courts inthe north was just a coincidence, her constant expansion in power after that was not what she was truly fighting for,but it was because of the plea from countless of martial artists of the Savage Continent.

They had been yearning for the unification of the Savage Continent for too long, and hoped to end the chaos andkilling.

When she appeared in the sky, and won in every battle that she fought, they started to see her as the dawn of a newera, and started to see hope. They hailed her as the Sovereign, as her strength appealed to the Savage Continent,they created the current Perseus King Court, and swelled into what it currently was.

She carefully controlled this gigantic monster as if she was walking on thin ice.

Because only this gigantic monster had the qualifications to sway another gigantic monster, like the HonorableMartial Continent. Only with that could she help her Big Brother Tian.

Of course, the current Perseus King Court was still weak compared to the Honorable Martial Continent. Thecurrent Perseus King Court was only an inflated balloon, as long as there was a prick, it would deflate. There weretoo many tribes that had joined in a short span of time, their communication and connection was still weak and werenot up to par, it was truly just a mixed stew in a hot pot.

She required patience to change them, desalinate the tribes and select the elites to create an army, formulate asystem and choose someone who was able to derive battle strategies.

All of this was never before seen in Savage Continent. The changing of traditions was never easy, and wouldoccasionally meet with refusal. But she was not discouraged, she continued to win her battles, causing her prestigeto be unprecedented, and causing her resistance to lessen.

To her, it was a military campaign, but its difficulty was far harder than what she had ever experienced.

It required a lot of work, which even Tie Ji and Ah Si Ming could not bear. In their eyes, although their Sovereign wasunstoppable, but she was still a young girl.

~But, she was a young lady they hailed as the Goddess of War!~

Shangguan Qian Hui secretly clenched her fists, giving herself encouragement.

The bodyguards moved a table and placed it in front of the throne. A group of female servants, under her command,came forth with many records. In the blink of the eye, the table was piled up.

She quickly immersed herself in it and became extremely focused, the servants below the pagoda also increasedtheir speed carefully, the gigantic pagoda looked as though it was sliding over ice, without any sway or trembles.

When night crept up, they started to pitch camp.

Shangguan Qian Hui came out from her work, the pagoda was carefully placed down, and the guards took guardcarefully. She stood up and walked to the side of the pagoda, the golden sunset reflected on the pagoda made it lookextremely splendid, and the young lady’s figure looked like a peaceful goddess in the gold light.

The citizens who witnessed this scene from afar immediately paid their respects to her.

Shangguan Qian Hui quietly watched the setting sun, her thoughts slowly lingered away, and her cold and sharpeyes slowly became gentle.

~Big brother Tian, are you able to see the setting sun as well?~

“Young miss, we found someone familiar with Mu Zhi Xia.”

Xiao Man’s voice broke her train of thoughts, the gentleness in her eyes immediately retracted, and she once againbecame cold, with her indifferent expression, she spoke: “Get him to meet me.”

Shang Bei knelt down on the ground, he spoke of everything he knew while trembling in fear.

He was a man that had seen many things, but in front of the young lass, he was completely suppressed by the aurashe was emitting, and there were a few times he choked. The Sovereign questioned him extremely carefully, andeven the fine details he had missed were revealed from the interrogations.

The Sovereign was not forceful at all, her speed of speech was not fast, but extremely steady, every time she openedher mouth, it made Shang Bei feel as though she was prying into Mu Zhi Xia’s secrets. All of the questions vanishedin her presence.

When she finished, he was completely convinced, ~No wonder everyone says that she will unify Savage Continent.~

His forehead was down on the ground, all of his hesitations and suspicions flew away. He now firmly believed in theSovereign, that she was heaven sent to the Savage Continent, the maturity and wisdom that far exceeded her age,her sharp gaze and calm judgements had surprised him.

Shang Bei did not know how he left, he only heard the Sovereign say “You’ve worked hard”, making him feel asthough he was bathed in the spring wind, and felt as if he was floating.

Xiao Man remained by the side the entire way, she was curious, ~Is Young Miss going to take action on Mu Zhi Xia?But we are extremely far away from the Wei Ye Guan Continent, and to notice and care about Mu Zhi Xia now, isn’tit too early?~

~If Ah Xin is here, that would be good, he is extremely smart, and might be able to guess what Young Miss isthinking.~

“Gather the commanders for a discussion.”

The Young Miss’ voice roused Xiao Man, who immediately complied.

In the next moment, Ah Xin, Tie Ji, Ah Si Ming and the rest gathered quickly, their expressions were solemn, theyknew that something huge was coming.

Shangguan Qian Hui dropped the pen on the table, and at the same time threw the heavy grenade down toeveryone.

“Mu Zhi Xia is about to take action.”